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Two defendants in CIA custody ‘killed by accomplices’ | Instant News

LAHORE: Two robbers accused in CIA Model Town custody were allegedly shot dead by their accomplices on Saturday.

The deceased has been identified as Ishfaq and Tanveer. A vigilant attack team from CIA Model Town along with two defendants, Ishfaq and Tanveer, were on their way to Kahna to catch their feet when a man wanted by the police, Arsalan, and four accomplices intercepted police personnel carriers and fired indiscriminately fur.

As a result, Ishfaq and Tanveer died and the raiding police team fled unscathed by retaliating in the same manner.

The four attackers escaped from the scene. The bodies were moved to the morgue. Police said that two people detained by the police had killed a policeman, Sajid, in Raiwind police picket.

Three people in two alleged meetings have been killed by Lahore police this year. A total of 137 people have been killed in various problems and 14 residents have lost their lives so far at the hands of robbers in 2020.

FIR: Lahore Police have registered more than 2,150 FIRs against people involved in various violations during partial locking in the City.

More than 210,600 residents were questioned on police picket and 199,645 were issued a warning to restrain their movements. More than 4,415 residents were involved in movements that did not need to be taken into police custody and were later released by taking bail from them.

A total of 188,000 vehicles, including 106,276 motorbikes, 27,422 automatic rickshaws, 5488 taxis, 38,998 cars and 9,822 heavy vehicles, were stopped at the picket and the vehicle owner / driver issued a warning for their unnecessary movements.

A total of 7,449 vehicles were confiscated.

Security checked: SSP operations visited various parts of the city on Saturday.

He inspected the Dolphin Squad and the PRU team and directed them to ensure effective patrols around the mosque, banks and markets.

Murder accused of being detained: Sanda Investigation Police arrested a man who was suspected of killing close friends because of financial problems.

The defendant identified as Zahid Mahmood killed his friend Abbas Ali, who borrowed Rs 6,000 from him and did not pay back.

A man injured by hostility: A man was shot and injured by four cyclists in the parking area of ​​a hotel in the Gawalmandi police area on Saturday.

The injured man was identified as Shoaib, security guard for one Aziz Gujjar.

The accused, Ali Baba and his accomplices, shot and wounded him because of longstanding hostilities. He was hospitalized.

APP added: A trainee passenger trainer business class caught fire and burned here early in the morning on Saturday.

According to the initial question, coach, No.

11289, who was turned into a quarantine trainer stood on platform number I when it suddenly caught fire due to a short circuit.

Chief Executive Officer Dost Ali Leghari immediately suspended four railroad employees on duty, namely a station chief, junior electrician and two other staff members due to negligence.

There were no passengers or patients on the train when the fire erupted.


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The murder accused of running away after injuring the police, another | Instant News

LAHORE: A murderer who was accused of escaping from police custody after shooting and wounding four people, including two policemen at the CIA Ghaziabad police station.

The defendant was identified as Asif taking a gun from a police officer and leaving four people, including two policemen, injured. He has been interrogated in a murder case by SI Mushtaq for the past few days. When the police slept, he pulled out the Mushtaq SI gun and tried to escape. When the police tried to arrest him, he opened fire.

As a result, four people including two policemen and a sweeper were injured. The injured were identified as Asghar, Riaz, Saeed and Ali. The defendant escaped from the scene with handcuffs. CIA person in charge Amir Dogar said police were raiding to arrest the suspect.

transfer: Punjab Police Inspector General Shoaib Dastgir issued postal delivery orders from nine police officers. DSP Hassan Raza was posted ADIG Multan region, ADIG Multan Region Ms. Sadia Saeed posted DSP Security Multan region to an empty post, waiting to be posted DSP Alam Sher Javed posted DSP-XII SPU Punjab Lahore, Special District Officers of Rawalpindi Branch, Majeed Akhtar posted as DSP Punjab Lahore Traffic, DSP Special Establishment Branch Imran Nawaz posted as DSP-II Anti Riot Unit, Lahore, waiting to be posted, DSP Ejaz Ahmad posted as DSP Organized Crime, Layyah, Special District Officer of the Gujrat Attiqueur-Rehman Branch was posted as DSP Punjab Highway Patrol, Punjab Lahore, DSP- I Anti Riot Unit Lahore Muhammad Riaz has posted DSP of the Punjab Special Branch of Lahore and SDPO Dehli Gate Multan Riaz Hussain Bukhari has been posted as the DSP of Punjab Lahore, with immediate effect.

suspect corona: Director General, Punjab Emergency Services, Dr. Rizwan Naseer reviewed the performance of Emergency Services with reference to Covid-19 during a meeting held at Rescue Headquarters here on Tuesday.

Dr Rizwan Naseer said that the Rescue Service moved 6,038 patients suspected of corona to hospitals and quarantine centers in Punjab. Of a total of 6,038 patients suspected of Corona, 4,400 have been transferred to hospitals and 1,738 have been transferred to quarantine centers throughout Punjab. Furthermore, 137 people suspected of corona burial were carried out by the Rescue Service in Punjab.

Rescue DG said that despite fear, rescuers responded to more than 2500 emergency calls even while Corona was locked. This included 1,386 medical emergencies, resulting in 857 hospitalizations and 80 deaths on April 27.

While 649 road traffic accidents also occurred resulting in 361 admissions and 12 deaths. There were also 58 crime emergencies and 26 possible suicides, 47 fire emergencies, 84 people were injured due to falls, 19 were electrocuted, 7 were burned, 54 were injured due to work injuries and 91 emergencies related to shipments were managed by Rescue Service one day.

Earlier, Dr Farhan Khalid, chairman of the DRF Team, the Pakistan Rescue Team briefed the Director General on the Triage / Isolation Rescue Rescue Center Lahore to receive a total of 1,923 patients since March 31 and 1,299 patients were asked to consult only because of a normal cough, fever and discharges, while 475 patients The positive was transferred to the Expo Isolation Center and 149 was transferred to another hospital.


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The detention of six defendants was extended in a fraud case Lahore | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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Three suspects shot a woman, slit her throat | Lahore | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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