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Pakistan will make a single dose of Covid vaccine | Instant News


An official told a National Assembly panel on Tuesday that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) would make a single dose of Pakistan on its own. corona virus vaccine immediately. “We will make a single dose vaccine for Covid-19,” NIH Executive Director Major General Aamer Ikram told the NA Standing Committee for National Health Services. “We are conducting clinical trials of the China CanSinoBio Covid-19 vaccine in Pakistan.

The test, which was first performed on 300 subjects, is now carried out in more than 150,000 laboratories, “he added. Later speaking to the media, Major General Ikram said Pakistan was one of the first countries to take part in the CanSinoBio vaccine clinical trial. “Pakistan has asked China to transfer technology for the vaccine. The raw materials for the vaccine will arrive this month. “We hope to take several steps towards vaccine preparation by the end of April. The NIH has obtained all the equipment and chemicals needed for this.

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“Our team is ready to do this task while the Chinese team has also arrived Pakistan. The Chinese team will supervise our team at the NIH, “he said. Previously briefing the parliamentary panel, Major General Ikram said the NIH Law was also being amended to restructure the organization and make it more lively. “Under the new law, there will be seven executive directors and one executive director. Department employees who join the NIH will get a golden handshake within three months. “

He said the NIH has now set up disease centers in every district in the country. The factory that was closed several years ago is back to work. “After the new factory is ready, the manufacturing process for the Covid vaccine will begin. The NIH will make its own single dose vaccine in the near future, “the official said. He said the NIH did not get any funding from the Ministry of Health. “We spent Rs20 million on salaries. All experts have been included in the NIH management, “he added.

The NA committee praised the NIH’s efforts and declared them good news for the nation. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Health Faisal Sultan told the committee that Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed him to solve the problem of the three government hospitals in Karachi in consultation with the Sindh provincial government. “If the Sindh government wants to run a hospital, then we have no objection. We are bound to follow orders from the Supreme Court. Now we will work together to find a legal solution. We want to further improve the institution, “said Sultan.


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SHC summoned local government officials over the increase in dog bite cases | Instant News


That Sindh The High Court expressed irritation on Tuesday over the escalation in dog bites when it heard a defense relating to the same. A bench of two, consisting of Hakim Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Hakim Amjad Ali Sahito, summoned the regional government secretary, Karachi commissioners, Karachi Metropolitan Cooperation administrators and other officials in a personal capacity at the request, who also questioned the lack of an anti-rabies vaccine.

Annoyed by the authorities, the judge asked why the dog bite case was not resolved and questioned the performance of the official.

A report submitted by the local government secretary stated that the tender had been issued and work was underway.

During the trial, advocate Tariq Mansoor stated that 5,000 cases of dog bites had been reported so far this year. In addition, he said, 92,000 cases of dog bites were reported in 2019 and 260,715 cases were reported in 2020.

Hearing this, additional advocate general Tariq Dero said he did not know where the applicant got the statistics.

Expressing annoyance at the government attorney’s comments, the judge said that five to 20 cases of dog bites were reported each day.

The elderly have stopped visiting the park as dozens of stray dogs run around there, Justice Mazhar said. When will the authorities take action, he asked.

During the trial, lawyers representing the county council stated that the non-governmental organization raised an objection when stray dogs were poisoned and killed.

The court summoned the local government secretaries and other relevant officials in a private capacity and requested a detailed report from the district council at its next hearing scheduled for May 6.

Sentences lightened

Bangku’s other two members, consisting of Judge KK Agha and Judge Abdul Mobeen Lakho, converted the death sentence given to a man convicted of two murders to life imprisonment.

Naveed Iqbal has appealed to the court to acquit him of the murder of a man and his wife in 2013. Iqbal was sentenced to death after being convicted by a court in 2019. Prosecution has proven Iqbal guilty of murdering the couple in clashes in his neighborhood.

SHC rejected his application for release but commuted his sentence.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 14th, 2021.


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Dr. Helen Crowley of Dry about getting nature on the fashion agenda | Instant News

Regenerative agriculture and fashion influences biodiversity is increasingly becoming a major concern in industry discussions about continuity. These topics wouldn’t have caught the attention of most fashion executives 10 or even two years ago, said Dr. Helen Crowley, head of sustainable resources and nature initiatives.

That in itself signals some progress, he said. In this week’s episode, Dr Crowley joins American executive editor Hilary Milnes and senior sustainability editor Rachel Cernansky to discuss her role at Kering, why luxury fashion has a duty to set responsible trends with regard to how fashion operates in nature and the way the industry has been defined. to achieve ambitious goals related to regenerative agriculture.

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Eid is celebrated on the same day in the country | Instant News


The Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Religious Harmony Maulana Tahir Ashrafi stated on Sunday that Eid will be celebrated across Pakistan on the same day while the same applies to the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

Over the past few years, the nation has been wracked with controversy regarding the appearance of the moon at the beginning and peak of Ramadan. The disagreements divided the population Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and tribal areas from around the country that produce two different dates for the Eid celebrations. Speaking at a press conference, Ashrafi observed that a meeting to see the month of Ramadan had been held in Peshawar on Tuesday.

He said the nation this time will commemorate the holy month on the same date. According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, the first Ramadan is likely to fall on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. The PM’s aides observed that this year no mosques or seminaries will be closed during Ramadan, however, he urged all believers to follow. Covid-19 precautions to contain the spread of the pandemic. “The Corona virus standard operating procedure (SOP) is followed in all mosques and madrassas (seminaries) across the country,” he said.

Ashrafi said this was the first time a Ruet-e-Hilal Committee meeting was being held in Peshawar, adding that all scholars are in contact in this matter and discussions with Minister of Religion Noorul Haq Qadri, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry and Chairman of the Ruete-Hilal Committee Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad were also held. He clarified that the government has not canceled the registration of any mosque or madrasa and that several elements have run campaigns on social media in this regard.

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He said 60-year-olds could pray at the mosque this year in the month of Ramadan and remembering the age limit last year was 50 years. Commenting on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement in which he attributed vulgarity to rape, Ashrafi said that some segments of society are waging an unfounded campaign against the prime minister by directing his statements and trying to show as if he has committed a crime. He said Imran Khan was the head of an Islamic democracy and rightly cited vulgarity as the main cause of sexual harassment or rape. He said the prime minister did not hold women responsible for rape and added that some elements misrepresented his statements and tried to portray them as anti-women.

Meanwhile, scholars from various schools of thought have refused to implement some of the points of the Covid-19 SOP, calling them contrary to Sharia. They said on the one hand, the country’s business and shopping centers were allowed to remain open with SOPs, while on the other hand, temples were closed. The joint declaration issued by the convention organized by Tahafuz-e-Namoos Rasalat Mahaz at Lahore states that SOPs that violate Sharia will not be implemented.

The declaration says that the mehfil will be held with utmost devotion and lines will not be spaced during congregational prayers. It is said that wuzu khana (ablution place) and taharat khana (restroom) will not be closed. In addition, there is no age limit that will be accepted for congregants praying at the mosque. The scholars demanded that the shrines of the Sufis be opened, otherwise “Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat will open these spiritual centers by themselves”. They further say that SOPs that do not conflict with Sharia will be adopted and followed.


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PM Imran praised the import, export one window action | Instant News


Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that Pakistan The Single Window (PSW) Act, 2021 will pave the way for ease of import and export.

The prime minister added that the PSW will generate $ 500 million in annual savings and reduce cargo clearance times from the day to the hour, by integrating 75 regulatory departments.

“Indep[endent] the authorities will manage the PSW which will be very important in unlocking Pakistan’s potential to become a hub for international transit & trade, “the prime minister said in a tweet.

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In February, it was reported that Pakistan had introduced a pre-arrival clearance system for imported cargo arriving by air to cut clearance times, facilitate trade and improve supply chain management with a view to directing ease of doing business in the country.

Initially, files Customs The department receives details of the goods on board by electronic means as soon as the flight takes off from its international destination and the cargo receives permission for delivery to the importer at the time the flight lands in Pakistan. The new project launched by the Customs department is called “Clearance in Sky”.

The system delivers messages to the importer or consignee of the cargo which can be shown to the authorities to take delivery of the cargo and can also be used to track the status of the goods.

The system can tell you the exact position of the goods and the time period after which they will be ready for physical shipment at the airport.

During the pilot and pilot testing of the project in December 2020, items such as life-saving medicines, documents such as passports, shipments of human organs, and perishable items including vegetables and fruit were cleaned up successfully.

“Currently, we are clearing import cargoes from 12 commercial importers, producers and exporters in Pakistan’s textile and pharmaceutical sector,” Customs Supplement Collector Farah Farooq, who is leading the pilot project, told The Express Tribune.


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