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ISTEP Fund Helps Local Producers Expand Exports to UK, Brazil, Mexico | Instant News

ISTEP Fund Helps Local Producers Expand Exports to UK, Brazil, Mexico | RiverBender.com


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Covid 19 coronavirus: Benedict Cumberbatch thanked New Zealanders for their hospitality during the lockdown | Instant News

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch said he was “blessed” to spend time in New Zealand with his family, including his elderly parents.

The actor spent level 4 standby time in New Zealand last year after accidentally getting caught in a border closure while working on a film in the country.

Cumberbatch was in New Zealand filming The Power of the Dog with Kiwi filmmaker Jane Campion when the country was locked in March last year.

Benedict Cumberbatch said he was very "lucky" to spend time locked in New Zealand with his family.  Photo / Getty Images
Benedict Cumberbatch said he was “fortunate” to spend time in New Zealand with his family. Photo / Getty Images

He said he was lucky to be “trapped” in New Zealand with his family.

“We are very blessed to be there … Very, very lucky,” he told Newshub.

The actor revealed that he spent time in the country with his wife, three sons and his parents, who are in their 80s.

“By then it was too late to take the risk of going home. My parents are with me in their 80s, and my father has severe asthma … and my three sons and my wife, our very cheerful bunch. We couldn’t had a more fortunate situation, we were very lucky and I just hugged them close to me, “actor Doctor Strange added.

“We couldn’t land in a more fortunate situation,” he said.

The actor, now back in London, can’t say enough good things about Kiwi hospitality.

“One of your greatest national traits – if I dare to analyze it – is your hospitality, your hospitality, your open concern for all entrants. We feel very, very honored to be in your company, we really do, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart, “he said during a video interview.


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Comments: Thank you for helping me through the scary London winter, New Zealand | Instant News

Spectators at Auckland’s Hauraki Bay on December 20. Photo / Brett Phibbs

Marcus Wheatley is the head of financial services at Yellow Jersey PR in London.


Thanks New Zealand. Thank you for showing us what good looks look like. Thank you for giving the world the optimism that a brighter future is out there. Thank you for appearing in America’s Cup. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their summers for this. Thank you to the many people who packed the AC village. Thank you for giving hope to audiences around the world. Thank you for being enthusiastic. Thank you for encouraging. Thank you for watching. Thank you for hosting the America’s Cup so brilliantly.

I’m writing this from London drenched in rain on the shortest day of the year, locked in the highest tier 4 category with the rampant and highly contagious new Covid virus running rampant in the capital and the country. Turning on the television, we are greeted by adversity and seemingly endless calamities. I am afraid to leave my house. I am very worried about the welfare of my family. I fear, yes fear, a way out. The shops are closed. The bars will break and break. The theater closed with a barricade. The streets are quiet. The economy is in drastic decline. Really scared people. We’ve never seen anything like this before. Friends are dying. Many people are sick like never before. It’s a nightmare. Unspoiled nightmare.

Crowds at the Viaduct in Auckland gathered to watch the second day of race in the American Cup world series.  Photo / Alex Burton
Crowds at the Viaduct in Auckland gathered to watch the second day of race in the American Cup world series. Photo / Alex Burton

So, what got you through? Well, everyone has their own poison. For me, I have several. Exercise puts me in a positive mood. I buy an exercise bike and spend up to three hours a day on it. Get me off the street. I walk the dog – he’s a lovely dog. I play computer games with my child. I am blessed with the best wife who is my rock. We’re talking. We support. In The Verve’s words: “I am a lucky man.” We’ll get through this. I’d love to go and see my boat in Cowes, but I can’t. I really want to go to a restaurant but I can’t. The list of restrictions is unlimited. But we are still positive.

Briton Sir Ben Ainslie returns to the water with Team NZ for their first American Cup trials. Video / Michael Craig

But what gives me hope and encouragement more than anything else are the photos transmitted back from Auckland, broadcast free on YouTube. Getting up at 2 a.m. isn’t really your homework when the entertainment is so inspiring. It’s another world. Through visible glassware. And the smiling faces of Kiwi, sipping a beer or two, cheering at the Copa America really made it. And the faces of incredible children, wearing team shirts two sizes too big under adult hats and layers of sunscreen, faces painted with their national flags, cheering and screaming, free of masks and cleaners that literally brought them home.

The British Ineos team is out on the water.  Photo / Michael Craig
The British Ineos team is out on the water. Photo / Michael Craig

I wish I was in New Zealand now – although I might get a visit from a grinder or two of Ineos – but I want to be there enjoying the sun and the atmosphere. A country at the bottom of the world but at the top. It’s amazing what you show.

Yes, the America’s Cup is an expensive thing to wear right now. Yes, there are social issues that need to be addressed and you have the right to question any public money that goes to the New Zealand Team. But please, don’t get under any illusion what is being accomplished here.

American Cup fan at Kennedy Park on Auckland's North Coast.  Photo / Alex Burton
American Cup fan at Kennedy Park on Auckland’s North Coast. Photo / Alex Burton

New Zealand presents itself on the world stage as a beautiful, progressive, intelligent, intelligent, forward-thinking, fast-acting, compassionate country rich in culture, heritage and with the best five million people on the planet. A flare shining in the dark. Leading the way on the water and beyond. Example. Where others can’t, New Zealand can.

Thank you New Zealand, it’s your time to shine and boy, boy, did you shine.


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New Zealand Weather: Summer is spring for some, before the rains and rains arrive | Instant News

New Zealand

MetService national weather: November 13-15

Spring has turned into a countrywide summer this weekend, thanks to a high-pressure system in the north and warm westerly winds blowing in the south.

Auckland residents came out enjoying the sunshine yesterday after avoiding a possible lockdown with the latest Covid case genomically linked to a Defense Force cluster.

It was as if summer had arrived in Mission Bay with kids going in and out of the water – and the sand.

The summer mood continues into the day as temperatures in most major centers will hit 20 ° C, with Christchurch, Blenheim and Timaru expecting summer temperatures of 25 ° C and Tauranga 24 ° C.

Upper North Island centers can expect highest temperatures in the lowest 20s – Auckland and Hamilton should hit 22C, Rotorua 21C and Napier 23C.

Temperatures on the North Island are nearly normal for the time of year, but above average for parts of the South Island thanks to nor’westers, says MetService meteorologist Kyle Lee.

“In the east we’re talking 4C to 7C above average.”

Cooler days in the western and southern parts of the North Island – Wellington would be fine but with temperatures of 18C and New Plymouth, also good, 19C.

Most of the place will be dry, with the exception of a few parts further south, Lee said.

“The weather today is quite good. There is a bit of high pressure that keeps most of the country fine.”

Heavy rain could ruin parties in Otago, Southland and parts of Westland and a heavy rain warning has been issued for Fiordland – rain is expected to fall as high as 150mm before 9pm tonight.

Meanwhile, Sunday sunshine in most parts of the country will make way for some to kick off a humid work week.

North Islanders can expect heavy rains to spread over much of the island, from Northland to Wellington, and from Taranaki to the east.

It will be warm in Auckland, with temperatures as high as 22 ° C, but it will rain from late afternoon, with a similar story in Hamilton.

A brief afternoon of rain is expected in Wellington tomorrow, with temperatures as high as 18C.

On the South Island, rain and rain are expected to occur in many places during the day, before it clears up at night.


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