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When coronavirus restrictions are getting tougher, returning Australians risk losing flights if they don’t upgrade to business class | Instant News

Australians returning from overseas at economic rates say airlines cancel their seats unless they rise to business class because international arrivals are reduced starting today.

That The National Cabinet on Friday decided that weekly arrivals to Australia would be cut from around 6,500 people to around 4,000 to reduce the pressure on hotel quarantine.

Further restrictions have caused panic among returning Australians such as Jim Collins and his family, who have been trying to return to Tasmania from England since March.

“We have repeatedly tried to get flights … And every time we can do that, flights have been canceled,” he said.

Collins told 7.30 his family had been re-ordered to fly to Sydney last week but had their seats canceled because they held economic tickets.

Cathy Collins with her four children.(Provided: Jim Collins)

“We were told that the flight had been canceled,” he said.

“But the flight is really running.

“As far as I know, all economy passengers are cleared of flights to make room, with a 50 people limit [for flights arriving at] Sydney Airport, only for premium passengers – first class and business class. “

Collins traveled to England with his wife, Cathy and their children in early March to visit relatives.

“We have done everything we could financially to go home,” he said.

“Now it seems only if you are able to buy first class tickets or business class upgrades that are allowed.”

‘I was unable to improve so I bumped into that flight’

A woman wearing a plastic shield on her face and mask.
Rebecca Halligan at the airport on her way back to Australia.(Provided: Rebecca Halligan)

Rebecca Halligan is a doctor from Adelaide who has lived in England and worked in a hospital there for the past two years.

He told 7.30 he could not return to Australia earlier because at the height of the pandemic he was rehired to treat COVID-19 patients in the ICU.

“Initially I had booked a trip to Melbourne … but it was canceled with increasing cases there.

“So I was re-ordered to Sydney and then the hat was introduced with only 50 passengers allowed per flight.

The airline staff wear personal protective equipment during the flight.
Rebecca Halligan took this photo on her flight back to Australia.(Provided: Rebecca Halligan)

“I was called by the airline and was told that … they prioritize business class passengers.

“I was unable to upgrade to business class so I bumped into the flight.”

The airline ordered it back on a flight to Perth.

“I have an offer to increase to business class seats,” he said.

“And I thought, I would only put this on my credit card so I could guarantee a place … that I knew not everyone could do.”

Dr Halligan arrived in Perth on Friday and is now in the hotel quarantine.

‘Pray that our flights will not be canceled again’

A woman stands next to a man and holds a child.
Katy-May Hudson and her husband and daughter hope to return to Australia this week.(Provided: Katy-May Hudson)

Australian filmmaker Katy-May Hudson said if her flight this weekend from the US to Australia was canceled, her only chance of getting another flight might be by ordering business class.

“The last time we checked that [business class] “$ 24,000 ($ 34,500) flights,” he said.

Ms. Hudson has lived and worked in New York for nine years. Her husband, Sean, is also Australian and they have a young daughter and another child on the way – Ms. Hudson is five months pregnant.

They booked flights in May but were canceled. Hudson said complications with her pregnancy meant she could only travel in the second trimester.

“It’s important for me to go home as soon as possible. For one, I’m pregnant and if I’m not traveling the following month, I have to have a baby here. And it’s not safe to have children – I already have one child here and I never want to have more children here. God bless America but … the health system is a big problem. “

On Monday, the family flew from New York to San Francisco, where they faced anxious waiting to see if they made scheduled flights to Sydney on Wednesday.

“We only hope and pray that our flights will not be canceled again and we are not trapped in this limbo where we are stuck in San Francisco where COVID-19 cases are increasing,” Hudson said.

“If I can’t get that flight to Sydney, I will be stranded in an unknown place with a high-risk pregnancy and no medical team and my little toddler.”

“This thing is dangerous and this is real ‘

A man wearing a black and gray top
Hassan Gudal tested positive using COVID-19 and said the main symptom was loss of smell.(Provided: Hassan Gudal)

Adding to the list of COVID-19 Australian cases was Melbourne’s Hassan Gudal, who tested positive last weekend.

The windshield technician has been vigilant throughout the pandemic, washing his hands several times a day, not touching his face and carrying hand sanitizers in his work van and at home.

“If I get a virus, I think many people will get it, because I always realize this is dangerous,” the 35-year-old man from Carlton told 7.30.

Mr Gudal suspects he contracted the virus while working in a suburban hotspot. The main symptom he experienced was loss of sense of smell.

“My scent is zero, I can’t smell anything. It’s very, very strange,” Gudal said.

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Families of victims of airplane crashes get DNA from the Punjab Forensic Science Agency | Instant News

Massive discrepancies on the part of the Sindh government pushed the families of the ill-fated Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-8304 to jointly assist one another in identifying the bodies of their loved ones.

For this purpose, with the help of PIA, families began sending their DNA samples to the Punjab Forensic Sciences Agency (PFSA) in Lahore after collecting their own swabs.

After the Sindh government left families who had fled from pillars to posts in complete administrative chaos, Arif Iqbal Faruqui, who lost three children and his wife in the incident, stood not for himself but for all victims.

Faruqui, a Lahore resident, reached Karachi the day after the accident on May 23, recalls his brother-in-law Faziullah Jawad who lives in Karachi. On the same day, Jawad told The News that they had given their swab samples for DNA to the International Center for Chemistry and Biology (ICCBS), Karachi University.

As of May 26, he pointed out that ICCBS did not have proper samples and corpses from all bodies from the Sindh government. “The bodies of the victims were with Chipa and Edhi,” he said and explained that the two welfare organizations had separate body numbers from them, while police had not issued a post-mortem number even four days after the accident.

When they raised their voice through social media, the authorities immediately acted and on May 28 the Karachi commissioner issued a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the surrender of the body to family members. The government insists that it takes at least 26 days to complete the DNA test, but Jawad insisted that it did not take a day or two.

Meanwhile, he shared that a PFSA member visited Karachi to get DNA samples from the victims. “A family member of a high-level bureaucrat has died in the accident, where PFSA has collected samples of all the bodies,” he said. “We know that PFSA has a sample of all the victims along with them, so we pressured ICCBS to submit one of Faruqui’s samples to us, so we can send it to Lahore,” he said, adding that initially ICCBS was openly refused, but later agreed when they pulled several strings.

Faruqui and Jawad then involved senior officials in this matter and brought PFSA and PIA management up and reaching out to help other family members and set up a process to transfer DNA samples to Lahore.

Regarding the identification procedure, he said family members would give DNA samples at ICCBS to Dr. Ishtiaque or one of the technicians. One sample will be given to family members in plain paper envelopes, where family members must write their full name, victim’s name and their NIC number. The sample will be sent to PIA Nabeela focus people at Karachi Airport. The PIA cabin crew is to bring samples to Lahore on whatever flights are available next. Director General Ashraf Tahir, he said, personally investigated the issue on humanitarian grounds because there was no direction from the Punjab government.

Number Body number ’

Nosheen Tahir, wife of Nabeel Ahmed Idrees, lost his life in a plane crash. Not satisfied with the performance of ICCBS, Nabeel contacted PFSA after their team went to Gujranwala to get a swipe from Nosheen’s sister. Meanwhile, Nosheen’s father who was in Karachi had given his swab sample to ICCBS.

The family, according to Nabeel’s sister, Mobin Idrees, received body number 22547 as Nosheen’s body. When he went to Edhi to receive the body, the family of one of the victims, Mehreen Denmark, was already there for the same body.

ICCBS has issued a Danish brother, Shehroz, the same body number: 22547. “Our DNA results are from Punjab,” Mobin said, adding that Shehroz also had doubts about the ICCBS results because they had identified body number 22548 as Danish numbers. the body through jewelry, but want to confirm it through DNA too. Danish brother Shehroz told The News they hated their own DNA samples for PFSA for verification on May 31 (Sunday).

The family of one of the victims had arranged a buccal swab at his home. At around 5am, Shehroz and Mobin reached a family member who had a buccal swab at his home for a new sample. “We learned through Youtube how to collect DNA samples on buccal swabs,” Mobin said adding that the next day he sent samples of both families to PFSA through his cousin who traveled to Lahore by air. On Monday at 10 am the family had results that corroborated the results of the previous PFSA. Both families will offer the last ritual today (Tuesday).

ICCBS statement

Meanwhile, ICCBS in a press statement said that the Sindh Serology and DNA Forensic Laboratory (SFDL) at ICCBS had completed DNA-based identification of victims of PIA air accidents.

Some cases where relatives have not contacted are waiting and will be described about the availability of reference samples. ICCBS Director Dr Iqbal Choudhary said: “A total of 69 samples have been received from victims’ families, and 70 samples of victims have also been received from the Police so far.”

He said advanced machinery and expertise were employed to complete “this great work in eight days with 100 percent accuracy”. He said the work included making a complete profile of more than 69 relatives and more than 50 bodies. He added: “Matching each deceased DNA profile is required with all 69 references.”


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The Minister of the Interior met the father of the pilot of the crashed aircraft | Instant News

LAHORE: The government has convinced the family of the late PIA pilot, Sajjad Gul, about a transparent investigation into the tragedy of the palne accident.

Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmad Shah on Tuesday met the father of a deceased PIA official and said that a transparent investigation would be conducted on the Karachi plane crash according to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s instructions.

The Minister made this statement during his visit to the pilot’s residence in Lahore where he also mourned the families left behind and offered fate to the souls of the deceased.

“The country lost national assets in the form of valuable lives in plane crashes,” Ijaz Shah said, adding, “the death of Captain Sajjad Gul was a huge loss not only for the PIA but for the whole country as well.”


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Zoheb Hassan almost boarded a PIA plane that crashed in Karachi | Instant News

Zoheb Hassan shared how he planned to return the same day but had to take a flight beforehand

Well-known Pakistani singer Zoheb Hassan said on Saturday that he was about to board a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane which had fared poorly but was missed by a mustache.

Zoheb, the brother of the late Pakistani icon singer Nazia Hassan, said in a Facebook post how he planned to return to Karachi on the same day but had to take an earlier flight.

“My dear father who died last Friday promised to take care of my mother who was sick if she died. He died a few hours later. The only available flight is 300 miles from London in Manchester. With great difficulty I managed to get on the „repatriation’ flight, which mostly carried corona virus victims and corpses, ”he wrote on Facebook.

“After reaching Lahore I was quarantined with 300 other passengers at a hotel. Nine crew and several other passengers contracted COVID-19 on the flight, “he added.

“Because of my father’s burial on the 21st, I did everything in my power to be tested, as a special case, and returned to Karachi on the same flight two days before. God help me here. “My results were negative and were allowed to leave early,” he continued.

He further said that if it wasn’t for the wishes of his dying father, he would contract the corona virus when he returned to Lahore or be part of a tragic plane crash that occurred on Friday.

Zoheb’s father and Nazia Basir Hassan died earlier this month on May 16.


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The government provides compensation to the families of accident victims, residents of the Model Colony | Instant News

Ghulam Sarwar said the survivors would be given Rs500,000 and damaged cars, houses would also be compensated


Ghulam Sarwar Khan. PHOTO: EXPRESS / FILE

Federal Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar said the federal government had notified the inquiry board consisting of Pakistani Air Force (PAF) officials who would conduct an independent investigation of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft flying from Lahore to Karachi that crashed in a densely populated area. the Model Colony area on Friday.

Speaking to media at the crash site, the aviation minister said Prime Minister Imran Khan had ordered an immediate inquiry into the matter, adding that Airbus officials, consisting of French and German experts, would also conduct a separate investigation.

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail stated that the prime minister would ensure a fair investigation into the accident, in the same way as he exposed the sugar crisis, adding that a 100 percent free and fair investigation would be ensured.

The Sindh Ministry of Health reported 97 deaths, two people who survived the Karachi plane crash

The aviation minister expressed his condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the tragic accident. He said pilots, passengers and PIA members were martyred.

Sarwar further said the survivors would be given Rs500,000 and damaged cars and houses would also be compensated by the government.

The minister said the government would do its best to provide an insurance amount of Rs 5 million to the families of the martyrs soon.

He also paid tribute to social welfare organizations, law enforcement agencies and especially local residents who worked tirelessly to put out fires and save the lives of people under rubble.

Governor Sindh said DNA tests were ongoing, adding that a specialist team had come from Lahore to help.


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