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There are no new Covid-19 cases in New Zealand today 1 NEWS | Instant News

There are no new Covid-19 cases in isolation administered today, the Ministry of Health has announced this afternoon.

This information was released electronically because there was no government media conference scheduled for today.

Today’s update means the total number of confirmed cases is likely to remain at 1560.

It has now been 91 days since the last community transmission case in New Zealand.

The Ministry of Health said four cases reported earlier had recovered, bringing the total number of active cases in New Zealand’s quarantine and quarantine facilities managed to 20.

No one in New Zealand received hospital-level care for Covid-19.

Yesterday, 2476 tests were completed, 2022 were taken in the community, and 454 were taken in managed isolation and quarantine facilities, bringing the total number of New Zealand tests to 465,066.

The Health Ministry added that there would be targeted tests in Queenstown, South Auckland and Christchurch this weekend in connection with a recent case involving a traveler who tested positive for Covid-19 when he arrived in South Korea.

Travelers are in Manurewa and Takanini in South Auckland on June 20 to July 20, Queenstown on July 1-4 and in and around Christchurch Airport on July 20-21. Sylvia Park Mall in Auckland also reported today that the person had visited the food court.

The Ministry of Health said people who might be in these areas during dates that have or have symptoms need to contact their Healthline or doctor for assessment or testing.


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Brazilian descendants of escaped slaves were tested for the corona virus | Instant News

REGISTRO, Brazil (Reuters) – Slaves who have fled in Brazil trying to live freely often establish communities called quilombos where their former owners cannot find them.

Daiane do Nascimento was tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) by the Butantan Institute in Quilombo Peropava, a community of African descent, first founded by runaway slaves, in Registro, Sao Paulo state, Brazil July 29, 2020. REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli

But coronaviruses have found their way to one, Peropava in the state of Sao Paulo, which has survived since slavery was abolished in 1888.

On Wednesday, 120 masked Peropava residents marched to submit mass tests for the new corona virus, after several community members had contracted the disease.

“We don’t think it will get here, a fairly remote place. But unfortunately it arrived, “said Valdir Cabral, a resident who has just recovered from COVID-19.

Cabral still spends his time resting in bed in his concrete house in the woods, chickens pecking to eat outside the door.

Health workers with the biomedical center of The Butantan Institute conduct tests by pricking fingers and dripping blood into the openings of a plastic rapid testing kit.

The agency did not announce how many people tested positive for the virus but said the results would be used to help prevent its spread.

The Registro, the municipality of about 56,000 people where Peropava is located, has registered 824 COVID-19 cases and 14 deaths from the disease, according to the local health secretary’s office.

Brazil is the country worst hit by a pandemic, after the United States. On Wednesday, Brazil kept a diary for COVID-19 new cases and related deaths, with 69,074 people sick and 1,595 people dead in a 24 hour period.

The Butantan Institute focuses on helping the most vulnerable communities, including indigenous Brazilians, who often have limited access to medical care.

“It is important to strengthen our activities in the poorest areas, the suburbs of big cities, small towns, in the sense of making them understand what is at stake and making them comply with preventive measures,” said Butantan director Dimas Covas.

Reporting by Pablo Garcia; Additional Reporting by Gabriel Araujo in Sao Paulo; Writing by Jake Spring; Editing by Richard Chang


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Australia reports daily coronavirus cases, 13 deaths | Instant News

Medical personnel conduct tests for coronavirus (COVID-19) at the pop-up testing center, when the state of New South Wales grapples with the outbreak of new cases, in Sydney, Australia, 30 July 2020. REUTERS / Loren Elliott

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia recorded the worst day in a coronavirus pandemic on Thursday when the country’s second most populous country reported more than 700 new infections and 13 deaths.

The new national record for new cases is 518 but a second wave in Victoria centered on elderly care facilities has forced authorities to lock down the capital of the state of Melbourne and other countries to close their borders.

“I’m clearly worried to see these numbers increase. In some ways, it is unexpected when you have so many cases in elderly care in the private sector, “Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews told reporters in Melbourne.

Too many people will work when they are sick or waiting for test results, he added.

The social distance restrictions will be extended, with residents of the southern state no longer allowed to have visitors to their homes starting Thursday night.

Everyone in the state starting Sunday is also required to wear a mask when outside.

Earlier this month, Victoria told nearly 5 million people around Melbourne, the country’s second most populous city, to wear masks outside and stay at home except for important trips.

Outbreaks in the state of Victoria have spread to neighboring countries even though internal borders are closed.

The state of Queensland said Thursday it had found three new cases, two of which were believed to have contracted COVID-19 while in Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales.

Reporting by Colin Packham; Editing by Stephen Coates


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Humans roam in giant bubbles to protect from coronavirus in Australia. Watch it – it’s viral | Instant News

A man in Belgrave, Australia gave the meaning of “life in bubbles” a whole new meaning when he was seen walking back and forth on the road inside a giant, literally. Now, the video of this incident has reached social media and made hundreds of people laugh out loud. Chances are, after seeing the video you will join the laughter party too.

“Only in Belgrave! The man sings, ‘I’m a man in a bubble’! Thank you to this man for making us smile. This is a random act of kindness! “Facebook user Janine Rigby wrote while sharing a video.

The video shows exactly what the details are. This shows a man in a large bubble hanging around the side of the road when a car passes.

Since being distributed, he has collected more than 1.5 lakh views and nearly 700 reactions. The post has also collected around 2,000 comments and people did not hold back when sharing their reactions. From posting humorous comments to saying that videos make their day brighter, the comments section of the post is flooded with all kinds of reactions. While some others burst out laughing with loud emojis, some tagged others to show videos.

“I need to see this,” wrote a Facebook user. “I saw this man too,” wrote one indication they were present when the incident occurred. “This is very funny,” commented the third one.

“I don’t know the man, but I know now and when our Lockdown subsides, we will have a cup of tea together,” Rigby said. UNILAD. “That certainly makes me happy and as you can see from the statistics [Facebook reactions]”He has reached the hearts of many people throughout the world,” he added.

What do you think about that video?


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The First Game At NHL Bubble Looks And Sounds … Fantastic – CBS Boston | Instant News

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Hockey. Is. Back.

That is a development that sports fans really need – especially because MLB and NFL look a little floundering with their non-bubble plans. So with teams adjusting to their bubbles – the Eastern Conference in Toronto and the Western Conference in Edmonton – it’s finally time for fans to see real live hockey for the first time since March.

It began Tuesday afternoon with a game exhibition between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers. Though the game is more or less just a warm up for those games is it right count this weekend, the players take it quite seriously, knowing that they don’t have much time to catch up to the speed of the playoffs.

Exhibition games also give fans their first glimpse of what the game in the bubble is like on television. And if we’re honest, that’s … pretty good!

NHL covers the bottom of the Scotiabank Arena so that it feels less empty, while placing large video boards around the arena as well.

General view before the exhibition match between Penguins and Flyers. (Photo by Andre Ringuette / Freestyle Photos / Getty Images)

General view before the exhibition match between Penguins and Flyers. (Photo by Andre Ringuette / Freestyle Photos / Getty Images)

Between the benches, where Pierre McGuire and Brian Boucher stand to comment in their game, the NHL puts up bubbles inside the bubbles, to help limit person-to-person contact:

Broadcaster Brian Boucher makes an exhibition game between Penguins and Flyers. (Photo by Andre Ringuette / Freestyle Photos / Getty Images)

Matt Murray and Carter Hart speak in front of Brian Boucher NBC Sports. (Photo by Andre Ringuette / Freestyle Photos / Getty Images)

This game also displays an artificial crowd sound, which is very subtle during play, but comes perfectly and – dare I say – naturally for the first two goals of the game. Listen for yourself:

And the game itself? Of course, there are some rust that must be removed. But these people are kind.

Conor Sheary’s score against Carter Hart. (Photo by Andre Ringuette / Freestyle Photos / Getty Images)

Although no one really imitates the intense atmosphere of the playoff hockey, early returns show that … NHL fans will have no trouble enjoying this game. Must be different. But that’s … not bad. Not bad at all.

With zero positive tests throughout the league … and with carefully crafted bubbles … this has the potential to succeed. And based on the first look, it has the potential to be fantastic.


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