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Turkey sets up a joint venture in the shipbuilding industry | Instant News

KARACHI: Turkey on Wednesday expressed interest in exploring joint venture opportunities in Pakistan’s shipbuilding industry and maritime business.

hsan Mustafa Yurdakul, the Turkish ambassador suggested collaboration in the blue economy during a virtual meeting with Pakistani businessmen.

Pakistani Consul General in Istanbul Bilal Pasha, Turkish Commercial Adviser Demir Ahmet Sakin and Turkish Commercial Attache at Karachi Eyyup Yildirin made detailed presentations to highlight business and investment opportunities in the food, beverage, medical equipment and construction sectors.

The meeting was followed by a business-to-business networking session attended by more than 135 Pakistani and Turkish companies representing food, beverage, construction, construction materials, medical equipment and technology as well as directors and members of the joint Pakistani-Turkish business council.

Nasser Hyatt Maggo, president of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, underlined the need for harmonization of standards so that trade through third countries could be reduced. He said the strategic economic framework is a road map to deepen economic cooperation to enhance bilateral relations in the fields of trade, tourism, health, hospitality, industry, education, housing, agriculture, aviation and banking. He also underlined the need to improve commercial relations by broadening the interaction of entrepreneurs.

Amjad Rafi, chairman of the Pakistan-Turkey Joint Business Council, suggested the creation of a B2B portal for Pakistani and Turkish companies for trade, joint ventures. He also emphasized the revival of cargo trains and delivery of goods and timelines.

Ahmet Cengiz Özdemir, chairman of the Turkey-Pakistan Business Council underlined the need for increased trade, collaboration in transportation corridors and diversification of relations in various fields. He also highlighted opportunities in the fields of energy, CPEC, housing, SMEs, tourism, transportation for joint cooperation.

Arshad Jan, deputy head of mission / minister, Pakistan embassy also expressed concern over the pandemic which has reduced commercial activity and highlighted investment opportunities in Pakistan’s economic zones and SEZs. He ensures his continued efforts and support for the improvement of trade relations.

Pakistan plans to continue cargo rail services through Iran to Turkey. The route stretches for 6,540 km. About 1,950 km of track are in Turkey, 2,600 km in Iran, and another 1,990 km in Pakistan. The journey from Istanbul to Islamabad will take 10 days – much faster than 21 days by sea between Turkey and Pakistan.

The roots of the project are found in the container train service launched in 2009 under the umbrella of the Economic Cooperation Organization. ECO is a 10-member political and economic intergovernmental organization founded in 1985 by Iran, Pakistan and Turkey.


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Who We Are – News – The highest German football field – in Austria | Instant News

  • SV Kleinwalsertal is based in Austria but plays in Germany
  • Their lawn is only usable for about five months of the year
  • Partnership agreements with other clubs

While temperatures have risen above 20 degrees Celsius in many parts of Germany over the past week, residents of the Austrian region Kleinwalsertal are still waiting for the snow to melt so they can return to playing football on the area’s scenic pitch, nestled between the forest and the Alps. peak.

“We still have a little snow here,” said Thomas Podgorschek FIFA.com. “In winter there are two meters of snow in the field because it is in the shade, flanked by slopes. We’ve shoveled it down to about 20 centimeters, but we have to wait until the sun does the final five to ten centimeters. “

The 33-year-old is the head of football as well as the U-9 coach at Kleinwalsertal, which is located some 1,200 meters above sea level. The Alpine Region has the unique status of belonging to Austria, but the valley is surrounded by mountainous borders in such a way that the only route of entry is via Germany. Skiing is the most popular sport locally, with almost every soccer coach doubling as a ski instructor. Podgorschek believes that such activities benefit local children: “Movements are only good for children.”

Location has often proven problematic, but especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when German borders are closed, for example. In normal times, however, the geography of the area primarily meant that football could once again unleash its strength across borders: since the journey to the matches in Austria would be very roundabout for the inhabitants of Kleinwalsertal – they would first have to tour the mountains – they were not only members of Austrian Football Association (OFB) but also from Germany (DFB), and has been incorporated into the German system in Allgau.

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“Whenever we have a children’s game, there is always an international match between Austria and Germany,” said ‘Poki’, as he was known. “We announced it through the microphone and the kids thought it was good. They all laughed and we had fun with him. Many of them attend secondary schools in Allgau and get to know their ‘international opponents’ from the classroom or playground. “

That led to fierce competition between Austrian and German fans, and there are many of the latter’s in the valley. “There are more supporters of German football here,” said Podgorschek, before insisting that his own heart “beats only for the reds and whites-reds” of Austria.

“Separated by the color of the shirt, united by the love of the game,” is a well-known phrase in amateur football in the German-speaking world. And in this region on the Austrian-German border, this is more than just a slogan. Since the grass fields at Kleinwalsertal can only be used between late April and late September, the Austrian club has an agreement with the German city of Sonthofen, about 30 minutes away by car, where during the winter they can play on the artificial pitch. throwing and also having their ‘home’ matches there.

Meanwhile, Sonthofen already has agreements with fourth-tier team Memmingen and Bundesliga club Augsburg. As Kleinwalsertal’s youths are extremely talented on the pitch as well as on the pitch, several young players have taken advantage of this connection to play for the teams at Memmingen and Augsburg.

“Over the last few years we have had a lot of good players who are talented and ambitious,” said ‘Poki’. “But it’s not just about the best players, we want to develop everyone. We have tremendous support from our sponsors and parents, who organize themselves on the club bus so that children can always be escorted to other sports fields. “

As some of the older age groups can no longer form their own teams, they will have to rely on a playing partnership with the Bavarian club.

The news of the quality of Austria’s pitch has now spread far and wide, and over the past two years Augsburg has held a week-long pre-season training camp for their U-19, U-17 and U-15 teams in preparation for the Bundesliga Youth Campaign. They do it in the height of summer, of course, because that’s when there is no chance of snow on ‘Germany’ highest sports grounds.

SV Kleinwalsertal children's football
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Czech Extraliga Will Start Playing April 9 – Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, News – Czech Baseball League, News – Dutch Baseball League, News – German Baseball League, News | Instant News

Czech Extraliga will postpone its Opening Day by one week, with the first pitch being thrown on April 9th. The Czech Baseball Association Technical Committee and representatives of Czech clubs approved the schedule after an exemption was granted by the Czech National Sports Agency.

Due to the current pandemic, players and referees must be tested before each weekend, the premises will not be open to the public, and the maximum number of people allowed in the park will be limited to 80. In addition, the park will have to be separated into different corridors, with hand sanitation, social distancing and reduced contact during the match are further points of emphasis.

Despite the restrictions, Petr Ditrich, President of the Czech Baseball Association, is happy with the situation, especially with the 2021 European Championships in September on the horizon. “We are very happy to receive an exemption from the National Sports Agency. It is very important for us to start our top league as soon as possible because of the important first season of the national team and the European Championship 2021. We recognize that the most important exercise in baseball is a game. We will strictly comply with all rules and hygiene measures, baseball is an outdoor sport and we are sure that the situation will improve very soon. We can’t wait for our opening day.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with the schedules of other major European leagues. The German Bundesliga will start the season with a a two-tier schedule, with clubs in the southern division starting April 1, as originally planned, and playing 28 games of the season against division rivals. The northern club, on the other hand, will start playing on May 8 and have only played 14 regular season games.

In Italy, the season was postponed indefinitely on March 25, with no indication of when the match would start, and in the Netherlands, Starting Hoofdklasse has been delayed by three weeks, with matches now scheduled to start April 29th.

In comparison, a one week delay in Extraliga is a relatively minor inconvenience. The league’s first weekend action will kick off with a series of evening matches on Friday, April 9.

The full schedule can be found at Extraliga homepage.

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Swiss- Singing Bells | MENAFN.COM | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Peter Preisig demonstrates the rich notes of his “ singing bowl ” (Klanggshalen).


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