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Why has the Australian Olympic team been on the decline since Sydney 2000 and what must be done to fix it? | Instant News

The 2000 Sydney Olympic Games were a defining moment in Australian sporting history.

Maybe it’s Cathy Freeman’s 400m win or the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay – 16 iconic gold medal moments make Sydney “the best Olympics ever”.

With a population of only 18.2 million people at the time, Australia produced 58 medals, a feat no other developing country had done before or since.

Over the past four Olympic games, Australia’s position in medal tally has dropped significantly, dropping to 10th in Rio 2016.

That The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has confirmed Brisbane as the preferred host for the games in 2032, giving the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) an 11-year runway for overhauling the high-performance sports system.

Match plan for Brisbane 2032

Chelsea Warr, former UK Sport performance director, was a key figure behind Great Britain’s success in London 2012 and Rio 2016.

“In 1996, [Great Britain was] 36 in the medal table and by the time London 2012 rolled over and then to Rio 2016, [we were] second in the medals table, “he said.

QAS have appointed Ms Warr to increase Australia’s chances of winning a medal for Brisbane 2032.

“The opportunity to host and host the Olympics at home that we all know is just transformational – not just for the country but for the nation – and you know the eyes of the world are going to see it,” he said.

QAS have appointed Chelsea Warr to increase Australia’s chances of winning a medal for Brisbane 2032.(

ABC News: Mark Leonardi


Ms Warr has gathered the best minds in high-performance sports to develop a game plan for the next 11 years.

“If we look at the profile of Rio medalists from the Australian team, 75 percent of them are already in the top 10 in the world four years before Rio,” he said.

“We have to be really ready in 2028 for real if we are going to have a very good home game in 2032.”

Promising young talent

Athletes like skateboarder Haylie Powell have been identified as promising young talent.

At the age of 15, Powell may be able to make his sporting debut at the Tokyo games later this year.

Photo of skateboarder Haylie Powell
At 15, skateboarder Haylie Powell might make his Tokyo game debut later this year.(

ABC News: Mark Leonardi


The young Olympic coach will turn 26 in 2032 and said “that would be really cool because [Brisbane is] only an hour from my house “.

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Brisbane skateboarder Haylie Powell has been identified as a promising young talent at the age of 15.(ABC News)

The optimal age for winning a medal varies from sport to sport and Ms Warr said targeting has been a big focus.

“How old do you really need to be to develop in time, in the time frame to become a world beater by 2032?” she poses.

Jordan Bartley’s wheelchair basketball is 26 years old but still managed to play well into his late 30s.

“It’s great when you think about it – there’s nothing like playing on your land in front of your family and friends,” he said.

Wheelchair basketball player Jordan Bartley
Jordan Bartley is 26 years old but can still play well into his late 30s.(

Provided: Queensland Academy of Sport


But athletes are only the first step in the high-performance puzzle.

Need a strong mentor

QAS will launch a two-year scholarship program later this year to begin nurturing future Australian coaches.

Benn Lees has coached elite water polo in Australia for nearly 30 years, but fears rising young coaches may fail in the current system.

“This is something we’ve identified at the state level in Queensland that we need to really work on developing a strong mentor program,” he said.

That’s how Mr Lees learned his craft in the early days, based at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra.

Photo from water polo trainer Benn Lees
Benn Lees has trained elite water polo in Australia for nearly 30 years.(

ABC News: Brittney Kleyn


QAS also seeks to find the next generation of sports practitioners, who have the best minds in sports medicine and science, to optimize athlete development and performance.

“They all work together like a Formula 1 team around athletes and coaches to enable them to optimize their performance,” said Warr.

Identify early talent

QAS also hires professional Australian beach volleyball player and last year’s Olympic gold medalist Natalie Cook as its director of success and elite partnerships.

Cook was born and raised in north Queensland and has toured the region with Ms Warr, as part of QAS’s early talent identification program.

Beach volleyball player Nat Cook served at the 2012 London Olympics.
Australian beach volleyball player Nat Cook competes at the 2012 London Olympics.(

Reuters: Marcelo del Pozo


Take a look at a new sport

QAS is also working to identify sports that are not already on the Olympic agenda, with the IOC likely to change its portfolio again, before 2032.

Skateboarding, BMX freestyle and surfing are some of the new sports that will debut in Tokyo.

“What we’re seeing is the introduction of a lot of what they call action sports … that try and engage more youth appeal to the Olympics going forward,” said Warr.

He says the difficulty is adapting to this new sport, which historically has developed athletes through organic self-development models.

“We are watching the Youth Olympics quite closely to see what might happen, so for example we know that high diving may be one of the upcoming sports in the future,” said Warr.


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Kitsch Entry According to Fashion Week – CR Fashion Book | Instant News

It wasn’t that long ago when kitsch fell out of favor … well, kitsch. The sweater vest from the 90s sitcom was reintroduced as the epitome of TikTok fashion; clunky acrylic rings (or similar accessories from rubber ball machine trinkets) turn out to be fun and nostalgic obligatory items; and cardigans knitted in color puzzles (such as JW Anderson’s Harry Styles) bring a sense of comfort and wellness to the trend.

Then fashion week just added fuel to the kitsch agenda. Amid some neatness and construction to be expected, some brands carry an air of panic. From Coach, Molly Goddard, and Sandy Liang’s calm integration to the tougher interpretations seen in Vivienne Westwood, Chloé, Marine Serre, Collina Strada, and Anna Sui, kitsch, in all of its bizarre and outdated nature, is a trend for tabs.

Anna Sui’s Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection is a psychedelic journey for the eye. Swirling in trippy colors and prints, this lineup is reminiscent of the music of the ’60s and’ 70s alongside escapism – perhaps it was the kind of freedom most noted of those decades. Cow prints (which have made their way into the fashion world with unexpected popularity) splashed onto coats, fluffy bucket hats, ankle boots and pinafores for a West Bohemian vibe. Meanwhile, the chevrons and stripes seen on the cow print, the pastel macrame knit paired with the underwear leggings, and the various floral prints worn together, all somehow create a cohesive look.

Collina Strada’s Hillary Taymour is not a deviant from kitsch either, her collections often rely on patterns and electroplating. Some displays for her Fall 2021 Ready to Wear collection are filled with tie dye, doodle flowers, patchwork, and watercolors, while others feature animal prints and tropical floral prints. But for most of the collection, all of these elements are combined in various ways, disguised as a fad version of mathematical probability.

Hill Road

road fall hill 2021 rtw

Hill Road

The same goes for Vivienne Westwood, whose jacket-trouser-set, tube tops, oversized T-shirts, coats, jumpsuits, and ties are plastered with a 1700s painting of François Boucher. And aside from those romantic pieces, the check, tartan, and stripes are casually put together in a style reminiscent of 80s guts. At first glance, it all looks like a dizzying kaleidoscope of style, but on closer inspection, it’s a collection filled with fun that turns out to be plausible.

vivienne westwood fall 2021 rtw

Vivienne Westwood

vivienne westwood fall 2021 rtw

Vivienne Westwood

Kitsch is also seen in patchy form. At Marine Serre, the brand’s much-loved logo-mania is worn with block-patterned squares and collages filled with cheetah prints, Hawaiian florals, geometric designs, and Fair Isles sweater vests. At Chloé, clutch striking patterns like zigzags with hearts and floral prints and dainty pony with stripes covering the puffer coat.

marine serre fall 2021 rtw

chloé fall 2021 rtw


Few collections remain close to home, opting for a more down-to-earth look than avant-garde and formal, in tune with sustainable lockdowns and simple living lifestyles around the world.

At Coach, celebrities and models across the board pose in abundant patterns and cut layers – turtlenecks under dresses and skirts over trousers, plaid collars sticking out of sweaters, and cardigans under blazers. But it’s not just the compiled vision that completes the kitsch look. Cartoon animals, country landscapes (mushrooms, flowers, and woods), and vintage emblems are printed on knitwear, pinned to cardigan outerwear, and tied to sweater vests, creating a simple, old-fashioned look. Just imagine your grandparents’ wardrobe, but think again.

ready-made 2021 autumn trainer


ready-made 2021 autumn trainer


Molly Goddard and Sandy Liang have the same wavelength when it comes to Fair Isle crochet; the former remain true to the figurative pattern while the latter weave softer tulips, daisies and bows. But two different ways when it comes to accessories, Sandy Liang’s minimalism differs from a Molly Goddard striped scarf and diamond cross socks and dimensional ruffle bag.

sandy liang fall 2021 rtw

Sandy Liang

molly goddard autumn 2021 ready to use

Molly Goddard

molly goddard autumn 2021 ready to use

Molly Goddard

Wearing a unique cardigan may seem easier (and more comfortable) than practicing over-layering. But whichever level of kitsch you choose, it’s a trend that will have you putting all your moodboards in one look.


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Louis Vuitton Is The Most Popular Fashion Brand In The World In 2020 | Instant News

A study conducted by money.co.uk Data compiled from Google searches for 12 months shows that the most searched fashion brand in the world is none other than Louis Vuitton. Leading all other super brands by far, Louis Vuitton is the most sought after label in no less than 47 countries, including France, Great Britain, Germany and Sweden. The two runners-up are Gucci and Chanel, who appeared in top searches in 13 and 12 countries, respectively.

In terms of its demographics, LV’s popularity remains largely in Europe, although Gucci, especially the mini-series with Gus Van Sant, is popular in Japan, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Italy. On the other hand, the 12 Chanel countries are concentrated in Asia, especially in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos and Thailand. Further down the rankings, Calvin Klein was most searched in 11 countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Chile. The American brand coach, which occupies the sixth position is popular in countries such as Brazil and Saudi Arabia. For American and Canadian buyers, Loewe is the most sought-after brand.

In case you were wondering, here’s a list of the top 10 most searched fashion labels around the world last year (numbers mark the number of countries where the brand was most popular):

1.Louis Vuitton: 47
2.Gucci: 13
3. Chanel: 12
4.Calvin Klein: 11
5. Rolex: 9
6. Coach: 4
7. Tony Burch: 3
8. Loewe: 2
9. Valentino: 2
10. Fendi: 2


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Germany’s Zverev parted ways with coach Ferrer ahead of the new season | Instant News

REUTERS: Alexander Zverev of Germany will head into the 2021 season looking for a new coach after parting ways with Spaniard David Ferrer, the world number seven confirmed on social media.

Zverev added former world number three Ferrer to his coaching team around mid-2020 and reached his maiden Grand Slam final at the US Open, where he fell to Dominic Thiem after winning the first two sets.

The German racer won two ATP titles in Cologne and also reached the ATP Masters 1000 final in Paris in the close season.

“I want to thank David for the months we have shared, time on and off the pitch, wishing him only the best in the future,” Zverev wrote on his Instagram account.

“I also want to thank his family for giving me the opportunity to spend precious weeks with David during these difficult times. I have great respect for the way David plays and coaches tennis.”

Zverev will kick off the 2021 season in the team-based ATP Cup which will be played at Melbourne Park a week before the Australian Open is held at the same venue starting February 8.

“I have to decide at the end of the year; I spoke with Alexander and told him I would rather not continue working with him in 2021,” Ferrer told tennis website Punto de Break.

“There’s no particular reason or anything; I just don’t think the timing is right. Everything is fine between us … I’m not the right person to help Alexander at this time.”

(Reporting by Sudipto Ganguly in Mumbai; editing by Richard Pullin)


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Karioitahi drowning tragedy: Father died saving the children from the sea | Instant News

Revell Douglas, 46, drowning rescued children on Karioitahi Beach, pictured with her sons Hamish, 11, Liam, 9 and Lockie, 13.

The famous south Auckland horse trainer who drowned rescuing children from the dangerous west coast waves was hailed a hero for his selfless actions.

Revell Douglas lost his life on Wednesday when he descended into the water on Karioitahi Beach, south of Auckland when a number of children with him got into trouble at sea.

Despite the efforts of first responders, Douglas died at the scene.

As stunned friends and colleagues accepted the tragedy, his devastated family this morning released a statement detailing how a beach outing ended up taking the 46-year-old sportsman’s life.

Revell, his partner Lou and his seven children were once at the beach where Revell trained his horse.

“The children are already in the water, when some of them are having a hard time. Revell and Lockie’s eldest son, along with Lou, helped save the children but Revell tragically lost his life while doing so.

“She will be missed by all,” said the family.

Those who live and work alongside champion horse trainers and avid rugby players have been struck by death.

The tribute posted on Facebook described his final moments as heroic.

Our sincere condolences to Revell Douglas’ family and friends as well as his colleagues at Hygain, “said Show Circuit magazine on its Facebook page.

“Yesterday he drowned a hero, while saving one if his children.

“RIP Revell, you are a great man who is well respected by everyone in our community.”

“Our friend Revell Douglas, a champion man, horse rider, friend and father.
Hygain won’t be the same. The Rev went out, and will always be a hero, “wrote Adam Campbell.

The bereaved family said Douglas was a passionate horseman who had partnered with his father Don Douglas. Over the years, the couple has trained a number of successful accomplice.

Douglas worked in the racing and horse industry most of his life, including time as racing manager for Alexandra Park and general manager of the Pinjarra Trotting Club in western Australia where he and his family lived for three years.

Revell Douglas has coached a number of successful collaborators in partnership with his father Don Douglas over the years.  Photo / Provided
Revell Douglas has coached a number of successful collaborators in partnership with his father Don Douglas over the years. Photo / Provided

Most recently, he worked for Hygain and Mitavite Horse feeds as the New Zealand region manager.

On Friday, fellow harness coach Jeremy Young dedicated the win at Cambridge Raceway in memory of his late friend.

“It’s a bit of an emotional win for me. It’s for the guy I met at the stables when I first started at Puke, Revell Douglas. The champion guy. It’s a great privilege to win that race and I’ll miss you,” he said on Facebook. .

Douglas, who played representative rugby for Manawatū and in England, was married to Julia for 14 years and has three sons: Lockie 13, Hamish, 11 and Liam, 9.

Along with broad horse interest, Douglas was active in the County rugby circle and coached the youth team at the Karaka Rugby club for the last seven years.

In a post on their Facebook page, the Karaka Junior Rugby committee and community extended their deepest condolences and sincere thoughts to family and friends by saying “one of our club members and team coaches who tragically lost his life by drowning while saving the life of one. his son at Karioitahi Beach on Wednesday morning “.

The Pinjarra Harness Racing Club said this week it was very sad to learn of the tragedy.

“During his time as manager, Revell’s passion for Harness Racing and PHRC was evident. His persistence and drive to improve the club led to some impressive changes. Including increased funding for the Pavilion, making it what it is today,” wrote a post. .

The National Equestrian Center also paid tribute by posting the horse rider drowning while trying to save one of his children.

“Revell drowned trying to save one of his cubs today. A great man with extensive knowledge of all things horse.”

Drowning is one of six people who lost their life in the first six days of 2021.

Four year old Mystique Genuine Pairama from Upper Hutt died in Lake Rotokawau on Monday and Zion Brown from New Pymouth died in Lake Arapuni on Tuesday.

Hours after Douglas lost his life, someone drowned in Two Mile Bay on Lake Taupo.


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