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PSP Chair wants provinces to announce PFC | Instant News

KARACHI: Party leader Pak Sarzameen, Syed Mustafa Kamal said on Sunday that the country lacks “true democracy or pure dictatorship” as democracy leaders say turns out to be “the worst dictator” while dictators “ignore the scepter” when they “develop a fondness for democracy “.

He expressed this view when speaking with party members at meetings via video links.

“After the introduction of the 18th amendment to the constitution, the federation cannot provide resources directly to the district administration, because all monetary resources go directly to the chief minister,” Kamal said, adding that the chief minister acted like a dictator.

Even today, he said, there was an opportunity to announce the award of the Provincial Finance Commission (PFC) and launch it together with the National Finance Commission (NFC) award.

“The PFC award must be launched with the same formula applied to NFC because it is public money, not from any individual family. This is money that is legally obtained from people in all regions, “he said.

Supremo PSP swears that when government responsibility comes to his party “they would ideally transfer power and resources to the lowest administrative level”.

He said the country could not function in this situation because the government was not ready to listen to any solution.

“If the current system can’t solve my people’s problems, the system needs to be changed. We have to decide whether we want to save Pakistan or save the government, “said the PSP chief.

He said the authorities must seriously think that “now is the time to save Pakistan, not to save the government”.

He added: “We are not leaving our family and the big slots are for mere talks, we will fight against this fake system in our lives in Pakistan. We can solve the country’s problems, as we have proven in the past. Karachi ranks among the 12 fastest growing cities in the world in my tenure as mayor. “

Discussing the recent wave of terrorism in Karachi, he said the Indian RAW had formed a “consortium of the Mutahida Qaumi Movement, the Baloch Liberation Army, and Jeay Sindh groups because now Indian spy agents cannot find a single person from Karachi for terrorism” .

Speaking about the performance of the federal government, Kamal said those who could not even become members of the council had become federal ministers and “the result was that Pakistan and its people suffered because of their incompetence”.

He continued: “PTI has given the Karachi mandate to people who do not know about the environment in their constituency even after 22 months.”

Showing anger over the performance of the Pakistan People’s Party, Kamal said the ruling party in Sindh was “a biased and corrupt government that had given jobs based on false nepotism and domicile”.


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PM Imran does not give rights to the province: Nafisa | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – Information Pakistani Parliamentary Parliamentary Secretary Nafisa Shah yesterday accused Prime Minister Imran Khan of opposing giving rights to the province. In a statement, he said that the problem facing the federal government was the 18th Amendment and, at any time, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf wanted to put pressure on PPP regarding the 18th Amendment to begin testing the media of Asif Ali Zardari. “PTI brought Uzair Baloch to Cynthia Richie and from fictitious JIT to some false stories when he felt ill because of the 18th Amendment and thus began the slander campaign of Asif Ali Zardari,” he added. Sindh, he said, was not prepared to compromise on the 18th Amendment and would not allow anyone to swallow the Sindh province in the National Finance Commission. “NFC is a provincial right that must be granted by the federal government no matter what happens. “The Balochistan and KP governments must also come out for their right to share in NFC,” he said. Nafisa Shah said that Asif Ali Zardari paid tribute to Parliament “as appropriate when the elected government was trying to weaken Parliament and the province.”


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The government will debate the ease in lockdown after taking all provinces on board: Asad Umar | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: A decision on whether the lockdown of all countries currently in force or not should be relaxed will be taken after taking all the provinces aboard, said the Federal Minister for Special Planning, Development and Initiative Asad Umar.

“The government will decide on the strategy after 9 May after the National Coordinating Committee meeting,” Umar told the media in Islamabad on Sunday.

The federal minister said the decision to ease locking would be taken in such a way that it would not paralyze the country’s health system. “Restrictions in this country will be eased gradually to provide livelihoods for the people.”

He added, “We have significantly increased the capacity of our health care system. We currently have 1,400 ventilators for coronavirus patients and 900 more will be added in two months. At present, there are 35 coronavirus patients who use ventilators. “

Umar added that the country now has the capacity to develop medical equipment and soon domestic ventilator production will begin.

“The country has 55 functional laboratories and we have the capacity to carry out more than 14,000 coronavirus tests every day,” he said, adding that the testing, tracking and quarantine systems were made functional.

Speaking of the surge in death tolls in the country over the past few days, Umar said that at the start of the pandemic, the country recorded one or two deaths every day whereas now it has gone up significantly. “There have been an average of 24 deaths in the country over the past six days,” he said.

“This is not good news and this shows how important it is to practice preventive measures,” Umar said.

He continued, “This number is likely to increase in May but will not go out of control. The government has increased its testing capacity. Today our testing capacity is much better than two months ago. At present we have the capacity to do 20,000 tests every day. “

The Minister once again stressed that the pandemic situation was not as fatal as in Europe and the United States.

“Death rates in Pakistan are far less than in the United States, Britain and Spain,” he said, stressing that citizens need to take precautionary measures to stem the spread of the virus.

He added that the economic impact of the lockdown was far more serious on the Pakistani economy than Western countries.

“In Europe, there are thousands of deaths and even those countries are now easing restrictions carefully because even those countries know they cannot close them all forever,” he added.


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PM Imran instructs provinces to control inflation – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when May 2, 2020 3:25 p.m.

PM Imran Khan instructed the province to control inflation after lowering the price of petroleum products.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – After lowering oil prices, Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the provincial government to take emergency measures to control inflation, Dunya News reported on Saturday.

In his message to the provincial regime, the prime minister said it must be ensured that the prices of essential goods were reduced to provide assistance to ordinary people.

Furthermore Imran Khan added that action must be taken against profiteers with the help of the district government.

Previously, the federal government reduced the price of petroleum products for May 2020.

According to a notice issued on Thursday, the price of gasoline was cut by Rs 15 per liter, while the price of High Speed ​​Diesel decreased by Rs 27.15 per liter.

The prices of kerosene and light diesel have also been reduced by Rs 30 and Rs 15 per liter, respectively. The new HSD prices are Rs 80.10 per liter, SKO Rs 47.44 per liter and LDO Rs 47.51 per liter.


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Punjab in front of other provinces in combating COVID-19: Survey | Instant News

LAHORE – A recent survey conducted by the Interim Research and Intelligence Service (IRIS) said that the Punjab government had left other provinces by showing excellent performance in the fight against the corona virus, claiming an official leaflet issued on Thursday.

According to the survey, the opinion of 48 percent of people, the Punjab government remained ahead of all other provinces in making continuous and uninterrupted contact with people under its communication strategy.

Findings from a survey conducted in April showed that the Sindh government received 39 percent of the vote, the KP 12 percent of the government vote and the Balochistan government received 01 percent of the votes in terms of maintaining the communication strategy.

In the opinion of 47 percent of people in the survey, the Punjab government showed exemplary and effective performance to combat and deal with the COVID-19 pandemic while the Sindh, KP and Balochistan governments each received 40 percent, 12 percent and 01 percent of the vote.

According to the survey, 70 percent of Pakistanis said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s performance was satisfactory in regard to the effective handling of the corona virus.

Ten major Pakistani cities were included in the survey conducted by IRIS and according to the results significant improvements had occurred in the performance of the Punjab government in April compared to March 2020.


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