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The new hypercar could put Switzerland on the map of tough competitors | Instant News

Swiss Hypercar – Hybrid Power or All Electric Power

Swiss company Morand Cars aims to launch a new hypercar by 2023 and, although it doesn’t yet have a name, it’s expected to be good for it 1950 horsepower that challenged Evija in all-electric form and about 1,100 horsepower in hybrid form. Both cars need to be able to reach speeds of up to 250 mph, but what drives these claims?

Morand Cars Electric Hypercar

The new hypercar could put Switzerland on the map of tough competitors - figure 986749

The electric version of the as-yet-named hypercar will feature a 70 kWh battery that will produce a total of 1,400 kW weighing just 400 Kg, including the case, cables and electronics. This low weight application is said to be made possible thanks to “disruptive technology”. Co-founder of the company Benoit Morand said,

“We’re working on a disruptive technology with cells that have an energy density greater than that used in Formula E at around 180kWh / kg,”

The company is aiming for a range of about 178 miles or about 301 km, which is the Grand Prix range, but this is fine as the car is expected to have 8C charging capability. That means charging eight times the capacity of the battery. With a 70 kWh battery, charging with a 350kW charger only takes 12 minutes. If you happen to have a 560 kW charger, charging will only take seven minutes – how fast?

The new hypercar could put Switzerland on the map of tough competitors - image 986746

As far as the driveline is concerned, the EV version of the car will have four permanent magnet motors, each of which has torque via a reduction gearbox. With a combined power output of 1,950 horsepower, each motor would be good for about 500 horses. The company has explicitly said it, but it goes without saying that advanced torque vectors will definitely be on the table.

Morand Hybrid Hypercar

The new hypercar could put Switzerland on the map of tough competitors - image 986747

The hybrid hypercar from Morand Cars will be very similar to an electric car, but not very powerful. The car will incorporate a bespoke, naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V-10 that delivers 690 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. The seven-speed automatic manual transaxle gearbox will handle the shifting tasks, while the electric motor generator will be positioned in between. Two other bikes will be at the front, one for each wheel. The three motors combined will produce an extra 440 horsepower for a total system output of 1,100 horsepower. According to Morand Cars, the total torque from the three motors was “more than the tire grip it could handle.”

Morand Cars Hybrid Hypercar Specifications
Machine naturally aspirated, 5.2 liter V-10 + three electric motors
Gas Power 690 HP
Gas Torque 400 LB-FT
Electric power 440 HP
Combined torque 1,100 HP
All-electric range 50 miles

As far as electricity storage goes, Morand Cars is working to develop a battery-supercapacitor combo that helps to produce an output of 300 kW with a capacity of over 4.5 kWh. If you remember, the Lamborghini Sian it also has a supercapacitor, however, it doesn’t really boast any electrical range and it’s design limits the electric mode to parking and reversing only. The Morand hybrid car will have about 31 miles of all-electric range.

Keep Your Weight Regulated

The new hypercar could put Switzerland on the map of tough competitors - figure 986749

Morand Cars is aiming for a weight of less than 1,250 kg, or about 2,755 pounds, and that’s not easy. Surprisingly, many car parts are made from a material called Amplitex – a lightweight material made by Bcomp, but not as light as carbon fiber. It has proven itself in crash testing, so it happened for that. For now, we believe that the monocoque will consist of carbon fiber, but Bcomp CEO Per Martensson says the Amplitex monocoque is decent but also heavier, so it shouldn’t be used.

“In a monocoque, we will be heavier than carbon fiber, but we will use the material to improve performance and sustainability in the best possible way.”

For what it’s worth Bcomp, in collaboration with Italian engineering firm Ycom, has seen excellent results when testing crash cones for formula cars, so the extra weight added from using materials for body and interior parts is well worth it.

Final Thoughts

The new hypercar could put Switzerland on the map of tough competitors - image 986745

As of now this unnamed Swiss hypercar sounds pretty awesome, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. As of now, none of the prototypes are working, and 2023 isn’t that far off. A hybrid prototype is expected to hit the trajectory by the end of this year, and the EV will appear sometime in 2022. Only 73 cars will be made in total, and both are expected to cost a whopping 2,300,000 Swiss francs or about $ 2,517,928. current exchange rates.

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Maryam Nawaz asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to step down | Instant News

(MENAFN – NewsIn.Asia) Lahore, May 3 (International The News): PMLN Center Vice President Maryam Nawaz said that people had rejected Imran Khan so he had to resign.

Retweeting Imran Khan’s tweet here on Saturday, Maryam Nawaz wrote that in Daska Imran Khan’s party was accused of cheating.

He said Imran Khan tried to escape the election but faced defeat twice by PMLN. Maryum Nawaz further wrote that the PTI came last in the by-election at NA-249.

He says this shows that people have rejected Imran Khan so he has to resign.

He said Imran Khan should not try to play smart and should stop making excuses to pressure the KPU to avoid foreign funding problems.

Imran Khan Maryam Nawaz Prime Minister of Pakistan


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Ardern from New Zealand said differences with China were becoming more difficult to reconcile | Instant News

The differences between New Zealand and its main trading partner China are becoming more difficult to reconcile as Beijing’s role in the world grows and changes, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday.

The comments come as New Zealand faces pressure from some elements among its Western allies over its reluctance to use the Five Eyes intelligence and security alliance to criticize Beijing.

In a speech at the China Business Summit in Auckland, Ardern said there were things that China and New Zealand “could not, could not and would not agree to”, but added that these differences need not define their relationship.

“It will not go unnoticed by anyone here that as China’s role in the world grows and changes, the differences between our system – and the interests and values ​​that make up that system – become increasingly difficult to reconcile,” Ardern said.

“This is a challenge that we, and many other countries in the Indo Pacific region, but also in Europe and other regions, are also grappling with,” he added.

In comments that sparked backlash among Western allies, Secretary of State Nanaia Mahuta said last month she was uncomfortable expanding the role of Five Eyes, which includes Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States. Read more

“This speech appears to have been crafted to deflect the shocking and sharp criticism of commentators after Mahuta’s remarks last month,” said Geoffrey Miller, international analyst at the political website Democracy Project.

However, those comments do not change New Zealand’s overall shift to a more friendly position with China, or at least a more neutral one, he said.

“Ardern and Mahuta are selling a new stance as New Zealand advances an ‘independent foreign policy’ that is not loyal to any major bloc,” he added.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (right) and Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang attend a welcoming ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, April 1, 2019. REUTERS / Jason Lee /


China, which takes nearly a third of New Zealand’s exports, accuses Five Eyes of abetting him by issuing statements about Hong Kong and the treatment of ethnic Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang.

The New Zealand Parliament on Tuesday will look to motions put forward by smaller parties to declare the situation in Xinjiang as genocide.

Ardern said New Zealand will continue to talk about the issue individually and through its partners, noting that managing relations with China is not always easy.

China’s Ambassador to New Zealand, Wu Xi, who also spoke at the event warned that issues related to Hong Kong and Xinjiang are China’s internal affairs.

“We hope that the New Zealand side can be objective and fair, obey international law and do not interfere in China’s domestic affairs so as to maintain the good development of our bilateral relations,” he said in his remarks.

Beijing is embroiled in a diplomatic spat with Australia and has imposed trade restrictions after Canberra lobbied for an international investigation into the source of the coronavirus. China denies the restrictions are retaliatory, saying the reduction in imports of Australian products was the result of the buyer’s own decision.

Over the weekend, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said China had recently been acting “more aggressively abroad” and was behaving “increasingly hostile.” Read more

Asked if New Zealand would risk penalties for trade with China, as with Australia, to uphold its values, Ardern said: “It would concern anyone in New Zealand if the consideration was’ Are we talking about this or are we too worried. about this? economic impact? ‘”

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San Diego Community News Group | Instant News

Ramses Alfaro Mendoza’s design won the Most Transformable Award. ALL PHOTOS BY NATASHA SACHI


Eli Andrade's design wins Most Wearable.

Eli Andrade’s design wins Most Wearable.


Melanie Ngo's designs won the Most Innovative and the People's Choice Award.

Melanie Ngo’s designs won the Most Innovative and the People’s Choice Award.


San Diego Mesa College and San Diego History Center collaborate for 10 Fashion Redux 2021 on April 16. This year they are presenting a virtual event featuring the top four designs from Mesa College’s draping classes.

The theme of this eye-catching event is “uniforms,” which are an important part of the Historical Center collection especially with the military presence in San Diego. Students view four uniforms handpicked by collections specialists in the Historical Center’s historic clothing collection. Students come up with a new contemporary design inspired by this Uniform.

The evening began with Sheila Thomas as host of the History Center. He said there would be a version of the exhibit which could be viewed by going to the History’s Center website. The digital exhibition will feature four uniforms from the Historical Center and four winning designs from students.

Thomas introduced the assistant professor of fashion, Jordyn Smiley, who gave a great presentation on the history of uniforms. Smiley talks about the many designers who create uniform-inspired fashions. Some examples given are Jean Paul Gaultier and Sacai who are inspired by military uniforms, Dior and Gucci who are inspired by school uniforms, and Moschino, Max Mara, Miu Miu, and Tommy Jeans who are inspired by fast food and sports.

Stella McCartney designed the British uniform for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics games and Howard Greer, Dior and Zac Posen created a fashion inspired by airline uniforms.

Collection specialist Lelani Alontage Caithness provides detailed information on the four uniforms used this year for Fashion Redux. Jeremy Prince, a collection specialist gives good news that the exhibition will be visible in person at the Historical Center in mid-June and throughout the summer.

Viewers can ask questions of this year’s winners. Awards awarded: Best Design Translation for Yewon Shin, Most Innovative Design for Melanie Ngo, Most Wearable Design for Eli Andrade, and Most Changing Design for Ramses Alfaro Mendoza.

All spectators can vote for their favorite designer and the People’s Choice Award goes to Ngo. Designers will receive a one-year membership to the History Center and a gift certificate for Sewing Machine Plus. To see this exhibition, open it Sandiegohistory.org. For more information on the two-year fashion program at San Diego Mesa College, visit sdmesa.edu/academics/academic-programs/fashion.shtml.

Upcoming Events

May 21 – 40th annual Golden Scissors Fashion Show and Awards. More information will come at @sdmesafashion.

May 22 – Ugochi Iwuaba Charity Runway at The Inn, Rancho Santa Fe from 4-6pm. Donations will be sent to R. Roger School for classes with children with disabilities. For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2RVgU7P.

23 May – Bridal Bazaar-Bridal Expo and Wedding Expo from 09.30-16.00 at Del Mar Fairgrounds. Free advance tickets at BridalBazaar.com.

Diana Cavagnaro is an internationally renowned Couture Milliner based in San Diego. Learn more about our hat designers, teachers and bloggers at DianaCavagnaro.com.


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First Person in Australia May Have Followed the ‘Superhighways’ Expressway Upon Arriving There | Instant News

The first humans to set foot on the supercontinent to ever join Australia and New Guinea could spread across the land using a ‘super highway’ in 200 generations, according to the new model.

From a group of less than a thousand humans, roughly 50,000 to 75,000 years ago, simulations show that the continent’s population reached a peak of 6.5 million, with people spreading across rainforests, deserts, grasslands and mountains, from the peaks of New Guinea to the top. down. to Tasmania.

Mapping the vast geography of this ancient landmass called Sahul, and examining more than 125 billion possible migration paths using computational analysis, researchers have highlighted some of the optimal routes that the first million Australians might have taken.

These well trodden paths are based on basic human decision making, which tends to form paths to areas that are visually appealing, but don’t stray too far from water or require too much energy.

“If this is a new landscape and we don’t have a map, we want to know how to move efficiently across space, where to find water, and where to camp – and we’ll adjust based on the elevation pointing around the land,” explain archaeologist and computational social scientist Stefani Crabtree of Utah State University.

This analysis is the largest motion simulation project ever attempted, and while it can’t tell us exactly what happened on the continent between 50,000 and 75,000 years ago, many of the super highways and smaller routes fit the archaeological data.

Some of these trails, for example, follow well-documented Aboriginal trade routes, or link some of the earliest archaeological sites, dating back 35,000 years.

Interestingly, the authors found one highly optimized route through the middle of the arid continent, which several other studies have identified.

Possible ancient Australian super Indigenous highways. (CHAPTER).

For decades nowScientists have debated when and how humans first inhabited Australia and New Guinea. It happened a long time ago, archaeological evidence is still scanty.

Thus, some researchers have turned to genetics and linguistics to retrace the steps of these first Australians.

Genetic mapping shows that people moved to the east and west coastlines of the Sahul before heading inland, while linguistic mapping shows the general movement from the northeast of the continent to the southwest.

The massive new map largely complements this path of movement, while also adding several new routes that were previously unidentified. The three best-fit models show people moving inland first, finding water sources inland, and traveling from one to the next, “while navigating with prominent landscape features,” which would stand out on the flat surface of the continent.

When societies and linguistic groups are formed, these physical networks, channeled by features in the landscape, can facilitate the movement of not only people but objects and stories, creating a rich and deeply interconnected culture.

“In many Aboriginal societies, landscape features are believed to have been created by ancestral beings during the Dreaming period,” explain archaeologist Sean Ulm of James Cook University.

“Landscapes are literally woven into people’s lives and their histories. It seems that the relationship between humans and this Country may date back to the earliest peoples of the continent.”

Models published in Natural Communication and Nature of Human Behavior.

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