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Coronavirus: 26 People fined Rs13,000 for not wearing masks in Karachi – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in November 07, 2020 16:34

Coronavirus: 26 People were fined Rs13,000 for not wearing masks in Karachi

KARACHI (Dunya News) – In an effort to suppress the spread of the Corona virus, the Karachi government has imposed strict SOPs and requires the use of masks in public places, a fine of Rs13,000 was collected from 26 people for not wearing masks.

In details, after the increase in Corona virus cases, actions were taken against those who violated the Coronavirus SOP.
On Friday, the government collected Rs13,000 from 26 people for violating the Coronavirus SOP. Some residents follow the SOP, but most are still not serious.

An order has also been issued by the Sindh Home Affairs Department in relation to the second wave of the Coronavirus.

Masks are made mandatory in all public places in Sindh. It also prohibits unnecessary trips and trips for more than two people in the car. The office has been instructed to call only the necessary staff and prioritize online work.


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Anyone not wearing a mask will be fined Rs500 in Karachi | Instant News

A person outside the house without a mask will be fined Rs500 in Karachi, according to an order issued by city commissioner Iftikhar Ali Shallwani on Friday.

As per the press statement from the commissioner’s office, due to fears of a second wave of the new coronavirus, wearing masks has become mandatory in Karachi. The commissioner has directed the city’s six deputy commissioners to ensure that citizens wear masks. “The deputy commissioner needs to ensure that Indonesian citizens outside are required to wear masks. For those found without masks, they are directed to take action against them and impose a fine of Rs500. “

The commissioner has also asked shop owners and traders to ensure that in markets and shops, all SOPs have been implemented and social distancing is implemented. He asked shop owners not to allow shoppers inside their shops or markets without masks. The commissioner has directed the deputy commissioner to take firm action against shop owners and traders who are found to have violated the SOP.

The shop is closed

The deputy south commissioner, Irshad Ali Sodhar, fined and sealed nine shops in the district for violating SOPs. He visited the district together with the assistant commissioner for Civil Lines and Aram Bagh. He directed shop owners and restaurant owners to wear masks and ensure that the faces of their customers are also covered with masks, in addition to following other SOPs.

He said if merchants and shop owners failed to follow SOPs, stricter action would be taken against them. He said only by wearing a mask and adopting social distancing could the viral disease be overcome.

“The current situation is a challenge for us, for that we will take steps based on the basis of war,” he said adding that without public support, implementation of the SOP would not be possible.

“To control the virus,” he said, “everyone has to wear a mask and use a cleanser. Last week, fourteen restaurants and two entertainment arenas were closed in the Southern District for violating the SOPs established by the government after the Covid-19 pandemic. Serena’s mobile market was closed for a day due to non-compliance with mandatory SOPs.


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Wearing a face mask is now mandatory in Karachi as coronavirus cases increase | Instant News

Children riding bicycles with their families wear face masks as a precaution against the Covid-19 corona virus, in Karachi on October 29, 2020. – AFP / Files

The Karachi government on Friday decided to make face masks mandatory in the metropolis as coronavirus cases are on the rise.

Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shalwani warned that if residents did not comply with the rules, they would be slapped with a fine of Rs500.

The developments came soon after Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said “tough action” would be taken against those who failed to follow prescribed coronavirus safety measures.

Leading a meeting of the provincial coronavirus task force, Shah said that amid rising cases, the authorities needed to ensure that people followed security measures.

“Cases are increasing in Karachi and Hyderabad,” said the chief minister, adding that security measures had to be ensured everywhere in the province.

Karachi recorded the most cases, 380, in Sindh in the last 24 hours.

The province has registered 579 cases today – more than yesterday’s tally which had topped the infection rate by nearly three months.

Moreover, with 579 new cases, Sindh’s tally increased to 148,922.

The death toll in the province stood at 2,667 after three other patients died from the disease.


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2020 election results: Jacinda Ardern wears a dress designed by fashion designer Maaike for election night | Instant News


Jacinda Ardern at Labor Headquarters last night. Photos / Files

Jacinda Ardern continues to support New Zealand designers by wearing clothes designed by Maaike for her election night victory speech.

The New Zealand brand has used Facebook to share its excitement.

“We dressed our spectacular leader in a simple and elegant dress and trouser combination.”

“We will talk more about this but for now we are very proud of the bold and historic victory for the Labor Party and we are very honored to have played a small role in the evening,” the fashion brand wrote on its Facebook page.

Many Facebook users commented, and shared their thoughts on the outfit.

“Her clothes are perfect,” commented one person.

Another said: “Loved the stylish and edgy pants, what an honor to dress, this fabulous lady loves how she supports made in NZ.”

Ardern wears a loose red top and trousers with a pair of gold earrings.

Maaike is run by designers Abby van Schreven and Emillie Pullar.

Last night Auckland City Hall looked like a sea of ​​red.

Ardern arrived at the scene to see the excitement and was joined on stage by his colleague Clarke Gayford and fellow Labor MP.

Jacinda Ardern gave a graceful victory speech after a landslide victory.

“Tonight New Zealand has shown the Labor Party its biggest support in at least 50 years,” he told supporters.

They were all smiles from Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford last night.  Photos / Files
They were all smiles from Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford last night. Photos / Files

There have been many thanks and talks about New Zealanders moving forward together.

The Labor Party has nearly 50 per cent of the vote – the most any party under the MMP has achieved and it is easy enough to govern without relying on other parties, meaning Labor will get the more than 61 seats it needs for a parliamentary majority.

However, the night was an absolute bloodshed for Judith Collins’ National Party – and her former NZ First Labor coalition partner was expelled from Parliament. That comes in well below 30 percent – a result that will give it about 35 seats. That’s 20 fewer than the last election.


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The city administrator proposed a fine of Rs. 1,000 for not wearing a mask | Instant News

Given the increasing number of Covid-19 cases this month, Karachi administrators have proposed a fine of Rs1,000 for those who do not wear masks in public.

“Covid-19 cases have started to increase in the country, especially in Karachi, so to contain the infectious disease, we are once again proposing a fine of Rs1,000 for all who do not wear masks in public,” Administrator Iftikhar Shallwani said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the launch of the Dr Essa Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center at a local hotel, Shallwani revealed that they first proposed fines for those not wearing masks in public in March or April, when Covid-19 cases began to increase locally.

He said the application was rejected at that time. However, he added, they returned to forward a proposal to the Sindh government to save people from the second wave of deadly infectious diseases.

The former city commissioner listed the city’s top three urban problems as solid waste management, water scarcity and unavailability of public transportation.

Shallwani claims that now all stakeholders – including the federal government, armed forces, provincial governments and local agencies – are on the same page to solve this problem and turn Karachi into a modern and developed city.

“Karachi’s economic potential can be gauged by the fact that even people who collect stones from rocky beaches, put them on carts and carry them to MA Jinnah Street can sell them easily and earn a living.”

Shallwani stressed the need to develop the city, which he called for joint efforts. He said people need to educate maids and their children about waste management and how they should dispose of household waste.

He claims that out of 100 people who visit him on any given day, 70 ask for government jobs. However, he points out, some people have quit their government jobs, started their own businesses and are now highly successful business owners and service providers in Karachi and elsewhere in Pakistan.

“Dr Farhan Essa is one such person, who has quit his job as government, started his own business and is now serving ailing humanity with his vast network of diagnostic and health centers.”

The administrator said that Dr Essa’s contribution to organizing city marathons, Pakistan Super League celebrations, street libraries and many other healthy activities for the Karachi community cannot be ignored or ignored.

Highlighting the importance of physiotherapy in the modern health system, Shallwani said that it is one of the main sub-specialties of modern medicine. He hopes that the Dr Essa Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center can provide quality health services to the city community.

Dr Essa Laboratories CEO Dr Farhan Essa said physiotherapy and pharmacy services are Pakistan’s most neglected medical specialties, but they can help the elderly, those with muscle and joint problems, and patients who have undergone surgery to lead normal lives.

“Many of our people, especially those who are old, those who have had major surgery after accidents or cardio-thoracic procedures, and those with muscle and joint problems are locked up in their homes. All of these people can lead normal lives and take part in routine activities with the help of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. “

Senior physiotherapists – including Dr Muhammad Khan Bugti, Dr Naureen and Operations Manager of Dr Essa Laboratories Dr Nayyer Jabeen – also spoke at the occasion.


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