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5 Pakistani commandos killed in early morning RAID | Instant News

Peshawar, Pakistan (AP) — a RAID on a suspected militant hideout in Northwest Pakistan early Tuesday killed five anti-terrorist commandos and two militants, police said.

According to the representative of police Imtiaz Khan, crazy firefight erupted when the commandos attempted a RAID of a house in Chilas district, 460 km (285 miles) North of Peshawar, capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which borders Afghanistan.

The fighting lasted several hours, said Khan. Along with two of the dead militants was discovered cache of weapons and explosives, he added. It was not immediately known which militant group was involved in the shootout. The Pakistani Taliban — Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan or TTP are active in the province.

Pakistan claims that the militants from the banned TTP took refuge in Afghanistan. As stated in the UN report, published last week, says that more than 6,000 Pakistani militants hiding in Afghanistan, most of them from traffic accidents, which is also consistent with grouping “Islamic state” based in Afghanistan.

The UN report stated that the TTP and is affiliated to pose a serious threat to Pakistan and Afghanistan. In 2018 the group has set fire to 14 schools for girls in the area; police have detained more than 35 suspected of involvement in the attack.

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Canada, the border with Mexico closing is going to renew in August | Instant News

Toronto (AP) — the United States, Canada and Mexico are willing to extend their agreements to keep their common border is closed to non-essential travel until August 21, said Tuesday officials.

The agreement will allow to extend the closing for another 30 days. A person familiar with the matter said that the final confirmation from the United States, Canada, the agreement has not yet occurred, but it is likely. The official was not authorized to speak publicly ahead of the announcement this week, and spoke on condition of anonymity. The restrictions were announced March 18, and was extended in April, may and June.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Mexico, said through Twitter Tuesday that “after analyzing the development of distribution COVID-19” Mexico proposed to the United States government that they would increase restrictions on travel to U.S.-Mexico border for more than 30 days.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said this week that the decision on the border will be announced later this week.

“We will continue to work hard to keep Canadians safe and to keep our economies flowing, and we’ll have more to say later,” said Trudeau.

Mexican foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said Friday that the hole between the US and Mexico “it wouldn’t be prudent right now,” given that coronavirus cases “States in the southern United States, California, new Mexico, Arizona and Texas are on the rise.”

Most Canadians are afraid of renewal. The US has more confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19 than any country in the world, while Canada has flattened the curve of the epidemic.

“We did a good job flattening the curve. We have averaged about 300 cases per day. In the US they have about 60,000 cases per day,” said Dr. Howard Njoo of Canada’s Deputy chief public health officer.

“Canadians have many sacrifices and we see the fruits of our labor. We don’t want to waste these efforts by recovery of the virus in Canada,” he said.

Njoo suggested that the border may open, if Canada and the United States had a similar situation in a number of cases and contact tracing. “They don’t have a good handle or control,” he said. “It will take some time … it’s a matter of several weeks and months, or a month or so, not days.”

For cross-border workers as medical workers, airline crews, and truck drivers are still allowed to cross. Truck drivers are critical as they move food products and medical goods in both directions. Most of the supplies Canada food comes from or through the United States

Americans returning to the US and Canadians who return to Canada are exempt from the closure of the border. Close relatives of Canadians allowed to enter Canada, but should quarantine or self-isolate for 14 days.


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Individual rights and the common good become conflicts in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic – Nation – Bangor Daily News – BDN Maine | Instant News

Nam Y. Huh | The AP

Nam Y. Huh | The AP

In this May 16, 2020 photo, the protesters held the sign during a rally calling on the state to reopen the economy outside the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago.

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We are society. But individual rights. Good together. But don’t step on me. Form more perfect unity and promote public welfare. But secure the blessing of freedom for ourselves and our offspring.

From the time the American republic was born to this day, this is its trademark: Me and us – different competing but overlapping tastes of freedom – living together, but often in conflict.

[Our COVID-19 tracker contains the most recent information on Maine cases by county]

The history of the United States and the colonies that formed it has been a 413-year balancing act on a variety of topics, priorities, desires and ambitions. Now, in the era of coronavirus, the tug of war – is this about the individual or the community they are in? – Showing himself in a new, high-risk way.

On Friday, protesters gathered at the foot of the Pennsylvania Capitol stairs – most of them without masks – for the second time in a month to curse Governor Tom Wolf and demand that he “reopen” the country sooner. This is one of many countries where vocal minorities have criticized virus-related shutdowns for trampling on individual rights.

“He who dares is free,” read the sign carried by a Pennsylvania protester. “Selfish and proud,” said another, referring to the governor’s statement that the politician who advocated the immediate reopening was “selfish.” “My body is my choice,” a sign at a rally in Texas reads, co-opting the slogan for the right of abortion to oppose mandatory mask rules.

“This pandemic presents both the common good and the freedom of this classic individual. And the ethos from different parts of the country about this is very, very different. And it pulls the country in all these different directions, “said Colin Woodard, author of” American Characters: The History of the Epic Struggle Between Individual Freedom and Shared Goodness. “

Although polls show the majority of Americans still support some degree of closure, the cry for reopening has grown in recent weeks as job losses continue to increase. In Pennsylvania and throughout the country, the general chorus of demonstrators is: Don’t tell me how to live my life when I have to get out of the house and preserve my livelihood.

“They were told to stay at home, just wait. And that’s a very strange democratic message to get. And the only way to do that is to say,” I trust the government, ‘”said Elspeth Wilson, assistant government professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania.

While the catalyst is an unprecedented pandemic, the collision of individual rights and the common good is as old as the republic itself: Where the right of one American to move in public without the tip of a mask, and the right of another American to not be infected with a potentially fatal virus starting?

“This is economic paralysis by analysis for several people. And they are afraid, “said Steven Benko, an ethicist at Meredith College in North Carolina.” They feel humiliated. “

The Americans have long romanticized those who reject the system and take action on their own – criminals, cowboys, rebels. Many American leaders have struggled to reconcile it with the principles of “common good” that are generally needed to govern.

“Reagan does it better than anyone. He is a cowboy who sells the American vision together. That’s quite a contradiction,” Benko said.

Ronald Reagan’s coronation metaphor – the United States as a “city on a hill” – was borrowed from the Puritans, whose traditions shaped the American ethos, including the compact that created the first British government in the New World. But Puritanism also asserts that hard work, a form of moral truth, signifies success and salvation.

Over time, and with other ingredients added as more groups come to the American coast, a vague shame becomes inherent in the inability to be an individualist: If you cannot get along alone, in the eyes of some people, you are less than American.

But can such “crude individualism”, as it came to be known, be applied in a 21st century virus scenario where everything from food shopping to health care to package delivery requires complex and precise networks that form a common good?

Also discussed in this debate, which some people call neglected truths: Individualism tends to benefit powerful groups, economically or socially. In short, doing what someone wants is much easier when you have the means – health care, money, privileges – to deal with the effects it has.

That is especially relevant when the direct impact of one’s individualism – in the form of a virus-laden droplet – can ripen to other people.

“We fail to recognize how interdependent we really are,” said Lenette Azzi-Lessing, a clinical professor of social work at Boston University who studies economic inequality.

“Pandemic and handling it successfully does require cooperation. It also requires joint sacrifice. And that is a very bitter pill to swallow by many Americans, “he said.” This pandemic reveals that our destinies are interrelated, that the person in front of us is lining up at the grocery store, if he does not have access to good health care, that it will have an impact on our health. “

U.S. History sometimes it is revealed that during the turbulence – the Great Depression, World War II, even the founding of the nation itself – the common good became the dominant American gene for a while. Will it happen here? Or are political and economic fragmentation and social media too strong to allow it?

“The status quo is individualism. And then when we come to this crisis period, that changes, “said Anthony DiMaggio, a political scientist at Lehigh University who examined groups that advocated reopening. “All these rules go out the window and people are willing to throw away all ways of looking at this world.”

So what is it, as Ayn Rand once told the interviewer, that “everyone must live as an end in himself, and follow his own rational interests?” Or more like Woody Guthrie, quoting Tom Joad in “The Grapes of Wrath”: “Everyone might be just one big soul – well, it seems so to me.”

More likely, in a country sewn together by an act of high-level political compromise, there is something in between – a new path that Americans must map so they can continue their four-century trial through an unprecedented period. Once again.

Watch: Risks associated with reopening the rural parts of the country


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Flyover National National Guard salutes first responders in Maine – State Gazette – Bangor – BDN Maine | Instant News

Troy R. Bennett | BDN

Troy R. Bennett | BDN

A worker with full personal protective equipment at Maine Behavioral Health in Portland attended someone in the car on April 9, 2020, photo file.

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The Maine Air National Guard honors health care workers and key personnel with a flyover on Tuesday.

A KC-135 of the 101 Air Refueling Wing will start flying at 10:30 am above Farmington. The tanker will fly as far south as to Scarborough and as far north as Limestone before returning to Bangor after 1 pm

[Our COVID-19 tracker contains the most recent information on Maine cases by county]

“All Maine National Guards are honored to express their sincere gratitude to all health care workers and first responders who work on the front lines to fight COVID-19,” said Maj. Gen. Douglas Farnham, Maine general’s aide. “We are also very grateful for the important personnel who diligently work to keep our shelves full and family supplies.”

This event is part of Operation American Resolve, a national salute for frontline respondents in the battle against the new coronavirus.


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Maine Katahdin Forest and Waters are now a ‘dark-sky’ sanctuary – Act Out – Bangor Daily News – BDN Maine | Instant News

Robert F. Bukaty | The AP

Robert F. Bukaty | The AP

In this August 9, 2017, photo file, the stars rotate in the night sky above the East Branch of the Penobscot River, in this presentation at the Katahdin National Forest and Waters Waters near Patten, Maine. This park has been recognized by the International Dark-Sky Association as the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary on the east coast of the United States and only the 12th designation in the world.

PATTEN, Maine – Katahdin Woods National Monument and Maine Waters are now a “dark sky” sanctuary, the National Park Service announced Friday.

The appointment by the International Dark-Sky Association is the first of its kind along the US Eastern Coast, the second in the National Park Service and the 12th appointment in the world.

The Park Service describes the area as “amazing”, with stars and planets sparkling and occasionally displaying aurora borealis

“Experiencing the night sky here will take you back to the night sky that was first experienced by Wabanaki 11,000 years ago and many people follow in their footsteps,” said Tim Hudson’s Watersford Forest and Aquatic Watch, Katahdin.

The Park Service is working with Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters at the seventh annual Stars Over Katahdin celebration, now scheduled for September. This will be an opportunity for the public, star enthusiasts, and volunteer astronomers in the park to observe celestial bodies.

If a live meeting is not permitted in September, Friend is preparing a virtual version of the event.

The Katahdin Woods Forest Monument covering nearly 90,000 hectares was established in 2016 to protect the natural and cultural landscape of the northern Maine forest, east of Baxter State Park.


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