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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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UHS conducts tests amidst strict SOPs | Instant News

LAHORE – The University of Health Sciences (UHS), on Monday began conducting professional medical examinations in the midst of strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) established for the prevention of corona infections.

This examination was postponed in March this year after the closure of educational institutions by the government due to COVID-19.

A total of 275 candidates from 297 enrolled students appeared in the first MBBS medical professional final examination paper, which was simultaneously held in 10 centers established in various cities in Punjab and Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK).

Given the risk of corona infection, strict SOPs including social distance and wearing face masks, are maintained during the examination.

Candidates begin to reach their inspection center at 7:30 a.m. The exam starts at 9:00 a.m. In Lahore, the only examination center was established at UHS where 131 candidates appeared.

In Multan 35, Bahawalpur 7, Rahim Tahun Khan 6, Sahiwal 5, Faisalabad 41, Sargodha 12, Sialkot 7, Mirpur AJK 3, Rawalpindi 25 and in Muzaffarabad 3 candidates appeared in the exam.

Candidate thermal screening is carried out at the entry point.

Supervisory and supervisory staff are given personal protective clothing that they must wear during the test.

Social distance is ensured in the examination room. There is a distance of at least two meters between candidates. All centers sanitized before the start of the examination.

The candidates expressed their satisfaction in the arrangements made by the University. They welcomed the decision of UHS to take the exam because it would save their academic years.

Speaking to the media on that occasion, Prof. UHS VC Javed Akram said that the university had set a precedent for the nation by ensuring one hundred percent compliance with SOPs with respect to preventing the spread of coronavirus. He hopes success for all candidates.

The final MBBS professional exams will continue until June 19, the first MBBS professional exams until June 06, the first professional BDS, June 10, and the fourth year MBBS additional exams will end on June 13.


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PHC prohibits private laboratories from conducting tests | Instant News

LAHORE: The Punjab Health Commission (PHC) on Saturday banned a private laboratory from conducting any type of diagnostic test, while its branch and collection center had stopped collecting samples for the Covid-19 test.

The Islamabad Diagnostic Center, located at the Evercare Hospital in the Nespak Society, was found to be carrying out serological tests for Covid-19 that contradicted the PHC directives previously issued. Four branches and 30 collection centers sent samples for Covid-19 diagnosis to the central lab in Islamabad in violation of the commission’s directives. Branches have also been banned from collecting samples for novel coronaviruses until further orders.

To begin the further process of violators, the administration of the Evercare Hospital and the Islamabad Diagnostic Center have been directed to appear before the Commission in the coming week.

Medical professionals praised: Dr. Sardar Al-Freed Zafar’s Postgraduate School of Medicine and Executive Director of the Punjab Nureo Science Institute Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood said that with God’s blessing, all 54 doctors, seven nurses and six paramedics had recovered from coronavirus.

According to a press release issued here on Saturday, some employees who have recovered from coronavirus carry out their responsibilities without fear.

Prof. Al-Freed Zafar and Prof. Khalid Mahmood gave a lot of tribute to the courage of doctors, nurses and paramedics.

They say that the maximum amount of medical and safety equipment has been given to health professionals. He appealed to staff to take precautions when treating patients.


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The Lahore Admin conducted a raid to check prices | Instant News

LAHORE – The City district government on Saturday carried out raids in various regions of the provincial capital to check prices for meat, fruit and important items at the instruction of Lahore Deputy Commissioner Danish Afzal.

Assistant Model City commissioners and Raiwind arrested about seven people involved in overfilling in their jurisdiction.

A spokesman for the Lahore city government said that a massive crackdown on profiteers was underway during the Eid holiday to control the price of food.

He said that Deputy Commissioner Lahore had ordered strict action against profiteers and did not show any leniency in this matter. He said action would be taken against profiteers and hoarders.


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8,000 police are on duty at Youm-e-Ali in Lahore | Instant News

LAHORE: The district government has taken stringent security measures for the Youm-e-Ali (RA) procession, deploying more than 8,000 police personnel and a large number of protected police personnel on routes and other sensitive places.

Pillion riding a motorcycle is banned while cellphone service is suspended in certain areas. All main roads leading to the procession route are closed to traffic. In addition, police have taken positions on the roof of buildings along the route and no one is allowed to stand and watch from the roof and balcony. Special control rooms are set up at various points to monitor the situation, both manually and through CCTV cameras installed at sensitive points for this purpose.

As a special security measure this year, the district government seals the walled city especially the main processional route with parking containers, barbed cables and barricades. No one is allowed to join the procession.

The majority of mourners covered their faces with masks to protect themselves from the corona virus. The Punjab government has issued SOPs, some of which are implemented and most of them are violated. Mourners violated the social distance system, including women who were asked to stay at home, but they participated in the procession.

The DIG Lahore operation visited various important places in the city to review security arrangements made by the Lahore Police.


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Financial Advisers Recommend Open States Safely, but Openly | Instant News

Financial Advisers Recommend Open States Safely, but Openly | RiverBender.com


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La Canada High School students are humming their city from a distance | Instant News

LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE (KABC) – “We miss human interaction,” said 19-year-old Will Chant. “We just want to go for a walk and play some guitar.”

That’s how the Rose Avenue band, which consisted mainly of La Canada High School (LCHS) students in the past and present, began performing live music for their community in late April.

Chant said he and band member Langdon Dearborn, a senior at LCHS, were walking around playing guitar when the couple asked them to play Jack Johnson.

As a former LCHS student, I remember spending summer days outside and, more importantly, with friends. Rose Avenue said this gave them the opportunity to do both.

“We really appreciate the strength of the La Canada community today because it seems like people can really put together something they feel is bringing something positive to the community,” Dearborn said.

Since they started the series, Rose Avenue has played dozens of shows and they hope to keep going. They also raised money to finish mixing the original music album they wrote while at LCHS and also contributed Feed America.

“Mixing is a pretty expensive endeavor for a band,” Dearborn said. “So, we think it will be a pretty scary process. But the response we got was truly phenomenal.”

The band also said it was safe, and stayed far away, was a big part of their production process.

“We just want to emphasize that this is a safe effort and that we respect these guidelines,” Dearborn said.
Serenade also encouraged the band to expand their repertoire. In addition to the songs they wrote, they received requests such as “Brown Eyed Girl” and “The Piña Colada Song.”

Rose Avenue praised Jason Stone, the band’s director of LCHS, for guiding and supporting their musical efforts.

“This is not normal like a garage band. It seems like they are really talented musicians,” Stone said.

“If someone shows up on my front porch, my way in, plays music, I will really appreciate it,” he continued.

The musicians are Will Chant, Langdon Dearborn, Aram Behshid, Iman Behshid, Bill Kachoeff and Jordan Stroud. You can find more information about them Instagram page.

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City Tajir Ittehad promised to follow the SOP | Instant News

KARACHI – All Tajir Ittehad City Associations on Sunday have promised to comply with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) designed by the Sindh government for Small Markets in writing and enthusiasm.

In a letter to the Karachi Commissioner here, the President of the All Tajir Ittehad Association, Mohammed Sharjil Goplani, has asked the Karachi Commissioner to allow them to operate their small market / business starting today.

The association has also submitted a list of their small markets to open starting May 11. Meanwhile, the Hyderabad Small Chamber of Commerce and Small Industries (HCSTSI) on Sunday urged the district

administration to stop the forced relocation of traders from the old vegetable market to the new one. In a statement issued here, Chamber President Doulat Ram Lohano said that they had asked Hyderabad Commissioner Muhammad Abbass Baloch and Deputy Commissioner Fuad Ghaffar Soomro on this matter.

Lohano said that a delegation of vegetable and fruit traders met with room representatives and told them that they had received two overnight stays from the Sindh High Court to oppose the forced transfer. However, he added, traders complained that the district government still insisted on forcing them to shift. Traders stated that they themselves wanted to move to a new market but the Hyderabad Market Committee, which is responsible for administrative matters, failed to provide basic facilities at the new facility. They pointed out that the problem of disposal of wastewater, boundary walls, internal roads, installation of electrical transformers, mosques, bank branches and various problems in rationing 34 properties has not been resolved. Traders regretted that the authorities decided to move them to a new place even though they knew well about the missing facilities.


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Fruit sellers have a field day in Karachi when officials carry out lockdowns | Instant News

The current corona virus pandemic and the lock behind it have given fruit vendors a free hand to sell fruits at Ramazan’s own policy. The provincial government, like every year, cannot establish a Ramazan bazaa market in the city, nor is there a fruit boycott campaign in the first few days of the holy month to reduce fruit prices.

Finally Ramazan, the Sindh government has established 25 Ramazan bazaars in six city districts with the help of the district government. The bachat market is intended to ensure the supply of quality commodities at a rate determined by the government during Ramazan. There are seven Bachat bazaars in the Malir district while four in the Western District, three in the South, four in the East and Central districts, and three in Korangi.

People in Karachi boycotted buying fruit for three days to protest the price increase two years ago because the prices were reduced to a certain extent. It was the first of its kind boycotts, initiated through social media without the support of any political parties. The then commissioner, Ejaz Ahmed Khan, and the provincial government also extended their support for this campaign. One Karachi assistant commissioner told The News, on condition of anonymity, that they were so busy in applying locking and ensuring patients of the corona virus who were in their homes in self-isolation remained in their homes so they could not act against profiteers like every year.

Meanwhile, the price department and commissioner office regulations also seem to have failed to implement the price list in the city of Ramazan. Despite huge claims from the provincial and municipal governments, profiteering continues to be uncontrolled in the city market as does every Ramazan. Vegetables and fruit are sold at a price far higher than the price set by the commissioner’s office. On the open market, sellers sell fruit and vegetables at prices almost double the announced price.

Open market

The price list of the Karachi commissioners seems to have been violently violated in various city fruit markets, while no fruit seller had the commissioner’s office price list with him or displayed at his kiosk on Saturday.

In Gulsitan-e-Jauhar near Jauhar Chowrangi, fruit prices surged on Saturday. The price of the most sought after fruit during Ramazan, the banana, is out of control. According to the commissioner’s office tariff, the retail price of the first quality banana is Rs88 a dozen and the second quality banana is Rs63 a dozen, whereas, from the wholesale market, according to the commissioner’s list, it is sold at Rs85 per dozen for first quality and Rs60 for second class.

In contrast, in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, there are no first or second class fruits, but only Rs 130 to Rs 150 per dozen bananas sold. When asked about the commissioner’s price list, a fruit seller said that he did not have it. “Nobody followed the list of commissioners, they also couldn’t,” he said, adding that they were getting fruit at very high prices from the wholesale market.

Watermelons are sold at Rs50 to Rs60 per kilogram; however, the commissioner level is Rs33 per kilogram for round watermelons and Rs38 per kilogram for long watermelons. “Nobody can buy fruit, not even the middle class,” murmured an elderly man, Fatima Hussain. “The most the government cannot do during lockouts and pandemics is to keep prices of essential commodities low.”

The woman said that fruits are very important for people her age to keep their vitamin levels high. “But who wants to eat such expensive fruit?” he complained, adding that someone who is poor cannot simply see these fruits.

Another young fruit buyer, who was on his way home from his office, argued with a watermelon seller to lower his price. “This is a very fresh watermelon directly from Punjab,” said the watermelon seller. “No more than Rs40,” the buyer insisted and then the deal closed at Rs50, which is still very high on the list of commissioners.

A similar situation also occurs in North Karachi, where bananas are sold at Rs100 to Rs110 per dozen. A resident of Sector 11-A in North Karachi, Fawad Aslam, told The News how the price of fruits has increased dramatically since the beginning of Ramazan. “Watermelons are sold at Rs50 per kilogram,” he said, adding that for never 15 days Ramazan banana prices were lower than Rs100 per dozen.

Wholesale market

Fruits, according to the vice chairman of the wholesale market, Asif Ahmed, are not sold at high prices from the wholesale market. Speaking with The News, he confirmed that first-class bananas from the wholesale market were sold at Rs85 per dozen and that the second-class price was Rs60 per dozen on Saturday.

“Every night there is one member of the commissioner’s office present in the wholesale market who ensures that wholesale prices are applied,” he said.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner Gulzar-e-Hijri Anwar Panhwar, who was mostly present at the wholesale market during the auction, told The News that the fruits came from Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh to the market from where they were auctioned and then transported to the city . After the auction is over, he said, they ensure that the fruits are packaged and sold from the market at the auctioned price.


On Saturday, Panhwar said that they took action at Safoora Chowrangi where fruit sellers violated the commissioner’s office price. “We generally go to the market and if we find out from the buyer that the price of the commissioner’s office is violated, we fine the seller of fruit,” he said, adding that if they sit in camps in certain markets the price remains under control, but that is not possible.

Assistant Commissioner Gulshan-e-Iqbal Ali Gopang told The News that they have taken action against money profiteers every day. On Friday, he said that they sold many fruit sellers from Jauhar Chowrangi to Kamran Chowrangi. Apart from that, he said that some superstores were also fined for violating the commissioner’s price list.

According to the commissioner’s office, a total of 937 fruit sellers have been fined various amounts of Rs4,657,200 in the city since the beginning of Ramazan, which included milk, fruit, vegetables, meat, foodstuffs, poultry sellers and bakers, while there was no one. has been sent to prison.

In the Southern District, 225 violators were handed down with a fine of Rp1,624,000. In the Eastern District, 88 vendors have been fined a total of Rs590,000. In the Western District, 196 vendors have been fined Rs300,500. In the Central District, the highest number of 233 vendors has been fined Rs943,400. In Malir District, 70 profiteers have been fined Rs69,000, and in Korangi District, 125 vendors have been fined Rs1130,300 so far.


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PM Imran must resign if there is no connection: Bilawal – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when May 2, 2020 12:06 AM

Bilawal said, it seemed that Imran Khan considered himself to be the Prime Minister of Islamabad alone

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Chairperson of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Friday that Prime Minister Imran Khan had to step down and give others a chance if he did nothing.

In his speech at a press conference in Karachi together with Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Friday, he criticized the federal government for failing to meet the basic demands of doctors fighting the front-line corona virus.

The PPP Chair said that he expressed sadness that doctors only demand protective equipment and reduce the burden on hospitals so they can do their jobs more effectively.

Bilawal went on to say that the federal government opened the Pakistan-Iranian border in Taftan but did not give the Balochistan government a tool to stop the spread of the virus.

He said: “If the federal government does not want to support us, it must refrain from criticism. At least CM Sindh knows how serious this pandemic is. CM Punjab on the other hand asks‘ how is this Corona [virus] bite’. However, you support it even though there are many cases in the province. “

“Someone has to tell our prime minister that he is not in the container anymore nor is he in opposition,” Bilawal said and added, I thought he was the head of state, but his actions said something else. “It seems that Imran Khan considers himself to be the only Prime Minister of Islamabad,” he said.


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