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Swiss gold exports to Asia fell as bullion poured into London | Instant News

LONDON (Reuters) – Swiss gold exports to China and India shrank in September, with the country instead importing a record volume of gold bullion from Hong Kong and shipping the metal to Britain, customs data showed on Tuesday.

Gold anode depicted at Swiss Metalor refinery in Marin near Neuchatel, Switzerland July 5, 2019. REUTERS / Denis Balibouse / File Photo

The figures underline how Western investors have overtaken Asian jewelery buyers as the main driver of gold demand since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

The pandemic has resulted in the closure of jewelery shops and reduced disposable income among consumers, as well as sparking a rush of investors to hoard assets they think will hold their value during the crisis.

Switzerland is a major gold refining and transit center, while London is a storage and trading center where investors around the world stock up on gold.

Swiss gold exports to the United States, which surged earlier this year due to higher prices on the US market, fell sharply for the second consecutive month in September.

Graph: Swiss gold exports

Switzerland exported 1.5 tonnes of gold to China in September, with 2.4 tonnes exported to Hong Kong and 5 tonnes to India, customs data showed.

The previous month, they shipped 10 tonnes to China, nothing to Hong Kong and 20.2 tonnes to India as demand in that market appeared to be recovering.

The dominant flow of gold in September comes from east to west. Switzerland imported 37.7 tonnes from Hong Kong, up from 25.5 tonnes in August and the most for all months since Swiss data became available in 2012.

It exported 50.9 tonnes to the UK, up from 18.4 tonnes in August and the most since September last year.

Swiss shipments to the United States fell to 13.5 tonnes from 28.5 tonnes in August and for the second month were almost entirely offset by gold imports to Switzerland from the United States.

In total, Switzerland exported 105.9 tonnes of gold in September, up from 112 tonnes in August.

Reporting by Peter Hobson; Edited by David Goodman


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Is it safe to trade and store crypto? | Instant News

An overview

Official name: SwapSpace

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Headquarters: Marshall Islands

Year of establishment: 2019

Exchange type: Non-custodial

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Trading fees: Included in the displayed rates

Deposit method: Cryptocurrency

Supported coins: 350+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and many more

Fiat: No.

Customer service: email, chat.

While cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity, their inconsistency sometimes makes it difficult to see what and decide about the best exchange to use, what prices are good and what to get ripped off, and so on. And here the aggregator comes out.

The SwapSpace cryptocurrency exchange aggregator combines exchange options for instant exchanges, and it’s you who compare offers and make the final decision. This removes the search part of cryptocurrency exchanges while keeping your private key.

In this article, we will cover complete aspects of the SwapSpace exchange such as features, fees, supported currencies, trading and much more. Let’s dig into the SwapSpace review in detail now.

What is SwapSpace?

SwapSpace is an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that combines thousands of exchange offers by more than twelve major exchanges into one simple interface. It has been operating worldwide since 2019 and is suitable for beginners who have not yet gotten exchange sticks and candles and for professional traders who need a quick exchange or choose not to trust their funds for custodial exchanges.

Currently, SwapSpace works closely with all major players in the instant exchange market (Changelly, SimpleSwap, ChangeNow, ChangeHero, and many more). It collects prices for over 350 cryptocurrencies and shows it is regulated from the best.

SwapSpace offers an instant, simple, registration-free crypto-to-crypto exchange service. This service can be accessed via any device. For Trezor users, this provides an opportunity to exchange via Trezor Connect without leaving SwapSpace.

It also offers APIs for any service including crypto wallets so that users can exchange cryptos directly without needing to visit the SwapSpace website.

SwapSpace feature

1) No registration. To use SwapSpace, you don’t need to register or enter your personal data.

2) No pre-KYC. At SwapSpace, you don’t have to go through mandatory KYC procedures. However, its partners can prepare selective KYC checks if it detects suspicious transactions.

4) A large number of coins and tokens. Currently, SwapSpace offers more than 350 cryptocurrencies to exchange, which makes it an instant exchange with one of the widest types of coins.

5) Fixed and floating exchange rates.

6) No additional fees. SwapSpace shares fees with an integrated exchange instead of charging its customers. Along with providing an opportunity to compare rates and choose the best, it makes for a profitable exchange.

7) Unbelievable. Because SwapSpace is non-custodial, SwapSpace does not hold your funds and allows you to store your private keys. You are the sole custodian of your crypto.

SwapSpace Fees and Limits

SwapSpace doesn’t charge any additional fees from its customers, which means that in the SwapSpace interface you will see the same numbers as the integrated exchange service. The lower limit starts at $ 2, and they don’t set an upper limit for swaps.

SwapSpace Supported Currencies

SwapSpace supports more than 350 cryptocurrencies, and this number is growing. This list includes major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), stablecoin (Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and many more), recent breakthroughs like Polkadot (DOT), and many more. . various DeFi coins (YFI, YFII, SushiSwap, Aave, Compound, Sun).

How to EChange Cryptocurrency on SwapSpace

STEP 1. Select a partner and select a tariff

To buy Bitcoin with Ethereum, select ETH in “you send” and Bitcoin in the “You can” section of the SwapSpace homepage. You can type it manually or choose from the drop-down menu. Enter the amount of Ethereum you wish to exchange. Press “View offers” and then grab a crypto exchange service that meets your needs.

STEP 2. Enter the address of the recipient

Provide the address of the Bitcoin wallet where you wish to receive funds

Check the information carefully and click the “Next” button.

STEP 3. Transfer funds

Send the exact amount of ETH to the address given and receive Bitcoin in your wallet within minutes.

STEP 4. Wait for the exchange to complete

You will have Bitcoin in your wallet in a few minutes! The exact time depends on various parameters: blockchain network workload, transaction time, processing speed, etc. Worried about your transaction? Check swap tracker or contact support.

Pros and Cons of SwapSpace


  • No registration or mandatory pre-KYC
  • Fast and secure cryptocurrency exchange
  • There are no additional fees
  • Fixed and floating exchange rates
  • 350+ currencies available
  • 24/7 chat and email support


  • There is no trading with fiat currency
  • This is a fairly new company


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New Zealand Moves To Protect Cash | Instant News

Reserve Bank New Zealand has moved today to protect the cash economy. The RBNZ announced “a new role as administrator of the cash system to safeguard the benefits of cash for all who need it.”

RBNZ Assistant Governor Christian Hawkesby said:

“Cash is used less and less as a means of payment and access to cash is decreasing. However, cash provides important benefits to many people, including legal tender, social and financial inclusion, peer-to-peer payments, reserve payments, and privacy and autonomy. “

“We encourage every banking actor to consider its role in supporting the needs of its customers, including those who depend on cash for daily needs.”

RBNZ has established A Future of Cash Office and is working with industry and the community for the future of money.

“We welcome the RBNZ to move decisively, after listening to and engaging with the community, to protect cash,” said Sandra Smith of ATMIA (Asia Pacific)

“New Zealand’s cash economy is strong, safe, reliable and free of extra fees. New Zealanders love cash and are flocking to cash back after the lockdown period is over. “

“The Australian Government and the RBA need to move, like New Zealand, to support the rights of older people, diverse communities, regional centers, remote cities, everyone, to access and use cash,” said Sandra Smith.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s new “stewardship” of cash referrals emerged from the ‘Future of Cash – Te Moni Anamata public consultation in 2019.

Sandra Smith of ATMIA (Asia Pacific) said cash from ATMs was clean and no more risky than any other contact surface.

“The WHO, RBNZ, NZ and Australian health authorities, the Royal Australian Mint and the RBA have all confirmed that cash is not a risk of the virus if health advice is followed – clean hands, keep away and cover up.”

“Cash withdrawals from ATMs are clean and trustworthy and used with confidence.”

“However you pay, the World Health Organization and Australian health authorities say, use good hand hygiene and recommended social distancing.

“And don’t mix payments and cash with food and meal handling,” says Sandra Smith.

Cash Welcome is a cash industry initiative to give voice to the millions of people who trust and rely on cash.

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More Trade Tensions Between China and Australia | Voice of America | Instant News

SYDNEY – China appears to have escalated a trade dispute with Australia. The Australian cotton industry says Chinese factories are ordered not to process Australian imports. The reported measures follow restrictions in China on Australian coal and other agricultural commodities.

The Australian cotton industry is worth an estimated $ 565 million per year. China is by far its biggest customer, but there are fears that cotton farmers are the latest victims of a simmering trade war.

Chinese factories have reportedly been told not to buy Australian cotton, and industry representatives worry that exports to China could face tariffs imposed by Beijing of up to 40 percent, which are likely to render trade unworkable.

To add to the frustration, cotton producers started planting what was expected to be a big crop after Australia’s long drought.

Adam Kay is the chief executive of Cotton Australia, a leading trade organization. He believes Australia’s import ban to China is widespread.

“Most of the factories we spoke to were affected. So, you know, this worries us because about 65 percent of our Australian crop is actually going to China right now and it’s a really mutually beneficial relationship and having dangers is a real concern, “said Kay.

The Australian government immediately tried to clarify the situation, although government ministers said extracting information from their Chinese counterparts was difficult.

Bilateral relations have deteriorated in recent years. In 2017, Australian intelligence agencies warned of increasing Chinese efforts to influence Australian domestic politics. A year later, Australia banned Chinese technology company Huawei from its 5G telecommunications network over national security concerns. This year, Australia’s calls for a global investigation into the origins of the novel coronavirus, which was first detected in China, sparked even more anger from Beijing.

No one is sure where all this leaves Australia’s relationship with its biggest trading partner, but trade disputes appear to be escalating.

China has reportedly banned some imports of Australian coal, has imposed restrictions on barley and meat and launched an anti-dumping probe into imports of Australian wine. China has also warned students and tourists not to visit Australia over allegations of racism.

Beijing is also nervous by Canberra’s close military ties with the United States, and analysts say Australia needs dexterous and refined diplomacy to protect its vital trade relationship with China.


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The third phase of the Farmer to Family Meal Box will run until 18 December | Local | Instant News

Cars began queuing as early as 5:30 am on a frigid Friday morning for the distribution of Farmer’s Lunchboxes to other USDA Families in partnership with the Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska. The drive-thru food kitchen will officially start at 7:45 a.m.

CAPWN members learned on Thursday that a truck full of food was coming to Gering on Friday morning to be distributed to local families in need. CAPWN’s public service director Sarah Ochoa said the USDA initiative emerged because of the coronavirus.

“Everything is providing food to families during this difficult time with this pandemic,” he said. “This is definitely a necessity.”

Ochoa said they had been doing a series of food prizes since April, and their second series ended in September. Since then, he said the CAPWN had received many calls asking if they would continue distributing large quantities of food. That’s why he was delighted, albeit slightly panicked, when they heard on Thursday that they would receive enough food to feed 400 households by Friday.

“We are happy that we are able to help with needs in our community,” he said.

The CAPWN family stabilization manager, Carmen Trevino, echoed Ochoa’s sentiments, saying they saw an increase in the number of people using their emergency soup kitchens when the food trucks stopped arriving. He also says they have families that have sprung up from all over the Panhandle, including Oshkosh, Alliance and even Harrison.


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