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Requirements are clarified for superyachts to enter New Zealand | Instant News

American Cup: Requirements clarified for superyachts to enter New Zealand

by Isla McKechnie 29 Jul 03:22 PDT
July 29, 2020

Auckland – Pacific Superyacht Hub © Andre Dixon

The New Zealand Government has clarified the requirements that must be met to obtain an exemption from visiting yachts with repairs / repairs / repairs ordered by a New Zealand marine industry company.

The New Zealand Government, starting in July 2020, allows foreign-flagged vessels and cruise ships with repairs or repairs ordered to enter New Zealand.

“New Zealand is respected for world-class trading people and has many protected ports and ports where groups of marine industry companies are well equipped to serve local and visiting ships.

The New Zealand Government understands the enormous economic value that commercial ships and cruise ships bring to the NZ marine industry and we are pleased that they are quickly responding to our industry’s request to allow foreign-flagged vessels, with work to be done, to be allowed into the our country, “said NZ Marine’s executive director, Peter Busfield.

Repairs, repairs or repairs to ships / cruises that apply for an exemption must be substantial and not less than NZ $ 50,000 (US $ 33,300) in costs.

The new exemption rules also allow ships / cruises to be sent to businesses in New Zealand. For example, ships sent on their own hull or on ships to agents who sell ships in New Zealand, or ships sent to commercial operators, are also allowed to enter. Freeing the border does not allow ships traveling to relax into the country.

NZ Marine in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, MBIE, NZ Immigration and NZ Maritime has developed a step-by-step guide for the process of applying for a border increase for visiting vessels.

This guide is available for superyacht agents of NZ Marine members and the main ship pages of NZ Marine members who can help visit yachts who want to visit New Zealand by ship / yacht with the border exemption application.

These companies can be found at nzmarine.com

New Zealand air and sea borders are closed to all non-New Zealand citizens due to Covid 19. New Zealand requires all returning New Zealand citizens to go to Government-provided isolation accommodation for 14 days after arrival and have a Covid 19 test after three days and then after 12 days into isolation.

New Zealand, with a total population of five million, has only 22 active Covid 19 cases – all New Zealanders who are returning are currently in isolation centers – and no Covid 19 active cases in the community. There are no restrictions on activities in New Zealand with the Auckland Boat Show owned by NZ Marine will take place on 8 to 11 October at the waters edge of Auckland.

“As this year’s first big ship show in Australasia for 2020, we expect a lot of people,” Busfield said. The New Zealand industry, with spring / summer starting in October, awaits a busy season by visiting yachts who are looking to visit New Zealand for repairs and safe places.


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Superyacht and other ship entry criteria for the American Cup were released | Instant News

Superyacht and other ship entry criteria for the American Cup were released

by Richard Gladwell / Sail-World.com 21 Jul 19:25 PDT
July 22, 2020

Senses – Superyacht – Waitemata Harbor – owned by Google co-founder Larry Page – 12 July 2020 © Richard Gladwell / Sail-World.com

Entry for ships, including superyachts, will be accepted in New Zealand for the American Cup while the closed borders have been released by NZ Marine after negotiations with the responsible New Zealand government agency

At present the exemption of borders does not apply to people traveling to relax to enter the country; it allows ships to be sent to NZ for repairs, repairs, and repairs.

Superyachts and cruises are only allowed into New Zealand when there is a strong reason for ships to have repairs or repairs in New Zealand and not in other regions. It must also be shown why there is an urgent need for repairs or repairs that must be done.

Economic benefits for New Zealand are likely to be received as convincing reasons, such as value for money, or if there is special expertise in New Zealand, or service or manufacturing relationships with shipbuilders or sparmakers, for example.

Ship applications must be approved by the Director General of Health, who will receive advice from Maritime New Zealand.

To be eligible for release to a closed NZ border, a minimum of $ 50,000 repairs or repairs must be made and a contract (or very good email) available that confirms the scope of work and estimated costs. It is understood that the average expense for visiting cruises and cruises under the 65-foot LOA is around $ 35,000 – and under a minimum of $ 50rb – but there is some flexibility at this point.

Individual crew applications are required

When an application has been approved by the Ministry of Health then through a superyacht agent or ship yard, a professional crew must submit an individual lodging application, which must be approved by New Zealand Immigration.

Each crew member must have a COVID-19 test in the country of departure, and the results are given to the Department of Health. “Statement of the symptoms of Covid-19” must be made by the master of the ship to Customs NZ 48 hours before their arrival.

Quarantine in approved berths

Upon arrival in New Zealand, the ship will be asked to remain in the approved quarantine place for 14 days. There are several quarantine sites available in New Zealand yards, and many more will be built.

Exceptions to Quarantine will be permitted for ships that have been sailing for more than 28 days, and there has been no contact with people who were not on board when the ship initially departed for New Zealand.

The crew must comply with the usual quarantine requirements for New Zealand – COVID-19 tests on Day 3 and Day 12 plus symptom checks on Day 14.

There must be complete isolation of the ship during the quarantine period, including garbage disposal and supply of food and services. Quarantine sites generally must be under 24 x 7 CCTV surveillance.

Various information sheets and flow diagrams have been produced by the Ministry of Health, including those with 21 links to information that include specific examples and procedures. This includes procedures if a crew member has to fly out of New Zealand. In this case, crew members and drivers must wear PPE, including surgical masks and gloves.

No guests allowed

There are procedures that apply to superyacht crew who come to New Zealand to make repairs. But there are no special provisions for owners or guests to come to New Zealand to see the American Cup from superyacht ships, or even for anyone entering NZ at all who is not part of the American Cup team or New Zealand passport holders.

However, the June 12 Government Cabinet Paper, seems to accept that there may be “a number of marginal cases on cruise ships sent to be repaired or repaired where there is a blurring of roles between owners, crew, and passengers”.

The cyclone gap covers the American Cup

As far as the ship itself is concerned, it is understood that they do not have to leave NZ between December 31 and April 1, because of the Typhoon Season in the SW Pacific and their insurance usually contains a clause that requires them to get out of the hurricane. risk-zone, during this period.

On this basis, the ship and its crew can stay in NZ for repairs / repairs and if this also crosses during the December to April cyclone season in the SW Pacific period, then the cruise ship and crew get a bonus to be in NZ for the American Cup.

NZ Marine in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, MBIE, NZ Immigration and NZ Maritime has developed a step-by-step guide for the process of applying for border exemptions for visiting vessels, this guide is available from www.nzmarine.com superyacht agent members and large ship bases members of NZMarine.


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Off The Court: Britain’s ‘fear’ of Australia and New Zealand has disappeared, said Nat Panagarry | Netball News | Instant News

By Sky Sports Netball

Last Updated: 07/17/20 14:58

Midfielders will again be part of the elite full-time program in England

Natalie Panagarry joined Off The Court to discuss being selected as part of the Vitality Roses full-time program for the 2020-2021 season and said the “fear” of Australia and New Zealand had disappeared.

Captain Loughborough Lightning was announced as part of Jess Thirlby’s 24-man squad for the coming international season and will once again become a full-time athlete.

He is a member of the Tracey Neville squad for the 2019 Netball World Cup and made his 2016 international debut against Australia.

Lately, Panagarry has been undergoing a process of rehabilitation of a broken leg he suffered during the opening match of the Lightning Superleague Vitality Netball season.

Having suffered such an injury, and with all the netball being held now, the central midfielder was very happy to hear him enter Thirlby’s latest squad.

“I’m very grateful and grateful to be re-elected [for the Roses], “he said the latest episode from Sky Sports’ Out of court.

“It’s always been a dream, every year, to be selected for a full-time program. With my injury and not being able to perform, I’m grateful to be able to enter.”

Vitality Roses prepare to return to training

Jess Thirlby “hopes” Vitality Roses will return to playing competitive netball before the year ends and welcomes back training.

Above the excitement of being elected, Panagarry and his full-time international colleagues have now seen a path to return to training.

It began with individual-based training at two Elite Training Centers in Bisham and Manchester on July 21 before continuing to training in Loughborough in early August.

With the significant impact of the coronavirus in the UK, the country’s elite netballers must watch their counterparts on the other side of the world race ahead of them in terms of domestic match play.

ANZ Premiership has returned in just under one month and Suncorp Super Netball has an expected start date of August 1. Although he could only watch others move forward, Panagarry did not believe the forced absence of Britain would obstruct the outfit.

Guthrie returned to the Roses program

Serena Guthrie and Jo Harten returned to the British Netball Vitality Roses program for the 2020-21 international season.

“That’s something we have to face now,” he said. “You can see the other side of the world playing again and watch it with very jealous and envious eyes at this time!

“We have to come back as soon as possible and when we can start training, get that intensity. I have no doubt that we will be ready when the international season hopefully starts again.”

International netball schedules for 2020 and 2021 are currently on the air. The Roses are scheduled to take part in the Quad Series at the end of September and October, however, it was canceled.

Recently reported by Newshub in New Zealand, Pakis Perak may be in talks with England because of the new uncertainty surrounding the Constellation Cup against Australia.

But nothing has been confirmed by the governing body, Roses head coach Jess Thirlby said he was “hoping” his players would be able to play for England before the year is over.

Historically Australia and New Zealand have had a strong influence on Britain.

“When I started playing [for England] “There is something along the 50-goal line between people like Australia and New Zealand and us,” said former England coach Neville Sky Sports.

“All the time we try to reduce the deficit, we try to create threats and I try to be better as an athlete.”

A few years later, with Neville as head coach, the players moved to play their domestic netball in Australia and New Zealand and important wins occurred, deficits were reduced, and a shift in mindset occurred.

“Many of us, who have been on [Roses] The program, for the time being, will say that ‘fear’ is definitely gone, “Panagarry said.

“We can put our performances out there and get the win [over Australia and New Zealand]. The girls proved that at the Commonwealth Games and unfortunately, we were just out of luck in the semifinals at the World Cup.

“There are so many talents and so many young players who come that I really like.

“I am fortunate to have that experience and a bit of an older head to maybe guide some of those players. I think the future, what we have at Superleague and in the Roses program, is really interesting.”


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Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen insists New Zealand is not indebted to Australia because the future of Super Rugby is formed Rugby Union News | Instant News

Last Updated: 07/12/20 9:13 am

Steve Hansen spent almost 16 years with the All Blacks

Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen urged New Zealand to be strong in their negotiations with Australia about the future of Super Rugby.

Super Rugby was stopped in March because the COVID-19 pandemic and the future of the southern hemisphere competition are being discussed.

Earlier this week, Australian Rugby (RA) chairman Hamish McLennan said their counterparts in New Zealand were trying to dictate possible trans-Tasman Super Rugby competition requirements, amid reports the NZR was trying to limit the number of Australian teams involved.

Hansen said he felt that New Zealand Rugby must do the best for their rugby players and insisted that they were indebted to Australia.

“Without controversy, we have been guarding Aussies for years,” Hansen told Stuff Media on Sunday.

“And every time we need something from them, especially at a high level, sometimes they disappear.

“Do we owe them something? No. But because we are our nation, and we care more about the game than ourselves, we bend and bend a little.

“I think NZ Rugby is in the mood to have a strong discussion because they only get one chance for that.”

Much of its impact centered on the composition of the Super Rugby of 2021, with both countries reportedly interested in exploring the trans-Tasman competition rather than returning to tournaments involving teams from South Africa and Argentina.

McLennan told Australian media this week that a leaked report stated that the preferred option by NZR was to have only two or three Australian parties in the trans-Tasman competition.

Hansen said what was most important was not to dilute the New Zealand team with more than five teams and to minimize travel for the welfare of the players.

“You have to start with what you want from him? Instead of, ‘OK, we will hold this competition,'” Hansen said.

“It must be truly competitive and produce world-class players. If you let it be facilitated, there is too big a gap between Super Rugby and the rugby test.”


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Former Black captain Kieran Read supports reform requests for the rugby calendar | Rugby Union News | Instant News

By The Associated Press

Last Updated: 06/06/20 8:00 morning

Former Black captain Kieran Read is in action for the Toyota Verblitz during the Japanese Top League season 2020

Former All Blacks captain Kieran Read supports the call for an integrated international rugby season but fears money “coming out of the north” might thwart efforts to create a global calendar.

Read believes international rugby needs to move away from the current schedule which often forces players from both sides to play Test matches out of season, but fears of a richer northern hemisphere may continue to influence how the global calendar is organized.

At present, the Northern Hemisphere team is conducting tests in the Southern Hemisphere in June or July – at the end of their season – and the Southern Hemisphere toured in the North in November and December. The international windows, which fall in the middle of the Super Rugby season or European club season, substantially extend the season for top players.

Re-elected World Rugby Chair Sir Bill Beaumont has promised to work towards a more integrated calendar which provides space for the Six Nations tournament and the Rugby Championship Test and professional competitions in the northern and southern hemisphere.

Sir Bill Beaumont spoke about the potential of the Nation Cup being reincarnated in the ‘Will Greenwood Podcast

Sir Bill Beaumont spoke about the potential of the Nation Cup being reincarnated in the ‘Will Greenwood Podcast

Beaumont is a strong supporter of the world Test championship, although his efforts to build one year ago were stalled by a standoff over promotion-relegation.

Southern hemisphere countries oppose Beaumont’s re-election, supporting the nomination of Argentine Agustin Pichot’s reforms. In part, Beaumont is considered to represent the status quo and is too protective of the Six Nations tournament and the English and French club tournaments. He has made it clear that he will oppose any steps to reschedule the Six Nations, which feature Ireland, France, Italy, Wales, Scotland and England.

Read, who retired from the Rugby Test after last year’s World Cup in Japan and after leading the All Blacks in 52 of 127 tests, hopes an agreement can be reached that will better integrate the global season and give fans more interest.

“I want to see some sort of consistency around the season,” he told the Stuff news website on Tuesday.

“That would be better for everyone involved and especially for the players. So you don’t play outside the season, which shortens your season [and] which means you will not recover well and be ready for next year. “

Read also join many fans in the call for further tours by countries that are playing the test, a step away from the existing competition.

“I think the tour is important for international games,” he said. “The way I see it and the way the game makes money will determine and the money may come out of the north.

“The tour for me is more on the end of the year tour that we have to experience a little. It was the best time for a player and I think the fans might be able to feel it too. When you get a competitive series it certainly makes a pretty good display.”


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Families of victims of airplane crashes get DNA from the Punjab Forensic Science Agency | Instant News

Massive discrepancies on the part of the Sindh government pushed the families of the ill-fated Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-8304 to jointly assist one another in identifying the bodies of their loved ones.

For this purpose, with the help of PIA, families began sending their DNA samples to the Punjab Forensic Sciences Agency (PFSA) in Lahore after collecting their own swabs.

After the Sindh government left families who had fled from pillars to posts in complete administrative chaos, Arif Iqbal Faruqui, who lost three children and his wife in the incident, stood not for himself but for all victims.

Faruqui, a Lahore resident, reached Karachi the day after the accident on May 23, recalls his brother-in-law Faziullah Jawad who lives in Karachi. On the same day, Jawad told The News that they had given their swab samples for DNA to the International Center for Chemistry and Biology (ICCBS), Karachi University.

As of May 26, he pointed out that ICCBS did not have proper samples and corpses from all bodies from the Sindh government. “The bodies of the victims were with Chipa and Edhi,” he said and explained that the two welfare organizations had separate body numbers from them, while police had not issued a post-mortem number even four days after the accident.

When they raised their voice through social media, the authorities immediately acted and on May 28 the Karachi commissioner issued a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the surrender of the body to family members. The government insists that it takes at least 26 days to complete the DNA test, but Jawad insisted that it did not take a day or two.

Meanwhile, he shared that a PFSA member visited Karachi to get DNA samples from the victims. “A family member of a high-level bureaucrat has died in the accident, where PFSA has collected samples of all the bodies,” he said. “We know that PFSA has a sample of all the victims along with them, so we pressured ICCBS to submit one of Faruqui’s samples to us, so we can send it to Lahore,” he said, adding that initially ICCBS was openly refused, but later agreed when they pulled several strings.

Faruqui and Jawad then involved senior officials in this matter and brought PFSA and PIA management up and reaching out to help other family members and set up a process to transfer DNA samples to Lahore.

Regarding the identification procedure, he said family members would give DNA samples at ICCBS to Dr. Ishtiaque or one of the technicians. One sample will be given to family members in plain paper envelopes, where family members must write their full name, victim’s name and their NIC number. The sample will be sent to PIA Nabeela focus people at Karachi Airport. The PIA cabin crew is to bring samples to Lahore on whatever flights are available next. Director General Ashraf Tahir, he said, personally investigated the issue on humanitarian grounds because there was no direction from the Punjab government.

Number Body number ’

Nosheen Tahir, wife of Nabeel Ahmed Idrees, lost his life in a plane crash. Not satisfied with the performance of ICCBS, Nabeel contacted PFSA after their team went to Gujranwala to get a swipe from Nosheen’s sister. Meanwhile, Nosheen’s father who was in Karachi had given his swab sample to ICCBS.

The family, according to Nabeel’s sister, Mobin Idrees, received body number 22547 as Nosheen’s body. When he went to Edhi to receive the body, the family of one of the victims, Mehreen Denmark, was already there for the same body.

ICCBS has issued a Danish brother, Shehroz, the same body number: 22547. “Our DNA results are from Punjab,” Mobin said, adding that Shehroz also had doubts about the ICCBS results because they had identified body number 22548 as Danish numbers. the body through jewelry, but want to confirm it through DNA too. Danish brother Shehroz told The News they hated their own DNA samples for PFSA for verification on May 31 (Sunday).

The family of one of the victims had arranged a buccal swab at his home. At around 5am, Shehroz and Mobin reached a family member who had a buccal swab at his home for a new sample. “We learned through Youtube how to collect DNA samples on buccal swabs,” Mobin said adding that the next day he sent samples of both families to PFSA through his cousin who traveled to Lahore by air. On Monday at 10 am the family had results that corroborated the results of the previous PFSA. Both families will offer the last ritual today (Tuesday).

ICCBS statement

Meanwhile, ICCBS in a press statement said that the Sindh Serology and DNA Forensic Laboratory (SFDL) at ICCBS had completed DNA-based identification of victims of PIA air accidents.

Some cases where relatives have not contacted are waiting and will be described about the availability of reference samples. ICCBS Director Dr Iqbal Choudhary said: “A total of 69 samples have been received from victims’ families, and 70 samples of victims have also been received from the Police so far.”

He said advanced machinery and expertise were employed to complete “this great work in eight days with 100 percent accuracy”. He said the work included making a complete profile of more than 69 relatives and more than 50 bodies. He added: “Matching each deceased DNA profile is required with all 69 references.”


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Usyk vs Chisora: Oleksandr Usyk warns Derek Chisora’s punch won’t land on him Boxing News | Instant News

“If you want to reach the target, you need to see the target”

By Andy Scott & Richard Damerell

Last Updated: 05/26/20 9:53 morning


Usyk rejects Chisora’s tactics

Usyk rejects Chisora’s tactics

Oleksandr Usyk said Derek Chisora’s plan to release relentless aggression from the opening bell would be considered useless because his opponents from England would not be able to ‘see the target’.

The Ukrainian star will test her sharp reflexes against the strength and size of Chisora ​​only in her second heavyweight battle with promoter Eddie Hearn revealed how scheduled battles are now likely to be staged overseas.

Chisora ​​and his manager David Haye have questioned whether unnecessary explorer-class kings can overcome punitive physical battles, but Usyk insists many have tried and failed to destroy a perfect record with the same game plan.

Chisora ​​claims that he will be stronger against Usyk

Chisora ​​claims that he will be stronger against Usyk

“Usually I face this kind of plan, every fight,” said Usyk Sky Sports. “If you want to hit the target, you have to look at the target, because he can throw as many hits as possible, but you have to land it on the target.”

But Usyk has admitted that Chisora ​​has earned his respect, even before the Olympic gold medalist turned professional, when he witnessed the memorable British battle with Vitali Klitschko and Haye.

“When I was an amateur, I watched his fight as a heavyweight, with Klitschko, David Haye, and I thought ‘wow’, great people somewhere far away, and now I’m going to box one of these great people self.”

Chisora ​​has revitalized his career since joining Haye, producing three consecutive wins, including the dominant stoppage of David Price last October.

The 36-year-old accepts that he cannot imitate Usyk’s unique left-handed style in a match match, even though he has hinted at tactical changes that could produce a surprising victory.

“I will focus on what I do. I will focus on getting in the ring, and start looking for my man, and that’s it.

“He will dance, but we have certain things that we have practiced and that we do every day. That will pay off.”

Joshua: Usyk is on my list …

Joshua: Usyk is on my list …

Chisora ​​also revealed that he hopes to help Alexander Povetkin prepare for his old enemy Dillian Whyte.

“I have told Povetkin that, if he needs me, I will come and help him. I will fly to Russia,” Chisora ​​said.

“The Russian has spoken to me and said: ‘When the time comes I will send a plane to pick you up and you can help me train’.”

Whyte, who had defeated Chisora ​​twice, answered: “Derek is a stepping stone and I have stepped over him twice. If he wants to be brutally eliminated again I will take easy money! If he defeats Oleksandr Usyk and there is a belt on the line, I gladly let go of the belt. “


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Off The Court: Karin Burger on her journey from South Africa became world champion | Netball News | Instant News

Karin Burger won the Netball World Cup within one year of her Silver Ferns debut

From South Africa to New Zealand, and hopefully back again in 2023, Karin Burger joins Out of court to discuss his journey towards becoming a world champion with Pakis Perak.

The 27-year-old defender is linked with Tamsin Greenway and Caroline Barker to chat after enjoying the first day of training with his club teammates at Central Pulse in New Zealand.

After training alone due to the limitations required by COVID-19, even the most feared tasks by netball were a pleasant experience.

“We started with a fitness test and to be honest, I did it with a smile because it meant we could do it with other people and I don’t have to do it alone anymore!” said Burger.

“I like training,” the defender added. “But when you are accustomed to training in a team and having that impetus around you, the transition to doing it yourself all the time is draining.”

ANZ Premiership will be the first netball professional league to be restarted on June 19 and for Central Pulse, this marks the continuation of those who tried to defend the title they won last year.

“Now that we have won it, we need to try and find out how we can be different when we have to be different, and not just stick to one game plan,” he said about his team.

“In the end, we want to have that gold again, it’s just about how we will get there because other people will start to know us and they have great talent in their ranks. We need to be smarter in what we do.”

ANZ Premiership confirms the date of return

The competition will resume on June 19 and the revised game schedule will be announced by New Zealand Netball soon.

Another goal for all players at ANZ Premiership is to develop themselves as individuals, and prove to Silver Ferns head coach Dame Noeline Taurua that they continue to have the qualities needed to wear a black dress.

Burger journey to Silver Fern # 171 does not take the traditional route. He was born and raised in South Africa and after arriving in New Zealand at the age of 18, he did not burden himself with pressure.

“It’s quite interesting because when I first moved, it didn’t always move with a strong thought that one day I would be at Silver Ferns,” he recalls.

“I think as a young person, everything that is interesting including moving to another country is extraordinary. I grew up wanting to do something extra in my life … I don’t want to do normal things all the time. Sport gives me that opportunity.

“When I got the chance to move to New Zealand, I took it. I think you should have it in your mind – to play for Silver Day one day – but it was a seven-year journey for me to get there.”

I never told myself that I was pretty good at Silver Ferns. I said I would give it all … and if that doesn’t work, then that’s what it is. That’s all I can control.

Karin Burger

Burger began to build a life for himself in New Zealand and in front of netball, he found that he had some development that needed to be done to make the jump from the high school netball he left in South Africa.

“I’m very raw,” he admitted. “There are lots of little things that I need to do.

“I come from a very small city in South Africa and no big resources are put into netball training there, so you just have to stick with what you have. You rely on your talent.

“When I moved here [to New Zealand], I moved to the club that embraced me and helped me develop small things – like landing on the left and turning left – very basic things! “

I have to go back to basics and study all of that again to ensure that I can get a quality game out … It takes about two years to feel confident in what I say.

Karin Burger

Burger remains dedicated, not only developing his skills in the field, but also learning and working. For him, 12 hours a day is the norm; the road to the top is a challenging and intense one.

“There are many times when it feels very difficult. The times when I have to study, work, and get up early to practice, and then return to training at night. Looking back now, I can’t imagine myself doing that again, “he said.

“I don’t want to go back there, but I’m grateful because it really built my character into what it is today.”

His character was further tested when he submitted his Silver Ferns debut against England in 2018. It was an impressive debut for the wrong reasons, when he was sent out of court.

“It’s not something I plan to have in my career, but I’ve done it, learned from it, and it won’t happen again.

“I have an amazing coach who pulled me afterward – we discussed why it happened, what I thought, how I proceeded, and how it ended.

“I think he understands my point that there is no evil in it, it is an honest mistake and there is only a lot of adrenaline that floods me.

“He believes that I know what I’m doing and I know I won’t do it again. He gave me that opportunity in the next game, which I am very grateful for.”

As Burger said, further hats were given to him including a place in the Taurua squad for last year’s Netball World Cup in Liverpool.

Silver Ferns arrived in England after the worst Commonwealth Games results in their history – fourth on the Gold Coast – and with head coach Taurua taking over from Janine Southby, just 10 months earlier.

Despite acknowledging the brilliance of Taurua, many are not convinced that he has enough time to bring his side back to where they believe it should be; won gold on the world stage.

“Internally, there is no doubt,” Burger said. “It is understandable if they come from outside because they cannot see what is happening in our group.

“It is instilled in us, not to listen to such things and moreover, to use them as encouragement to do better and prove them wrong.

“I think the mentality of things, and how it develops, is more [important] in terms of that skill. We have skills, we just need to perfect them, but it’s really mental things that we build and work together as a team. That gives us an extra edge. “

With ‘fossils’ in their squad – Laura Langman, Casey Kopua, and Maria Folau – providing a great experience and the Silver Ferns trademark zone throws the team, the result is an extraordinary world title that is won with style.

The presence of Langman, Kopua and Folau added to the extraordinary in Liverpool but Ferns’ return to England for the Vitality Nations Cup in January showed that their system was running deep.

They are dominant, despite playing most of their games with only 10 players because of injuries, and with Jane Watson, Burger is a prominent player.

As a 27-year-old boy, but a person who only made his international debut in 2018, it is not surprising to find that Burger has its eyes on the main sports competitions in the coming months and years.

Because of the global pandemic, the schedule in the near future is uncertain but long term, the Commonwealth Games are scheduled for 2022 and beyond that, there is the 16th edition of the Netball World Cup in South Africa.

“When it was announced that it would be in South Africa, so many friends and family went to Mum to get tickets! This would be very unusual,” he said.

“I grew up in a family where there was always support on the sidelines for me, so moving to New Zealand has no major adjustments.

“It’s wonderful to know that I can play again where they will be so many personal supporters on the sidelines. Hopefully I hope to be in the team to play there.”


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Tyson Fury is ready to give a big world title fight against Anthony Joshua to meet public demand Boxing News | Instant News

“All-British fighting and I can give fans what they want to see”

By Richard Damerell and Adam Smith

Last Updated: 05/23/20 7:15 morning

Tyson Fury has reiterated the desire for a blockbuster battle with Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury wants a world title battle against Anthony Joshua to meet public demand and warn his British rivals not to thwart plans by losing to Kubrat Pulev.

United Champion Joshua will ‘sign now’ for the fight with WBC champion Fury, according to promoter Eddie Hearn, who hopes to secure two blockbuster battles between Britain in 2021.

Fury has reiterated his desire to fight for the world title, but must first overcome Deontay Wilder again in the contracted third match, while Joshua further defended his belt against IBF mandate challenger Pulev.

British duo Joshua and Fury hold all the world heavyweight titles

British duo Joshua and Fury hold all the world heavyweight titles

“If I get knocked out by Deontay Wilder, then it won’t live, right,” said Fury exclusively Sky Sports.

“This will be another battle with Wilder and so on and so forth. If he loses to Pulev, so close, but so far away. In heavyweight boxing, you can never count your chickens before they hatch, into one battle at a time. One victory at a time.

“Everything went well, God willing, we had a big fight with me and Joshua, an all-English fight and I can give fans what they want to see, especially British fans.

Fury has warned that he wants a dominant world government like Wladimir Klitschko

Fury has warned that he wants a dominant world government like Wladimir Klitschko

“This will be the biggest fight since I trusted Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno. Some time ago, Cardiff Arms Park.”

But Dillian Whyte is also part of Fury’s future plans as a mandatory challenger to WBC and will receive his kick in the WBC belt in February 2021.

“He just needs to stop talking rubbish and let’s go. This will be a big fight. Let’s get out,” Whyte said Boxing Show on Sky Sports News from his training camp for the rescheduled Alexander Povetkin fight.

Dillian Whyte said he dropped Fury on “a number of occasions” when competing

Dillian Whyte said he dropped Fury on “a number of occasions” when competing

“If I had an easy fight, why wasn’t he in a hurry to fight me? He said before defeating Wilder, when I defeated Wilder, I would give Dillian Whyte the title shot. He only talked about rubbish.

“This is war, let’s go.”

Joshua previously challenged Fury by saying Sky Sports: “Yes, come against me.

“If you really want to say you are number 1, come against me. Let’s start.

“I have the rest of the belt so that makes sense.

“I am the world heavyweight champion, he is the WBC champion. What is the proof, he and I fight? There will be one dominant figure in the heavyweight division who will have all the belts and become indisputable.

“Logically to prove yourself as No. 1, I must fight with Tyson Fury. He must fight with Anthony Joshua.”

Matchroom Boxing Hearn boss has ended speculation that Wilder and Pulev can accept a ‘move aside’ agreement to allow Joshua-Fury to happen next.

“Wilder will not step aside [Pulev] is a struggle for us, “Hearn said Sky Sports.

“I spoke, ‘Wilder did not step aside, we will take care of the fight, you take care of the Pulev fight, but let’s finish the deal for 2021’.

“We have no problem signing now to fight Fury in 2021.”


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Coronavirus: New Zealand warns of America Cup travel restrictions | Sail News | Instant News

Last Updated: 5/21/2010 10:14 a.m.

New Zealand Economic Development Minister Phil Twyford has admitted he is not sure when travel restrictions will be lifted

Travel restrictions could impact the American Cup next year but it is too early to determine the extent to which, the New Zealand government has warned.

With the New Zealand Team preparing to defend the trophy next March, the challenging teams are in the dark about when they can send parties forward to Auckland to begin their preparations.

While new infection rates have slowed in New Zealand, the borders remain closed to all except returning citizens and permanent residents, who must then be placed within the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

Economy Development Minister Phil Twyford, who has responsibility for major events such as the American Cup, said there was still too much uncertainty to know when the borders could be reopened.

The 2017 edition of the America's Cup is held in Bermuda

The 2017 edition of the America’s Cup is held in Bermuda

“At this stage it is difficult to know the extent to which COVID-19 will affect the 36th American Cup in Auckland, but there may be some impact,” Twyford said in a statement.

“The government is very motivated to see the 36th American Cup progress.

“However, important factors including restrictions on meetings, and all restrictions for borders both here and internationally must still be resolved.”

Two challenging syndicates have expressed concern about when restrictions might be lifted.

“We don’t know when we can come to New Zealand,” said INEOS England Team chief executive Sim Simmer.

“We need to throw a party ahead to set up bases and start things that are happening. The New Zealand government has been silent.”

The director of the American Magic team, Terry Hutchinson, really wants testing to begin

The director of the American Magic team, Terry Hutchinson, really wants testing to begin

There is also additional uncertainty caused by the cancellation of the heating regatta in the UK and Italy which has presented problems for the team and their testing program.

The head of the American Magic syndicate, Terry Hutchinson, said New Zealand Herald cancellation means the team must be in Auckland in July to prosecute their ship.

A series of warm-up competitions are scheduled to be held in Auckland before the regatta for the four challengers takes place in January-February.

The American Cup is scheduled to start on March 6 next year.


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