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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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New Directed Health Measures issued for June | Local News | Instant News

YORK – A new directional health action (DHM) for June has been announced by Governor Pete Ricketts.

DHM said that the meeting would be limited to “greater than 25 people (excluding staff) or 25 percent of occupancy rate (not exceeding) 3,000 for meetings held at: indoor or outdoor arenas, indoor or outdoor auctions, stadiums, tracks, markets night, festival, swimming pool, or other closed or closed spaces. Groups must not be larger than six people and six feet of separation between groups must be maintained. “

When it comes to wedding receptions and funerals, DHM said, “it will be limited to greater than 25 people or 50 percent of occupancy rates. There must be a distance of six feet between various parties. A maximum of six people in a party (groups larger than six must be divided into several tables). Self-service buffet and salad bar are prohibited. Venue staff must serve food directly to all individuals. No dances or other social events that require guests to gather outside each other’s table are permitted.

The bar can now be opened. “Customers will be asked to sit temporarily at the location unless they book or use the restroom. It is limited to 50 percent of the maximum occupancy assessed at one time. The separation of six legs must be maintained between the seats of various parties. There are a maximum of six people in a party – larger groups must be broken down into tables. Food should not be consumed at a bar seat. Games such as billiards, darts, arcade games, etc. are prohibited. Restaurant rules are the same as the bar rules, as far as 50 percent of the occupancy is assessed and six feet apart. Meanwhile, takeout alcohol is still allowed, the governor said during his press conference on Friday.

Parades, carnivals, middle roads, street dances and beer gardens are banned until 30 June. Parades where visitors remain in their vehicles and the public is not lining the streets are permitted.

Dance recitals are permitted but must follow collection requirements.

“The reopening plan must be submitted to the local health department and approved for all locations / places inside and outside the room that accommodate 500 people or more before reopening is permitted. The reopening plan must contain the planned number of guests, how the location will meet social distance and sanitation guidelines.

For salons, the number will be limited to greater than 25 people or 50 percent of the occupancy rate. Seats and stations must be six feet apart. Both workers and customers must wear masks – however, if someone receives a face, for example, they can take off their masks when the service is provided.

Child care regulations must not exceed 15 children per room / room.

For fitness centers and fitness centers, the number of people is limited to 25 people (not including staff) or 50 percent of the rated occupancy. A distance of six feet between humans must be maintained.

Travel quarantine now requires that all people returning from international travel will only be asked to quarantine after returning to Nebraska for 14 days. This restriction does not apply to people traveling in connection with military service or in connection with work in health care facilities.


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Tacos El Gordo Offers Free Meals for All Health Care Workers – NBC 7 San Diego | Instant News

The Tacos El Gordo restaurant chain offers free food
for all health workers at its locations in San Diego and Las Vegas.

The only thing needed to claim several restaurants
Delicious tacos are to show employees some kind of identification that shows
You are a health care worker.

Restaurant location in Palm Avenue, Charleston
Boulevard and Losee Road offer promotions from 11:00 to

Health care workers can claim taco or french fries and drinks and promotions will be offered until May, the chain announced on Facebook.


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Mobile Pantries, Food Drives Feed Families Who Fight For COVID-19 – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth | Instant News

As the pandemic continues, more people find themselves getting food from the food bank, and for many people it is a new experience.

Tarrant Area Food Bank partnered with Fort Worth ISD on Saturday to host mobile kitchens in four locations, which they hope will continue on next Saturday.

Food banks and school districts are just two of the many groups that feed families struggling during COVID-19.

A series of long cars stretched in front of J.P. Elder Middle School in Fort Worth, where families like Julia Caballero and her mother are waiting their turn.

“Currently, many people have been laid off. My brother was laid off. It saves a little, and every little helps, “Caballero said.

For Caballero, this is the second time getting food from one of the food banks.

Seventy percent of people who visit a food bank leave for the first time

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said that 70% of people who access food now do so for the first time.

Marie Maloberti and other volunteers distributed 400 food boxes as the car continued to line up.

“I was very surprised,” Maloberti said. “I’ll tell you that we already have a number of people who have never thought of you to come to the food bank to get food.”

He said, the need for mobile kitchen sites continues to increase.

“The only reason we will see less is because people get very frustrated in the queue for hours with their children in the car and can’t even take boxes because of lack of food,” he said.

At Grace Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, Senior Pastor Roy Elton Brackins said they would do anything to feed hungry people.

“Most of the food goes out of our own budget,” he said, “we have done things to restructure our church’s finances.”

The church distributed 100 lunch boxes Saturday, plus free lunches, to feed community members.

“People with $ 100,000 jobs and people with fixed income have all been hurt this season,” Brackins said.

He said the church plans to continue holding food as long as resources are available and plans to accommodate them every week.


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Chicago Promises Improves, Enforcement of State Reports 2,450 New Cases – NBC Chicago | Instant News

While state officials say that the new coronavirus curve
cases in Illinois are starting to spread evenly, the number of cases continues
rose, because 2,450 new cases were reported on Saturday.

In all, more than 58,000 cases have been confirmed in
country since the pandemic began.

This news came when officials in Chicago promised to go up
law enforcement efforts in the midst of a pandemic, which aims to prevent the gathering of large groups
deviate from the “stay at home” state command.

Here are the latest headlines from around Illinois about
Today’s coronavirus (May 2):

City Officials Warn Quotes, Arrests for Those Who Oppose
Booking Stay at Home

With temperatures expected to reach 70s on Saturday and Sunday, officials told residents that the “stay at home” state order would continue to be enforced, and that individuals must continue practice keeping a social distance and avoid gathering in large groups.

“We will kill you, we will quote you, and if we must,
we will arrest you, “said Mayor Lori Lightfoot. “Don’t make us treat you like that
criminal, but if you act like a criminal and you break the law and reject it
do what is necessary to save lives in the middle of a pandemic, we will bring you
to prison. Point.”

The city issued more than 4,600 orders dispersed for a large meeting in April, and reported 17 arrests.

State officials announced Friday that McCormick Place’s alternative care facilities would be removed as a place for coronavirus patients because of the flat curves in the state. Mary Ann Ahern NBC 5 reports.

Illinois Reports 2,450 More Cases of Virus

More than 2,500 Illinois residents have now died from COVID-19, and the state reports 2,450 new cases of virus on Saturday.

The death toll of the country due to COVID-19 cases now stands at
2,559, while the total number of cases now reaches 58,505, according to country

North Whole Foods Confirms Many Employees Are Tested Positive for COVID-19

Several North Side grocery store employees have tested positive for the corona virus, Whole Foods officials said Saturday.

Employees, who work at the Whole Foods location at
1500 blocks of North Kingsbury in the Lincoln Park city neighborhood, is
currently being quarantined, according to a company spokesperson.


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