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The rolling stones sign a letter with a request to design a campaign music | people | Instant News

The rolling stones, Elton John, Lionel Richie, and signed a petition calling for an end to the unauthorized use of their music by politicians.

Several artists, including the “satisfaction” rockers – who recently threatened a lawsuit against the President of the United States Donald trump for using their music at political rallies – have joined together to sign a letter demanding politicians and activists to stop using their songs without their permission.

Loves panic! At the disco, pearl Jam, SIA, Aerosmith, Lorde, green day, R. E. M., Sheryl crow, property, Kurt Cobain, Blondie, and more, added their signatures to the open letter of the artist Alliance of the right.

In the document they have asked the Republican and Democratic parties, the Congress and the Senate committees to stop using their songs for their own political gain, and, consequently, forcing artists to explain whether they support them or not.

Part of the letter reads as follows: “any benefits from a policy of coercion a popular artist to publicly disown and reject them.

“As these unnecessary disputes will inevitably attract even the most lazy and apolitical artists from the roadside, forcing them to explain how they do not agree with the candidates wrongfully using his music. And on social media and in culture in General, we are talking about policies that usually end up on the wrong side of history.”

Ted Kalo, Executive Director of the Union of artists rights, told variety: “this is a question that has been raised in previous election cycles, but occurred with much greater frequency in this cycle, and that caught our attention.


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The Chinese diplomat accuses critics to sow division among the Chinese community in Canada | Instant News

Pedestrians walk in the Chinatown area of Toronto on Jan. 28, 2020.

Carlos Osorio/Reuters

The Chinese diplomat accuses Canadians who criticize the new law On the safety of Beijing to Hong Kong, trying to sow discord among people of Chinese origin in Canada.

Tong Ming Xiaoling, China’s Consul General in Vancouver, said on a Chinese language radio program in Vancouver this week that Pro-democracy activists in Canada who criticize the new security law in Hong Kong trying to foist his views on people who support Beijing to move. Her interview was broadcast on Mondays and Tuesdays.

She said that “very few people, both in Hong Kong and local [Canada]was maliciously denigrating and sabotaging national legislation on security of Hong Kong,” and she accused them of collusion with “anti-China forces” and trying to cause “problems” abroad.

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Protests to sow discord among the residents of Vancouver whose roots are in Hong Kong or mainland China

“Some people are trying to intimidate people who really care about Hong Kong, to stop their voice [their opinions] and launch personal attacks on them. [They] also trying to create a split in the ethnic Chinese community and sabotage the China-Canada relations,” Ms. Tong told the Vancouver radio station 1320 hours, which bills itself as “the voice of the Chinese community of Vancouver.”

Ms. Tong has listed the different members of the Chinese community in Vancouver: those from Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China and the self-governing island of Taiwan.

Canadian activists For democracy in Hong Kong say it is unusual for a foreign government official to be concerned about. It’s not the Chinese government, a business that is actively involved in the opinion of Canadians of Chinese origin, they say.

Beijing prepared by the national security law punishes the fact that China is, in General, defines as subversive activities, separatism, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces with up to life imprisonment. Critics of the law fear it will push wide of the freedoms promised to the territory when it returned to Chinese rule in 1997, including the right to protest and independent legal system. Supporters of the law say it will bring stability after last year’s often-violent anti-government and anti-China riots.

Vancouver is home to a number of rallies against the new law of national security, Beijing has imposed on Hong Kong, including demonstrations outside the center ridge and the local Chinese Consulate.

Sherry Wong, Executive Director of the Alliance Canada, Hong Kong, the umbrella group for Hong Kong Pro-democracy activists in the country, said the Chinese government acts as if it has property claims on people of Chinese descent in Canada.

“Why would a stranger care of the diplomat that the Chinese canadian community thinks? This is because the Chinese Communist party considers the level of ethnically Chinese individuals,” Ms. Wong said.

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“The accusation that we divide the Chinese people are in fact reinforcing the idea that we are a monolith, which is very wrong. It’s part of the same propaganda, blurring the differences in political views”.

Guy Saint-Jacques, a former canadian Ambassador in Beijing, stated that, in his opinion, the Chinese government has devoted a lot of resources to try to shape the opinions of ethnic Chinese communities in foreign countries in the hope of influencing public policy. “The message is repeated all the time: don’t forget the Motherland”.

He said that the comments of the expert reflect a more rigid brand of Chinese foreign policy. “She needs to be reminded that Canadians are Canadians: we don’t differentiate between Canadians of Chinese descent and Canadians of British origin”.

Members of the house special Canada-China Committee, meanwhile, gathered this week to consider holding hearings on the new law security of Hong Kong.

“The conservatives offer months ago for the canadian-Chinese Committee will gather for intensive study of the appalling and deteriorating situation in Hong Kong. Much time has been lost in time, and this is even more important now for us to hold intensive hearings on the situation in Hong Kong”, MP-conservative Garnett genius, member of the Committee, said.

Ms. Tong said 1320 am that the national security bill was designed to provide peace of mind in Hong Kong. Mass protests began in mid-2019 on the proposed legislative changes that would allow extradition to mainland China. After this civil disobedience escalated into demands for greater democracy and autonomy.

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She accused foreign governments, and even autocratic island of Taiwan to encourage this disobedience.

She also said that she understood some overseas Chinese expressed concern about the new law, fearing that it would violate the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong people, but to blame a biased media and foreign politicians to their problems.

She said that the law will be sent only a tiny minority of people that sabotage prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and national security.

“If you do not break the law, and not to participate in these activities, why should you worry about your safety?”

The report from Reuters

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Review: in canadian law, “terrorism” seems to be the hardest word – and he’s going to get harder | Instant News

The police officer standing near fence outside Rideau Hall in Ottawa on July 2, 2020.

Adrian Wild/The Canadian Press

Leah West, a former national security lawyer with the Ministry of justice. She teaches national security law and terrorism at the school of international relations, Norman Paterson at Carleton University.

July 2, Corey Hurren allegedly rammed his truck into the gates to Rideau Hall and, with a loaded weapon, advancing on the area where both the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Payette Governor-General Julie reside with their families.

The RCMP quickly caught Mr Hurren. It is reported that he threatened Prime Minister, but never picks up a weapon in the two hours between leaving his vehicle and his arrest. In his truck, RCMP said that the discovered additional firearms and a two-page note of apology for undefined actions it is going to take. Specialized unit for combating terrorism Forces, national security, law enforcement team continues to investigate, while further reporting paints a picture of a man with grievances and interest in online anti-government conspiracy theories.

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And he only was charged with numerous firearms offences and uttering threats – and not to the shock of some, terrorism.

In Canada, a terrorist activity is specifically defined in the Criminal code, and Mr. Hurren in the face of such charges, the RCMP and Federal prosecutors must believe that there is enough evidence to convince the judge or jury beyond a reasonable doubt of three things. First, that Mr. Hurren with the intent to endanger the lives of others; second, that his actions were meant to force Mr. Trudeau to do or not to do something; and third, that he was summoned to take these actions in whole or in part, for political or ideological reasons.

This definition creates a high bar, and rightly so. The stigma and consequences that arise from condemnation of terrorism is much broader than just imprisonment.

Not least, “I know it when I see it” approach to defining terrorism is dangerous. Description the President of the United States Donald trump of Antifa and anti-racist protesters as “terrorists” shows how powerful can quickly expand this label to discredit and criminalize their critics.

However, the canadian government has historically been much faster, “know and see” terrorism, when the motives of the person similar to the “al-Qaeda” or “Islamic state”. There’s a reason for that: the Parliament added the offences of terrorism and related law enforcement powers in the criminal code in response to the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Later amendments were prepared to the 2014 attack on Parliament hill and in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC., and the phenomenon of foreign fighters. This story is why terrorist offences to align neatly with the behavior and methods used by the adherents of the violent jihadist extremism; indeed, 56 of 58 people charged with terrorism offences in Canada since 2001 were linked to Islamic extremism.

In one sense, this statistic is cause for concern. In recent years, fatal cases – such as Toronto van of the attack, which killed 10 and Quebec mosque shooting that left six dead – not lead to terrorism charges, even if the defendant meets the definition is so clear that even the canadian security intelligence service (CSIS) refers to the events as such. However, it also reflects the instinct of Canadians to do to eliminate political discontent in a democratic and peaceful way, not through violence. As a consequence, acts of civil disobedience, when they occur, are rarely life threatening. But the alleged actions of Mr. Hurren can mean a dangerous shift in the political and Canada’s national security landscape.

Indeed, economic and political measures to combat the pandemic even more strengthened the conspiracy-theory groups, such as QAnon who prey on the legitimate grievances of the people and fears. As Canadians are faced with increasing personal strain, these theories threaten to damage the perception people reality and lead them to violent action.

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This new threat presents a number of challenges to the security of Canada. For starters, they have to decide whether violence on the grounds of QAnon-type conspiracy theory is terrorism. CSIS may only investigate terrorism, and a preventive criminal and administrative tools are only available if linked to terrorist activities. If these resources can be deployed, it will require time and resources to re-equip them to meet this new threat. Perhaps the most difficult task will be how the Agency will determine who poses a real threat; conducting a conspiratorial view of government or resentment is not a crime, and this is clearly linked to any specific demographic or region in Canada.

Reducing the threat, what we call it, ultimately, require the participation of wide layers of the population: a challenge to the fears and stories at the heart of these conspiracy theories, and providing education on how to identify persons who may be radicaliser to violence. It may seem easy to dismiss such of the Canadians as psychos, outcasts. But to be offended – and removing them will only further strengthen the institutional mistrust that the core of the problem.

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The new law of domicile in Kashmir to have catastrophic consequences for the world | Instant News

Lahore – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Punjab Deputy information Minister, Rana Akhtar Hussain had called modi modern equivalent of Adolf Hitler and called him a Hindutva as “Indian of the Reich” for the 21st century. He also questioned the silence of the international community about the atrocities in the Kashmir valley. He said that the new law of domicile in Kashmir, the way was opened to the demographic changes that will have disastrous consequences for peace in the region. He also criticized the Indian MPs, especially party Congress consent to modi’s atrocities in Kashmir valley. He spoke with delegations of the party in his house in Lahore on Sunday.


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Lewis and Clark with. sees first COVID-19 death, increasing the overall spread | local | Instant News

“If people continue to blatantly ignore health and specialists in public health, the virus will continue to spread and the situation will deteriorate,” Niemann-said in a statement. “We will see higher numbers, our medical and public health capacities will eventually be overwhelmed, and people will see loved ones die.”

According to Niman, likely to additional restrictions if the number of cases continues to grow.

“If we are depressed, we need to start looking at strategies to limit that,” Nieman said. “If our community to do their part, we will be forced to make such decisions.”

Nieman said that the restrictions are just tools available to public health authorities no vaccine. However, it expects any additional restrictions to be more focused than those that have been implemented in the past.

She said that the first constraints are likely to be implemented in high risk environments where guidelines are not adhered to, or if you maintain a physical distance is difficult, such as schools.

Application of restrictions is managed through the complaint process. After the first complaint to the County health Department, Education is the first step. On the second complaint, law enforcement gets involved. On the third complaint of health began working with the district attorney on trial.


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