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Goldie’s painting stolen during the Waikato heist was worth ‘over $ 1 million’ | Instant News

New Zealand artist CF Goldie’s Sleep ’tis a Gentle Thing’ was stolen along with many other unique works of art and antiques. Photo / NZ Police

A major seller of Goldie’s paintings in the country said a piece depicting a late Māori rangatira reportedly stolen today would be worth more than a million dollars.

The Waikato police are looking for information regarding the robbery, including a painting titled Sleep ’tis a Gentle Thing, by Ngāti Maru and chief Ngāti Paoa Hori Pokai, by New Zealand artist Charles Frederick Goldie.

Police believe it occurred in the Hamilton East area between 27 December 2020 and 3 January 2021.

Other artwork and antiques were stolen, including Koch & Bergfeld’s tableware.

Goldie’s most expensive piece, A Noble Relic of a Noble Race, from chief Ngāti Manawa Wharekauri Tahuna, sold for $ 1,337,687 at an International Arts Center auction in Auckland in 2016.

Director Richard Thomson said he sold another version of the stolen painting in 2008 for a record price of $ 454,000.

“So that’s a million dollars plus artwork that’s on the market today. I’ve sold dozens of Goldies, and it’s a really good example of his work, it has all the advantages.

“I’m quite annoyed [the burglary]. This is a very important national treasure. The owner is the keeper, but the country owns it, really. “

The stolen painting was most likely done between 1933 and 1938, when Goldie was in his sixties.

While Goldie’s previous work tends to fetch the highest price, Thomson says the 2016 record was set in 1941.

Despite his high ratings, Thomson said he thought it would be “worthless” in the hands of the thief.

“There is absolutely no market for it now in the wrong hands. It’s a stupid thing to do and all they’ll get is bad karma.

“My advice is to come back as quickly and safely as possible.”

Webb auction house art chief Charles Ninow said another version of the painting was sold, at a different auction house, in 2012 for $ 280,000.

He believes in today’s market it will be worth “easily over $ 500,000”.

“I remember selling it at a higher than average price, but the market has since been wild for Goldie. His art is just one of those things whose value goes up every year.”

New Zealand artist CF Goldie's Sleep 'tis a Gentle Thing' was stolen along with many other unique works of art and antiques.  Photo / NZ Police
New Zealand artist CF Goldie’s Sleep ’tis a Gentle Thing’ was stolen along with many other unique works of art and antiques. Photo / NZ Police

Ninow said he thought it would be rated a little lower than the previous work because of Goldie’s age at the time.

“When he was younger in his career he was in a better mental state, and did this very detailed painting. As they get older they become a little more poetic, looser, and that can affect grades.”

Having such a painting stolen would be of great concern not only to the owner, but also to Māori, who regarded the depiction of tūpuna, the ancestor, as “embodying vairua, soul, nurturer”.

“So, stealing it and not knowing it exists is a huge loss for Aotearoa, for our culture and our nation.”

The painting is entitled "The Woman in the Red Hat" also stolen from Hamilton's address.  Photo / NZ Police
A painting entitled “Lady With Red Hat” was also stolen from Hamilton’s address. Photo / NZ Police

Ninow said the thieves likely knew what they were doing.

“His works were instantly recognizable, he was very famous, like Colin McCahon. Everyone knows them, and very much sought after. If you’ve seen him in person, it’s very different to you.”

But Ninow believes that it is “impossible” to sell underground.

“The New Zealand art market is bigger than most people think, but it’s still small, and unlikely to be sold through traditional channels. Once it is known that a work has dubious origins, no one will touch it.

“With the stolen works, we often never know what happened to them. They move through these underground channels and we never see them again, but I really hope that doesn’t happen and we can see them again.”

Another painting was stolen.  Photo / NZ Police
Another painting was stolen. Photo / NZ Police

The police asked members of the public for information or possible sightings of the stolen items.

“This is definitely a very special legacy and we want to return it to its owner as quickly as possible,” said Constable Ben Monk of Hamilton’s Tactical Crime Unit.

“If you have information, please call the police on 105 and excerpt file 210103/2961.

“Alternatively, you can call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.”


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Karachi: Most wanted drug dealer is killed during an alleged meeting with police – Crime | Instant News

Published in 02 January 2021 5:43

Karachi: Most wanted drug dealer is killed in an alleged meeting with the police

KARACHI (Dunya News) – A drug dealer Dadan Abro died during a meeting with police in Karachi.

According to SSP East Sajid Mir, police in an alleged encounter with a drug dealer at the Superhighway site in Karachi killed most wanted drug dealer Dadan Abro while arresting eight suspects including two injured.

He said that on December 28 at the Faqira Goth Super Highway Site two suspects fled with serious injuries in the alleged meeting.

Police set fire to the forest to find the culprit. The body of Dadan Abro, who was shot dead, was also found with Kalashnikov.

He said that after the meeting, the police destroyed several hiding places and found 2 Kalashnikovs, 8 pistols, 120 kg of marijuana, 8 motorbikes and G-3 bullets. 30 cases have been registered against Dadan Abro at various police stations. Defendants are wanted by police in murder, attempted murder, police encounters and extortion.


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The merchant was shot dead at Manghopir | Instant News

An abaya trader was shot dead apparently in the act of targeted killing in the Manghopir area of ​​Karachi, Khawaja police Ajmair Nagri said on Tuesday. According to police, two unidentified men were targeted when she went to her shop in her car with her son, Qasim.

The man died at the scene and his body was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where he was identified as 38-year-old Khudadad, Zahir Khan’s son, police said, adding that the deceased was a resident of Mughal Hazara Goth in Manghopir. and used to run an abaya shop in Bolten Market.

Police have obtained CCTV footage of the incident which shows the two attackers – one wearing a helmet and the other wearing a hat. Police said motorcyclists were seen chasing the car and targeting the victim. CCTV footage also shows several policemen present near the crime scene trying to intercept the suspect but they managed to escape after a brief encounter. Police said the motive behind the incident had not been confirmed.

However, condemning the incident, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen called it part of the “ongoing targeted killing of members of the Shia community”. The MWM spokesman said it was a sectarian-based targeted killing incident that took place in broad daylight. He said it showed “the criminal negligence of law enforcement and put a question mark on their performance”. The spokesman appealed to higher authorities to immediately pay attention to the incident and arrest the perpetrators behind the incident.

Car snatched

Despite increased rapid checks and police guarding, a group of six car hijackers grabbed a car at gunpoint in Gulshan-e-Iqbal on Tuesday.

The carjackers sat in the car and drove for a while, before dropping off Zubair Ansari, an officer of a multinational company, in the SITE area. The suspects also looted cash and other valuables from him before fleeing.

Gulshan-e-Iqbal police said the incident took place near Ansari’s office. The victim’s son, Omar Ansari, told police that the suspect sat in the car and told his father to deactivate the tracker before dropping it.


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Khalid Maqbool crucifies the Sindh government, the police for harassing Karachi merchants | Instant News

HOUSE > Pakistan

Ask the police to stop visiting businessmen in the city

SAME television – Posted: 26 Nov 2020 | Last Updated: 1 hour ago
Posted: 26 November 2020 | Last Updated: 1 hour ago

The head of the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui on Thursday criticized the Sindh government and police for harassing traders and businessmen in Karachi.

“There is a Sindhudesh government here,” MQM-P organizers said at a press conference in Karachi. He was flanked by traders and businessmen.

“From the police to the Sindh Secretariat, look at the establishment here, the bureaucracy here,” he added.

Siddiqui warned police “arriving from outside Karachi” against visiting local merchants. “The Karachi government has been tasked with harassing the town’s merchants and asking how much they will bring to the People’s Party funds in return.”

He said demanding anything from the Sindh government was tantamount to painting one’s face black.

“Their job is to destroy the economy and social fabric of this city,” said MQM-P organizers. “And I congratulate them on destroying it to some extent,” he said scornfully.

Seventy percent of non-natives make it to local agencies and local government, complained Siddiqui, calling on the Sindh government to “bring them all back to Sindhudesh”.

“This is Pakistan and here no coercion from the Sindhudesh government will be tolerated,” he said.


Karachi, MQM-P, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Sindh government, Karachi administration, police, merchants, businessmen


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The taxed motorbike parts dealer screamed for a break | Instant News

KARACHI: Burdened by high taxes and duties, motorcycle parts dealers have urged Karachi’s main trade body to file their case with the authorities for immediate release as they are on the brink of closing due to high costs of doing business, a statement said on the day Friday.

“As many as 35 percent of Duty and 11 percent of Additional Duty have greatly increased costs, making these parts unaffordable for the poor,” said Khalid Waheed, chairman of the All Pakistan Motorcycle Parts Importers & Dealers Association (APMSPIDA), at a meeting here. Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).

Waheed, who led the APMSPIDA delegation to KCCI, said that in addition to the Customs and Additional Customs mentioned above, importers of motorcycle parts also pay a number of other taxes including sales tax, income tax and additional sales revenue, so they are finished. uncompetitive goods.

“Due to the rampant smuggling of motorcycle parts, importers and authorized dealers are facing serious difficulties and are unable to compete with smuggled parts due to outrageous taxes and duties and higher valuation rules for motorcycle parts, which have been drastically reduced to allow for preventing smuggling and encouraging legal imports, “said Waheed.

Anjum Nisar, Vice Chairman of the KCCI Businessmen Group, assured the APMSPIDA delegation that the KCCI under the supervision of the President will certainly raise this issue to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) so that it can be resolved according to the aspirations of related stakeholders.

Ajnum assessed that Customs and Excise, which currently reaches 35 percent, should be around 20 percent.

M Shariq Vohra, President of KCCI, also assured the delegation that the Karachi assembly supported their rightful demands of lowering exorbitant taxes and duties, which severely affected local production and gave full support to resolve this serious problem.

Vohra suggested forming a team consisting of representatives from KCCI and APMSPIDA whose task was to identify problems and provide similar advice to create a conducive environment that proved beneficial for the economy by creating jobs.

“If the problem of exorbitant import duties and taxes is not resolved, then the hamber will invite related officers at KCCI to be able to get comprehensive guidance on the severity of the problem and be asked to provide relief to importers and traders,” he added.

M Saqib Goodluck, Senior Vice President of KCCI, said if it was not possible to stop smuggling from the point of entry, the best solution would be to cut import duties and taxes, while traders should also boycott contraband completely, which would save them. from raids by various institutions.


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