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Integrated household budget launched for the barracks area | Instant News

Pakistan Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) and the Military and Cantonese Land (ML&C) of Karachi on Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding to promote the construction industry which could potentially create employment opportunities for thousands of people.

According to a press statement from ABAD, the MoU was signed by ABAD Chair Mohsin Sheikhani and Karachi Regional ML&C Director Adil Rafi Siddiqui at a ceremony at the Cultural Council of Clifton’s office.

ML&C Director General Major General Syed Hasnat Amir Gilani, Senior Deputy Chairperson Sohail Warind, Deputy Chairman Abdul Rehman, Chairman of the Southern Region ABAD Muhammad Ali Ratadia, former ABAD chairman Muhammad Hassan Bakshi, Organizer Younus Lakhani, Karachi MEO Circle Arfeen Zubair Chaudhary, MEO Karachi Muhammad Farooq, Deputy CEO of Clifton Dr. Muhammad Rizwan, CEO of Hyderabad Arfa Wahid and others attended the occasion.

Alluding to the ceremony, Major General Hasnat said that with the active participation and consultation of ABAD, the unified building code and one-window operation had been “inaugurated today and will take effect on August 14, 2020”.

He said the Karachi Regional ML&C was honored to be the first to reveal building bye-laws that were put together in line with the advice of ABAD and building bye-law from the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) and the Lahore Development Authority (LDA)).

He said the only purpose of the MoU with ABAD was to promote the construction industry by facilitating builders and developers. Major General Hasnat said that after the start of the one-window operation, no government department could “blackmail private sector developers and developers who face many problems from various government departments”.

Mohsin Sheikhani said that almost all countries paid attention to the construction industry because “this is the only industry that can generate thousands of jobs and extraordinary growth in GDP such as when the construction industry is growing rapidly, more than 70 allied industries are also running at full speed. “

He said the countries had gained economic momentum that supported the construction industry. He, however, regrets that no attention has been paid to the construction industry in Pakistan for the past 70 years.

He said ABAD had been demanding digitalization and one-window operations for the construction industry for years. He said the introduction of a union law and one-window system in the Karachi ML&C region was the best gift for a new generation.

Overcoming the meeting, Adil Rafi Siddiqui presented prominent features of the unified building code. He said bye-law and one-window operations were introduced on the instructions of DG ML&C and proposals from ABAD.

He said the construction project would be approved within one month under this law and if no permission was given within the specified time period, “the application would be considered automatically approved”.

He said special facilities would be provided for projects six and above six floors. “Special software is being developed that will determine the feasibility of the project in accordance with applicable regulations.”


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