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The romantic stories of New Zealand Bachelor and Bachelor contestants unfold | Instant News

I mean … LOOK at those smiles of love! Video / TVNZ

I’m not going to ramble on here because you’ve suffered enough – so let me kick off this “After Party” recap by saying, Shivani and Paul are the cutest couple I have ever seen.

And now that I’ve dropped the bomb, let’s discuss it.

Shivani and Paul walked out into the mansion’s grounds together and at once my partner’s radar buzzed. Apparently so is Art’s eye candy because she pulled the suspicious happy couple over for a chat and that’s when the treasure chest of love is FINALLY opened, folks.

Love is in the air, and the two are nowhere to be found.
Love is in the air, and the two are nowhere to be found.

“I heard through the grapevine that you guys have been hanging out.” Art started the conversation and immediately the two lovebirds started giggling like teenagers in an attempt to make my heart burst.

“We were just hanging out for a bit,” Paul said into the confession camera, but the blush on his cheeks revealed all the secrets he wanted to hide.

So how did this happen, you may ask? Remember when Paul taught Bachelorettes how to barbecue? Yes so, Shivani was sent home that night and by the magic of the universe, the two sat together on the plane where their affection took off (got it?).

Sounds a bit like a Hollywood rom-com but I LOVE IT and while the two haven’t confirmed their bf / gf status yet, it doesn’t seem like their love bubble is going to burst anytime soon.

In other After Party news, Annie cries feeling like an outsider and even her OG bully girl Lydia is hesitant about it. Ouch. Maybe Nikki was right when she said, “catch that guy, get rid of the girls.” Or in Annie’s case, losing men and women.

Vaz took off his shirt a million times then complained about being recognized as the man who took off his shirt – that line is obsolete the first time you say it, Vaz. Move over.

But all attention is turned away from a shirtless figure when Nikki – an eager cupid, drags him and Georgia away to chat in a love corner. That didn’t go well, obviously, because Vaz later informed the confession cameras that he was going to sneak into DM Negin.

* Eye roll * There’s nothing I can say about that.

Devaney decides his history – and his current feelings – because Vaz needs to know and he won’t leave her alone, which of course means he doesn’t want a bar for her because men never want what they can have.

Trust Dev, he is not the one who escapes.
Trust Dev, he is not the one who escapes.

Vaz walked away from him and the wise Lexie said what every best friend said to him when he was drunk at least once, “Devaney, you have to stop it. You have to stop it.” Thank God for Lexie.

And to cut this short, since not much happened, Chanel and Moses went for a walk where Chanel asked why Moses didn’t tell her she liked him.

Moses, the boy who hesitated, broke his heart a second time by saying “honestly, at that moment, I didn’t know how I felt about you.”

Ughhhhhhhhh really Moses?

But that doesn’t bother Chanel too much as it turns out that this cheerful gem of a woman has found herself a man.

“I deserve someone to tell me every day that I am right for them and I have them. I became a man and I was very happy.”

Cheers ladies!
Cheers ladies!

Cheers for it my queen and cheers for the end of another Bachelor / Bachelor season.


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Musicians remember their fondest memories of tapes | Instant News


Lou Otten passed away on March 6. The 94-year-old Dutch engineer has contributed to creating the audio cassette as we know it. Even though his grievous death took away one of the most innovative thinkers of the century, his loss seems all the more real when you think about all the memories associated with the tape itself.

The magnetic tape covered by a plastic covering has not only changed the way the world listens to music but has also changed the way we live our lives. From pushing the pen in the middle to turning the cassette with your finger, getting to the desired track is the work of love, before that love turns to intimacy with the Walkman invention. Even though Otten is not with us, there are many people who keep most of his discoveries very close to their hearts or as Freddie Mercury put it, ‘Someone still loves you.’

“It was ’83 or ’84 when I had a cassette containing a compilation of all my favorite songs. The cassette got stuck in our car cassette player, ”recalls veteran musician Bilal Maqsood. He kept trying to pull it off and it ended up breaking. That Mera Bichraa Yaar the singer then tries to save the situation by sticking the tape together with nail polish; a trick he tried for the first time. “And then when I played it again, I clearly remembered, there was a Paul Young song, Love of the Common People, I thought. So the song will play and crack in the middle because of the nail polish. That part of the broken footage was something that stuck with me. “

Actor-singer Khaled Anam from Peera Ho fame is indebted to Otten’s invention. It was a life changing experience for a generation of listeners who rely on LP (Long Play). “Bringing music became very easy for us and so did maintaining our own collection,” recalls Anam. Regarding his most prized cassette, Anam managed to lock it up after much deliberation. “It’s very difficult to name one valuable possession of the thousands of tapes I own. But this breed should be among the top ten. Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. It had their biggest hit and it was clear Paranoid inside it. This is the original from the 70s. “

Bilal Ali from Kashmir appears to have inherited his hearing from his parents. It was her father’s collection of tapes tucked away in a cupboard that set the tone for her listening experience. And it wasn’t until 1999 that the singer made her first personal purchase. “That’s when I understood how my father felt after buying the cassette,” Ali recalled. “The cassette is a Limp Bizkit album and maybe it was the first item I had that was made of plastic but it moved me emotionally. I wish I still had it on me. “

For the guitar genius Imam Hamdani who has collaborated with various artists, the most beloved cassette memory, like many others in his generation, belongs to Noori. “I don’t have any pictures, but I can tell you that the first cassette I bought was Noori’s Suno to mein hun jawan. I got it for Rs30 and I must have listened to it over a hundred times, basically from 11 to around 14 years of age, ”said Hamdani.

Abdul Rehman of Auj is a bad boy like him as a vocalist. He indulged his father’s experience by recording something irrelevant to the collection his father was so fond of. “My brother and I were not more than 10 years old when we found the recording option on my mother’s cassette player,” recalls Rehman quite fondly. “We took the cassette our parents wanted most and recorded it, I don’t even remember what song it was. Then when my dad played with it and found out what we had done, it was worse than when we tried to fill his cigarette with spices to “help him quit.” “

For the VJ turned cassette singer Dino is more like a personal investment that he will cherish for years to come. As a boy in his early teens, Dino would save up to buy a few albums together from the Off Beat music shop in Boat Basin, Karachi. “I remember buying Dangerous Michael Jackon, George Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice, and the PM Dawn album all at once,” said Dino.

“I think that’s how my obsession with tapes started and so much so that there was a point in my life where I had about 700-800 tapes but unfortunately they all disappeared when we moved house. So all I can say is, I have a lot of respect for Lou Otten for making so many memories possible for me. ”

As for Sounds of Kolachi frontman Ahsan Bari, his memory of the tape sticks to his love for Junoon. “I will listen to Junoon’s album Azaadi repeatedly, so much so that the tape stopped working. Then when will Junoon release it Parvaaz, I have told all the shop owners around me to notify me when the tapes arrive. “

To his dismay, a shop two to three kilometers from his home had received 30 of Junoon’s new tapes. “My friend called me at 7pm to tell me they were selling like hot cakes. So I took Rs20 from my mother and ran. When I came back and finally heard the tape, I couldn’t put into words how it tasted.”

As for Ali Gul Pir, if it weren’t for Lou Otten, where did he get the inspiration to become a rapper? “Our mother used to take us to a school 1.5 hours away from our house. So going back and forth is a journey of hours. It would be boring and our mother would listen to Indian songs. My brother has Discman but I have nothing. -what, “said the comedian and artist.

“So one day I got good grades and my mum bought me a Walkman. But only forward and not backward. The first CD I got – and it was also my first purchase of rap music – was Puff Daddy’s. There is no way out, which features the song It’s all about the Benjamins. Puff Daddy worked extensively with The Notorious BIG (Biggie) and The Commitment while making the album. And I love Biggie. I listened to it an hour and a half straight. It was the beginning of my love for rap music. I’ll then change sides of the tape because you can’t rewind. So I ended up using the cassette. I think I even spoiled it because I listened too much, “he concluded.

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An MPI investigation is underway into how snakes got into New Zealand | Instant News

A snake found at a construction site in Papakura was brought in by the Ministry of Primary Industries for further investigation. Photo / Provided

The investigation to understand how a snake crossed the New Zealand border and entered an Auckland construction site yesterday is underway.

The snake has been officially identified as a juvenile male carpet python with no risk of reproduction.

Biosecurity New Zealand water health and environmental team manager Michael Taylor said the snake was too big to be a hatchling but was not yet sexually mature.

“There’s nothing in his gut to suggest he hasn’t eaten for at least two to three weeks.”

He said that while investigations were underway to determine how the snake got into the country, early indications suggested it had entered a pipe which was then sealed at both ends before being imported from Australia.

There is no evidence of any further snakes and no threat to the public.

Taylor said the 115 cm long snake was probably still alive when it was found by the contractor.

“The snake was reported dead when Biosecurity New Zealand was notified, but it appears that the snake was still alive when it was found by construction workers.”

University of Queensland venom researcher Brian Fry said it was likely that the snake came from Australia.

He said carpet pythons were found all over Australia but with the greatest diversity found in the warmer regions of the country.

A carpet python cannot survive New Zealand’s colder temperatures, he said.

“It won’t last long.”

A photo of the snake found at the Papakura construction site was posted on Facebook yesterday.  Photo / Provided
The photo of the snake found at the Papakura construction site was posted on Facebook yesterday. Photo / Provided

“Being late summer, it might last a while. It might have been up in someone’s attic but they need to be able to bask in order to get warm enough to properly hunt and feed.

“Even if he climbed into someone’s attic, he would slowly starve to death because it wouldn’t be warm enough to eat or sunbathe.”

He said snakes need to bask after eating to warm up and digest their food properly.

“Or the food will rot in their intestines if it gets too cold after being fed.”

The MPI said about one or two snakes cross the border every year, while four to eight snakes are found at the border.

“They are usually not venomous and most of them die because of the maintenance of imported cargo. Five snakes were detected at the border in 2020, all of them died.”

The snake was found at a construction site in Papakura yesterday where the contractor dumps the new pipe.

The contractor was dumping a new pipe at a construction site in Papakura before laying it down, which is when the snakes came out.

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Circulation of the 57th generation PMA parade held in Karachi – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in 22 February 2021 15.39

One hundred and forty-three cadets completed two years of training on board.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – The 57th batch of Pakistan Oceanic Academy (PMA) fainting parade was held at PMA Karachi, Monday.

One hundred and forty-three cadets completed two years of training on board.

Speaking as the main guest of the ceremony, Chairman of the Karachi Port Trust Nadir Mumtaz, said KPT would expand all possibilities for cooperation to PMA in the education and training sector.

Cadets are awarded medals and cash prizes for outstanding performance.


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If a food delivery driver from companies like GrubHub or DoorDash crashes into your car, who pays? The answer: It’s complicated | Instant News

Food delivery services have grown in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, but when one of their drivers causes damage to property, who is responsible for covering it up? This is a problem two different ABC11 viewers face when they lose thousands of dollars in damage.

Carlyle White’s brick retaining wall at her home in Durham was damaged after she said a Grubhub driver ran over her while trying to deliver food at her home that her neighbors ordered.

“It’s quite a lot of damage. The guy just brushed it off and went into the driveway and through the lawn there and on,” said White.

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White called Grubhub to report the incident, but he said it didn’t get him anywhere.

“Finally the last person I met said they were not responsible for the damage done by their driver, their driver was required to have liability insurance, there was nothing he could do,” he said.

It was the same frustration for Chapel Hill resident Kristen Polzien after a DoorDash driver crashed into her car.

“He hit it so hard it sent the front end forward and the back end backwards toward the curb,” he said.

The driver also took off. Kristen then involved the police.

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“We actually have to get a court order for DoorDash to release driver information,” said Polzien.

The police did charge the driver with a hit-and-run, but in this case, while the driver had insurance, Polzien said the claim was denied by the driver’s insurance company because he did not have commercial insurance.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson contacted DoorDash who informed her they had a commercial insurance policy covering up to $ 1 million in damages, but that was while the driver was in active delivery.

In this case, the driver recently delivered food, so third-party insurance company DoorDash rejected the claim.

“That’s the loophole that the door dashboard has in their policies,” said Polzien.

More than $ 5,000 worth of damage to Polzien’s car must now be covered by his insurance.

“I was stuck paying the $ 500 deductible and it is not known if my insurance premium will go up,” said Polzien.

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When it came to White’s case, once we got involved and contacted GrubHub, they contacted White.

“Within 24 hours of you sending that email, the chains were exposed, they were very cooperative. Grubhub has now agreed to deal with the damage to White’s retaining wall,” he said.

A Grubhub spokesman gave this statement: “It is our priority to provide the best possible experience for everyone associated with our brand, and most of our orders are completed without incident or complaint. When things don’t go according to plan, we work hard to fix them. We require all shipping partners to maintain insurance and will not tolerate any mistakes, including making shipments in an unsafe manner. We have terminated the driver contract which was involved in this incident. We have worked with local officials to provide them with the information they requested and have spoken with Mr. White to communicate the steps we have taken to remedy this situation and ensure the damage is repaired. “

Grubhub sends White money to repair the wall, and he says he’s satisfied with the resolution.

“I thank you for your involvement. I don’t think I would have gotten anything without it because they refused to talk to me,” he told Problem Solvers.

Not all policies are created equal when it comes to food delivery services and how they cover damages. The best advice is to document everything, take pictures and videos so you have evidence, and contact the company immediately if anything goes wrong.

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