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Italian PM Promises Santa’s Children Will Not Be Locked Up | Instant News

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has assured the children that Santa Claus will be able to give gifts as usual this Christmas. The guarantee came after five-year-old Tommaso wrote a letter pleading with the Prime Minister not to lock up Santa.

In Tommaso’s heartfelt plea, he wrote, “This morning I asked my mother how many days are left until Christmas because I was worried about Father Christmas.” Tommaso and his family live in the town of Cesano Maderno in the province of Lombardy, which is currently classified as a “red zone” in Italy and under the strictest coronavirus regulations.

“I want to ask if you can make a special certificate to make it possible [Santa] to give gifts to all the children of the world, “continued the boy,” I know Mr Christmas is old and dangerous to go to the house, but he is kind and will definitely wear a mask to protect himself. ”

The assurance from the Italian PM came yesterday in the form of a Facebook posts. “Mr Natal assured me that he already has an international travel certificate: he can travel anywhere and distribute gifts to all the children of the world,” wrote Conte.

The Prime Minister added, “He confirmed to me that he always wears a mask and maintains an appropriate distance to protect himself and everyone he meets.”

The children can breathe a sigh of relief that Santa won’t be locked up this Christmas, and Tommaso can look forward to his present when the Prime Minister says, “I tell you that there’s no need to tell Father Christmas you were good in your letter, because I told him. “

The Prime Minister’s letter and reply has been widely shared on social media and the hashtag #TommasoZ is trending on Twitter in Italy.

In response to Italy’s second wave of coronavirus, the Italian government has introduced a three-tiered system with the strictest restrictions on seeing bars and restaurants close and online learning for most middle school classes and all secondary schools.

The Lombardy region was hardest hit by the first wave of COVID. The region accounts for 18,910 deaths from Italy’s total of at least 43,589. The area is once again a coronavirus hotspot, prompting greater precautions and regulations as residents are anxious not to return to the spring tragedy.

Tommaso himself assured the PM in his letter that, “apart from hot milk and biscuits, I will also put hand sanitizer under the tree,” in preparation for Santa’s arrival.


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