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Corning’s Thunderbolt 3 fiber optic cable is now available in lengths of 5 to 50 meters | Instant News

Back in March, we noticed that the Raiden 3 cable was Start to become available About four years after the standard was introduced.As Corning begins operations, the availability of these high-end optical cables has recently taken another step forward Transport cable The length varies from 5 meters to 50 meters.

Corning’s 10m Thunderbolt 3 cable

Compared to passive and active copper Thunderbolt 3 cables that support relatively short lengths (most suitable for desktop settings), optical cables allow certain professional and corporate users to require longer cable lengths. However, these cables are undoubtedly an option for anyone who wants to place a computer and/or accessories (such as external storage devices) far away from the work space (for example due to heat, noise or aesthetic reasons).

Although Thunderbolt 3 fiber optic cables can extend the life of the cable, they do have some limitations compared with traditional copper cables. The most important one is the lack of power supply. This means that small accessories like external SSDs need to obtain bus power from the host device they are connected to, and cannot be used with optical cables.

Optical Thunderbolt 3 cables also only support Thunderbolt 3 connections, and cannot fall back to USB mode running at a lower speed, so you will not be able to use one of these optical Thunderbolt 3 cables to directly connect devices that do not support USB-C. For example, Thunderbolt 3 is supported. .

However, they can be used with Thunderbolt 3 docking station, which in turn can support many other types of connections, such as USB, monitor, audio, etc., because the Thunderbolt controller in the docking station can convert everything to run through Thunderbolt . A daisy chain of multiple Thunderbolt 3 accessories is also supported by fiber optic cables.

In view of the necessary components to convert Thunderbolt 3 electrical signals into optical signals and then convert, the connectors on optical Thunderbolt 3 cables are slightly larger. However, they are only slightly larger than typical passive copper connectors and are similar in size to active copper connectors, so they should not block adjacent ports. Only the fiber optic cable is installed inside, and the cable itself is much thinner than most traditional USB and Thunderbolt cables.

Not surprisingly, the cost of all these optical technologies may make these cables out of reach for many consumers. The shortest Corning Thunderbolt 3 cable (5 meters in length) sells for $360 from suppliers such as the following. Black and white photo. However, the price will not increase significantly with the increase in cable length, because the connector contains expensive parts: the price of a 10-meter cable is $370, a 15-meter cable is $390, and a 25-meter cable is $410. , While the price of a 50-meter cable is 50 meters at $480.

B&H currently provides a quotation for special order status within 7-14 working days, except for the 50-meter version, all other versions are in stock. Corning said it will greatly improve supply in just a few weeks.


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