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DER and utility-scale renewable energy can join to offer the cheapest option for retirement of Australian coal | Instant News

Large-scale solar storage project on SOuth Australia, developed by Leon Group and Kingfisher. Image: Lyon / Kingfisher Group.

Distributed renewable energy bases in Australia could triple by more than 26GW of grid-scale renewable energy will be needed as the Australian electricity market evolves over the next two decades, a comprehensive review conducted by the country’s market operators has concluded.

Such an increase in renewable energy in Australia is the cheapest option on the table when the country’s coal fleet is retiring, but to produce an overhaul of the Australian electricity market, up to 19GW of resources that can be sent and systematic reforms of energy policies in the country will be needed.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) today (31 July 2020) published the 2020 Integrated System Plan (ISP), a document formed from important consultations with industry stakeholders and other policy makers in the country.

The ISP is intended to provide an “optimal development path” for the Australian National Electricity Market to provide a net market benefit of up to AU $ 11 billion by 2040.

The document, which is updated every two years, reviews changes in the Australian power system, from increasing renewable energy and distributed generation to coal retirement, identifying supply and network investments needed to provide consumers with the best affordable and reliable power. .

It follows a Initial ISP draft was published in December last year and consider a number of potential operating environments that must be navigated by Australian electricity market operators in the coming years.

The quantity of distributed energy generation connected to the Australian network is estimated by AEMO to double or even triple, providing up to 22% of the total underlying energy consumption in the country. Meanwhile, more than 26GW of variable renewable energy (VRE) will be needed to replace coal-fired power plants in Australia, with nearly two-thirds (63%) going to retire.

The change will place new demands on the Australian network. Up to 19GW of transferable resources will be needed to support renewable output, market operators have concluded, while it will also require an expanded portfolio of network services, including voltage and frequency control, system power and inertia, among others.

Considerable investment will also be needed for network infrastructure, particularly interconnectors and the formation of the Renewable Energy Zone, that has already taken place. But, as IPS warned, “significant market and regulatory reforms will be needed to bring the right resources into the system in a timely manner.”

This is especially true with regard to the projected increase in DER. ISPs expect an increase in distributed PV will require “specific management practices and protocols supported by required distribution network investment and changes to regulations, regulations and standards” if they want to maximize their contribution to network reliability, security and resilience.

“Without urgent and well-targeted reforms, the high level of DER projected in this ISP will not be achieved, and instead, limits may have to be imposed on DER, which would be less than optimal results for Australia,” the document wrote.

The complete 99-page document can read here.

Audrey Zibelman, managing director and CEO at AEMO, said the ISP’s conclusion was clear that when the Australian coal fleet retired, the best option was “a very diverse portfolio consisting of distributed energy resources (DER) and variable renewable energy (VRE), supported by various resources that can be sent. “

“When implemented in conjunction with market and regulatory reforms, targeted transmission investments identified in the ISP will bring the right resources into the system in a timely manner. This will create a modern, efficient and resilient energy system that provides a $ 11 billion net market benefit in various ISP scenarios over the next two decades, “he said.

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Australia gives AU $ 22 billion in prime solar, storage and transmission projects | Instant News

Uluru, Northern Territory. Sources: Flickr, Robert Young.

Renewable energy projects that can provide up to 20% of Singapore’s electricity needs have been tracked quickly by the Australian government.

The Main Project status has been awarded to the Australia-ASEAN Power Link Network (AAPL) proposed by Sun Cable, which will become one of the largest renewable electricity systems in the world, supported by “the world’s largest battery and solar field”, which will be located in the Barkly region, Northern Territory.

The AU $ 22 billion (US $ 15.79 billion) project has a 4,500km high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system that connects a 10GW solar / 30GWh storage facility near Darwin with Singapore and finally Indonesia.

At the end of 2027, Sun Cable estimates that AAPL will be able to export around AU $ 2 billion (US $ 1.44 billion) of solar energy per year to Singapore, which connects Australia to the ASEAN Power Grid.

Main Project Status is the Australian government’s recognition of the strategic significance of a project for the country.

Sun Cable CEO David Griffin said granting the status was “an important milestone” for the AAPL, which would make Australia “a world leader in the renewable electricity trade”.

“This project helps grow new industries, using intercontinental HVDC submarine transmission systems, to supply renewable electricity to major load centers in the Indo-Pacific and support the region’s low-emissions goals,” he added.

Founded in 2018 by Griffin, Mac Thompson’s chief operating officer and chief strategy officer Fraser Thompson, Sun Cable concluded a “significant capital increase“In November 2019, which included tin investment from Grok Ventures by Mike Cannon-Brookes and the Andrew Forrest Energy Squadron.

30GWh storage facility

The AAPL solar PV plant is a 10GW array located close to Elliott in the Northern Territory. The site is located adjacent to existing logistical infrastructure, including railroad lines, the Stuart Highway, and high-capacity fiber optic cables. The associated 30GWh storage facility will support solar farming operations, enabling power at all times, said Sun Cable.

Electricity sent from solar and storage facilities will be transmitted to Darwin via a 750km transmission line.

During construction, the AAPL project will create 1,500 construction jobs and 350 ongoing positions in Australia.

Industry Minister Karen Andrews said that the development referred to Australia’s “world-class solar technology” for exporting renewable energy “on an unprecedented scale”.

“Not only will this power relationship make Australia a world leader, it will also create significant economic and employment opportunities here at home, with around AU $ 8 billion (US $ 5.74 billion) from a US $ 22 billion investment that will injected directly into Australia, “he added.

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Trina Solar is deploying 86MW modules for the largest subsidized free PV park in Italy | Instant News

The Tallmax Trina Solar module powers the Torre Antonacci project in San Severo, Italy. Image: Margherita.

Trina Solar has provided 86MW solar modules for the Torre Antonacci project, the largest solar farm in Italy that operates without any government subsidies or incentives.

The company’s Tallmax module has been used for the network parity project owned by Margherita and is located in the San Severo area in the province of Foggia.

“In addition to contributing to reducing carbon emissions, I hope this is the case [project] “It can also be an incentive for all operators in this sector to invest in grid parity, which in Italy still seems slow to take off,” said Luca Carosielli, project engineer and shareholder of Margherita.

With output power up to 395W, the Tallmax module used in this project is part of Trina Solar’s new product portfolio. According to Trina, 144 half-cut monocrystalline PERC cells used in Tallmax produce higher yields, while the layout of cell strings can significantly reduce power loss caused by inter-row shading. The multi-busbar cell design can also reduce the module working temperature, increase efficiency and output.

Gonzalo de la ViƱa, head of the European module business at Trina Solar, said the company is proud to help further reduce LCOE with its PV modules.

“Grid parity has been a holy grail of the PV industry for years now,” he said. “We are pleased to see that ultimately the prerequisite for taking a subsidy-free project from the concept stage into reality is there. PV has gone a long way and is very competitive in terms of current costs. “

The Margherita Agreement follows Trina Solar on sale earlier this month around 970MW of solar PV projects for vehicle asset management Matrix Renewables. The projects, which are either operational, under construction or under final development, are located in Spain, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

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A charming fashion blog that tracks all your favorite TV suits | Instant News

At least once a month, I become nostalgic for the 2011 drama, Hart of Dixie. The show is located in the small fictional town of Bluebell, Alabama, which has a stacked cast led by Rachel Bilson, and most importantly, one of that the greatest wardrobe I’ve ever seen on television.

Even though I only rewatched it Hart of Dixie once every few years, thanks to my favorite fashion blog, WornOnTV.netZoe Hart’s stylish shorts and elaborate Lemon Breeland dress are available to me to stare in admiration and longing whenever I want.

I have been visiting WornOnTV since I was a teenager. And at the age of 27, blogs remain my resource for finding cute clothes that I see on TV, getting inspired by new wardrobes, and revisiting impressive clothes from my favorite off-air shows.

The website, created in 2012 by Linda Wilks, catalogs the wardrobe from older shows like Song, revenge, and Nashville, along with current events like Not safe, Good girl, Die for me, and Babysitting Club.

WornOnTV sorts through shows and catalogs of clothes and accessories worn by your favorite characters. Wilks tells you where you can buy clothing items that are displayed on the screen, and if not available online, he provides several similar options that you can buy.

Wilks, who still runs WornOnTV in 2020 with the help of two contributors, is now a 36-year-old mother who lives in Queensland, Australia. But he has enjoyed creating websites since the 90s.

At the age of 26 he began his career as a fashion blogger with a little inspiration from Zooey Deschanel. In 2010, Wilks created WWZDW.com (What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear?) – a site dedicated to celebrating the actor’s outfits both on screen and off screen.

“When I started WWZDW, celebrity style blogs were not the real thing, at least from what I know,” Wilks said in an email to Mashable. “Zooey was my own style of inspiration at that time and I really only used WWZDW as a glorified Pinterest board. Then many others started using this site too!”

WornOnTV: A charming fashion blog that tracks all your favorite TV clothes

Image: screengrab / wwzdw.com and new girl / netflix

In 2011, after WWZDW grew a significant fan base, Wilks create a similar fashion blog about Taylor Swift. And a year later, he decided to expand his efforts to find fashion with WornOnTV.

“It’s a habit to wonder where all these clothes come from when I watch TV,” Wilks said. “I thought I might as well record what I found. I never thought that in a few years I would do it as a job!”

WornOnTV started small, with a few shows that Wilks saw at the time: Public, Big Bang theory, and How I met your mother. “They are not a very fashionable event, but I find their clothing realistic and wearable,” he said.

But after receiving a large number of “thank you” emails and requests for the upcoming showcase, he decided to make it suggestion Box where fans can submit their favorite series for review. Now, 250 shows later, Wilks likes to surf the internet in search of TV threads even more than he did when he started the site.

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Browse virtual closets

For those who haven’t visited WornOnTV in the past nine years, it should be noted that the main part of the charm of a blog is the fact that it really looks like a decade old.

While WornOnTV has been following changes in TV mode since 2012, the look of the website itself has hardly moved since I was 19. Its simple arrangement serves as a reminder of the good old internet, and that’s one of the things I like most about it. . WornOnTV is not here to “wow” you with a striking user experience. This blog is solely created to help you find shows, characters, episodes, and clothes as simple as possible. And that is precisely what he does.

WornOnTV: A charming fashion blog that tracks all your favorite TV clothes

After you enter the expansive virtual cabinet, you can type certain events in the search bar at the top or Browse the complete list to see what has been cataloged for years. (The fading show isn’t visible, and most of the time their clothes are out of stock. But you can still look back at what the character is wearing.)

After clicking on an event, you have the option to browse through the characters, or even search by episode.

WornOnTV: A charming fashion blog that tracks all your favorite TV clothes

Wilks separates his findings into categories such as talk shows, reality shows, and serials on Netflix and Hulu to facilitate searching. And he broke the clothes the latest clothes, available items, Items under $ 100.00, and Men to enhance your shopping experience.

After you choose the look – like this jean / plaid jacket combo worn by Devi Vishwakumar on Netflix’s Never Have I Ever – the “Shop This Style” section connects to the exact match.

WornOnTV: A charming fashion blog that tracks all your favorite TV clothes

Image: screengrab: wornontv.net and never me / netflix

I often browse pages of clothes from fashionable shows that I like, like New girl, Mindy Project, Schitt’s Creek, Younger, Gossip girl, and Scream Queens, but I also look at clothes on shows I don’t watch. (That’s what I found this perfect star coat Days of Our Lives.)

WornOnTV is good for nostalgia, but it also helps me find new stores and brands to buy that I won’t check before.

Although Wilks will always adore him New girl wardrobe, lately he’s a fan of the casual clothes worn by Eleanor A great place and Issa from Not safe. But this site offers something for everyone.

Wilks explained that Gossip girl and Pretty Little Liar is “the most requested event in the beginning,” but at the moment the popularity of the page depends on what event is currently in season. “Soap operas always get good traffic, they always air,” Wilks explained. “Riverdale is a consistently good player. Veronica, Betty, Cheryl and Toni all have their own specific and specific styles, similar to Pretty Little Liar on their day. “

And Thick type, Dynasty, and Euphoria also a big hit, because, as Wilks said, “You can’t NOT pay attention to fashion at those shows.”

What is required to become a TV fashionista

While WornOnTV started as a side project, in 2013 the website became so popular that Wilks felt comfortable leaving his job as a web developer to maintain a full-time blog.

“I work on all sides, technical and content creation,” he explained. And for years he mastered the art of finding clothes.

“The Netflix party release method is really difficult. People want info NOW when they watch it.”

“[It] depends on the event. “Some costume designers regularly shop at the same store / brand, and after a while covering it, we can develop a pattern of checking certain places first,” Wilks said. He also noted that it takes from 20 seconds to hours to find one outfit.

When clothes can’t be found through popular retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, ModCloth, and ASOS, Wilks searches Google using some very detailed terminology. Unfortunately, not all clothes can be cataloged, because performances often use costume designers to make original clothing.

Because Wilks has been combing television fashion for almost a decade, he can easily recognize and label duplicate clothing, such as Floral print mini dress on this one which is displayed on Netflix Selling Sunset, Sweet Magnolia, and The Growing Ashley Garcia Universe.

Although streaming services have made accessing character outfits, scrubbing through episodes, and screenshots of certain scenes easier, the speed at which episodes are released and consumed has made managing WornOnTV significantly more difficult.

“The Netflix party release method is really difficult. People want info NOW when they watch it. Meanwhile we are frantically trying to get a few weeks of work in a few days,” Wilks said.

In 2014 and 2015, Wilks found himself “working 16 hours a day, feeling completely overwhelmed,” and still unable to keep up with the demands of the show. Finally in 2017, he hired two contributors to help manage the site that had been “valuable” to the growth of WornOnTV.

“There are so many requests for new shows that will be added all the time, and there is no way I can do it myself,” he said. “Since then I have had children and chose to prioritize them. I’m in a tight hour now!”

A decade of WornOnTV

Wilks is currently on maternity leave, so he temporarily closes WornOnTV’s suggestion box. But he plans to return to the site later this year and hopes to add to the fashion search team soon.

WornOnTV has survived almost a decade on the internet and remains a safe online shelter for fans of television and fashion. It has competed with other sites like shopyourtv.com, famousoutfits.com, and blogs dedicated to specific events, but Wilks always takes pride in providing original content and working to find clothing that hasn’t been identified online.

One complaint I have about WornOnTV is that I needed it early in life. Some of my favorite TV fashion moments occur in the early to mid-2000s, on shows like Gilmore Girls, OC, Friday Night Lights, Smallville, and One tree hill. But it is understandable that Wilks can only do a lot with air shows.

Hopefully in 2030, WornOnTV will still be there and we will nostalgically explore some of the most popular series today.


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Western Australia launches millions of dollars of investment in solar power and battery storage | Instant News

The plan will see around 500 social residential properties in Western Australia equipped with solar panels valued at AU $ 6 million. Image: Pixabay.

Western Australia will invest AU $ 56.3 million (US $ 40.11 million) in solar power as part of a new renewable energy plan designed to start the country’s economy following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The stimulus package, which consists of a total of AU $ 66.3 million (US $ 47.23 million) spent on green energy technology, will see the development of 50 standalone power systems and the installation of nine battery energy storage systems.

Around 500 social residential properties will be equipped with solar panels valued at AU $ 6 million (US $ 4.27 million). The state government will also invest AU $ 4 million (US $ 2.85 million) to turn up to ten schools into virtual power plants featuring commercial solar roof panel systems and batteries. Solar panels will also be installed at up to 60 bus and train stations.

The investment is part of a AU $ 5.5 billion (US $ 3.91 billion) recovery scheme designed to create employment opportunities for Western Australians and provide long-term economic growth.

“This comprehensive plan will support employment creation sectors including renewable energy, which we know will help reduce energy costs, provide better energy efficiency throughout the state and increase our energy footprint,” said Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan.

The program was welcomed by the Climate Council, Australia’s climate change communication organization.

“States and territories lead the accusations in dealing with climate change and show that they are serious about protecting Australians from worsening extreme weather,” said CEO Amanda McKenzie.

“Recovery of clean jobs will encourage large amounts of private clean energy investment, create jobs and help protect people in Western Australia.”

The announcement came less than a week later new economic modeling commissioned by the Climate Council found that Australia has the potential to create up to 15,000 jobs in large scale renewable energy.

The Clean Jobs Plan identified 12 policy opportunities to help the country recover from the twin crises of forest fires and COVID-19, creating a total of 76,000 “shovel ready” jobs.

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