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Rihanna comes out with one of Fashion’s Buzziest (and hard to get) bags | Instant News

If Rihanna wanted it, Rihanna got it! Last night, the superstar was spotted in Beverly Hills rocking one of the most exciting (and hard to come) fashion collaborations. The entire ensemble is sporty-chic: a dark blue striped Adidas tracksuit, an Esso truck driver hat, and flip-flops from his own label, Fenty. But what caught our eye was its oversized white bowling bag. Could it be the collaboration of Prada and Adidas?

Back in 2019, both labels reinvented Adidas’ signature Superstar low top in luxurious leather, as well as transforming the iconic Prada bowler bag. The form was first released in the spring of 2000, but the collaboration gives it a sportier touch. Both the bag and the shoes are removed as a bundle price over $ 3,000, and only 700 bundles were made. It sold out almost instantly, although sneakers and bags continued to circulate on multiple resale sites (on eBay, one seller currently asking over $ 1,500 for a bag).

However, as Rihanna, this hard-to-come collaboration is definitely not a problem. But it adds to the growing list of vintage grails. Lately he was casually wearing the rarest runway item, whether it was a Tom Ford era Gucci jeans or archive Chanel wool coat. Why will notDoesn’t she also have the most coveted sportswear collaboration?


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Honey Dijon Puts a Disco Ready Twist on Bottega Veneta | Instant News

If there’s one thing Dijon Honey know, that’s a way of hitting the club with style. The legendary DJ has spent decades at the heart where fashion meets music, from his early years on the Chicago basement scene to his latest role as music director for the Kim Jones collection at Dior Men. (If that’s not enough, in 2019 he is launched her own fashion line with Dover Street Market, to be precise titled Honey Fucking Dijon.)

So it’s no surprise to see Dijon arrive late Bottega Venetathe show series “salon” under the radar, which has consistently brought out the cream of the international music scene; Other attendees at yesterday’s presentation in Berlin included Virgil Abloh, Burna Boy, Skepta, and Slowthai. The Italian fashion house caused quite a stir earlier in the year after creative director Daniel Lee opted to remove the brand from Instagram and ignore a publicly-faced fashion show in the near future, opting instead to expand the narrative of each collection through a guest list presentation. and digital magazines.

While the exact outfit Dijon is in Berlin to watch on the runway may remain a mystery, his look-stopping traffic from the brand’s spring 2021 collection definitely isn’t. (The event was held at Berghain’s iconic superclub, where Dijon has turned the deck on numerous occasions, so it’s no wonder he feels right at home.) Wearing a cornflower blue bouclé jacket with a red striped bubble pattern, flared trousers, and a clutch bag to match, Dijon completes the look with a pair of ’90s Matrix– inspired sunglasses. Last touch? A pair of disco-ready platform sandals, ready to take Dijon from the sidewalk to the club – and perhaps a stop at fashion shows along the way.


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‘Josie and the Pussycats’ Is One Of Y2K’s Greatest Fashion Movies | Instant News

Personal photo of Deborah Kaplan from the set Josie and Pussycats.

Thanks to Deborah Kaplan

Re-watching the film for the first time in 15 years this summer, I was surprised by how important clothing choices were to the plot. They came from Fiona’s lair: a dark underground facility where excited forecasters ran around saying things like, “Hairy tank top, matching pants, some sort of Buffy meet chicken run, ”and“ The new word for cool is jerked. “As soon as this command center declared a trend, you started seeing it in costume.

Just one year into the decade, Evans summed up the aesthetics of the early aughts very well. He knew he couldn’t make a film with the latest trends if it was old news by the time it hit the theaters. So she did a bit of the forecast, and realized that fashion was pointing toward a sumptuous 70s aesthetic and some really low-key pants.

Evans saw pictures of Halston and Yves Saint Laurent’s models and musings, then peppered them with the band’s signature leopard print and lots of sparkle. “Before shooting, I ran into several different jeans companies, and I said, ‘Hey, let’s make these low-rise jeans really low.’ I kept saying, “Smaller, shorter, shorter.” “We had to make a lot of clothes to order because at the time nothing was low enough,” said Evans. “To be honest, in that film, I probably specially designed and made about 95% of the clothes.”

Thanks to Deborah Kaplan
Thanks to Deborah Kaplan

Every time I rewatch it Josie and Pussycats, I see something different in the way clothes signify an internal shift in character, or portend upcoming developments. They almost function like subtitles, adding context to the exaggerated excitement of the plot. There are five main stylistic themes in the film, each centered around color. The pack moves from pink to orange to blue to purple to an animal print. At first, everyone except our heroine was dressed up in neon pink to varying degrees. There are obvious fashion casualties, like a bunch of girls who show up at the Pussycat show to mock them. Josie fired at them, “Hey, did you all coordinate before leaving the house, or did you wear the same clothes by accident?” (Later, these girls showed up in ‘Cats’ hotel rooms to be fangirls, and all of them were wearing blue.) By the time the Pussycats arrived at their makeover scene – no 2001 chick flick would be complete without a montage like that – the color was already on. cycling from orange to blue. The girls walked out of John Freida’s salon wearing purple, which, in a moment, will be the next color.


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“What a Surprise is Their Self-Expression and Individuality, That’s a Very High Level” —Meet the Finalists of the Fashion Festival d’Hyères | Instant News

The 36th edition of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion, Photography, and Fashion Accessories is underway despite social distancing, with finalists in each of the three categories announced tonight at a small ceremony at Villa Noailles.

As president of the Fashion jury, Louise Trotter was personally present to applaud the 10 people
designer, selected from 185 applicants. “What’s really interesting is how diverse they are,” said Trotter, Lacostecreative director, who works with female and male team heads to narrow the field. “Everyone is unique. The depth of research really surprised me – their work was very rich, and they were all strong in their interests, abilities, and approach to design, but what struck me was their self-expression and individuality. The level is very high, “he said. “I hope my jury can help create a community with and around them.”

First-time jury president Dominique Issermann, who headed the Photography prize,
wrote by email that this year’s edition of the festival is an important experience for young creatives
who are starving for the community amidst the ongoing lockdown. “Tricky times can stimulate creativity, but the frustration comes from not being able to share it – and, oddly enough, despite that gigantic scene on social media,” he wrote. Asked what her actions would be from today, Issermann replied: “Beauty, the kind that mysteriously nests in the heart and captures you everywhere from galleries to street corners, in whatever form, does it whether it’s a 20 x 25 vintage view camera. or iPhone. “

Contacted by telephone in Lisbon, Christian Louboutin also said it as the head of Accessories
As a reward, he attempted to gather five eclectic panelists who “understand style and fashion as entertainment.” The designer praised the level 80 submissions for the Accessories 2021 award. Before today’s deliberation, he had already topped that figure by half.

“It’s very interesting to see what people are interested in early in their careers,” he said.
“Things have really changed. You can see that young designers care a lot
environmentally friendly; there is a lot of heart, research, and intelligence on this issue. Recycle
and everything “second life” is something I’ve worked on before, but if it is
from today I will be much more excited about it, I will become the King of Recycling. “

Even so, living in serious times doesn’t mean fashion has to be an obstacle. “While
inconspicuous designs, I am pleased to say that they are neither minimalistic nor pretentious. We are at the intersection of art, craft and technique, ”he observes. “The only thing is that it’s always a little difficult for me to judge people. It’s hard to turn people down. I don’t like doing that. “

The finalists for the Fashion competition are:

Arttu Afeldt, Finnish Men’s Clothing

Mengche Chiang, Taiwanese Men’s Clothing

Venia Elonsalo, Finnish Women’s Clothing

Sofia Ilmonen, Finnish Women’s Clothing

Laima Lurca, Latvian Women’s Clothing

Ifeanyi Okwadi, British Men’s Clothing

Rukpong Raimaturapong, Frech Menswear

Adeline Rappaz, Swiss Women’s Clothing

Elina Silina, Latvian Women’s Clothing

Mateo Velasquez, Colombian Men’s Clothing

The 36th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories will take place
place at Hyères from 14-17 October 2021.


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How Kyle Luu and Solange worked on the When I Get Home styling | Instant News

Lockdown has given the fashion industry time to reflect. As a New Yorker, what do you think about the current state of fashion?

“I go around New York City and 17 year old kids wearing their friend’s designs or eBay evidence, they don’t buy high-end retail. I think luxury retail is changing and it’s very clear here in New York. We have many large department stores that are closed and unfortunately some smaller ones too, including [store that championed new designers] Opening ceremony. I try to include designers and students who will come into every project – these are designers who think about the global climate [for fashion]. “

Where can we see your next work?

“I organized a project called The Show’s Over for the Schauspielhaus Zürich theater in Switzerland, with filmmakers Wu Tsang and performing artists Tosh Basco. We worked on it before the lockdown started and coordinated remotely for two months, then I went to Switzerland to shoot for two weeks. It felt so different to an editorial project, it was a breath of fresh air. “

Courtesy of Solange

Five designers are currently on Kyle Luu’s mood board:

Robert Wun

“I love that Robert’s work feels personal; her views on femininity, her nature and beautiful proportions – she was always ten steps ahead. “

Supriya Lele

“I immediately saw how Supriya’s background and Indian heritage influenced his work. Her eye for lining and infusing small details into her outfit is unmatched. “

Gogo Graham

“It is an honest reflection of his identity and his community. All the cuts are unique and trend-less. “

Arturo Obegero

“We use Arturo When I come home – I enjoy the balance between theatrical and minimal works. It’s unique. “

Final Loss

“Final Loss is a brand based in Canada and they create a full look, like a stylist. Their streetwear / avant-garde mix is ​​interesting to watch. “

Watch When I come home here and on Apple Music


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