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Private hospitals refuse to reach any agreement after the government notifies the committee to refer patients to them | Instant News

Despite the fact that no agreement has yet been reached between five private hospitals in Karachi and the Sindh health department for the care of COVID-19 patients ‘critically ill but in need’ at the expense of the provincial government, the Sindh health department on Friday was formed and notified ‘referral committee’ and nominating focus people to refer COVID-19 patients to private hospitals for treatment, The News learned on Friday.

To handle the limited space for patients infected with coronavirus in government hospitals, the Sindh government has held talks with the management of five private hospitals – Liaquat National Hospital, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Southern City Hospital, Patel Hospital, and Altamash General Hospital – to refer to those COVID-19 patients, so government facilities have no space.

According to health authorities, the five private hospitals have established separate COVID-19 wards with high dependency units (HDU), intensive care units (ICU) and ventilators and all of these health facilities have their own laboratories for testing and diagnosis of COVID -19.

The five private hospitals, according to the government’s proposal, will treat COVID-19 patients referred by the Sindh government at the last cost. However, so far no agreement has been reached on this matter, but the health department has notified the committee to refer COVID-19 patients to this private facility.

“No agreement or memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between five leading private hospitals and the Sindh health department to treat COVID-19 patients at government expense. “An MoU draft has been prepared for the agreement but we have some reservations about it, because so far there has been no progress in this regard,” said Dr Asim Hussain, chairman of Dr Ziauddin’s Hospital, when speaking with The News.

At present, only seven health facilities offer free treatment to COVID-19 patients, but all beds in their COVID-19 care ward meet capacity. The seven facilities include Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, Karachi General Hospital Dr. Ruth KM Pfau, Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), Dow Ojha University of Health Sciences (DUHS), Karachi Indus Hospital, Lyari General Hospital and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Trauma Center.

Since the first COVID-19 case was reported in Sindh on February 26, 2020, the provincial health department has been trying to persuade private health facilities to treat COVID-19 patients in need but private hospitals do not seem to want to share the burden on the provincial government without agreements and payment of expenses in advance, arguing that it is very difficult to get bills cleared from the health department.

Expressing his ignorance of the notification about the appointment of a focus person or the constitutional referral committee by the Sindh health department, Dr. Asim said private hospitals were not satisfied with some of the conditions or clauses of the draft MoU and unless disputes were resolved. , no agreement can be reached between the provincial government and private hospitals.

“The government wants us to improve beds for their patients in high dependency units and intensive care units while we have told them that beds will only be available for their patients on condition of availability. Second, we have told them that only standard care will be offered on packages offered by the government. The cost of new and expensive antivirals and other modern medicines will not be included in this package, “Dr. Asim argues.

Under the draft MoU, private hospitals will charge the government Rs65,000 for patient care in HDU and Rs110,000 in ICU per day for the care of critically ill patients who cannot afford their own treatment.

The administration of two other private hospitals, the South City Hospital and the Liaquat National Hospital, also denied reaching an agreement with the Sindh government.

“No agreement was reached between us and the Sindh health department regarding the care of COVID-19 patients at government expense but we will not reject patients if they are referred to us by the authorities. But at this time, we are ready for capacity and do not take more COVID-19 patients, “said Chief Executive of the Southern City Hospital, Dr. Sadia Rizvi, told The News.

“I don’t know why an agreement has not been reached between a private hospital and the government because Dr Asim Hussain represents a private hospital. But we don’t reject any patients. At present, our COVID-19 ward is already crowded. We have a 27-bed COVID ward but we are adding 14 more beds to increase its capacity to 41 from Monday onwards, “Dr. Rizvi.

The Liaquat National Hospital Administration (LNH) also denied reaching an agreement with the provincial government regarding the care of COVID-19 patients, saying that they accepted all COVID-19 patients because they had increased COVID-19 care room facilities to 50. beds from 34 places sleep at first.

“We have not reached an agreement with the Sindh health department or the government for the care of patients in need at government expense but we treat patients as usual. If the government sends someone to be treated, even without any consent, we will treat the patient. We are also open to all other patients who are not infected with coronavirus and have other health problems and problems, “said Managing Director of the Liaquat National Hospital, Dr. Salman Faridi.

Minister’s version

Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Pechuho said they were “close to reaching an agreement” with private hospitals, adding that the MoU would likely be signed on Saturday or Monday with five hospitals for the care of COVID-19 patients in need at Sindh government costs.

“The health department has formed a committee consisting of the chief technical advisor, the health secretary along with Sindh Health Commission officials and others to inspect and monitor facilities in the ‘Private Hospital Core Group’ where patients will be referred for treatment before signing an MoU with them,” Dr Azra said in response to questions about confusion over the government’s agreement with private hospitals.

Regarding the notice for the appointment of an important person and the constitutional referral committee, he said it was a draft notice, which had not been signed by the Sindh health secretary. He added that once the MoU was signed between the two parties, both key people and the referral committee would be formally notified.


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Asad Umar said the world now achieved ‘PM Imran’s vision’ | Instant News

Federal Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar said on Friday that the whole world would make the same decision on locking up a pandemic, as Prime Minister Imran Khan had envisioned and emphasized in his speech.

The federal minister said that the government said from day one that it was very important to save people from financial difficulties.

Umar said that countries around the world had begun to ease lock restrictions when “they started seeing what Imran Khan saw two months ago”.

“We are not blindly following the West and we are not ashamed of it,” the federal minister said.

To give an example of Britain, Umar said that the country saw more deaths than Sweden which enforced targeted lockdowns.

‘Cases escalate but situation is under control’

The federal minister said that in Pakistan, coronavirus cases are increasing every day but the situation is under control.

“Today there are 70 laboratories in Pakistan that can carry out tests for the corona virus,” he said.

The Minister said that Pakistan has capable doctors and experts throughout the world.

“Today, more than 13,500 tests were conducted. Will increase this number too, “he added.

Umar said that data had shown that the disease would not spread so quickly that the entire health system would be destroyed.

The Minister said that the world has a chance to fight disease if there is a vaccine available.

He said that throughout the country there were more than ‘500’ virus hotspots that were identified and actions taken to quarantine these areas.

The minister informed that the government is also increasing the number of ventilators throughout the country and more than 100,000 health workers are also trained in the use of safety equipment.

Umar said that under the Ehsaas program, more than one billion rupees had been disbursed to more than 800,000 families.

The minister warned that the world, including Pakistan, must now ‘coexist’ with the virus because even China in Wuhan has new cases despite controlling the situation.


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The FIA ​​failed to reach the main villain in sophisticated cases | Instant News

KARACHI: A criminal identified as Aftab Ahmed alias Atif Dollar wants Interpol for many sophisticated crimes, including money laundering, match fixing and smuggling and has been a challenge for investigative agents, especially for the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Aftab alias Atif Dollar was sought in various cases of money laundering and pairing arrangements by the FIA ​​Karachi Corporate Banking Circle (CBC) for the past four months but he has not been touched by security agents. FIA sources said the agent had found around 900 million suspicious banking transactions in the Atif Dollar bank account.

The same source further stated that the suspect was reported to have good relations with several senior bureaucrats, police officials, and businessmen. Sources at the FIA ​​told The News that Atif Dollar was also sought by Interpol in a number of money laundering and other cases, and was also convicted by a UAE court in a money laundering case about three years ago.

The FIA ​​Karachi Corporate Banking Circle is investigating a major case about maintaining a Benami account, a bank account in the name of another person without his knowledge and approval, money laundering, and parallel banking practices.

In that case, the FIA ​​had arrested Mahendar Kumar, Naresh kumar aka KG and Naresh Kumar alias Jani, Faisal aka Buffalo and Jabbar aka Pan Mandi, who were allegedly linked to international rackets involving money laundering and match-fixing last week. February Sources say that during the raid, Aftab alias Atif Dollar managed to escape with a businessman friend, who also had a relationship with the gang. They added that a close relative of a senior police officer, who was originally a federal government employee, posted to representatives in other departments in Karachi, exerted pressure and tried to lure FIA ​​officials to provide assistance to the criminals alias Aftab. Atif Dollar and to conclude this case.

On the other hand, FIA authorities are also investigating the role of two recently promoted assistant directors who have links with the suspects of the same case and leaking information about the progress of the case.

Although four months have passed, the fugitives, including Aftab Ahmed alias Atif Dollar, Umesh Kumar, Sushil Kumar, Dileep Kumar, Sajjad alias Bond and Waqas alias Prince, cannot be tracked yet.

The Court and then the Sindh High Court rejected the bail of four defendants Mahendar Kumar, Naresh kumar alias KG and Naresh Kumar alias Jani and Faisal alias Buffalo; However, Jabbar Ameen alias Pan Mandi managed to get a guarantee in the same case by the court. The Karachi FIA has recommended to the Interior Ministry to include the names of the escapees and their three aides who were arrested at the ECL.

News tried to get the FIA ​​CBC version and called the additional director in charge of Naveed Nisar Khuwaja and investigative inspector Muhammad Fareed to comment, and send detailed text messages on their WhatsApp but received no response.


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The record is within my reach, said Inzamam | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s former captain, Inzamamul Haq, believes that he will push his way to the highest individual test score in the world by passing the 400-run mark on May 3, 2002 if there is a regular batsman with him at the other end of the day.

“That day was too hot. New Zealand players are really exhausted because they are not used to such weather. From their body language, I can guess as if they were asking me ‘You can loot as much as you want, but (please) allow us to go’ (off the field), “Inzamam said on his YouTube channel ‘TheMatchWinner ‘while remembering the schedule of the two-match series match against New Zealand at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

Inzamam broke the third century (329) on the second day of the clash – his highest Test score. Pakistan won with innings and 324 runs. The victory is the fifth largest in the history of Test cricket.

“We have plenty of time. Walking also comes fairly freely. But the problem is that we don’t have a goal in hand because the last person has arrived to accompany me. I asked him (the last person), ‘can you face two to three balls in a row if such a situation arises. But he looked at me with a smile as if he said, “no, you do whatever you want”. “I have no choice but to hit number six,” said Inzamam, one of the best batsmen in the world, said.

“Maybe, by the time I got caught, I already destroyed three sixes. I only needed an hour to cross the 400 mark and set a world record but the opportunity was missed. “

According to Inzamam, the test was the most memorable match of his life.

“I am also in a comfortable position to break Hanif Mohammad’s 337 run record. But breaking Pakistan’s cricket record is never my target because it can be good for me individually but I don’t think it will be good for the country. “But there is nothing wrong in getting a name in the world by setting a world record,” he said.

However, Inzamam quickly added that to begin his professional career he had the desire to break Javed Miandad’s legendary record. “It’s not because I have a personal problem with Javed Miandad, but because in our time he was a hero to all Pakistani batsmen. He was the top scorer (Pakistan), both at Tests and One-Day International at the time. He is a prominent officer as well as a Pakistani batsman with most of his fifties. So I want to emulate his achievements. “

50-year-old Inzamam scored 8,830 times in 120 Tests and 11,739 runs in 378 International Days.


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Government assistance cannot even reach the Islamabad working class: Sirajul Haq | Instant News

LAHORE: Senator ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq said that although the PTI government claimed to have distributed billions of rupees under the Ehsas program, the situation on land was very contradictory because millions of poor people sought after the assistance promised by Prime Minister Imran Khan and even promised aid. could not reach the Islamabad working class.

Speaking at a meeting with different delegations in Mansoorah on Sunday, he said that throughout the country the poor were chasing after workers and PTI leaders to get help but in vain. He said even rulers would not have complete knowledge of where billions of rupees were spent. He commented that before forming the Tiger Army, Prime Minister Imran Khan should have thought about how poor people can catch a tiger. Sirajul Haq said that in the tug-of-war between the Center and the Sindh government, only people lost. He said statements from both parties clearly showed that their only agenda was to realize their own goals and not the service of the people. Questioning Prime Minister Imran Khan’s logic regarding locking in Karachi as unjustified, Siraj asked whether the coronaviruses in Karachi and Islamabad were different. He said the true intentions of the federal government had so far been unclear and his actions harbored his sincerity towards the welfare of the poor. He said that the Prime Minister said that locking was not a temporary solution that continued in all four provinces. He asked whether the elite were stronger than the government and companies, and had forced them to lock the country.

Meanwhile, in his message on World Press Freedom Day, Senator Sirajul Haq paid tribute to the journalists who had offered their lives for press freedom. He said every political party made a big claim of press freedom but after coming to power, the first step was to curb freedom. However, he said, JI will always defend press freedom and media rights.


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