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FOIA Presents Travel Voucher Idea for Owners of PFAS Contaminated Wells in East Bay Township | Local News | Instant News

TRAVERSE CITY – Travel vouchers to offset costs associated with public water connections for affected residents have been launched as part of discussions around an investigation into PFAS water contamination in the Township of East Bay. Grand Traverse County Board Chairman Rob Hentschel suggested in an email to Cherry Capital According to information released to Record-Eagle under Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act, Hentschel mentioned the concept before local leaders get grant funds to pay. the 18 public connections required for the affected homes still use well water; the idea was that if the grant funds could not be acquired, perhaps the travel vouchers could be a compromise – an authorized use of restricted airport dollars. Some of the affected residents and environmental experts criticized the suggestion as being irresponsible in the face of revelations about contaminated drinking water and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Local officials, however, said it was the result of brainstorming and was never intended for the public. Clean Water, Travel Vouchers The email in question with the line of subject line “$ 3,900 PFAS Travel Voucher” was sent Nov 9 from Hentschel to airport manager Keven Klein and read: “Random thought … sitting at the East Bay twp meeting … If we don’t can’t pay for the capping of neighboring wells and municipal water hooks … can we run a promotion with the airlines for the travel vouchers in You’ll be happy to know they haven’t thrown the airport under the bus. Not a single mention of the airport … – Rob “Some residents and concerned environmental experts have said that such a travel voucher idea is reprehensible.” It would have been an insult, “said Joyce Lundberg, whose well water for her home along Indian Trail Boulevard was among those contaminated with PFAS chemicals.” What would we do with travel vouchers in the midst of a pandemic ? We wanted clean water. ”Liz Kirkwood, executive director of the nonprofit For Love Of Water, said she was initially“ a little speechless ”when she learned the suggestion of travel vouchers for those with contaminated wells FLOW is a Traverse City-based organization that advocates for groundwater protection and will host a webinar on March 10 on threats to Michigan’s groundwater resources. communities by PFAS said the emerging family of chemical contaminants holds untold potential for problems of environmental injustice – especially given its long-term and widespread use at d he industrial, aeronautical and commercial purposes and the way pollutants are increasingly present in drinking water. way to have a drink of your refreshing well water and know if it’s contaminated with PFAS, ”said Alissa Cordner, as a sociological professor of sociology at Whitman College in Washington and co-director of the PFAS Project Lab with researchers at Northeastern University in Boston, she said that often communities subject to PFAS contamination have historically experienced other types of pollution and tend not to be wealthy. Pine Grove mirrors this trend with its blue collar workers and history of a TCE plume, which prompted public water to flow through the neighborhood decades ago, but not all connected homes back then. not always in a financial position to do much about it, indicating the need for broader systemic changes in the way toxic chemicals are produced and used. people affected by pollution, she said an offer of “It seems clear to me that a small travel voucher and continued contamination of drinking water is not up to the mark,” Cordner said. Hentschel said his email to the airport manager should be considered in perspective; it was a private email not intended for public presentation, he said. “There is no evidence that it came from the airport, but we wanted to do something,” Hentschel said. Because airport funds are limited to airport operations and promotion, he said the suggestion was right that he was looking for ways to help affected residents. “These are raw ideas,” Hentschel said, later adding that the idea “was not to ride. For the public, but to think outside the box.” Klein also said Hentschel’s idea was an attempt to come up with a solution through brainstorming. But it wouldn’t have been appropriate to make that offer to affected residents, he said. “I think what he was trying to say was that ‘is “we have to be more creative” “said the airport manager. said they might have actually taken advantage of such a travel voucher, if subsidies had not been found to pay for their public water hookups. But that wouldn’t fly for everyone. “I appreciate Rob’s efforts for sure,” said Hillerie Rettelle, who lives on Avenue B and whose well has returned a collective. of more than 840 pieces per trillion of PFAS chemicals – as many as 35 times that of the state. Rettelle said Hentschel has worked Hard to get public water connections as quickly as possible for affected residents and tried to help them get back the money they spent preparing for public water connections when they were not satisfied to wait for government action. As much as she could appreciate a travel voucher, Rettelle said she knew not all affected residents were able to use it. Some would not have connected to public water if the subsidies had not been secured, she said. “If you can’t afford to connect to clean drinking water, you can’t afford to go on vacation,” Rettelle said, adding that during a pandemic people are even less likely to want to travel. “In November, if they had asked me if I wanted a travel voucher or clean water, it would have been 100% clean water,” she said. of affected residents, said she was not offended by Hentschel’s suggestion. She said she even joked that the airport paid for their family’s travel in perpetuity, if identified as the source of contamination. “I joked that if it ended up being the airport’s fault, the air miles could be greatly appreciated.” Contractors at Matt’s Underground Construction in Kalkaska spent the last week connecting homes with PFAS-contaminated water wells to municipal water supplies, first along Avenue B and then down the avenue C. its well was among the highest concentrations in the neighborhood. She hadn’t showered at home because her surgeon had told her that a healing wound from shoulder surgery should not be exposed to pollution. State and local health warned her not to drink or cook with water in October, she said. Rettelle took a shower in her own bathroom Tuesday night for the first time in over four months and described it in one word: “Amazing”. Others are eager to see their connections coming. Lundberg’s well failed last summer and she spent $ 3,000 to repair it after high water levels pushed sand into the pump. It was three months later when she learned of the groundwater contamination, she said. “It was a shock,” Lundberg said. The longtime neighborhood resident, 94, said she was grateful that state, county and township dollars collectively paid for her water. connection to the system, especially after spending so much on his well last July. She chose this out of an offer of $ 25,000 to connect to the water system at the time, Lundberg said. “You know, that’s life. If I had spent the $ 25,000, I was really pissed off, ”she says. .

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Is friendliness the next travel destination? | State News | Instant News

ATLANTA, Feb. 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – For generations, travel has inspired storytelling in books and songs and fueled the growth of cultures and civilizations. But over the past year, the world has taken on a different kind of journey, trading passports for puzzles and beaches to watch food cravings. Now, a new survey from IHG Hotels & Resorts reveals how much people yearn for a human connection, to be with loved ones and to make new memories. Nearly 60% of respondents said they canceled until four trips (leisure and business) last year. More than half of travelers surveyed said they have now booked canceled trips or are planning to book them, with family vacations and visits to loved ones top travel wish lists for 2021. What if the pandemic is not over, vaccine rollout ignites Hope and optimism, as respondents of all age groups, 18 to 55 and older, say spending time with their families and friends is one of the main motivations for travel this year. take more trips in 2021. One in five people overall said they hope to go to a place on their wishlist in 2021, which is true for one in three travelers between the ages of 18 and 24. five times more likely to say that volunteering for a community in need was a top motivator for travel. One in three respondents said going out to eat and trying new foods was helpful. most positive impact on their vacation More than a third of all respondents, including 50 pe One hundred of those 55 and over said they plan not to travel until the COVID vaccine -19 is more widely available. Claire Bennett, Director of Customer Relations, IHG Hotels & Resorts: “It is often said that travel is the only thing you buy. makes you richer, and our survey results prove that people are hungry for these rich experiences again. But the world has changed and travel decisions need to be made more thoughtfully. Looking to the future, we’ve all had a lot of time to think about what traveling means to us, which trips are most important, and how we want to reconnect with our loved ones. , a weekend with friends, your first in-person business meeting or a special anniversary trip – our family of 16 brands are ready to help you open up the world when the time comes and welcome travelers back with confidence, as we embark “One in three workers in the world, and 40% in the United States, said the lack of business travel in 2020 had demotivated them, 40% of those who travel for business reported missing out on face to face meetings. more than half of those surveyed said that business travel allows them to “build meaningful relationships with colleagues, clients and / or clients”. Almost 45% said business travel improved their mood at work and made them more motivated. On vacation, the majority of Americans say traveling with loved ones, making new memories and spending quality time with others had the most positive impact on their mood, while most Australians said it was tourism and that for British travelers it was in pursuit of the sun. most, one in three said they “slept in a comfortable hotel bed” and one in four said “room service”. Cabin fever kills romance, as one in four respondents aged 45 and over said they look forward to privacy while on vacation. All numbers come from OnePoll, a survey-based marketing research company specializing in online and mobile surveys. It has offices in London and Bristol, UK Six thousand people were surveyed: 2000 in the US, 2000 in the UK, 2000 in Australia The survey was conducted online between January 5 and January 8, 2021 Figures shown have been weighted and are representative of adults (18 years and over) in all regions About IHG Hotels & ResortsIHG Hotels & Resorts [LON:IHG, NYSE:IHG (ADRs)] is a global organization with a broad portfolio of hotel brands, including Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, Regent Hotels & Resorts, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Hotel Indigo, EVEN Hotels, HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts, voco, Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, avid hotels, Staybridge Suites, Atwell Suites and Candlewood Suites.IHG franchises, leases, manages or owns nearly 6,000 hotels and 890,000 rooms in more than 100 country, with around 1,900 hotels in its development pipeline. IHG also operates IHG Rewards, our global loyalty program, which has over 100 million registered members. InterContinental Hotels Group PLC is the holding company of the Group, incorporated in Great Britain and registered in England and Wales. SOURCE IHG Hotels & Resorts.

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National tourism campaigns support the resumption of travel, preserve jobs; FINN Partners Travel + Lifestyle releases global report ahead of World Tourism Day | Instant News

NEW YORK, Sept.26, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Ahead of World Tourism Day on September 27, global agency FINN Partners has released a new report – Domestic Tourism – The Recovery Starts At Home. The report highlights 25 of the world’s most innovative and creative campaigns that show how domestic tourism is helping destinations turn around until international travel returns. As global travel restrictions continue to evolve, the impact of the global pandemic on tourism and hospitality continues to weigh heavily. Domestic tourism is coming back faster than international tourism and proving to be the essential lifeline for the recovery of the global travel industry. Domestic Tourism – Recovery Starts at Home offers domestic tourism initiatives from around the world, including: Destination New South Wales’ “ Sydney Playcation ” campaign, the French incentive # CetÉtéJeVisiteLaFrance (this summer I’m visiting France), the Hong Kong’s Holiday at Home initiative, Bonus Vacanze in Italy (Holiday Bonus), Malta Voucher program and Visit England’s “We are good to go” industry standard. Given that before Covid, domestic tourism was already six times larger than international tourism (UNWTO – Understanding Domestic Tourism and Seizing Its Opportunities, September 2020), destinations are doubling down on domestic tourism campaigns that are creative and agile. This report analyzes how destinations inspire a return to travel even during this extraordinary crisis. Debbie Flynn, Global Travel Practice Leader, FINN Partners commented: “In recent months we have been forced to reset life’s priorities. The passion to travel and explore is inherent in all of us and there is no doubt that our desire to travel within will be what motivates us to discover overseas countries again. In the meantime, discovering our own countries is more important than ever to protect the travel industry. Domestic Tourism – Recovery Starts at Home puts shine a light on some of these creative campaigns, in the hope that they will inspire us and shed some light on the way forward. “For a copy of the report ‘Domestic Tourism – The Recovery Begins At Home’ , visit: https://www.finnpartners.com/perspectives/blog/domestic-tourism-eo-recovery-starts-at-home.html About FINN Partners, Inc. Founded in 2011 on Fundamentals of innovation and collaborative partnership, FINN Part ners has more than quadrupled in size in eight years, becoming one of the world’s fastest growing independent public relations agencies. The record pace of the full-service marketing and communications business is the result of organic growth and the integration of new businesses and people into the FINN world through a common philosophy. With nearly 800 professionals, FINN provides clients with global access and capabilities in the United States, Europe and Asia. In addition, FINN offers its clients access to leading agencies around the world through its membership in the global PROI network. Based in New York, FINN’s other offices are located in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Hong Kong, Fort Lauderdale, Frankfurt, Jerusalem, London, Los Angeles, Munich, Nashville, Paris, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Shanghai, Singapore and Washington DC Find us at finnpartners.com and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @finnpartners. Links relating to SOURCE FINN partners https://www.finnpartners.com/.

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