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‘JI will not leave the people of Baldia City’ | Instant News


Jamaat Islami (JI) Pakistan convinced the residents of Baldia City to provide clean drinking water in the area on Sundays.

The impoverished NA-249 constituency has been ignored by successive governments, but JI will change its fortunes, said JI chief of Karachi chapter Naeemur Rehman.

The rulers did not consider Karachi part of Pakistan, but only interested in amassing wealth from port cities that generate revenue for the federal and provincial governments, he said, leading the “Right to City Baldia Rally,” as part of the party’s NA-249 by-election campaign.

Rehman said the goal of running the “Rights Campaign for Karachi” was not only to win elections but also to solve citizens’ problems.

At the time of the by-election, all parties came to Baldia City. After April 29, no party other than JI will remember Baldia City, the JI leader said. JI will continue its fight for the rights of the Karachi people even during Ramadan, he claims.

Rehman said that the tanker mafia was ruling in Baldia City. The residents in the area also lack clean drinking water because of the tricks of the tanker mafia and government officials.

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He said people should know that these were the same people who had taken Karachi hostages, including Baldia City hostages. Rehman claims that they are the same rulers, which did not correct the results of the Karachi census. They have deprived Karachi citizens of their legal and legal rights, he said, adding that the rulers did not properly represent the Karachi people in the Council of the Common Interest. As a result of the fake Karachi census, citizens have been deprived of their legal rights, he added.

Rehman demanded that the census be carried out immediately and transparent local body elections be held in Karachi. He directed workers to organize youth and provide positive activities and made young people a part of the JI’s Rights for Karachi movement.

Apart from the chairman of JI Karachi, Fazal Ahad Hanif and other party leaders also made speeches at the general meeting.

Participants held banners and placards and chanted slogans such as giving Karachi its rights, giving Baldia electricity, giving water, giving education and giving health. The rally started from the Hub River Road and was attended by participants riding motorbikes, buses and trucks.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 12th, 2021.


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How the next generation of fashion resale took shape | Instant News

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For the last six months, the platform used online Thredup, Poshmark and StockX has filed for megawatt IPOs, reaching valuations of $ 1.3 billion, $ 3.8 billion and $ 7.5 billion, respectively. The growing wave of startups looking to step in, are using white label technology, digital passports, and a combination of lease and resale to differentiate themselves.

The tough task is deciphering which offering to stick with. The online resale market is highly fragmented and dynamic, with new players coming in looking for growth based on shifting consumer trends, and established players raising additional funds through external investment or IPO, notes Sarah Willersdorf, head of global luxury at the Boston Consulting Group. Winners and losers will emerge in the next three to five years during which period the used goods sector, currently valued at $ 30-40 billion worldwide, is expected to grow 15-20 percent.

Luxury brands shouldn’t sit aside, says Willersdorf. “Brands should explore options such as selling used goods themselves, developing their own resale platforms, instituting buyback programs, and partnering with existing resale platforms to leverage outside expertise,” he said. Boston Consulting Group research shows that 62 percent of consumers will buy more from fashion brands that partner with second-hand players. “The bottom line for brands is that markets that were previously owned will remain,” said Willersdorf.

Fashion CEOs prefer to participate with some control over their brand representation, said Sarah Smith, a partner at Bain Capital Ventures, which has invested in the resale of the startup Archive. “What’s most surprising to many is that reselling can drive greater customer loyalty for the brand, rather than cannibalizing sales.”

Why aren’t there more luxury brands investing in resale? Andy Ruben, CEO of white label resale platform Trove, which supports resale for sustainability-conscious brands including Patagonia and Eileen Fisher, says this boils down to perceived risk, which is rapidly diminishing. “Luxury brands are good at strategy but they don’t want to be first. Currently, they are watching and studying. In the next few years, we will see the luxury players get it right. “

The emergence of resale that is integrated with the brand

Integration is one option. “Keeping used platforms, brands and retailers hidden has driven inefficiencies on all sides,” said Stephanie Crespin, founder and CEO of Reflaunt, one of many startups. their white label resale technology. Reflaunt’s modulable features include broadcasting resale lists to up to 24 global markets to promote quick sales, offering store credit to customers instead of cash, and digitizing physical purchases for luxury brands that are slower to adopt e-commerce via in-house resales. store. drop-off scheme. It is part of La Maison des Startups LVMH and its clients include Balenciaga and Cos.


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The Tareen crisis was intended to overthrow Buzdar: Iqbal | Instant News


Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal said the Jahangir Khan Tareen crisis was created to overthrow Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, adding that the prime minister is under immense pressure to replace the provincial head.

Speaking at a press conference in Lahore on Saturday, PML-N supporters said, “Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sacrificial tactics against the opposition as well as government supporters reveal that the prime minister wants all businessmen to transfer their money abroad. And this will destroy investment and business opportunities in this country. “

He criticized the Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government of Pakistan and said the biggest threat to the country was from the ‘incompetence mafia’. “Tareen will receive the same justice that cricketer Majid Khan received. The cricketer brought PM Imran to the Pakistani team and paid the price by losing his position as captain, “Iqbal said, adding the prime minister was always” stabbing the backs of his benefactors “.

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Responding to a question about the possibility of cooperating with the disgruntled PTI leadership to overthrow the government, he said Tareen had so far not made an approach to PML-N. But he did clarify that the PML-N will only be part of a process that paves the way for holding new elections soon. To date, PML-N has sued for action against Tareen and accused him of committing billions in sugar scams.

Meanwhile, the opposition party also coined the term ATM for the leadership of PTI, who is currently facing an investigation into the sugar scandal. But with the investigation appealing to the two, Prime Minister Imran Khan and his loyal friend Tareen parting ways, PML-N turned his back on his stance and voiced concern in supporting Tareen.


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SHCC closure clinic with baseless accusations: PMA | Instant News


That Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Friday said that Sindh The Health Care Commission (SHCC) harassed doctors by sealing their clinics on baseless accusations of quackery.

That SHCC is a constant source of unease and anxiety for doctors in Sindh province, said PMA Sindh President Dr Mirza Ali Azhar, President PMA Karachi Dr Sharif Hashmani, Secretary General of PMA Sindh Dr Rafiqul Hassan Khokhar and Secretary General of PMA Karachi Dr Abdul Ghafoor Shoro in a press conference.

“We warn that if SHCC’s behavior does not change, we will challenge SHCC’s unlawful activities in court,” said Dr Azhar.

Dr Hashmani said the PMA does not support strikes and closings of health facilities, “but in these circumstances, we would be helpless if angry doctors took to the streets.”

The PMA leadership reminded that the SHCC was formed to register doctors and health facilities, to act quickly when there are complaints of medical malpractice and the eradication of shamanism.

As far as doctor registrations are concerned, low-level officials from the SHCC went to doctors, behaved badly with them and closed their clinics without a valid reason, they said.

Regarding actions against fake doctors, they said, the SHCC promoted shamanism by enlisting large numbers of homeopaths and herbalists, who practiced illegal allopathic practice with the approval of SHCC officials for the alleged payment of protection money.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 11th, 2021.


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FM Qureshi will visit Germany from April 11 to 13 | Instant News

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi will pay an official visit to Germany from April 11 to 13 at the invitation of his German counterpart Heiko Maas.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), FM Qureshi will hold delegation-level talks with Foreign Minister Maas at Germany’s federal foreign office.

“He will also summon the President of the Bundestag, Mr. Wolfgang Schauble and interact with other officials,” the communique added.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the two diplomats will review the whole Pakistan-German relations and discusses ways and means of deepening bilateral cooperation in a variety of fields, – including trade, investment, health, security and defense, education, tourism and people-to-people exchanges.

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“The Foreign Minister’s visit to Germany is part of the regular high-level exchanges between the two countries. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas visited Pakistan in March 2019, ”said the press release.

This year, Pakistan and Germany celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. The two countries plan to carry out a number of activities in this context.

Pakistan and Germany have worked closely together on regional issues and in multilateral forums. Germany is Pakistan’s largest trading partner in the EU. Germany is also home to more than 100,000 Pakistani diaspora.


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