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Socialist Policies Can Help the United States During the Coronavirus Pandemic | Instant News

Coronavirus locking has caused the crisis of capitalism in a relatively short order. In removing a lot labor from the system – because people need to isolate themselves, requiring that, in most cases, stay at home from work – we find out how quickly the system will collapse without working people. The billionaire who we think of as a “job creator” has nothing but angry tweets to share with those who profit, and workers make lengthy observations of poor work without security precautions, and in depth some the case said, “Not, thank you. “

In the midst of this crisis, despite the election defeat of the Bernie Sanders campaign, many people are still fighting for policies that can be described as socialist or social democratic. Because it becomes clear that workers are what makes what we call “economics” work, they should not have a greater voice in How it goes? The demands made by workers today – including those who still work in “important” and dismissed positions – are for a more equitable distribution of jobs, care and resources in society, and for a world which, as the saying goes, places people above profit. In many cases, the proposed policy actually proves its usefulness in combating the virus and accompanying economic collapse, because the policy was adopted (or in some cases already) in countries around the world and even right here at home.

The most obvious are drugs that are socialized. While Medicare for All is the center of the Sanders and campaign American Democratic SocialistOrganizing is ongoing, and although it will certainly help now to have a system where everyone is included, this is not a system that is truly socialized, because those who work in health care will still be part of the private sector. A real national health care system – like Britain National Health Service – will be an integrated system where not only payment, but the provision of health care itself will be funded by the government. Doctors and nurses will become public servants, hospitals and clinics will be publicly owned, and everything will be funded by tax dollars, free at the point of service to anyone who needs it.

In fact, the US has one fully public system – health care provided by the Veterans Administration, or V.A. Phillip Longman, writer The Best Treatment Everywhere: Why VA Health Care Will Work Better for Everyone, explains that the public system has incentives to keep people good, and to prepare for crises rather than seeing unused beds or services as waste. While V.A. had been face some criticism to provide inadequate care, Longman said it relies on “evidence-based models that are not profit-oriented, which concern itself with all patients, the whole community, not just one part of the body at a time.” While V.A. have faced subtraction and efforts to privatize it in recent years, studies still Find out that it pays the same or better attention than the private sector.

When a pandemic spreads, doctors and other health care supporters experience it has been called to subsidize care for those with coronavirus – partly because in a pandemic, each of us is as healthy as our neighbors. If the neighbors are not tested or get help because they do not have insurance and are worried about costs (or undocumented and afraid to meet with a crackdown instead of caring), they continue to spread the virus. And in New York, the epicenter of the virus in the U.S., Governor Andrew Cuomo basically has socialized hospital operations, which a hospital administrator described ascut the crap * t. “


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6 Sustainable Fashion Items to Buy Now, Inspired by Mother’s Day at Arizona Muse Spring | Instant News

As a long time champion for environmental issues and sustainable fashion, Ton Goodman – legendary stylist, ex Mode fashion director, at this time Mode Sustainability editors – always my north star about what to buy, where to buy it, when to buy it, and how to use it. It doesn’t hurt that she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met and I idolize her personal style as I do her work for both Mode and our planet. With Point of View Tonne book came out last year, we think a fun way to talk about the future of fashion is to look back at some of Tonne’s greatest photoshoots Mode and breathe new life into appearance by spending it out sustainable brand. This is a celebration of eternity – good style forever like the basics of a good wardrobe – and we already know that Tonne’s edits will stand the test of time.


“I met Peter again [Lindbergh] for this shoot, with whom I spend a lot of time on Harper’s Bazaar, before coming to Mode. I think of him as a surrogate husband because we spend so much time together traveling and shooting, “Tonne said as we began our weekly call, remembering the photoshoot he and Peter refer to as” Manifest Destiny: Praising Arizona “for Vogue February 2011 edition. “It’s in the Mojave desert. We went to a simple house that has a beautiful angle, which gives a beautiful shadow to the picture. [Model] Arizona [Muse] new at the scene and he brought his son. I remember when Cole [Tonne’s son] born and I have one of Baby Bjorn’s slings, I’m like a kangaroo mother with a kangaroo baby, always tied up. “Like clockwork, I can hear Cole, Tonne’s son in the distance from our Zoom screen. They were quarantined together in New York and the time has just shown at 7 so both of them need a minute to clap together for the healthcare worker. Tonne returned and after seeing the photo again, he commented, “There is nothing as simple and honest as a mother and child, and that is what this photo gives you. This is a very authentic moment.” I was immediately struck by how perfect that sentiment in this matter Mother’s Day weekend. How perfect to celebrate several mothers in one photo this week: Tonne as the mother who helped bring this image to life, Muse as the mother shown, and – through the lens of this sustainable mode – Mother Earth.


The charismatic elements attached to this photo are reinforced by timeless fashion works created by Tonne together to create this look. As Tonne said, “This is really a very classic look, basically a sweater and skirt. Just add flowers and you have attractive clothes for spring, “Emily Holt wrote in the original Mode section in 2011, “As minimalist Revived in fashion, American sportswear – strong, pure, and clean – regained its position of power. “We have talked in this column about how this celebration is American sportswear is The extraordinary structuring power of Tonne and this image only serves to strengthen this point. Perfect cardigan, a flowers are just beautiful skirt. These are the pieces that make spring wardrobe then, now, and forever. Plus, Arizona himself is an environmental champion – he serves on the advisory board for Sustainable Angle, is the face of sustainable products and collaborates on more earth-friendly items with brands, and is now organizing a charity dedicated to helping climate change by capturing carbon through biodiversity farming. We hope this ongoing update on the 2011 display makes him proud.

Reformation was cut on a pack of ribbed wool blends

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Midiskirt Amur Odina


$ 348

$ 139

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This ballet-inspired cardigan, from the Reformation, is a classic outfit that is fit to be bought now and worn forever. Reform began with thinking about the planet, using inanimate materials and being revived from the start. This cardigan is specifically approved by bluesign®, which means that the Swiss organization bluesign® has certified that the production and materials used have been audited – from the factory to the final product – to ensure the highest levels of sustainability are adhered to. This bright-spirited flower skirt is made by the sustainable fashion brand AMUR, which is a line that leans toward certified organic products, natural fibers such as linen and flax, and reclamation materials from reuse cotton for respun waste products to textile fibers.

Lulu Frost’s 1980s vintage heart Dina charm

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This AGMES bracelet is inspired by Man Ray but we can’t help but be even more fascinated by the inclusion of this little hand Mother’s Day. Handmade in New York utilizes almost everything recycled material, AGMES is one of the favorite jewelry designers that we pay attention to right now. And, speaking of being blown away, this is sweet vintage the charm of Lulu Frost can be the perfect new addition to revive the jewelry you already have. Plus, it would be a great gift for Mom on Sunday.

Set of Mori chambray shirt and pants

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Hanna Andersson sweater knitwear with organic cotton

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Children’s clothing that is sustainable feels very appropriate. Providing the next generation of clothing that will serve them and their world going forward is the most important. MORI is a fully organic European children’s product that has a special soft cloth that helps encourage sleep, as this room is suitable for spring. They are also a brand that talks about the life cycle of their clothing sustainable source for a safe and fair factory with fewer packages to minimize the carbon footprint. Hanna Andersson is also a leader in organic and super durable lefty clothing. The Swedish brand has been a leader in sustainable children’s space for 30 years. These booties are very good gifts for new mothers or prospective mothers. Both MORI and Hanna Andersson took the extra step in the design process to make high quality, gender neutral clothing to encourage the use of hands and recycling. The future is highly thought out by these brands.


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Created in the 1980s, Laurie Simmons ‘False Modes’ Series Is Utently of This Moment | Instant News

Laurie Simmons, Roof, 1984.Photo: Laurie Simmons / Courtesy Salon 94

Implied in today’s catchphrase as “new normal” is the assumption of a codified standard of existence; the notion of reality as a known value or truth. The idea was wrong, of course. Life, like art, is slippery, tempting us to move on. Only a few people are more aware of this than the artist Laurie Simmons. Since 1976, he has continued to guard the audience with images that test surface boundaries and reality, truth and lies.

“Intelligence, successor, restraint – false is the operation [motive in my work] because I’m always alone in the studio who wants to create things in a world that I don’t have expertise, economic strength, [or] access to, “he said at a recent call before his virtual exhibition series” Fake Fashion “through Frieze Art Exhibition.

The photographer’s “Fake Fashion” series was created in the mid-1980s and grew out of an assignment to produce fashion photoshoots for BAM’s 1984 Next Wave Festival catalog. Simmons was so caught up in the project that he continued, replacing high fashion with lacy findings from the Broadway discount store. That fake in the title of the series, he said, by no means a comment about the banal allegations of fashion.

“I always have an unrepentant interest and an interest in and obsession with fashion,” Simmons admitted. Even so, clothing finally played a small role in the series. More than that, the work is fun training in role playing. “I think the photos are more about my desire to participate, to become a fashion photographer in a sense, which is something that is not offered to me,” said Simmons, who wears various “hat” loans behind the lens and in the development room. “I can enter as many as 50 backgrounds. Not that I decided this red dress fits the Western scene, “he explained.” I’ll look at the model and shoot, [but] the magic happens entirely in editing. And that makes me really feel like a fashion editor. It was like, ikirkan Think pink! ’”


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See How This Blogger Fashion Changes Florida Beach Houses in Their Unique Style | Instant News

While the mold of the last palm tree seashell motif is de rigueur in Sunshine State, blogger and fashion designer Blair Eadie prefers a style that is more inclined to Palm Springs than Palm Beach for its 1920s vacation in Sarasota, Florida. She and her husband Andrew seized a cottage-style vacation home three years ago, and have since completely changed the interior.

Think of clear black and white patterns, bold, saturated, and mid-century colors mixed with contemporary elements, all layered on top of what the couple called “nice bone, linear layout, and no lack of character. “And based on their character they mean the result of a series of previous renovations that made their ceilings so low in that part of the house that Andrew, who was six feet tall, couldn’t even stand up. It had dangerous cables inside the walls, three different roofs layered above each other, plus a master bedroom with a door leading to the kitchen and the smallest bathroom in the house.

BEFORE: Change is happening in Florida.

BEFORE: Construction began to raise the roof.

No problem. Located in a many flagsThis 1,900-square-foot house offers what feels like, for two Brooklyn residents, lots of privacy and space. And Blair and Andrew saw the potential in the floor plan, choosing to carry out a massive 18-month renovation that ultimately made them have four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and, in some places, ceilings as high as 5 feet higher.

The stretch that results from the continuous white walls and concrete floor – which feels long-meeting-new and also keeps the house cool – keeps the couple basically on a blank canvas. Blair, known as 1.6 million Instagram followers for his fashion aesthetics are instantly recognizable and very curated, then asking for help Havenly Shelby Girard’s design and creative VP to help translate the sensitivity of her clothing to the interior environment.

The final design concept from Havenly.

“The design must be fun, unexpected and full of personality, just like Blair’s wardrobe,” Shelby said. “You can have more fun and take greater risks with a second home, especially in destinations like Florida. There is a pervasive mentality and vacation mindset. “

To bring warmth to the contrast of concrete and white, Shelby added a Blue Ivy by Clare paint wall accents in the living room that attract the eye and help separate the space from the dining and sitting areas. With a pool located in the middle of the house, accessible by four sets of French doors, the walls reflect a hue like water, and two The Rove Chair Uterus Concept bring the tone to the sitting area.


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In the Era of Social Distance, One Model Rearranges Editorial Mode | Instant News

Photo: Special Daria Strokous, Federico Morgantini, and Anastasia Durasova

Given its background, Strokous is uniquely ready to handle the photoshoot. “It’s not every day you find a model with shelves, lights, and equipment,” he said. “I have an entire studio in my house. I have always loved photography and cameras, but because I study film, I also have everything you need to prepare. “After years of appearing in NARS advertisements, she can also follow Durasova’s beauty instructions.” Because I’ve worked with her a lot, I can observe her techniques, “she said.” I have all this makeup so she can say ‘go looking for blushing orgasms’ and I will get it! We go back and forth, applying everything and doing tests to improve the situation. “

By playing many parts, Strokous found himself gaining new insights about the creative process. “Usually, photographers are on the other side of the camera, and you can never feel their point of view and see what they see,” he said. “I can only see myself from one angle while they can move and see you from all sides – this is the opposite experience.” It helped that Strokous and Durosova had decades of friendship. The couple met when Strokous moved from Moscow to New York to begin his career. Morgantini is a new addition to the team, introduced through video chat. “It’s very natural to connect through FaceTime at this point when we’re all used to communicating like that,” Strokous said. “I want to know how it will turn out when we finally meet because we haven’t had the chance to talk directly.”

Photo: Special Daria Strokous, Federico Morgantini, and Anastasia Durasova

Apart from great distances, this group has been able to create beautiful images and use their talents during a time when many people found it difficult to make art. This outlet proved to be very refreshing for Strokous, who eventually wanted to expand the project to include a stylist and runway look. “That’s my next step,” he said, noting that current residence orders have made the source of clothing for shoots almost impossible. “Many brands are produced in Italy and China, plus showrooms in New York, and Paris are closed.” Even so, Strokous would rather be productive than sit at home to rewatch Transmission on Netflix. “This is an extraordinary film, and Steven Soderbergh is so proficient, but I cannot understand the logic of watching with everything that happens,” he said. “Right now, I need to see something inspiring.”

Photo: Special Daria Strokous, Federico Morgantini, and Anastasia Durasova


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