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The leaders of Germany, France discussed climate policy with Xi’s statement from China | Instant News

German and French leaders welcomed Beijing’s goal of achieving climate neutrality in carbon dioxide emissions by 2060 in a videoconference with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday, according to a statement.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and Xi used the meeting to exchange their views on climate protection ahead of a virtual climate summit to be held by the United States on April 22 and 23, the chancellor said in Berlin.

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Southwest demonstrates its ability to win a ‘unique game’ in its HAC Tournament win over Southeast | Middle School Baseball | Instant News

Instead, Blake Avila made her university debut. The sophomore allowed all four of Southwest’s strokes in the fifth inning and was responsible for the final three strokes that settled the score 7-4.

“We threw him in a really tough situation there,” said Southeast Montana coach Jones. “That’s one of those things where, would you rather throw it over the cliff now or throw it away in three weeks?”

It was another disappointing defeat for a Southeast side who appeared to have too much talent to be around .500. Jones says traveling has been the team’s weakness throughout the season, and if it weren’t for the five roads that Knights put out Thursday they might still be in the HAC Tournament. Instead, it was back on the drawing board as they entered the final stretch of the season.

“We just have to keep competing and growing on the mounds and not giving free passes at basepath,” said Jones. “Once we figure it out on the mound, I think we’ll have a chance to be very good.”

Southwest starting pitcher Andrew Bohrer did well in his five innings work, but Jordan Smith grabbed the win when he hit four bats and allowed only one shot in the last two innings of the game.

“He came and enjoyed that relieving role and did well for us,” said Vernon. “He goes up there and we will do our best, so I appreciate that about Jordan.”


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Prince Philip: More details on New Zealand’s anniversary due today, as tributes continue | Instant News

Buckingham Palace has confirmed Prince Harry will attend Prince Philip’s funeral but pregnant Meghan Markle has been advised by her doctor not to attend. Video / Nine Networks

Further details on New Zealand’s memorial service for the late Prince Philip will be released this afternoon.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed that she will meet with Cabinet this afternoon to discuss the service – which will be held after the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral in England on Saturday, local time.

Speaking on the AM Show this morning, he paid tribute to a man he called an extraordinary person.

Although Ardern had never met her, he acknowledged his relationship with Queen Elizabeth II and said: “I can only imagine that it creates an enormous sense of loss.”

Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy also paid tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh; called her the pioneer of her time, in her role as a supporter of women leaders.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip during their visit to New Zealand in 1977.Photo / Serge Lemoine Getty Images
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip during their visit to New Zealand in 1977.Photo / Serge Lemoine Getty Images

“I think this is an opportunity for us to remember how unique he is,” he said on tvNZ’s Breakfast show.

He said he had taken “two literal steps behind his wife” his entire life, but with a good sense of wit and humor.

Dame Patsy also shared some hilarious anecdotes about the Duke after meeting him and the Queen at a special lunch with her own husband, Sir David Gascoigne, in 2016.

Prince Philip’s wit and humor

“He’s a real person. Frankly, I don’t know what to expect.”

But he needn’t have worried.

“She was so charming. She was engaged to us (and) because between the two of them, it was a very equal engagement at lunch.”

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh say goodbye before boarding the Boeing 777 at Auckland International Airport in 2002.Photo / Paul Estcourt
Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh say goodbye before boarding the Boeing 777 at Auckland International Airport in 2002.Photo / Paul Estcourt

Dame Patsy then shared how she reacted when she found out that she and her husband are vegetarians.

“He said: ‘Oh, so I saw that you are vegetarian. Why is that?’ So we explained that it was a health choice and we were concerned about the planet, “he said.

“And he said: ‘Then you will get along well with my eldest son, then’.”

He then told them that one of his sisters was vegetarian and pointed out that he was crazy, he laughed.

Dame Patsy said that although it was a sad time, it was the perfect time to remember the life of service led by the Duke.


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The romantic stories of New Zealand Bachelor and Bachelor contestants unfold | Instant News

I mean … LOOK at those smiles of love! Video / TVNZ

I’m not going to ramble on here because you’ve suffered enough – so let me kick off this “After Party” recap by saying, Shivani and Paul are the cutest couple I have ever seen.

And now that I’ve dropped the bomb, let’s discuss it.

Shivani and Paul walked out into the mansion’s grounds together and at once my partner’s radar buzzed. Apparently so is Art’s eye candy because she pulled the suspicious happy couple over for a chat and that’s when the treasure chest of love is FINALLY opened, folks.

Love is in the air, and the two are nowhere to be found.
Love is in the air, and the two are nowhere to be found.

“I heard through the grapevine that you guys have been hanging out.” Art started the conversation and immediately the two lovebirds started giggling like teenagers in an attempt to make my heart burst.

“We were just hanging out for a bit,” Paul said into the confession camera, but the blush on his cheeks revealed all the secrets he wanted to hide.

So how did this happen, you may ask? Remember when Paul taught Bachelorettes how to barbecue? Yes so, Shivani was sent home that night and by the magic of the universe, the two sat together on the plane where their affection took off (got it?).

Sounds a bit like a Hollywood rom-com but I LOVE IT and while the two haven’t confirmed their bf / gf status yet, it doesn’t seem like their love bubble is going to burst anytime soon.

In other After Party news, Annie cries feeling like an outsider and even her OG bully girl Lydia is hesitant about it. Ouch. Maybe Nikki was right when she said, “catch that guy, get rid of the girls.” Or in Annie’s case, losing men and women.

Vaz took off his shirt a million times then complained about being recognized as the man who took off his shirt – that line is obsolete the first time you say it, Vaz. Move over.

But all attention is turned away from a shirtless figure when Nikki – an eager cupid, drags him and Georgia away to chat in a love corner. That didn’t go well, obviously, because Vaz later informed the confession cameras that he was going to sneak into DM Negin.

* Eye roll * There’s nothing I can say about that.

Devaney decides his history – and his current feelings – because Vaz needs to know and he won’t leave her alone, which of course means he doesn’t want a bar for her because men never want what they can have.

Trust Dev, he is not the one who escapes.
Trust Dev, he is not the one who escapes.

Vaz walked away from him and the wise Lexie said what every best friend said to him when he was drunk at least once, “Devaney, you have to stop it. You have to stop it.” Thank God for Lexie.

And to cut this short, since not much happened, Chanel and Moses went for a walk where Chanel asked why Moses didn’t tell her she liked him.

Moses, the boy who hesitated, broke his heart a second time by saying “honestly, at that moment, I didn’t know how I felt about you.”

Ughhhhhhhhh really Moses?

But that doesn’t bother Chanel too much as it turns out that this cheerful gem of a woman has found herself a man.

“I deserve someone to tell me every day that I am right for them and I have them. I became a man and I was very happy.”

Cheers ladies!
Cheers ladies!

Cheers for it my queen and cheers for the end of another Bachelor / Bachelor season.


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Farewell New Zealand Scholar: Moses Mackay and Annie Theis confirm separation | Instant News

The winning pair of this season’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Photo / Provided

They seem to have found love on a reality TV show, but Bachelor winner Annie Theis and Moses Mackay have split.

During tonight’s Bachelor and Bachelors show on tvNZ 2, it was revealed that the couple couldn’t make it outside of the show.

But it’s not all bad news for Singles fans, with Lexi Brown and Hamish Boyt revealing they’re still very close.

So what’s wrong with our Bachelor partner? Is the “real world” pressure too great to allow their new love to flourish? Or is the updated, faster Bachelor format a recipe for disaster?

This is where former Bachelor’s and Single spouses stand now:

Moses Mackay and Annie Theis

For Mackay and Theis, their relationship status may have been teased, by never posting on social media about the other after the show was over.

Speculation also became exaggerated when TVNZ 2 stopped tagging Theis on Instagram photos featuring all the women on the show, despite having previously done so, leading some to believe things went badly after filming was over.

While the chemistry between the Bachelor and the intruder show is undeniable on screen, Mackay tonight shared the news that they are now “just friends”.

He also revealed that they initially tried to get him to work with Mackay to fly to visit Theis and his family, before things came to a halt.

Theis later shared that, “being on the show was really a bubble” and suggested she should be allowed to ask the question “how do we do this in real life?”

Last week the Herald also revealed that concert goers and The Bachelor NZ fans were taken aback when Sol3 Mio’s bandmate Moses Mackay ruined the end of the reality dating show.

Speaking to the audience between songs at their Auckland concert, Pene Pati asked the audience: “Do we have someone here on a date? I’ll meet you as a wingman here, now. Nothing?

And his bandmates continue to tease that Amitai Pati and Mackay are both single – indicating that the bachelor is no longer with the contestant he chose.

“As for the people at home, they are both single,” Pene said and pointed to Amitai Pati and Mackay.

Lexie Brown and Hamish Boyt

Single Couples sparked speculation of a split after their social media accounts were recently removed from any evidence about them being a couple.

The show ended in March, and the couple started their relationship shortly after the show ended. Brown had to choose between Boyt and Australian scholar Todd Dialectos.

During the special event, Brown confirmed that the couple was still together and had spent their time fishing and traveling around the country.

Brown even revealed that the couple planned to move together to Mount Maunganui.

Speaking to the Herald after the season ended, Brown said the couple got to know each other beyond the confines of reality shows.

“It’s a time of pretty fast growth in a situation like ours. You’re out of the show and you don’t really know each other,” Brown said the morning after the final screening of the film.

She also touched on the potential challenges of letting go of the relationship, but was confident she could succeed with Boyt.

“You hear stories, and you can understand how people broke up the day after the last rose ceremony because you really don’t know anyone. I guess the first 24 hours can be really hard, depending on who you choose.”

And the show’s conclusion gives little reason to believe the couple won’t stay together. Boyt impresses the Brown family and his mother claims he loves Hamish during home visits.

Maternal consent is clearly key in helping their relationship develop in the outside world.

Past goodbyes

This is not the first time the franchise couple has split, in fact, there has been no success for the couples participating in the reality show.

The Bachelorette season 2019 saw Lesina Nakhid-Schuster leave the show without choosing anyone. But Lily McManus found love with clothing designer Richie Boyens.

In 2017, Zac Franich and Viarni Bright announced that they were quitting after six months together.

In 2016, then-graduate Jordan Mauger broke with contestant Fleur Verhoeven just 72 hours after he was crowned the winner of the show.

Art and Matilda Rice, the first couple of the NZ franchise stay together.


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