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Kiwi cruise companies are looking for adventure guides for Antarctic trips | Instant News


Kiwi lovers and hikers alike can take this opportunity to visit Antarctica. Photo / Provided, K Ovsyanikova

For adventurers and nature lovers, this can be a dream summer job. A New Zealand cruise company is looking for an outdoor expedition leader to join them on a special Kiwi journey on the most distant Sub-Antarctic islands.

After being granted permission to sail New Zealand’s sole season, cruise company Heritage Expeditions is looking for crew and guides to join them from Fiordland to the Auckland Islands this summer.

“We are looking for extraordinary individuals who have a passion for New Zealand, its wildlife and its stories,” said commercial director and expedition leader Aaron Russ.
Applicants will need a sense of adventure and be able to balance multiple responsibilities on Spirit of Enderby’s 50-passenger icebreaker.

“The oceans can be very temperamental – you have to be able to think, and stay on your feet,” explains Aaron. But for those who can afford it, this could be your ticket to one of the most interesting and difficult to reach places on the planet: Antarctica.

Enderby will set sail with a week-long itinerary around Stewart Island and a 13-day trip to the Subantarctic Islands before embarking on a guest expedition to New Zealand’s claim to Antarctica at the Ross Dependency.

Spirit of Enderby has been granted special permission for the New Zealand Antarctic season.  Photo / Awarded, T Bickford
Spirit of Enderby has been granted special permission for the New Zealand Antarctic season. Photo / Awarded, T Bickford

The company says knowledge of the area’s history, flora and fauna would be a plus, but it would be suitable for anyone on research, hospitality or adventure travel who is looking for a challenge.

“We are looking for extraordinary individuals who have a passion for New Zealand, its wildlife and its story,” said Aaron.

“New Zealanders are renowned for providing the next level of service with a smile when under pressure, and this is an excellent opportunity to tap into some of the local talent who may be looking for an exciting career change.”

For more information or to submit an application, the company can be contacted via [email protected]

Last month the Spirit of Enderby also known as Professor Khromov was granted entry to New Zealand. The ice-fortified research ship and its Russian crew were trapped outside New Zealand waters by the country’s shipping ban until it was granted a special exemption for the Kiwi-only season to the Southern Ocean.

Now considering the trip, Aaron says this southern itinerary will appeal to Kiwis who have “their wings cut by Covid”, want to “mark that wish list adventure and explore the furthest reaches of our amazing backyard.”

After a 14-day quarantine period, 22 Russian crew members have started their 29-day voyage to Bluff.

For more New Zealand travel ideas and inspiration, visit newzealand.com

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US Election: American families receive good news from Immigration NZ on election day | Instant News

An American family was overjoyed to receive final confirmation that they were allowed to move to New Zealand – and the news came right on the day of the most controversial election in US history.

The Shelton family, from eastern North Carolina, were watching election coverage when Dad decided to check his email.

In his inbox was the news they had been waiting for for over a year: they would finally be able to move to New Zealand.

“Like a beacon of hope in the midst of a raging storm, there is: an email from INZ saying our entry visas were approved, and we were finally able – after nearly two years in the process – to book quarantine hotels and plane tickets,” said the mother of six from North Carolina, Vallere Shelton.

Vallere and her husband PG will move to New Zealand in the new year, along with their children, Ian, nearly 15, Zollie, 13, Ceirdwyn, 10, Eowyn, 8, Micah, 6, and Rohan, 3.

The Shelton family is looking forward to a new start in New Zealand.  Photo / Provided
The Shelton family is looking forward to a new start in New Zealand. Photo / Provided

The family, who spent a year living in New Zealand in 2011/2012, started the process of returning to New Zealand in April last year, submitting job applications.

PG is a child and adolescent psychiatrist – a critical deprivation area – and signed a contract with DHB Midcentral in June last year, but a number of medical setbacks delayed the move, which has been further affected by the pandemic.

With fond memories of their time at Whanganui in 2011, American families now look forward to settling down in Palmerston North, after what had been a rollercoaster of recent years in the US.

“We have been approving resident visas for months, but Covid is causing all kinds of additional bureaucracy and it is very provoking the anxiety that is in limbo; initially, my husband’s start date was in August, so we have spent nearly half a year not knowing his work situation. comes December, “explained Varelle.

“The last few months have been very difficult. Very stressful, my husband and I were exposed to Covid-19 during a visit to the doctor to get our medical examination for a visitor visa to get permission to order MIQ – don’t worry! We have tested positive for antibodies now – we can’t yet. visiting family like we wanted to do before we left because of Covid. Just a lot, “he added.

When Covid-19 hit New Zealand and NZ Immigration was closed during the lockdown, the family was going through the process of getting their New Zealand residence visas sorted.

“We have two children with endocrine problems, and one of them was flagged by the medical, so we have to go through an appeal process, which is also quite long. Then Covid happened, and INZ closed and called back all of its staff from the US. We were finally approved for our residency visas in July 2020, “explained Varelle.

“We can’t just send our passports to the embassy for viewing, so to actually enter NZ, we have to apply for a special exempt visitor visa. Again, my child is marked for a medical examination, and we have to get another medical checkup. for him for a visit visa. During the trip to the doctor, my husband and I contracted Covid. “

The virus is “rough enough.”

“For me, the worst part is the severe headache and extreme fatigue. My husband has higher fever and fatigue as well. We try to stay in our room away from the kids, and luckily, our older kids remain. running the house. We were sick for two full weeks, and then slowly regained our strength. Right at the end of our quarantine period, our 3 year old son fell ill. Thankfully, the only symptom was going to bed and going to bed early. “

Even if they don’t catch the virus, Covid-19 has disrupted their lives more than anyone would want.

Varelle’s husband moved to more telemedicine appointments and, whenever she had to see colleagues or patients, she had to wear full PPE and maintain social distancing.

The lockdown also undermined Sheltons’ plans to spend more time with their extended family and friends in 2020, before moving to New Zealand. Suddenly, they couldn’t say the goodbye they thought they could say.

“For me, as a housewife, we just stay at home. We can’t have a play group or go to the park. Knowing that we are moving abroad, we have planned to spend most of 2020 visiting family and friends., and that was impossible. It made it more difficult for our family to know we were leaving, and not to be able to spend time with us and the children as they wanted. They also knew that they couldn’t just come visit us in NZ like the last time we over there, “said Varelle.

Joe Biden promised to come up with a plan for America to tackle the coronavirus and save lives. Political video / ABC News

In addition, they know many people who have contracted the virus. “We have several extended family members with it, and a number of friends and acquaintances. Most have recovered, but there are some who still have persistent symptoms.”

New Zealand’s handling of the pandemic is helping to strengthen their options for moving.

According to Varelle, New Zealand has always had a good reputation where her family lives, but the handling of the pandemic in the country has people talking about it more. “I would say that most people around here are holding on to NZ a little bit as a pedestal for your pandemic control,” he said.

Bush walks, gimmicks, and L&P

Fully recovered and with residency visas in hand, the countdown begins and families look forward to a fresh start in New Zealand.

Judging by the number of Google searches for “How to move to NZ” coming from US-based internet users, Sheltons is not alone in expecting a fresh start in the country.

Yesterday, election day in the US, Google saw a spike in searches from people wanting to know more about it.

A screenshot on Google Trends captures an increase in Google search.  Photos / Google
A screenshot on Google Trends captures an increase in Google search. Photos / Google

Shelton’s children had mixed feelings about the move. They are happy with New Zealand but also said to leave family and friends behind.

“We are grateful for the technology, so they can still video chat with loved ones at home. The pandemic has given us a lot of practice with it,” said the mother.

As for their other family members and friends, they were mostly “sad, but supportive.” “Almost all of our friends have expressed jealousy and are very happy for us,” said Vallere.

They’re looking forward to New Zealand’s “amazing green hills” – but also a few scoops of hokey pokey ice cream and L&P flavors.

“My older kids, who have vague memories of NZ, want to go back to Te Papa to see the giant squid and they have told all the younger children how much fun it is to play in Kowhai Park in Whanganui. My husband and I I’m both looking forward to all the outdoor activities that NZ has to offer – spending time walking with the family and exploring the beautiful bush walks. She also misses the teamwork on her job in New Zealand. “

2021 will be a sure new beginning for families, from North Carolina to Palmerston North.

“Congratulations, New Zealand,” Vallere concluded. They have quite a lot of work to do.


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Surfing: New Zealand will build a wave park with Wavegarden cove technology | Instant News


American company Aventuur has been granted permission to develop a wave park in Auckland, using world-renowned technology developed by the Spanish company Wavegarden. Video / Wavegarden

The next generation of competitive surfers will soon have new assets to hone their skills on, with a wave park set to be built in New Zealand in the coming years.

American company Aventuur has been granted permission to develop a wave park in Auckland, using world-renowned technology developed by the Spanish company Wavegarden.

Wavegarden Bay is arguably the best wave park on the market, with a system capable of producing up to 1000 waves per hour, with as many as 90 people waiting in line at a time. In comparison, the system at Kelly Slater Surf Farm in California can only produce one wave every four minutes.

Wavegarden cove technology is readily available for surfing in parks in South Korea, Wales, Bristol and Melbourne. Andrew Ross is the man behind Melbourne park development and has since joined Aventuur to help make it happen in Auckland.

URBNSURF in Melbourne opened for business in January this year.  Photo / Getty Images
URBNSURF in Melbourne opened for business in January this year. Photo / Getty Images

Ross said, having experienced it myself, there is room for man-made waves and natural breaks to coexist.

“There’s a purist element that says surfing can only be done in the ocean. But having made it now – I think I have about 3500 waves; most of the barrels on the left – it’s just incredible,” Ross said.

“The ocean has many challenges; there are sharks and shredded sharks and an aggressive surfing culture in most places. To provide a relatively safe and controlled man-made environment, people can accelerate very quickly. We have people in the lagoon in Melbourne who haven’t yet. never surfed before surfing the intermediate waves in just a few weeks because the progress is so fast.you get so many waves under your feet and learn as you go along.

“If everyone were surfers, the world would be a better place. That’s where we come from.”

With a location for the wave park still being sought, it will likely take two to three years before it is ready to operate, although Ross said the construction itself would not take too long and would take anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

Kelly Slater Surf Farm produces one wave every four minutes.  Each wave lasts one minute.  Photo / WSL
Kelly Slater Surf Farm produces one wave every four minutes. Each wave lasts one minute. Photo / WSL

Aventuur Kiwi co-founder Richard Duff said that they are currently in the process of securing a site for the park and have not had discussions with the local Government about the project, but will go further.

“There are a number of factors in site selection that are important. Ultimately, you’re never going to find a site nirvana, so it’s just about understanding what you’re looking for; and I think that’s a lot of the work we’ve been doing over the course of Covid to really understand the Auckland dynamics. from a geotechnical perspective, how much does land cost etc., and who owns the land.

“There are some sites that we look at, but we don’t have the freedom to go any further than that.

“What we believe, and we’ve seen this around the world now that Melbourne has been built, Korea has been built, Bristol has been built, we have something to talk about the benefits of community and the positive elements of what it will bring.”


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Swiss ONZA Tire Releases New EU-Made Tube and Its Strongest Gravity Tread to Date is Called Porcupine RC | Instant News

Are you tired of sifting through alphabet soup pages to find the right tire version for your road? Apparently, the guys at ONZA Tires in Switzerland are too, and they’re starting their newest footprint with just one choice.

That RC hedgehog roughly mimics the tread pattern of the brand’s historical Hedgehog models, adding higher space between the knobs for shedding mud, and reinforced shoulder treads for added grip. It’s only available in 29 × 2.5 ″ sizes, with one hefty 1200g gravity case and one soft tread compound for maximum grip, with brown sidewalls. No options required.

ONZA says the Porcupine RC is their most aggressive tread, with wide-spaced lugs that look a bit shy about their mud-like stature. The middle rubber compound measures a fairly soft 50a on the durometer, while the shoulder knob grip is even stickier at the reported 45a. The shoulder lugs are supported by a pair of pillars to prevent wriggling during heavy compression.

The 120 TPI single-ply case is supported by a two-layer reinforcing layer and a pair of nylon bead protectors. This brown-walled tubeless folder is ONZA’s answer to enduro, DH, and e-bike applications.

Pick up a set of Porcupine RC tires at your local ONZA dealer for € / $ 70.90.

The 47 mm long valve stem must correspond to nearly all the depths of the MTB rim.

ONZA has also moved their tube production to the EU for the purposes of quality control, shorter waiting times, reduced environmental impact, and to support domestic workers and businesses. The tubes have two different thicknesses, and all three wheel diameters. Heavier SA3 the tube weight is reported to be 200g in size 29 ″, which is light SA2 the balloon weighs about 160g.

The SA3 mountain bike tube retails for € 7.90, and the lighter SA2 is € 10.90.


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7 of the best places to walk your dog in New Zealand | Instant News

Worldwide, pet-focused travel is on the rise. In 2020, the American Pet Products Association found that 45 percent of dog owners take their pets with them when they are away for at least two nights – a significant increase from a decade ago. Kiwi pet owners are not immune to this trend, with an increasing number of hotels offering Fido-friendly accommodations.

Traveling with your pet allows you to explore your destination through a whole new lens – and arguably, this is best done by taking a walk with your nice boy or girl. But what exactly makes a dog run perfectly?

According to new research released by TUX, it’s a careful combination of length, distance and location. In August this year, the pet food brand conducted a survey of hundreds of dog walkers across the country. This determines that the ideal walk is one hour and 3 km, and takes place in a park or beach. However, we argue that the best walks also attract travelers to the unique ecology or history of an area.

Regardless of where you head with your canine friend this summer, there’s sure to be a track that fits the bill. Here are seven of them.

A walk along the banks of the Mahurangi River will take you back in time when waterways were the lifeblood of the area. A highlight of this ropes-free trip are the ruins of the Wilson Cement Works, where relics of early 20th century plants sit beside a mining lake.

Of course, if you happen to be in the area on a Saturday morning, don’t miss the Matakana Farmers Market. It is off-limits for dogs, but near the entrance you will find a unique puppy daycare, where pets can relax in the shade to earn donations of gold coins.

This local favorite is sometimes referred to as the Redwoods dog park, but you’ll see dozens of different trees here – Scion is a forestry research zone, where new tree species are being tested. Dogs are welcome to roam freely over large areas, but if you prefer walking on leash the Redwoods across the street allow dogs too.

Whichever park you choose, after your adventure, drive to the dog-friendly Secret Spot Hot Tubs nearby for some well-deserved beer and “shinny” dip.

It can feel a little inconvenient to include a beach on this list, given that much of New Zealand’s coastline is dog paradise (except for bird nesting and restricted areas, of course). But we’ll make some respite for New Plymouth’s popular Back Beach, with its black sand and pretty offshore islands.

More space for ball throwing and dog rowing, this isn’t the longest walk to be had. But you can extend the sightseeing by continuing on the nearby Herekawe Street.

A wide off-leash trail along the Miramar Peninsula, the Maupuia Walkway has some of the best ocean views Wellington has to offer. It is less than 1 km long, but can be transformed into a longer and more heart-pumping ride by taking the down and up links from Shelly Bay.

Victoria Park, high up in the Port Hills, tends to get all the splendor of Garden City. Fair enough: This is probably one of the most beautiful dog parks in the country, with views across the Canterbury Plains to the Southern Alps. It’s also one that most definitely impresses visitors, with countless trails to explore.

However, those in the know head to Groynes. Tucked away just off the highway northeast of the airport, this gated park features a large cross-country area, a river for swimming and a variety of agility trails.

Formerly an old public road, the 2km Karetai Line climbs about 200m uphill, offering unrivaled views of the rugged cliffs of the Otago Peninsula. You can also take this trail to access Smaills Beach, the perfect place to cool off after a long walk.

While most owners prefer to take their dogs on leash walks, we’d be remiss not to include these high mountain trails that require guidance.

This 90-minute trek starts at the Remarkables ski resort and continues its hike through mountainous wetlands to above glacial lakes. There is a $ 10 fee to access the ski trails, but the resulting views make it one of the trails that Queenstown dog owners have rated most highly.

This summer, take your best friend on the road. Sunday Travel has teamed up with Canopy Camping and Tux to create the ultimate gift for dog owners – $ 900 for a stay at one of Canopy Camping’s unique dog-friendly glamping sites, $ 600 off your travel expenses, and Tux’s worth of a year of dog food, worth a total of $ 1989.65.

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