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Falcons Matt Ryan discusses Todd Gurley, top 100 ranking of the NFL, more | bleacher report | Instant News

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The Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan jumped on PFT PM show with Mike Florio of Pro football talk and discussed a number of issues, ranging from new falcons running back Todd Gurley, top 100 ranking of the NFL, the offseason preparation on the background COVID-19 pandemic and many more.

D. Orlando Ledbetter from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution rewrote the Wednesday interview, which came one day after most NFL players reported to team headquarters COVID-19 test.

The most famous falcons ‘ offseason addition Gurley, former Los Angeles Rams running back, who was named the offensive the associated Press’ player of the year in 2017.

As for his new teammate, Ryan said:

“He was one of the most dynamic players when he’s on the field in our League. (He) is certainly a game-changer. I had the opportunity to work with him a little and spend a little time with him. He seems to be in a very good location. He looked great on the field. Was a very hard-working to get himself in position to be ready. I’m glad we have him. I think it adds a lot to what we can do.”

The former Georgia bulldog has dominated for two years from 2017 to 2018, accumulating the fight 3,924 yards and 40 touchdowns for a dynamic team of sheep that made twice and the super Cup once in the playoffs.

Gurley struggled in 2019, rushing for just 3.8 yards per run, but he still managed to Eclipse 1,000 yards the training during the season and scored 14 goals.

The rams came out 25 years after the season, but it will not take much time for the running back to find a new home in Atlanta, which was also chosen for variety the back and released former starter Devonta Freeman.

Ryan and the Falcons looking to improve upon a 7-9 season that started badly with a 1-7 first half. The former star at Boston College, led the League with 408 pass completions and connecting on 66.2 per cent of his passes for 26 touchdowns and 14 interceptions, but in 2016 the NFL MVP and not find your way to the recently released NFL top 100, the player-selected list of the best 100 players in the game today.

Such things are not to change my day,” said Ryan, when asked about the omission.

“It’s never been…Bulletin Board material (for me) or anything like that. I know what I can do. I know I’m capable of doing. I feel like every week I gave our team a chance to win. If we get the ball late in the game, I know what it takes to finish it. I don’t care about these things. I just focus on trying to do the best job possible”.

Three falcons made the list: wide receiver Julio Jones (11), Gurley (case No. 51) and defender Grady Jarrett (case # 91).

Like any other teams, Atlanta is preparing for this season amid COVID-19 pandemic, which has already caused many changes in the football calendar. It should be noted, training camps across the country opened COVID-19 tests, in contrast to typical meetings and practices.

The NFL also eliminated the pre-season games, and Ryan says that decision:

“It will be different. I like the (exhibition) games into the season, to be able to go out and knock some of the rust … and be able to pass through it. Go through your routine. Make sure you are doing what you need to do and make sure that you have everything to make amends. We are not going to have that luxury. But I think that (falcons coach) Dan Quinn put together a really good schedule to try to simulate as much as we can on our own experience, that this experience will be.

For a guy like me, I in ‘ 13. I think it would be easier for a guy like me, having been through so many different situations for so many years, so many games played and feel comfortable in them. But for beginners and young children who have not had such experience, I think we should have to help them as much as we can and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Because when we kick it for a week in Seattle 1 that the game is just as important as week 17. It means exactly that.

When week 1 starts, Ryan and the falcons will look to dump heavy division that includes the defending NFC South champion New Orleans SaintsTom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneersand The Carolina Panthers the team has all-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey and the new head coach and quarterback, Matt Rhule and Teddy Bridgewater, respectively.

The saints and BUCs get a super bowl hype, but Ryan, not paying attention to the noise, as he looks to prepare his team.

“It’s one of those things that excite someone else. We must take care of our own businessI don’t care what other people talked about this…I don’t worry too much about it. I try and make sure we are focused on minding our own business.”

First, the “Falcon” the organized game will now be week 1 against Seattle Seahawks at home at 1pm ET.


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OC Falcons have questioned Todd Gurley’s health | Instant News

One of the biggest steps the Los Rams made this offseason was cutting Todd Gurley, who had spent the previous five years with the team. It was a decision to save the hat, but also with regard to Gurley’s knee problems in the past.

He missed time at the end of the 2018 season and was limited throughout the playoffs that year, and last season his workload was reduced in an effort to keep him fresh. Now members of the Atlanta Falcons after signing a one-year contract with them, Gurley’s knee has become a question in the organization.

On Thursday, Dirk Koetter’s offensive coordinator said he did not know Gurley’s health status.

“The main question is, nobody seems to know, what is his health status? What is the workload? “Koetter said at the conference call.” He averaged around 17 touched last year’s game, which was a little lower than he was when he was All-Pro. We just have to find out once we get here and make it work, make him get up and run. “

That was a shocking statement to the offensive coordinator after the team only paid Gurley $ 5.5 million. This also indicates there may be a disconnection between the front office and the coaching staff by the way they view Gurley.

There were clear questions about Gurley’s knee after his coach said last year that there was a “rheumatic component” for it. His limited workload in 2019 seemed to indicate that the Rams knew something was wrong, as did their decision to cut it.

Devonta Freeman is no longer in the picture in Atlanta, which makes Gurley as the top run back on the depth chart. But how Koetter uses it remains to be seen.

Regardless, Gurley’s tenure in Atlanta was not a good start.


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Gurley and Matthews ‘certainly owe money’ | Instant News

After Todd Gurley and Clay Matthews were released, the two players turned to Twitter tell Rams about the money they have. The Rams cut them with bail remaining on their contracts, which they have not yet received.

Gurley owed a $ 7.55 million list bonus, while Matthews was also due to a fully guaranteed $ 2 million list bonus himself. No player receives the money, but the Rams fulfill every contract.

The general manager Les Snead discussed this situation Wednesday NFL Network, said the team did not owe money to the two players and they would get their checks, but they still obeyed the language written in their contract.

“Here’s what I know: They certainly owe money. The money is guaranteed, we will pay it,” Snead said. “There are several languages ​​in the contract exactly when you pay and that’s what we obey. But what I know is Clay and Todd get the money and they will get the money. “

Possible Snead refers to offset languages ​​in both contracts. Because Gurley signed a contract with the Falcons at a price of more than $ 2.5 million, the Rams would save $ 2.5 million in cap space, which no longer has to be paid. The same will apply to Matthews if he signs a contract with another team for at least $ 2 million, allowing the Rams to save $ 2 million in cap space.

It might have been a robbery when it came to paying Gurley and Matthews, but Snead explained that they would both get their money when the time came.


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Rams’ McVay: Never imagined cutting Todd Gurley | Instant News

Everything in football is limited, especially for running back. And again Todd Gurley is being cut by Los Angeles Rams This offseason didn’t make sense one and a half years ago. Last month, that step seemed inevitable.

TUP Coach Sean McVay, speaking to the media Monday for the first time since the team parted ways with the former face of the franchise, said he never expected Gurley’s tenure to end so suddenly.

“I don’t think so,” McVay said, per Lindsey Thiry from ESPN. “I think as you continue to gather experience, especially in this role, you never take it for granted and the number of perspectives you have now … but to say that is something I think you can anticipate, I think the answer is no.”

Turn back slightly to November 2018, and Gurley led the world in terms of hurrying and scoring as well as leading runners for the MVP league award, this after being finalist of the previous year. How fast things are spinning seems still unimaginable. The mysterious knee injury not only forced him out of several matches, but also severely limited him in TUPSuper Bowl run away and lead to an offseason full of questions about his health.

Gurley then looked like he was shelling himself last fall, losing one full yard from the average for the previous two seasons and capturing half as many tracks as possible while carrying a much lighter workload.

Complicated problem is TUP tore up Gurley’s rookie deal in the summer of 2018 despite the remaining two years for a four-year contract valued at $ 60 million, including a guaranteed $ 45 million. General manager Les Snead reiterated on Monday that he did not regret the high extension which – ironically – hastened Gurley’s departure.

“The yard that he got, the goal he scored for us, the championship – where those were the two division titles, the conference championship, Super Bowl appearance, you know it will be hard to regret, “Snead said.” What I can say is, obviously I think we all hope that the partnership can last longer. ”

One day after being released, Gurley agreed to a one-year contract with Atlanta Falcons, which became official Monday. The sixth year defender made an additional $ 22.6 million from what Los Angeles should have allowed him to play his rookie contract. But cutting it off as June 1 post spreads $ 11.75 million hit caps over two seasons and saves $ 5.5 million in teams against caps this summer.

McVay understood not to elaborate on why TUP cut ties with Gurley.

“Many of the decisions we make are not solely about players, but you are talking about how to put together a great puzzle with your team,” McVay said. “This is a conversation that requires many different directions and types of projections based on where we are, where we want to be … but of course there are many things that go into the discussion and finally the decision to make that step.”

Health may be at the forefront with Gurley, who is still 25. Although his talent is undeniable, Snead, who has paid handsomely for past productions, hinted TUP don’t project Gurley to regain its previous shape.

“In this case, I don’t think it’s a matter of salary,” Snead said. “But in that puzzle, as I said in compiling your short-term and long-term vision to try to compete consistently, what you pay to players comes into play, obviously producing results.”


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