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Which areas of Massachusetts saw the biggest increases in post-Thanksgiving travel? | Instant News

Ninety percent of Americans who traveled over the holiday weekend after Thanksgiving traveled by car, and southern New England travel experts said road traffic would peak between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. h Sunday. NewsCenter 5 cameras noticed that traffic on the Massachusetts Freeway was starting to increase. after lunch on Sunday, just at the right time with the predictions of the experts. “For many it was the first chance to really get together on […]

LAX: Sunday was set to be one of the busiest travel days of the year as Thanksgiving flyers return home | Instant News

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – Sunday was set to be one of the busiest travel days of the year at Los Angeles International Airport as Thanksgiving flyers fly home. Some 94,000 travelers were expected to pass through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints throughout the day at the facility, according to LAX officials, who urged flight passengers to arrive as soon as possible. and on November 30, approximately 2 million people will depart and arrive at the airport. […]

Vacation travel 2021: Travelers start early for best time to travel Sunday after Thanksgiving 2021 | Instant News

CHICAGO (WLS) – Just hours away from a potentially pandemic travel record set, some travelers are choosing to avoid the large crowds and long wait times that are expected on Sunday. The video shown is taken from a previous report. According to TSA officials, Sunday is expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the year as people return from vacation trips. RELATED: Best Time to Buy Holiday Flights Is Before Halloween, Analysts […]

Thanksgiving plane travel reaches near pre-pandemic level: TSA | Instant News

Thanksgiving travelers have flocked into the air this week ahead of the holidays – with the number of air travelers screened by the Transportation Security Administration almost matching that of 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic hit. The TSA said in a tweet Thursday that it had screened about 2.3 million travelers at US airports on Wednesday, which is about 88% of the traffic recorded the day before Thanksgiving in 2019. Airports were also crowded on […]

Thanksgiving trips expected to be busiest since pre-pandemic | Instant News

After a year, many people have chosen to stay home, Thanksgiving trips are bouncing back in Greater Cincinnati and across the country. Katie Buckles is happy to be in Queen City after flying from Sarasota, Florida. Last November, his celebrations looked different. “I couldn’t come back due to COVID, my family was too worried for all of us traveling so this will be my first year back,” Buckles said. In its vacation travel forecast, AAA […]

SC Highway Patrol issues warnings on vacation travel | Instant News

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Wednesday had to be the busiest travel day of the Thanksgiving vacation. However, with tons of people on the roads, the state soldiers have a few tips on how to stay safe. People across the country are refueling their cars and heading to their Thanksgiving destinations. Beverly Pinkston was one of the many on the road. “My husband and I live in Cumming, Georgia and we are heading to Waxhaw, North […]

SMF’s NorCal Families Reunite Amid Holiday Pandemic Trip | Instant News

Emotional and exciting times unfolded at Sacramento International Airport this week as family members met, with some not seeing each other for quite a while. With more fully vaccinated travelers, people find it safer to fly. “So happy,” said Folsom’s mom Becky Davis Majewski, who picked up daughter Emma from the airport. “FaceTime is great, but the hugs are better.” Brock Berech, an air force soldier, surprised his friend Luis Martinez at the airport. The […]

Central Nebraska Regional Airport Sees Increase in Vacation Travel | Instant News

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – With Turkey Day Thursday, airports across the country are seeing a lot of traffic passing through their doors. Central Nebraska Regional Airport Executive Director Mike Olson said there were more people traveling this Thanksgiving compared to years ago. Although they had more travelers than usual at their airport, he said everything had gone well. Everyone entering the facility and the aircraft was required to wear a face mask. Olson said […]

Vacation travel leads to long lines at Orlando International Airport | Instant News

ORLANDO, Florida – There were long lines at the Orlando International Airport early Wednesday as thousands traveled before Thanksgiving. Airport officials said they expected 1.63 million passengers over the holiday period, which would reduce foot traffic to near pre-pandemic levels. The estimated departures and arrivals on Wednesday were almost 1,000 more passengers than the record year of 2019. For much of the morning, hundreds of people lined up at the security checkpoint of the airport. […]

The rush for vacation travel begins to fill highways and airports | Instant News

JACKSONVILLE, Fla .– Travelers hit the roads and fly away for the Thanksgiving vacation, in numbers not seen since before the COVID-19 pandemic. “Obviously, much higher this year than last year,” Michael Stewart, spokesman for the Jacksonville Aviation Authority, said. “It’s very, very close to 2019. So we’re just below the highest peak we’ve had a Thanksgiving week.” Passengers and family members who passed through airports on Wednesday advised other travelers to arrive early for […]

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