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‘India talks offer designed to validate illegal acts’ | Instant News


President Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Sardar Masood Khan said there had not been any changes to the Indian government’s policy regarding it Kashmir issued and noted that New Delhi remains ‘stubbornly stuck’ on its actions as of 5 August 2019, and its next steps.

“The Modi government continues to take steps to turn the Muslim majority into a minority in the territory under control [Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir]. In this situation, talks with Delhi will encourage India to claim that its illegal actions have been accepted as legitimate, “he said in an interview with a private TV channel.

The state president said that a ceasefire reached after talks between DGMO Pakistan and India on the Line of Control was the right move because, after this agreement, the loss of life and property from shelling between the armed forces of the two countries would come to a halt.

He stated that the Kashmiri leadership must be consulted before any talks with India, and the Pakistani government must trust the leaders on both sides of the LoC, particularly the Hurriyat All Parties Conference, so that a consensus strategy is adopted with due regard. India’s past records.

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“On the one hand, India is talking about holding negotiations and on the other hand, its 900,000 troops have surrounded the eight million inhabitants of the Occupation. Kashmir over the last 600 days, and apart from taking away all their fundamental and civil rights, young men are being killed in fake gatherings every day, “he added.

Masood insists that those who fight for freedom and the right to self-determination at IIOJK are citizens of our own country, and they consider themselves Pakistani, and we fully hope the Pakistani state will never leave them alone in their just struggle, adding that 220 millions of Pakistanis will never give up their political and moral support.

The AJK president said that the letter written by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Prime Minister Imran Khan, inviting Pakistan to the negotiating table, contained accusations, and in response, the Pakistani prime minister clearly spoke of Kashmir.

Asked how long the ceasefire between Pakistani and Indian forces at the LoC will remain in effect, Masood said that the question should be raised with India because it is he who always carries out aggression in the LoC.

“Our forces have responded to Indian aggression in self-defense, and they are only targeting Indian military positions,” he stressed, adding that the Pakistani Army never targeted civilians in the Occupation. Kashmir because they are our own citizens and brothers.

Responding to a question about Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s efforts to resolve the Kashmir issue, the President of AJK said that we always demand that Saudi Arabia and other OIC members use their good services, and secure an end to Indian brutality and the genocide of Kashmiris in Occupied. Kashmir, and play their part in resolving the Kashmir issue in accordance with relevant UN resolutions and the wishes of the Kashmiri people.


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Switzerland- National yodelling festival canceled | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) The Swiss National Yodelling Festival, scheduled for June, will not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s been delayed a year.

This content is published March 26, 2021 – 14:36 ​​March 26, 2021 – 14:36 ​​Keystone-SDA / ilj

Until recently, organizers thought the vaccination strategy set by the government would work and most of the population would be vaccinated against the virus by the end of June, when the festival is scheduled to take place in Basel.

“Unfortunately, we cannot count on the situation abating in June, for the festival to take place under favorable conditions,” said Carlo Conti, president of the organizing committee, in an External links statement on Friday.

About 150,000 visitors are expected to attend the event from June 25-27, which was originally postponed from June 2020.

It’s impossible to postpone any more, organizers said, so the next festival will take place, as planned, in Zug in 2023.

The previous festival, which usually takes place every three years and celebrates this tradition of Alpine sound, was held in Brig, the canton of Valais, in 2017.




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Sauce Magazine – A year into the pandemic, the face of food delivery in St. Petersburg Louis is still changing | Instant News

A year after the pandemic, the face of food delivery in St. Petersburg Louis is still changing

For many people, delivering food usually means Chinese or pizza; most other foods require eating out, or at least leaving the house to pick up food. But with a pandemic limiting the way visitors can visit their favorite places, many restaurants are turning to running them, including some that have never offered them before. Now, restaurants are competing with an unprecedented number of to-go orders, which can mean paying astronomical fees to delivery services that demand up to 30% commission for managing orders and deliveries. While some local restaurants have found a silver lining in the services offered by apps like Grubhub and DoorDash, others have looked for their own solutions, including locally based delivery apps that offer greener options – and for some, financially sustainable options.

Nudo’s house used to use a delivery service called Skip the Dishes, which folded into Grubhub in the US market in 2019. When the new partnership proved unsatisfactory, Nudo House turned to Postmates. “We don’t like anything [GrubHub] offered in terms of cost, so we went with Postmates, ”explained Nudo House general manager Chris Ladley. Between the two locations Nudo House and sister restaurant Mai Lee, the restaurant can get a little break from the cost. “They still take money from us, but that’s a necessary crime,” he explained. The Delmar Nudo House location is already in operation with over 70% of its sales coming from recent deliveries and deliveries, meaning a lot of orders are coming through Postmates. For most restaurants, keeping commissions as low as possible is a top priority, especially now, when lots of people eat out less. “The margins on the food are already thin,” Ladley said. “And then give [GrubHub] 30% discount for someone to deliver your food in sufficient time? It didn’t work for Nudo House.

Their problem with Grubhub is more than just cost; Ladley says the ordering process is confusing and leaves little room for customer interaction, which is a problem when dealing with something like a food allergy or menu changes while flying. “We will get phone calls from call centers in other countries that place the order, and if we have questions about modifications, we will not be able to contact the customer,” he said. “Postmates has a better user interface, although it’s still not that great.” On the plus side, Postmates allows restaurants to contact customers with questions and problems.

Nonetheless, Postmates leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to allowing customers to express their gratitude directly to the restaurant they are ordering from. “We allow tipping, but Postmates don’t. So if you order [through Postmates]”You can’t tip restaurants,” said Ladley. “Our tips are spread across the staff. You don’t just tip the person who made your order; there are a lot of people. “If you tip via a delivery app, it’s straight to the driver, and given the other costs (shipping, taxes, and so on), people are often less likely to tip the driver well, so no one wins (except, from the app. itself). As such, Ladley encourages customers to call and order directly from Nudo House; That way, they can rest assured that service is fast – “You’ll never wait more than seven minutes for your meal. [when you call], ”He said – and could contact the restaurant directly if there was a problem or mistake. “I understand that it is more comfortable [to order online], but I still prefer it if people call us or come in. It’s more economical for everyone to get that third party out of the circle, ”he argued.

Some local restaurants have decided to skip the application completely by starting their own delivery service. Maplewood Hotspots Elm wood offers fine dining in front of the grill before the pandemic but has for a while been a take-out pizzeria (with specials revolving around from the past). Elmwood co-owner and general manager, Chris Kelling, said they had never considered looking elsewhere for delivery services. “Our goal is to keep jobs and income going,” he explained. “And you can’t guarantee product quality after a 20 minute drive home. We want to be in control as much as we can. “Watching the pizza from the oven to the customer’s doorstep allows them to make sure the pizza arrives whole and in a reasonable time.

To set up and run the delivery, Kelling recruited two more employees just to help with the driving. Elmwood’s pizza delivery program offers a slot every 15 minutes, with two drivers taking turns turning off pie delivery to customers within a six-mile radius of the restaurant. The $ 3 delivery fee goes straight to the driver, while a checkout tip is split between the entire team, ensuring everyone on the staff gets a slice of the cake. In its own way it has been a good move for Elmwood, allowing him to focus on taking care of his team while also developing his pizza program (and extraordinary branding).

Melanie Meyer, solo artist behind Korean-inspired restaurant Little Chef (located inside the Silver Ballroom), decided early in the pandemic not to offer delivery at all. His decision was confirmed last week during a bizarre interaction with a random delivery driver who appeared to pick up food that wasn’t on his menu. “They didn’t even ask if you wanted to be there – they just threw whatever they thought you were there,” said Meyer with a laugh. “The menu is actually for the Silver Ballroom in Utah or something. [The app] take their menu and put it on our menu. They don’t ask. “He said the app was not only wrong on the menu, but they also never reached out to confirm any of that. One can imagine his surprise when a driver came into his restaurant (even before he opened service) trying to order” biscuits and gravy, ranch wraps and chicken tenders. “- a dish he’s never been offered before.

Meyer was quick to point out that the app was the problem, not the driver. “He ended up being absolutely incredible,” admitted Meyer. “He said, ‘I actually wanted to come back here as a customer!’” However, Ladley of Nudo House was more skeptical of drivers, pointing out that many of them were overloaded and therefore prone to rush and screw up their orders. “Many drivers [work for] many places: Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, ”he explained. “Your bag may have fallen in their trunk while they were driving for an hour.” Ultimately, wrong orders and long waiting times have a devastating effect on the restaurant, even if it’s not their fault. “When people run into problems through Postmates, they’ll call and want a refund,” said Ladley, who was unable to issue refunds for a Postmates order. “I don’t have the money. I will receive payment for your order in two weeks, ”he pointed out.

Even so, Meyer is open to offering delivery someday. “I want to, but I want to do it independently,” he explained. “I don’t want to do it through any third party company. I remember the fees they used, how annoying they were, how rude they were. “In the meantime, he will continue to focus on execution and, eventually, start offering more outdoor seating outside the Silver Ballroom.

Many restaurants in the Central West End and downtown have taken different avenues to offer delivery by registering Food PedalAlex Ward, a local bicycle-based service owned and operated. Recently celebrating eight years of business, Food Pedaler has grown its team over the years to include around 10 cyclists providing lunch and dinner to residents in their delivery zone; Ultimately, Ward said, he wanted to expand their reach to include Tower Grove and Loop, meaning that the residents of South City might be able to get that coveted late night. Gramophone sandwiches without ever leaving the house.

With the influx of shipments over the past year, Food Pedalers have been in a prime position to take on some additional business. “We lost a few restaurants due to the pandemic, but we’ve added quite a few, and a few that are St. Petersburg’s staple food. Louis, like Juniper, Salt + Smoke and Edera (Italian Restaurant), ”Said Ward. “I am proud that we have survived and we are fine.” Some of their other biggest clients include Deli pickles, Crazy Donkey, Razor, Rosalita’s Cantina and Pie Guy Pizza; for their recent anniversary, they offer menu collaboration with places like Hello Juices and Smoothies and Cup.

Food Pedaler is run through an application where customers can order from the restaurant of their choice; and although the service aims to keep things local and sustainable, it charges fees just like any other delivery app. Ward understands that for some restaurants, such a fee puts his service out of reach, but he tries to make it as easy as possible, offering discounts for restaurant members. GiftAMeal and Green Dining Alliance. “We want to work with any restaurant we can work with, and we definitely don’t want to cut their profit margins. We are looking for ways to ensure they grow from our partnership, ”he said.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has troubled local restaurants. Forced into new service modes such as deployment and delivery, businesses should consider losing control and revenue over the time and resources demanded by doing it themselves. All of these options have pros and cons, but the most important thing is that, despite the pandemic that has changed the status quo, restaurants and their communities are helping each other to stay afloat. Regardless of how diners get their food, the fact that they still show up at their favorite spots is a big deal and helps most industries survive. Even so, keeping things local doesn’t seem like a bad idea.


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Sauce Magazine – Food truck Ramblin ‘Rooster will serve various kinds of fried chicken starting April | Instant News

The Ramblin ‘Rooster food truck will serve a wide variety of fried chicken starting April

A new food truck that focuses on serving fried chicken sandwiches, Ramblin ‘Rooster, is scheduled to start parking it around the city at several locations in April.

Co-owners Gregg Medeiros, Tom Lombardo, John Brauch and Mark Pitliangas started the project after seeing success with their first food truck, a Sugarfire Smoke House franchise is called Brisket 1. “Through Covid, we have the Sugarfire (Brisket 1) food truck, and that’s a real savior for us,” said Medeiros. “So we’ve decided to go and find another truck.”

Ramblin ‘Rooster especially will appear on 9 Mile Garden and Scott Air Force Base, although also at corporate events and festivals.

The menu will feature around six variations of fried chicken sandwiches, including Korean, barbecue, and buffalo. They will also offer salads, wraps, chicken and waffles, smoked wings and more. One of its flagship menus is the Korean chicken sandwich, gojuchang- and soy-glazed chicken with kimchi slaw on a brioche bun, topped with white and black sesame seeds.

The truck itself is dyed to match the community support theme. For each sale, Ramblin ‘Rooster will donate a portion to charity each month. “It basically supports the love, peace and unity that we look forward to in our country,” said Medeiros.

The trucks will enter service in early April, and schedules will be posted online at sugarfire64.com, so are Indonesia, Instagram and Facebook.

“It’s great to have a food truck – people enjoy it, and it sure brings a bit of buzz to any event,” said Medeiros.


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Top news of the day: A congress of dissidents brings up Azad at the Jammu meeting; Imran Khan says the responsibility for creating a ‘supportive environment’ is in India, and more | Instant News

The headlines of the day, and more.

People say ‘G23’, I say Gandhi 23With the conviction, determination and thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi, the laws and constitution of this nation were formed. Congress stands firm to bring this forward. The ‘G23’ wants the Congress to be strong, “said Congress leader Raj Babbar at the ‘Shanti Sammelan’ meeting in Jammu.

India and Pakistan issued a joint statement on February 25 to strictly comply with all ceasefire agreements along the LoC.

Army’s northern commander Lt. Gen. YK Joshi said the agreement between India and Pakistan to strictly adhere to the ceasefire pact along the Line of Control would have no effect on counter-terrorism operations in Jammu and Kashmir.

Adopt pandemic-appropriate behavior and deal firmly with violations, the Union said.

The launch in Sriharikota, is temporarily scheduled at 10:24 a.m. local time on February 28, depending on weather conditions.

The statement in no way created a scandal for the court, said KK Venugopal.

The Enforcement Directorate has attached an asset of ₹ 84 crore in connection with the fraud case involving Sree Kanva Souhardha Co-operative Credit Limited (SKSCCL). A total of ₹ 650 crore was raised from over 13,000 investors with the promise of phenomenal returns.

The two sides discussed the initial completion of the fence along the India-Bangladesh Border agreed by the Prime Ministers of the two countries.

The new President’s vision of funneling cash to individuals, businesses, states and cities hit by COVID-19 escaped by nearly 219-212 votes.

Johnson & Johnson emphasizes that the vaccine is proven to work with a single shot, and can be stored long-term at standard refrigerator temperatures.

Myanmar has been rocked by waves of pro-democracy protests since a military coup ousted civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1.

The kidnappers have released 42 people, including 27 children, who were kidnapped from a school in central Nigeria on February 17, officials said on February 27, the day after. more than 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped by gunmen in the northwest.

The US shift – part of President Joe Biden’s broader repositioning of former President Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda – sparked outright praise from Germany and France, who say a deal is now “within reach” following a US axis.

The council said no additional India squad would be made for the final test.

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