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Chrissy Teigen credits New Zealand’s Lewis Road Creamery butter | Instant News


Chrissy Teigen compliments New Zealand’s Lewis Road Creamery butter while making a Tuna sandwich. Video / Instagram of chrissyteigen

During a giant cooking session on her Instagram Stories, Chrissy Teigen revealed how she made her favorite midnight snack – a processed tuna sandwich – which shows a picture of her preferred butter.

Teigen shows off an empty New Zealand Lewis Road Creamery sea salt crystal butter wrapper, melted for use on white bread, in tuna and onion sandwiches.

Chrissy Teigen reveals that she uses generous Lewis Road Creamery butter in her sandwiches.  Photo / Instagram
Chrissy Teigen reveals that she uses generous Lewis Road Creamery butter in her sandwiches. Photo / Instagram

A fan spotted the Kiwi brand on Teigen’s Instagram Stories and posted a screenshot to Twitter, prompting the American model to praise butter even more.

“VERY good,” Teigen wrote on Twitter.

“It brings out taste [sic] into my midnight tuna sandwich. If you don’t slice both slices on your tuna sandwich, you’re … you might honestly be a good person, but you have to give it a try. “

Lewis Road Creamery also shares Teigen’s love on their own Instagram Stories.

Photo / Instagram
Photo / Instagram

Teigen’s post led to some social media users raving about New Zealand-made butter as well.

Lewis Road Creamery general manager, Nicola O’Rourke, told: Heralds the company is pleased to see Teigen, who “is a serious cook”, can “taste the difference”.

“It’s great to wake up and watch our butter explode online. Chrissy is a serious cook and it’s amazing she can taste the difference, which all depends on the quality of our Southern Pastures 10 Star cream,” said O’Rourke. .

Teigen, who is married to singer John Legend, is a model, writer and entrepreneur. Her cookbook, “Cravings: Hungry for More”, is a bestseller.


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Governments call NA session on October 5, Senate on 2 | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to hold a National Assembly (NA) session on October 5 (Monday) and the Senate on October 2 (Thursday).

The decision was taken on Tuesday after consultation with Prime Minister’s Advisor for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan with Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Chair of the National Assembly.

According to sources, Dr Babar Awan has consulted extensively with Prime Minister Imran Khan and the NA Chair to hold separate sessions from the Senate and National Assembly.

Sources said in the sessions of the National Assembly and Senate, both houses will believe in the government’s steps to improve the economic situation, and in the situation arising in the Line of Control due to India’s indiscriminate and unwarranted shooting. power.


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“Pakistan’s lowest oil price in the region” | Instant News


The Federal Minister for Energy, Oil and Natural Resources Omar Ayub told the Senate on Friday that the federal government collected a tax of Rs47.86 per liter for gasoline and Rs51.41 per liter in diesel.

The answer came after Senator Mushtaq Ahmed’s question about why the government collected taxes 100% higher than the purchase price of gasoline.

The minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan actually provided assistance to the people because oil prices in the region are currently the lowest in Pakistan. Only 17% of taxes are imposed on petroleum products, he said.

“In terms of supply, taxes are collected at Rs9.70 per liter, Rs47.86 per liter in gasoline and Rs51.41 per liter in diesel,” the federal minister said. “If the government does not collect taxes, who will pay for the Senate lamps and the salaries of its members?” Minister quips.

Meanwhile, responding to other questions during the National Assembly session, Minister of Job said that Kekra-1 began as a joint venture by ExxonMobil, OGDCL and PPL.

More than Rs122 million was spent digging wells, he said, adding that the government did not spend money on this project.

“The well was dug at 5,693 meters but the search was unsuccessful,” he said. “Excavation of these wells revealed that there was no oil and gas pressure, but rather a reservoir of water.”

On June 26, the government raised the price of gasoline by Rs25.58 per liter to Rs100.10 per liter, while the price of high speed diesel was raised by Rs21.31 per liter to Rs101.46 per liter.


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The NA session will be the marathon session this time: Babar Awan | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Advisor to the Prime Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Babar Awan has consulted with Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chair of the National Assembly Asad Qaisar in connection with the road map to fulfill the constitutional obligation of completing 130 working days of the National Assembly.

“I have consulted with the prime minister and Speaker of the NA and now the summary will be continued to call the session, which will start from June 5 and will continue until August 13, and it will be the marathon session of the National Assembly,” Babar Awan said in a video message on the day Tuesday. Babar Awan said before the NA session, consultations with the opposition would also take place at the National Assembly Business Advisory committee meeting. He said during this NA session the budget will also be presented and legislation carried out.

He said the amendments in the anti-money laundering bill that had been passed by one house and not from another so that sitting with Parliament could be called upon to consider it as well as other bills. Dr Babar Awan said the coming session was not only to fulfill the constitutional obligation of completing workdays but also to complete work that was delayed so that Parliament met people’s expectations for pro-people laws and policy-making obligations.


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The PPP leader sneered at the PM to skip the NA session | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Provincial head of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Humayun Khan on Saturday strongly criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan for missing the National Assembly session held to debate and review the situation of the corona virus in the country.

Speaking with reporters here, he said the prime minister also held a portfolio from the Health department, but he did not bother appearing at the National Assembly session which denied his claim about fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

The PPP leader said that instead of taking practical steps, the prime minister and his cabinet members were determined to divide the nation and create differences between the provinces. He said the prime minister did not participate in the National Assembly session to bring elected representatives into confidence at Covid-19.

Humayun Khan said during the three-day session of the National Assembly the ministers carried out personal attacks on opposition members instead of debating the coronavirus situation. He said Imran Khan had disappointed the country because he could not keep his promise and often turned around. He added that instead of enjoying political points, PPP Chair Bilawal Bhutto Zardari showed maturity because he wanted the nation to defeat Covid-19 through collective efforts and unity. The PPP leader said that it was unfortunate that federal ministers were piling up criticism of the Sindh government instead of appreciating the good work done to help curb the spread of Covid-19. people even in Ramazan, but the authorities at least bothered to take action against them. Criticizing the government for its “wrong policies”, he said people cannot feed their children because of rising prices and lack of livelihood opportunities. He said the rulers were incompetent and they did not have the ability to run the country.


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