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The South Australian Government will not grant quarantine exemptions to AFL | Instant News

Adelaide and Port Adelaide may have to join the West Coast and Fremantle in the footy ‘hub’ to get 2020 AFL The season is ongoing again, after the South Australian government has denied the rights of the team ‘fly in, fly out’ to avoid the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

The decision, sent from the government to league CEO Gillon McLachlan in a letter on Wednesday night, was another blow to the AFL after Western Australia also said it would not allow exceptions for the Eagles or Dockers to host inter-state teams for the match.

The letter, signed by South Australia’s chief health officer Professor Nicola Spurrier, and police chief Grant Stevens, said “public health risks” were too great to allow clubs from the state – and players and staff from Crows and Power – to avoid mandatory 14-day quarantine measures.

“On public health advice, the committee has decided that any economic and social benefits to be gained by allowing modifications or exceptions to SA quarantine requirements for AFL players and staff are not proportionate to public health risks,” the letter said.

“We recognize that for AFL to restart equipment at the desired time frame, this may require players and staff to travel to alternative locations in the medium term.

“In addition to modifications or reductions which are considered unnecessary public health risks in South Australia, the Committee notes that as a highly visible part of the community, it is also important that the AFL model of behavior is expected from the community in general.

“The risk of complacency in the wider community will increase if these steps become increasingly important.”

Earlier on Wednesday it was revealed the West Coast was preparing to base itself on the Gold Coast to restart the ongoing season, while all the players and AFL staff were in the midst of the COVID-19 test blitz ahead of the potential re-launch of the season.


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Nick Cordero’s Wife Says Doctors Think He ‘Should Get Up Now’ A Few Days After Amputation – NBC New York | Instant News

Loved ones Nick Cordero patiently waited for him to wake up from the medically induced coma where he had been placed against the corona virus.

The Broadway star’s wife, fitness personality Amanda Kloots, offered another health update via Instagram Stories on Thursday, describing the “waiting game” that she now faces just days after Cordero’s amputated leg.

Following a successful amputation, Cordero undergo an MRI in the brain and spine to assess other possible obstacles to recovery. “The doctors said that there was nothing on the MRI that would indicate that he would not wake up, that was extraordinary news. We are very happy about that because it was a big concern for all of us,” Kloots said.

“However,” he explained, “he hasn’t woken up and hasn’t been given a sedative for 12 days. The doctors think he should be awake now.”

But because Cordero was “heavily drugged” for the previous 13 days, Kloots said he “wished and prayed every day that Nick woke up.”

Starring Coronavirus

“By putting energy and positivity out there, because I’m sure he will do it. He was in Nick’s time and when he woke up, we would all be there to celebrate,” he said.

For now, Kloots said his team of doctors plans to continue to reduce the drug in hopes of removing it from the ventilator so they can then insert a breathing tube to “help him become more comfortable.”

“While we were waiting for him to wake up, while he was still sleeping, they slowly weaned his relief body, which was big news. Little small wins,” Kloots added.

Because Kloots, who gave birth to the couple’s first child less than a year ago, could not be by Cordero’s side through his care. So he spent time outside the Los Angeles hospital where he is currently recovering.

“One day I went to @cedarssinai and stood outside the hospital,” he said recently Instagram. “I talk to Nick, I pray, I play the song and I sing for him! This is the closest to me every day.”

Cordero, whose stage credits included “Servants” and “Rock of Ages,” were first hospitalized in late March after being diagnosed with pneumonia. He was tested negative for the corona virus twice before the doctor took a third test, which was positive.

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The government dragged feet containing Covid-19: QWP | Instant News


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Spanish Doctors Discover Foot Lesions as Possible Symptoms of COVID-19 | Instant News


  • The typical symptoms of COVID-19 are high temperature, cough, and difficulty breathing
  • European doctors have noticed lesions appearing on the feet of many COVID-19 patients
  • Researchers recognize that more research is needed to establish a relationship between lesions and COVID-19

Medical professionals have been looking for ways to distinguish COVID-19 cases from similar and other respiratory diseases since the beginning of a deadly virus outbreak. Many of them help identify signs that can indicate whether a patient might have a coronavirus infection or suffer from another disease.

coronavirus is likely a new symptom is a lesion in the foot Photo: Aneta Esz – Pixabay

Symptoms of the Corona virus

Although it is now common knowledge that the typical symptoms of COVID-19 infection are high temperature and cough, the same is true for other diseases such as the common cold and seasonal flu. In some cases, even severe allergies have the same symptoms. Until now, the best way to find out whether someone has or does not have a coronavirus infection is by undergoing a COVID-19 test.

However, health experts in Spain think they might have discovered other early symptoms of coronavirus infection and that is something that is not present in other respiratory diseases. The researchers found that some COVID-19 patients there had begun to develop small, but clearly visible, lesions at the bottom of their limbs.

According to health experts, lesions can be present even in confirmed COVID-19 which has no other symptoms. They say that the cause of the lesion is unknown but they heal themselves. Spanish doctors say this new discovery can help medical professionals detect new cases of COVID-19 infection.

Detection is a major challenge

A statement was issued by the General Board of Spain’s Official Podiatric College explaining the details of this unusual phenomenon. The statement translated in Spanish reads, “It is a purple lesion (very similar to chicken pox, measles or chilblains) which usually appears on the toe and usually heals without leaving a mark.”

Deciding who is infected with COVID-19 has become a major challenge for medical professionals. Health experts also believe that a deadly virus can be transmitted from one person to another even without symptoms. With the discovery of lesions in the legs, doctors now have a different way of finding positive cases.

Possible Alarm Bell

According to European doctors, lesions are easily seen and are quickly found. They also disappear and recover completely after a few days without the necessary medical intervention. Spanish health experts began calling this lesion a new COVID-19 infection alarm bell, or in other words, a red flag on the lower leg. Doctors say there is currently no indication that the lesion might be dangerous. If they can use it to detect cases of COVID-19 early on, it can be a big boost for them.

However, European health experts are unclear about how common these symptoms are among COVID-19 patients but that confirms these lesions have been observed in many European COVID-19 cases. The researchers also said that they still need additional data and more cases to establish a link between this deadly virus and this strange symptom.


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Rs50 to 250 per foot tax for 3 categories | Instant News


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