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Tamsin Greenway: Vitality Roses could bring games to New Zealand | Netball News | Instant News

The Vitality Roses return to court for the first time since January

In this week’s column, Tamsin Greenway is looking forward to his series three Vitality Roses test against New Zealand, which kicks off on Wednesday live at Sky Sports.

Passionate? Me. It’s amazing to have northern hemisphere netball on the horizon and talk about British players preparing to step onto the international court.

That’s not to say that we don’t enjoy watching and discussing ANZ Premiership and Suncorp Super Netball, but it would be great to see talent come from this part of the world and how they do it against world champions.

The fact that this tour is taking place, in today’s environment, will require a lot of work and a lot of work has been done.

Jess Thirlby couldn’t come out and join the team This is a very unique and strange situation for him and the team to experience, the quarantine process that the British players are going to go through will be very strange for all of them too.

Overall, everyone is very grateful to those who have been able to make this international series happen on the world stage. The last few months have really shown how adaptable people can be, I’m definitely experiencing that in my role as Scotland head coach and moving forward, I know we all have to keep adapting as best we can.

In a new episode Out of court, I asked Jess about her goals for the series and it was really interesting to hear her thoughts and goals. He shared that this would be a show, and a development tour, for Vitality Roses.

On the face of it, performance and development don’t go hand in hand, but the truth is with the eight missing Roses players playing on Suncorp Super Netball, this group of players has a huge development focus. However, in international netball you can never escape that performance element.

The Vitality Rose of New Zealand vs England – Live on Sky Sports

First Test Wednesday, October 28th Live from 6am on Sky Sports Main and Mixed Events
Second Test Friday, October 30th Live from 6am on Sky Sports Main and Mixed Events
Third Test Sunday, November 1st Live from 6 a.m. on the Main Sky Sports, Arena and Mixed Events

For England, gone are the days where it is possible to lose by 15 or 20 goals, you have to look at performance all the time and go out to win every game. I’ve toured in the past, knowing that with a squad we picked up a lot more about damage control on the scoreboard….

Jess talks about England going out and getting the win, and her team taking everyone by surprise as a result. When you look at the Silver Ferns squad, and add to the fact that it’s at home and they’ve had a full ANZ Premiership season, that’s a huge demand for the England squad. However, given the talent that is available, they need to believe that they can do it.

England Vitality Roses Squad for a New Zealand tour

Player Defending the national team Player Defending the national team
Eleanor Cardwell 27 George Fisher 12
Kadeen Corbin 70 Sophie Drakeford-Lewis 2
Yasmin Parsons 3 Laura Malcolm 28
Serena Guthrie 98 Gabriella Marshall 6
Jade Clarke 176 Imogen Allison 0
Amy Carter 4 Fran Williams 13
Raids Quashie 12 Vicki Oyesola 4
Jodie Gibson 25 Halimat Adio 3

In both teams, there are a number of different players I would love to see when brought to court. Starting with the British Vitality Rose and the circle of defense I want to focus on.

Back at the Vitality Nations Cup, there are always experienced defenders in the circle, whether it’s Kate Shimmin or Stacey Francis, who are on top. This time Razia Quashie, Fran Williams, Halimat Adio, and Vicki Oyesola will do it themselves. Jodie Gibson was also to some extent, as he came back from an old game injured.

I am very happy to see what they can do. As a defensive unit, and especially a younger defensive unit, you enter the international netball arena under much less pressure than a young offensive unit. I want to see if these players have done their homework to face the Kiwi team and if they are brought to court in a fearless manner.

One of the things that came to my attention when dealing with Vitality Roses, was WA’s position. Looking at the squad, I suspect that Laura Malcolm will use that bib and I’m just not sure if moving forward is her optimal position in international netball.

I love Laura as a C / WD, and I believe that is where she thrives. I hope they have given him many opportunities in training and helped him develop that role since they got back together. Building the connections and having the confidence to lead is vital in that position, especially against New Zealand. If anyone was up to the challenge, Laura was ready.

Tamsin Greenway believes Laura Malcolm is up to the challenge, if she plays the WA series

Tamsin Greenway believes Laura Malcolm is up to the challenge, if she plays the WA series

During the series, I would also like to see Yasmin Parsons given some time on the WA bib to see if she will become a real contender to get the place itself moving forward. Chelsea Pitman won’t be around forever, and Nat Haythornthwaite plays in both positions, so I think England need to find another WA who can step up and challenge.

Regarding the Silver Ferns, I am quite surprised by Dame Noeline Taurua’s squad, but in a great way because it shows me how much work they have put into increasing the depth of their talent.

We all know they had some very important players who retired last year – Maria Folau, Casey Kopua and Laura Langman – and in this series they have also lost other players either through injury or for other reasons, as Phoenix Karaka expected it to. the first child and Kimiora Poi were not selected.

Silver Fern Troop

Karin Burger Gina Crampton
Ameliaranne Ekenasio (captain) Monica Falkner
Sulu Fitzpatrick Kelly Jury
Claire Kersten Shannon Saunders
Whitney Souness Jane Watson
Sam Winders Maia Wilson

I am very excited to see Monica Falkner play, I have heard on the grapevine that she will get court time during this series and I love watching new young shooters come along. I’ve heard so many good things about his game, so I’m interested to see how he goes when he comes on the pitch.

I also want to see what Noeline has decided on with Jane Watson; where she decides to play him in the defense unit and who will be her partner. With Karaka out for the time being now, and Katrina Rore not in this mix, it will be very interesting to see how their head coach shapes their defense.

Experienced defender Jane Watson will play an important role in the Silver Ferns defense circle

Experienced defender Jane Watson will play an important role in the Silver Ferns defense circle

When it comes to winning and losing the Test itself there are a few key areas I will focus on while watching with my morning cup of tea. First, I’m going to have a look at the New Zealand shooting circle.

This is an area the UK really needs to bother with and let’s see how much homework they’ve put into doing that. I would like to see the English defenders on the job from the first to the last minute, all of whom speak very well of the New Zealand style but facing it, and fighting it, is a very different prospect.

England fell into a great pattern of play against Australia and Jamaica now, they did it fast. However, against New Zealand they are likely to take a little while to progress as it is a unique way of playing.

All three Tests will take place on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in Hamilton

All three Tests will take place on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in Hamilton

On the other end I wanted to see the British WA-GA combination and how effective it was. You can’t take a moment not to think about it, the way they defend always leaves you wondering if you can throw the ball.

The key is how Serena Guthrie can support them and how strong the British shooters are under the post. Like I said earlier, I hope The Roses have done a lot of work to solidify that WA-GA combination, whichever route they choose.

One more thing that Jess mentioned during Out of court is that he’s going to make changes to his line-up and you should expect to see people getting their chance.

I really hope that happens and the players out there get a chance to prove whether they can cut the mustard on the big stage or not. As a coach, when you are under pressure in a test match it’s not always easy to do, but there’s never been a better time to try these lads.

Of course, things are more difficult because Jess is in England and cannot be on the sidelines in New Zealand, but I am sure he will have a clear process with Kat Ratnapala and Colette Thomson on how they approach both games. -days and matches of 60 minutes.

I can’t wait to see how Noeline approaches her change too … what goals will she take in the match? Will he do something similar to the Vitality Nations Cup and roll and kill combinations until the final game? Will he tactically stick to the line-up and take him to England? I don’t think we’ll know until the game is over.

As you know, I really enjoyed watching this Test series for many reasons. I think England have enough talent in their squad to take the game to New Zealand.

Whether they can do it for lack of match practice under their belt and do it away from home is a big question. There were ways to destroy the Silver Fern, but that happened less and less under Noeline’s leadership. It will be difficult for England… but of course not impossible, do it.

Netball straight back to Sky Sports with Vitality Roses taking on the Silver Ferns in the three Test series in Hamilton. Join us for the first Test on Wednesday starting at 6am Sky Sports Main and Mixed Events.


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Cadbury Netball Series: New Zealand vs England Talking Points Vitality Roses | Netball News | Instant News

The Three Test Series will go live on Sky Sports this week

We take a look at the talking points ahead of England’s third test series against world champions New Zealand …

This week Vitality Roses and Silver Ferns will compete against each other for the first time since the Vitality Nations Cup in January and all three matches will be played at the Claudelands Arena in Hamilton.

Due to New Zealand’s situation regarding Covid-19 which is very different from other parts of the world, fans will be allowed to watch matches inside the arena. and Vitality Roses have gone through a strict quarantine process.

With the short time before the first Test taking place on Wednesday we are looking at some of the main talking points.

The Vitality Rose of England vs New Zealand – Live on Sky Sports

First Test Wednesday, October 28th Live from 6am on Sky Sports Main and Mixed Events
Second Test Friday, October 30th Live from 6am on Sky Sports Main and Mixed Events
Third Test Sunday, November 1st Live from 6 a.m. on the Main Sky Sports, Arena and Mixed Events

Lead from afar

Where else to start than with Vitality Roses England head coach Jess Thirlby having to lead his team from over 10,000 miles away …

After following as many precautions as possible before the tour, and not experiencing any symptoms, Thirlby was “shocked” by her positive test result for Covid-19.

Since then he’s been self-isolating at home and remains asymptomatic while assiduously working his way through the unusual process of figuring out how to be as effective as possible for his team.

UK head coach Jess Thirlby is unable to travel to New Zealand with his squad

UK head coach Jess Thirlby is unable to travel to New Zealand with his squad

Thirlby has used technology to maintain a strong personal presence with them, by watching live training and talking to coaches Kat Ratnapala and Colette Thomson on a regular basis.

“I’m in touch with them every day; myself, Kat and Colette have talked a lot [in our camps] about my plans and vision for this tour, “said Thirlby Sky Sports News.

“We talked about the ways in which we will prepare them for the Test match once we arrive in New Zealand, so we are totally in line with that.”

As head coach, Thirlby’s position is unique, perhaps only to others in disciplinary circumstances when the coach is thrown into the stands or off the pitch. Needless to say, she was determined that some good could come from her.

He said: “I truly believe that in the future, this presents a great opportunity that can actually strengthen this team in the months and years to come, as we head to Birmingham and the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

“We didn’t ask for it, but I think there will be a lot of good things out of it.”

New Zealand strength

Back at the Vitality Nations Cup in January, the reigning world champions are a dress outfit

Back at the Vitality Nations Cup in January, the reigning world champions are a dress outfit

At the Vitality Nations Cup in January, New Zealand picked up a clean win and their work highlighted their strengths in depth.

Silver Ferns has arrived in England without the likes of Maria Folau, Casey Kopua and Laura Langman and players with less experience making international netball look easy.

Ameliaranne Ekenasio’s first competition at the helm as captain enhanced her performance on the field and fellow shooter Maia Wilson matured in her Silver Fern dress.

Now, Grace Nweke came through the ranks and Sulu Fitzpatrick stepped up their defense alongside the formidable Jane Watson.

“People like Kimiora Poi, Whitney Souness and Maia Wilson came forward and gave birth,” said Tamsin Greenway in January. “Even though they have played international netball before, they all look a step above some similar players from other countries.”

After a solid ANZ Premier League season, there is no reason to think the individual chosen by Dame Noeline Taurua will play differently this time around.

Keep an eye on Nweke

Grace Nweke is a very attractive prospect for world netball

Grace Nweke is a very attractive prospect for world netball

Throughout the 2020 ANZ Premiership season, which airs on Sky Sports, Nweke took the lead for Northern Mystics and had a quiet debut season.

The 18-year-old finished the campaign with 471 goals to his name and a conversion rate of 89 per cent. He was awarded a call-up to the Taurua squad and has exceeded the head coach’s expectations.

“How he was able to present himself during the camp was truly impressive,” Taurua told RNZ in New Zealand.

“He will ask questions and find out what he needs to do but also apply it too. He is a beast on the court but physically he is amazing.

“It’s not that we give excuses for younger players, but if anything, I feel that we might be able to push him more than I expected before he came on. He likes to work together and I can’t wait to see him out on the court.”

Joyful Roses

With elite netball having been suspended since March in England, Vitality Roses have headed to New Zealand to chew a little to get out on the pitch and play.

From those poised to earn their first cap, or add a few caps, to Jade Clarke preparing to make her 177th appearance for England, the feeling of excitement is all over the place.

Neither The Roses nor their coaching team, shy away from the fact that they don’t have the same number of competitive games in their pockets as New Zealand, but their attitude remains extremely positive about the challenges ahead.

“We are building and we are focused on what we will get from this tour,” said Jodie Gibson.

“We are looking at the incredible opportunities we have at the moment. It’s a shame we can’t play this season [out in England] but we’re here now and we have a fantastic opportunity to be on the pitch. “

Gibson’s back

It has been almost two years since Jodie Gibson's last appearance for England

It has been almost two years since Jodie Gibson’s last appearance for England

When Gibson, a Commonwealth Games gold medalist, is brought to court in Hamilton, it will mark the end of a long road back to fitness.

In November 2018, after being named player of the match against Uganda, Gibson’s knees widened significantly and because of his complex nature, he has had to return to the netball field until now.

There were times during rehabilitation when the defender thought his career was over. The 29 year old player has spoken with Sky Sports in detail about his injury nightmare and team-mate Clarke has shared Roses’s joy at having Gibson back.

“He did an incredible job. It’s been a very long journey and it is great to have him back,” said Clarke.

The whole squad is very happy that he is back, he has done really well. It’s a boost for the team. The encouragement comes from the way he plays and also what he brings to the team culture.

“He made a huge contribution to that gold medal in 2018 and he really knows what makes the team tick. He’s so fierce on the pitch and nobody gets the interception like Jodie. We are very happy to have him back.”

Netball straight back to Sky Sports with Vitality Roses taking on the Silver Ferns in the three Test series in Hamilton. Join us for the first Test on Wednesday starting at 6am Sky Sports Main and Mixed Events.


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The Saudi side exposed Bastos’s mistake in the transfer revealed a mixture | Instant News

Al-Ain has announced the signing of retired Brazilian international Michel Bastos, not his namesake

Al-Ain’s Saudi side appear to have confused Angolan defender Bastos as a former player Brazil winger Michel Bastos in their bid to unveil the first as a new signing on Thursday.

The African center-back was recruited by a team that was recently promoted from Lazio for a fee known to be in the region of € 800,000 earlier this week.

However, in the rush to reveal their latest signing – the full name of Bartolomeu Jacinto Quissanga – Al-Ain published a Twitter graphic welcoming ‘Michel Bastos’ to the Saudi club.

The only explanation we can think of is that the Al Bahah-based club have one Bastos mingling with another, and have 10-cap Brazil international Michel Bastos in mind when they announce their latest signing.

The latter, who hung up his boots last year, enjoyed an extraordinary career in Europe, including more than 250 people League 1 performance across assignments with LOSC Small and Olympique Lyonnais.

He also appears for people like Schalke 04 and US Rome, before ending his career in his homeland with the likes of Sao Paulo, Palmeiras and Sport Recife.

The older Bastos also featured for another Al Ain – the Emirati side who finished runners-up to the Club World Cup in 2018 – perhaps sparking confusion.

Angolan defender Bastos, who actually moved to the Middle East, left Italy after four years with Lazio, signed from Rostov in 2016. His contract in the Italian capital expires next summer.

The center-back is 28 years old, who has already scored two goals League appearances – both off the bench – this term, has taken more than half a century of appearances for Angola.

He represented Os Palancas Negras at African Cup in 2013 and 2019.

He started his career with Angolan heavyweight Petro Atletico, before moving to Russia in 2013.

Earlier this month, Al-Ain – from the Hijaz region Saudi Arabia—Announced the signing Algeria international Saphir Taider from The Montreal Impact as they approach their first season in the Saudi Pro League.

Taider leaves after a stellar period with Impact, ending his stay in Canada as the fourth most prolific goalscorer in Major League Soccer history from Impact.


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Newcastle United signed Saint-Maximin masons Florent Indalecio from the Australian fourth division | Instant News

The bizarre signing came after the striker scored a superb bicycle goal during his trial

The recommendation of Allan Saint-Maximin has been seen Newcastle United recruited his friend Florent Indalecio – the striker who last played Australiafourth division.

The 23-year-old has joined the Toon U-23 team for the remainder of the season after impressing during trials, including scoring a stunning bike-kick goal (video below).

Indalecio was friends with Saint-Maximin while both were at St Etienne’s youth academy, until the former was expelled at the age of 15 due to disciplinary issues.

After moving to Australia last year, Indalecio worked as a mason and made two appearances for fourth-tier club Fraser Park until Covid-19 stopped that stint.

Upon his return to Europe, Saint-Maximin organized a trial for Indalecio at St James Park, which the talented striker took with both hands after impressing Steve Bruce.

“We’ve decided to take a bit of a gamble and see how things go this year,” Bruce told reporters.

“He came for trials with Allan in the summer. He came to the academy and they’ve had him for the last six weeks. He’s got something.

“If it will be good enough to play for Newcastle, we’ll see how he develops.

“This definitely helps Allan, that’s his partner. But make no mistake, we didn’t just sign him because he’s Allan’s friend.

“He’s got a bit of talent, otherwise he won’t come in.”

The late developing Indalecio is thrilled to be making big strides in his football career, considering the last moments he spent working at Down Under.

“It’s a very big club and a big opportunity for me, but I started at the bottom,” said Indalecio SMH.

“My aim is to do really well with Newcastle Under-23s to prove that I have him [ability] to play at a better level.

“I’ve never spoken English before [when I was in Australia] – I just found out hello, how are you, thank you. And I studied English on a construction site with my boss and all the masons.

“I just follow people, the way they work, the way they do it [concrete] mix, how do they take the bricks. Everyone help me. Nobody [else] in Sydney want to do work for masons, because it’s one of the toughest jobs. It’s very physical. I was astonished. My body is tired.

“When I worked in Australia, when I was at France, and I saw all my friends playing professionally and I worked at the factory … today I was a Newcastle player and I was very proud. “


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Fabio Gama: Asante Kotoko signed the former Brazil U20 midfielder | Instant News

The Porcupine Warriors have signed an eighth player ahead of the upcoming Ghana Premier League season

Ghana Premier League (LPG) giant Asante Kotoko has announced the signing of Brazilian midfielder Fabio Dos Santos Gama.

The 28-year-old joined the Porcupine Warriors on a free transfer, without a club since parting ways with Swedish second-tier Jonkoping Sodra in March.

Former Brazil The young star, representing the South American nation at U17 and U20 levels, is Kotoko’s eighth signing ahead of the 2020-21 Ghana football season.

“Asante Kotoko is pleased to announce the acquisition of Brazil international midfielder Fabio Dos Santos Gama,” the Kumasi-based team announced on Friday.

“Former Brazil U17, U20 and Jonkiping Sodra (Sweden) baller has joined us on a two year contract. “

Kotoko is Gama’s third club outside of Brazil, having also featured for Swedish club Varnomo before moving to Jonkoping.

In his homeland, he previously worked at Bahia, Botafago-SP, Botafago, Serrano-BA, Operario-MS, SE Gama and ABC FC.

His last clubs in Brazil are Itabaiana-SE and UR Trabalhadore.

The midfielder is the third Brazilian to join Kotoko in 15 years after Gleisson de Souza Ferreira in 2005 and Hermes da Silva in 2013.

Gama is Kotoko’s latest acquisition ahead of the upcoming 2020-21 season, following the signing of the former Ashanti Gold defender Yussif Mubarik, Karela United midfielder Emmanuel Keyekeh, ex Atalanta from Italy player Patrick Asmah and Ghana goalkeeper Razak Abalora.

Ashanti Gold midfielder Latif Anabila, Evans Adomako from low-level club Phar Rangers and Andrews Kwadwo Appau of Tano Bofounjuk are other new stars of the Hedgehog Warriors.

Kotoko is not only preparing for the Ghana football season but also for the 2020-21 Caf Champions League.

In Ghana they are the most successful club in Premier League history but have struggled for accolades lately, their last title coming in 2014.

In continental football, the Kumasi-based team has won the Café Champions League on two occasions, in 1970 and 1983.

In the 2004 Confederations Cup, Maxwell Konadu’s team finished second in the Caf Confederations Cup, losing on penalties to city rivals. Heart from Oak in the final.


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