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All the thieves have banded together to save corruption: Shahbaz Gill – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in December 16, 2020 12:17

Shahbaz Gill said the opposition had no agenda, they just wanted an NRO.

PESHAWAR (Dunya News) – Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Communication Dr. Shahbaz Gill said the former ruler did nothing but plunder the country and all the thieves had now banded together to save their corruption but they would not get the NRO this time.

Shahbaz Gill held a press conference on Wednesday together with Special Assistant to Chief Information Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Kamran Bangash and condemned the statements given by Fazal-ur-Rehman and Mahmood Khan Achakzai.

“Fazal-ur-Rehman uses words which are inappropriate for Pashtun and Mahmood Achakzai to hurt the feelings of Punjab people in Punjab. Prime Minister Imran Khan has said before that all thieves will unite when action will be taken against them.

“The opposition doesn’t have an agenda, they just want an NRO and are disappointed that they didn’t get an agenda. Seventy percent of the members of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) are sugar thieves.

“The opposition wants to overthrow the government by spreading the coronavirus pandemic in the first wave and by destroying the economy in the second wave. The economy continues to rise despite COVID-19. “

Speaking of the Army Public School (APS) attack martyrs, Dr. Shahbaz Gill said that nation can never forget this day and all martyrs. Days like these change the destiny of the nation, he said, adding that the sacrifices of the martyrs can never be forgotten. The APS incident unites the nation, he added.


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‘Robin Hood’ hit Brazil, leaving cash on the streets after the bank heist | Instant News

A group of thieves in Brazil are compared to Robin Hood and his Merry Men after leaving banknotes scattered about after two bank heists in Criciúma and Cametá.

Last week, 30 thieves armed in large vehicles stormed Criciúma and blocked main road access and surrounded the police station, while others fled with loot from the bank, Yahoo News reported. Two people were injured, a police officer.

However, the people were careful not to injure civilians.

“I saw people outside, they were shouting: ‘stay away from the window, we don’t want to kill anyone,'” said a resident of the news site.

After that, the streets were filled with banknotes and locals rushed out to get as much as they could carry, Yahoo reported.

An almost identical robbery took place a day later across the country in the city of Cametá – in which a hostage was killed.

It is thought that the robbery, which closely resembles the wave of robberies that swept the country recently, was orchestrated by the Capital’s First Command (PCC), South America’s largest drug cartel.

“Think of the cost of committing a crime like this and repeat it 24 hours later on the other side of Brazil,” federal judge Ivana David told Yahoo. “You need money, cars, safe houses, guns, explosives – all of this is very expensive. They left with a truck full of money.


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A group of thieves regret breaking into Karachi’s house, locals set an example | Instant News

KARACHI: A group of thieves allegedly broke into a Nazimabad house on Thursday for a robbery that was intercepted by a householder screaming for help, ARY News reported.

According to a report compiled by ARY News at the event, six buglars who were suspected of coordinating a robbery at a house were cornered by local residents after residents raised their alert and gathered help.

Local residents crowded around the victim’s house after hue and crying caught their attention and when the thieves came out, they ambushed them.

While two of them managed to escape, the other four suspected thieves were caught by the locals they attacked until the Police arrived at the scene.

The police found four thieves from the local population and detained them for further legal proceedings.

With that Upon arrival of the police, the local population withdrew and allowed the personnel to come take lead and detain the suspect and whatever the suspect has




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10 stolen cars, buyers of stolen vehicles were detained | Instant News

Anti-Vehicle Lift Cells of Karachi police on Friday arrested 10 suspects suspected of being involved in car theft and buying stolen vehicles in Karachi, Punjab and Balochistan.

According to an AVLC spokesman, they arrested 10 suspects and found 13 stolen cars, two hand grenades and three handguns from their possession. He said the suspect, Shehzad alias Fakharuddin Mundarani, was the most wanted buyer of Balochistan’s stolen car. He has been involved in nearly 40 cases of car theft. Fake CNIC was found on him.

The other suspects were involved in purchasing the stolen and stolen vehicle and supplying vandals to block the tracking signals installed on the vehicles. Case has been registered.

The fisherman was saved

Pakistan’s Maritime Security Agency on Friday rescued 16 fishermen who were stranded after their boat got stuck at sea. According to a PMSA spokesman, the ship was 95 nautical miles from Gwadar where it had stalled due to engine failure.

Getting information through the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, the PMSA patrol boat was tasked with rescuing stranded fishermen, he added. The security forces then traced the Safina Haji al-Murtaza ship and transferred the 16 fishermen to Gwadar.


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Thieves stole over $ 500 worth of food, snacks from CARE Animal Rescue | Instant News

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – CARE Animal Rescue had over $ 500 worth of food and snacks stolen from adoption centers on October 30.

Rescue has 24 hour video surveillance. Last Friday, their cameras showed two people breaking into a warehouse behind the building. After the organization posted the video on social media, they informed KY3 that the community had helped them track down the thief.

Recorded on camera, CARE Animal Rescue shares a video with KY3 which shows thieves breaking into a warehouse.

“He reached in and got some bolt cutters and that’s when he unlocked and then started dropping some of our dog food bags onto his truck, and then they pulled away,” said Rob Hardy, CARE’s communications manager.

Hardy said within about two minutes the people in the video stole hundreds of dollars’ worth of food and treats from the organization.

“Five or six big bags of dog food and treats are a little more expensive,” said Hardy. “And he just picked up the bag we had full of food and that too was taken.”

This is not the first time CARE has been attacked, and losing supplies during the pandemic has been difficult.

“When things that were given to us were taken from us it really put a damper on the day,” said Hardy.

The video shows a truck filled with towed goods.

“We’ve been able to replace stolen food, including we recently had a Monster Ball event and McGee’s they came with a truckload of food that was raised at the event,” he said. “So we’re back in a great place, but we’re very grateful. thanks for the support we’ve seen. “

That support goes beyond simply replacing stolen items. Hardy said CARE did file a police report, followed by posting the video on rescuers’ Facebook page.

“Our Facebook followers can identify thieves and they really know where they live, so they are very helpful in the investigation,” said Hardy.

He said some of the stolen food was found, but most of it was still missing.

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