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Hotel, restaurant owners to stage protest in Islamabad | Instant News

Peshawar: members of Pakistan hotels and restaurants Association (fra) on Wednesday announced to take out a March from Peshawar to Islamabad today (Thursday) to demand the opening of their business.

The President of fra, Habibullah Zahid, told reporters that they will leave Peshawar paid space at 1pm and spend a peaceful demonstration of protest in front of press club Islamabad.

“We remain calm during our protest,” he said, adding that the closure of hotels, restaurants and wedding halls were badly damaged hundreds of thousands of families throughout the province.

He said it was amazing and regrettable that the whole business was resolved after loosening the lock downs in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus, but the hotel business was not allowed to work.

Calling the ban on hotel, restaurants and wedding halls, as the injustice of all workers and their families, Habibullah Zahid asked the government to pay attention and to relieve their worries and disappointments.

Habibullah Zahid said Prime Minister Imran Khan said the development of tourism, but half the season has passed, and nothing practical had been done to encourage tourism and people.


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Governments have sought to respond to the call against the PA session in the hotel | Instant News

Lahore:Lahore High court chief justice Muhammad Qasim Khan on Thursday warned the woman-the lawyer/applicant heavy penalty if it failed to prove that the holding of the session of the Assembly of the Punjab in a private hotel is illegal.

At the beginning of the hearing, the chief justice asked the lawyer Anjum Hamid, the applicant, cite the law that clearly restricted from holding session outside the Assembly premises. He also noted that petitions should not be submitted for advertising in the media. The lawyer said that business rules are not specified anywhere in the Assembly; however, public money is misused in the case of holding the session in a private place, probably because Covid-19 pandemic. She said that the impugned act amounted to disloyalty to the country.

Chief justice Khan warned the plaintiff’s lawyer that she tried to question the loyalty of all members of the Assembly. The judge opposed the petition and stated that the Governor of the Punjab allowed the speaker of the Assembly to hold a session at any appropriate place.

CJ asked the Advisor to the government, whether the Governor may delegate his powers to the speaker. “What if the speaker shall convene a session of the Assembly in his residence? Maybe some members not wanted to attend the session at the residence of the speaker,” he further asked the officer of the law. CJ sought a detailed response from the government at the next meeting, and noted that the petition be dismissed with a fine of Rs500,000 if the applicant fails to establish its case. The lawyer in his petition said that holding the session in a private hotel on the taxpayers ‘ money was against austerity policies, said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

She asked the court to summon all the details of expenses incurred on session in private place and order the relevant authorities to recover the amount.


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