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Tetra Pak calls for collaborative innovation to address sustainability challenges in the food packaging industry | Instant News

According to the latest research the global food supply chain system is responsible for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions; one-third of all food is lost or wasted somewhere in the supply chain; fossil fuel based materials need to be phased out; and significant improvements are needed in the way the packaging is handled after use.

Laurence Mott, Executive Vice President for Development and Engineering at Tetra Pak, said: “We are working with our strategic partners and paperboard manufacturers to find a solution. It is possible to make a package that is completely sustainable, but you have to make it safe. And if you can’t make it on a large scale, you can” minimize waste. food, and you can’t serve a growing global population. To unite these three things, a very strong collaboration is needed. ”

Mott says the scale of the environmental challenges facing the world requires actors in the value chain to work together to develop packaging solutions that are truly sustainable.

Leading paperboard manufacturers are united in their approach to addressing carbon emissions and have ambitions to create a net zero carbon future.

Hannu Kasurinen, Executive Vice President of Packaging in Stora Enso, a leading global provider of renewable solutions, said: “We believe, we share, we learn together. Our best innovators collaborate, and we move forward and we innovate. Sometimes we fail, but then we learn from that failure. We have grown closer. each other, because we share a common strategic goal – which is good for people and for the planet. ”

Francisco Razzolini, Director of Industrial Technology, Innovation, Sustainability and Projects at Klabin, Brazil the largest paper producer, said: “We see new demands from society and from consumers to make products and processes more sustainable. Meeting these demands requires a lot of collaboration between our companies. By sharing experiences, thoughts, ideas and developments, we can accelerate the innovation process.”

Malin Ljung Eiborn, Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs in BillerudKorsnäs, the world’s leading provider of fiber-based packaging materials, said: “Its vision is 100% fiber-based and fully recyclable packaging, where plastic and aluminum are no longer needed. Of course, we still have some steps to take before we come from. technical perspective. But we’re working as a project team on this because the only way we can solve it is by doing this together. “

Challenges facing the industry this includes removing plastic and aluminum films, replacing them with plant-based or wood-based materials, developing renewable alternatives to plastic straw, and increasing the recyclability of packaging. When sourced from responsible sources, bio-renewable materials can support the protection of biodiversity and natural ecosystems. This means that the industry can minimize the need for fossil-based materials.

And these and other challenges are the basis for the collaboration between Tetra Pak and its partners in a new model of collaborative innovation. Tetra Pak’s goal is to create the world’s most sustainable package – which ensures the safety and availability of food while reducing its impact on the planet.

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Tetra Pak Innovation’s Journey

Innovating for sustainability

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The Tetra Pak study reveals concerns over food safety, the environment and the pandemic | Instant News

An equal number of respondents believe that COVID-19 is a “real threat”. At the same time, concern for the environment remains high, which Tetra Pak says creates a dilemma in the minds of consumers as they try to balance the priorities of human existence through safe food and planetary sustainability.

The 13th edition of the Tetra Pak Index shows a 10% increase in global concern about food safety and future food supplies, now to 40%, compared to 30% from 2019. In addition, more than 50% of consumers believe that increased safety food is the responsibility of producers, and it is the number one problem that companies need to address now and in the future.

According to research this year, health is strongly associated with increasing food safety and hygiene issues, with two-thirds of consumers saying health is safe and 60% of consumers worldwide saying they are concerned that the food they buy is hygienic and safe.

When asked what is the key to them in a package, consumers indicated ensuring food safety is their main goal. They also expressed concern about environmental innovations in packaging having an impact on food safety, although the majority of respondents cited ‘using sustainable packaging’ as one of the main issues that food and beverage brands need to address – today and tomorrow.

Adolfo Orive, president and CEO, Tetra Pak, said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the status quo, accelerated trends and created new landscapes for consumer needs and opportunities to develop. In particular, industry needs to address the growing dilemma around food security and the environment, stepping towards the dual goal of meeting human food needs while protecting our planet’s ecosystem. This is where food packaging can play a powerful role in bringing about harmony. ” person


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