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How the meeting with the presidents of Naples and Koulibaly changed Osimhen’s mentality about Italy | Instant News

The Super Eagles striker is reportedly close to € 50 million moving to Serie A after his impressive debut campaign at Lille

Former Victor Osimhen agent Jean-Gerard Benoit Czajka has revealed how he talked with Naples president Aurelio De Laurentiis and Senegalese Defender Kalidou Koulibaly changes a little star mindset about Italy.

That Nigeria international, who is said to be on the verge of moving to the Stadio San Paolo this summer, is concerned with the incident of racism in League, and his initial fear affected his negotiations with the Parthenopeans.

Benoit Czajka, who was Osimhen’s representative until this month before they separated for an undisclosed reason, said the 21-year-old was even ready to reject an annual salary of € 10 million from Juventus if they move because of their fear.

“Victor doesn’t want to go to Italy. “From the start, he was stuck on the idea of ​​playing in Serie A,” said Benoit Czajka French Football.

“He told me that the problem of racism scared him and he didn’t feel it. He even told me in March-April: “I don’t want to go and play in Italy even if it’s for Juventus with € 10 million net per year”.

“I told Victor that before he had a strong idea, he had to travel to see for himself, meet people, talk to players who were faced with racism, etc.

“Something we finally did on 1, 2 and 3 July where we met with coaches, sporting directors, and president De Laurentiis who was a man with values ​​and experience, and who seemed to have convinced the players. Victor also talked a lot with Kalidou Koulibaly and this made his choice for Napoli. “

Osimhen enjoyed an extraordinary debut season in Korea France, scored 13 League 1 a goal for Lille which ended the campaign in fourth place before the league was canceled due to a coronavirus outbreak.

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Benoit Czajka revealed that an agreement between Lille and Napoli had been reached “for a long time” and the French club might not be happy with the inconsistency of the agreement.

“We have been in contact with them since March,” he added. “With Covid, we finally managed to meet at the end of May, beginning of June at Monaco with Giuntoli and then we moved in with the player in early July in Naples.

“For more details, if we go to Italy it’s because the two clubs have agreed for a long time and they told us. I think Lille doesn’t appreciate that Victor comes and returns without signing his contract. “


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Hulk revealed offers from Britain, Spain & Italy when the Shanghai contract expired | Instant News

The Brazilian striker will be a free agent when his current contract with the Chinese Super League club expires in December

The Hulk has revealed that he has received an offer from English, Spanish and Italy ahead of the SIPG Shanghai release at the end of the year.

Shanghai lures the Hulk to the Chinese people Super League from Zenit St. Petersburg with an Asian record fee of £ 45 million ($ 58 million) back in 2016, when the Brazilian turned his back on European football after four years in Russia.

The agile striker reportedly signed a £ 320,000-a-week deal at the Shanghai Stadium, and he faces a lot of criticism for placing a large salary in front of his inheritance at the highest level after the transfer.

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Hulk has since scored 69 impressive goals in 126 matches for the club, while adding league titles and domestic trophies to his trophy collection.

The 34-year-old four-year-old spell in the far east will finally end on December 31, where it will be available on a free transfer.

Before he joined Zenit from Porto in 2012, Hulk was associated with a number of top clubs in Europe, including Chelsea, Manchester United and Monaco.

Ex Brazil The international said he would have many prospective applicants lining up for his autograph once again in January, with a move to the Premier League still possible.

“I listened to many proposals from Brazil and many places including in Europe,” said Hulk Spear. “[I have offers from] Turkey, Portugal, English, Spanish, Italian, German – and I also got an offer from China.

“Every day more new proposals come. I thank God I have a very strong name in the market.”

The former Porto star went on to emphasize that he was not motivated by financial gain as he outlined his ambitions for the remaining years of his professional career.

“I will not put money ahead of football,” said Hulk. “I spoke to God to make the best decision, was very happy and continued my career.

“Where I go, I make history. I ask God to bless me and I continue to write this beautiful story in football.”

The veteran striker added the prospect of returning to his homeland with Palmeiras, the club he has supported since his youth: “I have special affection for this team, but I cannot say that, in January, I will be in Palmeiras or not.

“I don’t want to fool anyone. I am very professional, I will play in any club. If I go to Brazil, become Palmeiras or another team, I will make sure I give my best.

“On the field, I will leave everything there and give my life to help the team, whatever it is. I do it with enthusiasm.”


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Maybe the opening of schools will lead to more COVID-19? | A coronavirus COVID-19 watch | Instant News

Cases of coronavirus are still on the rise in Alabama. That brings further questions about the safety of opening.

FOX10 news received a question from a viewer who asked why let schools resume if students have the chance to catch the virus and bring him home?

Scientists are still studying whether children are super spreaders COVID-19, centers for control and disease prevention says on its website:

Question: Can the opening of schools will lead to higher rates COVID-19?

Response: the experience of schools around the world suggests that open schools can be low risk in communities with low SARS-cov-2 speed of data transmission. Computer modeling from Europe suggest that the opening of schools may increase even more common in communities where transmission is already high. Schools to resume, will also have lessons about the feasibility and effectiveness of strategies for mitigation, such as wearing cloth face and keep people 6 feet away through social distancing. Regardless of the level of community transmission, vigilance, to practice behavior that prevents the spread among all in the school and other recommended actions planning, preparation and response COVID-19 reduces the risk of SARS-cov-2 transmission than it could be.

Remember FOX10 news will help answer your questions related to the coronavirus. Write your question [email protected].

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Kalou moved to Botafogo to catch Brazil affected by coronavirus off guard | Instant News

Ivory Coast forward moves to Rio de Janeiro amid a financial crisis caused by a coronavirus pandemic that has caused players and staff to lose their jobs

The corona virus pandemic – and resulting in financial havoc for global football – may have slowed the number of transfers that attracted attention in the market, but that hasn’t succeeded in stopping everything in South America.

Last year was marked by a series of unusual movements, with famous stars like Daniele De Rossi, Emmanuel Adebayor and Keisuke Honda choosing to cross the Atlantic Ocean to feel the passion of the continent and the atmosphere of the big game, to varying degrees. success.

De Rossi played seven games for Boca Juniors before deciding to retire. Adebayor’s adventure at the Paraguayan club, Olimpia, ended after four matches – and one Copa Libertadores red card memorabilia – when a joint contract recession was announced because of a pandemic.

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However, Honda was still there. His employer Botafogo is now attacking again, bringing his formerChelsea and Hertha Berlin’s favorite, Salomon Kalou, in a move that has made everyone off guard.

Kalou, 34, announced his arrival in Rio de Janeiro last week after six seasons with Hertha, the last of which failed him. Bundesliga the club’s first team plans and is limited to only five league appearances.

After negotiating with the exNigeria International player Jon Obi Mikel in early 2020 and moved mountains to convince Yaya Toure to move – only so that the midfielder would commit to rival Vasco if a certain presidential candidate wins the election – Botafogo finally gets the name of the second tent to sit side by side with Honda on the team. -sheet.

Vice-president Ricardo Rotenberg also announced his intention to pursue Netherlands the legend of Arjen Robben in the middle of the lockdown. That request, not surprisingly, fell on deaf ears with the former The Champions League the winner returns instead to Groningen.

Such an extraordinary transfer is very interesting to say, considering that only two months ago Rio’s party appeared in dire financial trouble. As many as 45 club employees were dismissed to cut costs during the coronavirus pandemic, while players and staff were both left waiting for payroll returns which led to a delay of several months.

The club also did not hesitate to unilaterally revoke the contract of Joel Carli, the 33-year-old Argentine defender who represented them for less than four years and is now pursuing his complaints through the court.

“I want to thank the fans for their unconditional support, teammates and former teammates and all Botafogo staff during this transition period,” Carli explained on Instagram. I have no choice. I tried everything [to stay]”

Sports on Brazil returned in mid-June, was persuaded to return to regular service by hardline president Jair Bolsonaro and under heavy protest from the players themselves.

Just a few days before the scheduled resumption of activities at Keoca State in Carioca, Rio, Botafogo reported 17 cases of coronavirus in their rankings, including five players, and then marked their clash against Fluminense in July with a joint protest; The legend of Honda and Fred’s flu goes along with banners asking the authorities to “respect our history.”

Kalou, then, arrives in Rio amidst the most abnormal atmosphere. People like Honda and Adebayor were loved by thousands of fans after joining their new club; Ivory Coast can expect a quieter welcome.

The city still reports more than 1,000 cases of corona virus and 100 deaths every day, and the return of football enjoys something less than universal agreement. Fantasy football is a possible signing, but the situation in both his new club and the country of adoption is too serious and should be treated as such.


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Off The Court: Britain’s ‘fear’ of Australia and New Zealand has disappeared, said Nat Panagarry | Netball News | Instant News

By Sky Sports Netball

Last Updated: 07/17/20 14:58

Midfielders will again be part of the elite full-time program in England

Natalie Panagarry joined Off The Court to discuss being selected as part of the Vitality Roses full-time program for the 2020-2021 season and said the “fear” of Australia and New Zealand had disappeared.

Captain Loughborough Lightning was announced as part of Jess Thirlby’s 24-man squad for the coming international season and will once again become a full-time athlete.

He is a member of the Tracey Neville squad for the 2019 Netball World Cup and made his 2016 international debut against Australia.

Lately, Panagarry has been undergoing a process of rehabilitation of a broken leg he suffered during the opening match of the Lightning Superleague Vitality Netball season.

Having suffered such an injury, and with all the netball being held now, the central midfielder was very happy to hear him enter Thirlby’s latest squad.

“I’m very grateful and grateful to be re-elected [for the Roses], “he said the latest episode from Sky Sports’ Out of court.

“It’s always been a dream, every year, to be selected for a full-time program. With my injury and not being able to perform, I’m grateful to be able to enter.”

Vitality Roses prepare to return to training

Jess Thirlby “hopes” Vitality Roses will return to playing competitive netball before the year ends and welcomes back training.

Above the excitement of being elected, Panagarry and his full-time international colleagues have now seen a path to return to training.

It began with individual-based training at two Elite Training Centers in Bisham and Manchester on July 21 before continuing to training in Loughborough in early August.

With the significant impact of the coronavirus in the UK, the country’s elite netballers must watch their counterparts on the other side of the world race ahead of them in terms of domestic match play.

ANZ Premiership has returned in just under one month and Suncorp Super Netball has an expected start date of August 1. Although he could only watch others move forward, Panagarry did not believe the forced absence of Britain would obstruct the outfit.

Guthrie returned to the Roses program

Serena Guthrie and Jo Harten returned to the British Netball Vitality Roses program for the 2020-21 international season.

“That’s something we have to face now,” he said. “You can see the other side of the world playing again and watch it with very jealous and envious eyes at this time!

“We have to come back as soon as possible and when we can start training, get that intensity. I have no doubt that we will be ready when the international season hopefully starts again.”

International netball schedules for 2020 and 2021 are currently on the air. The Roses are scheduled to take part in the Quad Series at the end of September and October, however, it was canceled.

Recently reported by Newshub in New Zealand, Pakis Perak may be in talks with England because of the new uncertainty surrounding the Constellation Cup against Australia.

But nothing has been confirmed by the governing body, Roses head coach Jess Thirlby said he was “hoping” his players would be able to play for England before the year is over.

Historically Australia and New Zealand have had a strong influence on Britain.

“When I started playing [for England] “There is something along the 50-goal line between people like Australia and New Zealand and us,” said former England coach Neville Sky Sports.

“All the time we try to reduce the deficit, we try to create threats and I try to be better as an athlete.”

A few years later, with Neville as head coach, the players moved to play their domestic netball in Australia and New Zealand and important wins occurred, deficits were reduced, and a shift in mindset occurred.

“Many of us, who have been on [Roses] The program, for the time being, will say that ‘fear’ is definitely gone, “Panagarry said.

“We can put our performances out there and get the win [over Australia and New Zealand]. The girls proved that at the Commonwealth Games and unfortunately, we were just out of luck in the semifinals at the World Cup.

“There are so many talents and so many young players who come that I really like.

“I am fortunate to have that experience and a bit of an older head to maybe guide some of those players. I think the future, what we have at Superleague and in the Roses program, is really interesting.”


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