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Airline, travel stocks plummet after US recommends break in J&J Covid vaccine | Instant News

Passengers board an American Airlines flight at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia on April 11, 2021.Andrew Caballero-Reynolds | AFP | The airline and other travel stocks fell on Tuesday after U.S. officials called for a halt in use of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine due to rare reports of blood clotting. The Food and Drug Administration urged states to stop using the single-dose vaccine after six people in the United States developed a rare blood clotting disorder after receiving the vaccine. J&J said “no clear causal relationship” had been identified between the blood clots and the vaccine and said it was working with regulators to assess the problem. The recommendation comes just as airlines and d other travel agencies have reported improved bookings after the drop in coronavirus cases. peaked earlier this year and more people are being vaccinated. Shares of Delta Air Lines and United Airlines each fell more than 3% in morning trading. American Airlines shares fell about 5%. The Fort Worth-based carrier on Tuesday estimated its first-quarter revenue to be 62% lower than in the first quarter of 2019. The United States said it expected to post a net loss of 2.7 to $ 2.8 billion for the quarter, excluding federal payroll assistance for the sector. The airline said its daily cash consumption during the quarter averaged around $ 27 million per day, including $ 9 million per day in debt and severance, below the $ 30 million mark. dollars that she had previously estimated. , while Marriott and Hilton fell more than 1% each. .

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Big Old McHenry-Quentin Road Project Would Change Travel in Southwest Lake County | Instant News

Transportation officials and others are eager to launch a massive highway project that could include an underpass or rail viaduct in southwest Lake County. The Lake County Board will vote Tuesday on a $ 6.17 million contract with TranSystems Corp. de Schaumburg to investigate potential improvements along the Old McHenry and Quentin roads in the Hawthorn Woods / Lake Zurich / Kildeer area. In what is known as Phase 1 Engineering, Old McHenry Road from Abbey Glenn Drive to Bonnie Lane and Quentin Road from Old McHenry Road to Highway 22 will be assessed for widening and reconstruction, connections not motorized to regional trails and destinations, and upgrades to three close intersections. The centerpiece would be an underpass or viaduct on the Canadian National tracks on Old McHenry between Midlothian and Quentin roads. A preliminary cost estimate that includes all elements of the project is $ 105 million. Transportation officials say they will better understand the scope and cost of the project once the Phase 1 study is completed. Given the region-wide benefits and the potential for federal funding, starting the process as early as possible has been strongly supported by county council committees which make recommendations to the full committee. “I think everyone is looking forward to this one,” said Bill Durkin, Waukegan County Board member and chair of the Public Works, Planning and Transportation committee. The project has been on the to-do list due to safety and other concerns, according to Darrell Kuntz, project manager for the Lake County Transportation Division. There is a high volume of traffic on four regional highways that converge in the study area, and 341 accidents – 96 injuries – were reported there over a 5-year period, he said. 18 to 22 freight trains per day, about two miles in length, also cause frequent delays. “We want to look at this area and come up with some really good solutions that are a perfect fit,” Kuntz said. Improved intersections on Fairfield, Midlothian and Quentin Roads, as well as the railway underpass / viaduct would improve the Old McHenry Road corridor. Widening Chemin Quentin to five lanes would improve traffic flow and safety to the south. The process will involve “context sensitive design” to tailor the plan to the area and balance the needs of the community, safety and the environment to find the best solution, Kuntz said. This will involve contributing a soup to the alphabet of local, state and federal agencies. “The regulatory side for us to use public money on big improvements like this is a big job, but we all agree and we think this is the right kind of solution for this project,” Kuntz said. Planning would take two or three years before the detailed design of a preferred alternative and the acquisition of land. Even in the best-case scenario, construction wouldn’t start until 2025 or 2026, Kuntz said. “We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we can’t wait to get started,” he said. It will also be expensive. Transportation director Shane Schneider said the county was covering the engineering costs of Phase 1, had secured $ 12 million in rail safety funding from the Illinois Commerce Commission, and had additional funding from $ 4 million by the state. “That leaves around $ 80 million that we’re still trying to identify to bring that through the build,” Schneider said. The Old McHenry / Quentin plan is one of three transportation projects Lake County will submit for review under the pending federal infrastructure program. Federal funding varies, but it most often covers 80% of a project’s cost, with a local counterpart of 20%, according to Schneider. Improving safety and traffic flow at level crossings is a priority for LCDOT and other agencies. For example, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning is leading an effort to identify priority crossings. Several Lake County crossings are on the list based on traffic volume, number of trains and accident history: Highway 14 in Barrington, six locations in Grayslake and Round Lake Beach, Old McHenry Road in Hawthorn Woods, route 60/83 to Mundelein and route 137 to North Chicago. .

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Kiwi Sailors Are Endangered By Vaccine Policy | Instant News

Kiwi seafarers continue to feel disadvantaged by the New Zealand Government.

On 1 December 2020, the United Nations General Assembly called on all Seafarers to be appointed as Key Workers. Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Kitack Lim said
“The appointment of key workers must ensure seafarers and maritime workers receive priority vaccinations, to enable them to work and maintain vital global supply chains.”. On 9 March 2016, New Zealand became a signatory to the IMO Maritime Labor Convention 2006 (MLC 2006), providing the government with a legal framework to ensure that the health and well-being of vulnerable seafarers is safeguarded.

The New Zealand Government has purposely excluded Kiwi Seafarers from the New Zealand Vaccination schedule list. Seafarers have not been recognized in group 1 as border workers even though the Port authorities and border officials have. They are not yet in group 2 although our Olympians have been given a special exemption, and not even in group 3.

Kiwi seafarers work in Ports, on ships transporting essential goods to New Zealand, and out across the border to work, jobs that are essential to the New Zealand economy.

After being questioned, the Ministry of Health responded with:

“Although we recognize that seafarers play an important role in global trade unless currently subject to the COVID-19 Public Health Response Order (Testing Required) 2020, this group of workers has not been identified for priority vaccine access.”
Correspondence received Friday, March 26, 2021

90% of trade travel by Ship, as an island nation dependent on exports and imports, New Zealand’s economy would be devastated without the essential jobs of Seafarers keeping our trade routes alive. But our government doesn’t see them as essential key workers.

It was announced today (Saturday 19 Apr) that Taranaki Port is receiving the Boka Summit ship. The ship has crew members who have tested positive for Covid-19. International Crew sends the Boka Summit to be used as part of the ship team that will demobilize the Umuroa FPSO in the coming weeks. The intention is to turn it over to the Kiwi crew today. This close call is another prime example of why it is important for New Zealand Seafarers to be recognized as essential workers by the New Zealand Government and treated as such.

The government continues to ignore the fact that to keep our supply chain intact, New Zealand needs Seafarers, and we need these Seafarers to be healthy and protected from Covid-19. Whether they are based in New Zealand or traveling to and from New Zealand for essential work, Kiwi Seafarers need to be vaccinated for Covid-19 as they transit into and out of ports and make contact with foreign crews around the world.

We firmly believe that the New Zealand government is risking the health of New Zealand Seafarers and the health of our economy. There is no advocacy for the well-being of Kiwi Seafarers in the beehive, after months of all questions to local representatives being ignored or hindered, we are asking New Zealand Media for help with answers and progress.

Kiwi sailors are very important. Help us protect their lives.

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Hop To Hobart With Air New Zealand Direct Flights For Sale Now | Instant News

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with the iconic Tasmanian Devil? Now’s your chance – the Air New Zealand to Hobart flight is on sale, with the first flight taking off at 9:00 am NZT on 22 April.

The service will operate using the airline’s A320 fleet on Thursdays and Sundays to take advantage of domestic connectivity and provide travelers with the best long weekend options.

The Chief Executive Officer of Air New Zealand said it was wonderful to be back in Hobart, adding Australia’s tenth destination to the airline’s network.

“It’s exciting to be able to launch a new route in conjunction with the reopening of our other Australian ports after a year of being dominated by domestic airlines.

“Hobart offers a variety of experiences that are different from all of Australia and there is much more to see outside of the city. It has a vibrant artistic and cultural scene, and its stunning roads and landscapes are world famous. “

This non-stop service opens a direct connection between 540,000 aspiring Tasmanians and our largest city, with regional Kiwi hot spots within a short flight distance, giving our Tasmanian friends the opportunity to explore the slopes of Queenstown or see the natural hot springs of Taupō. “

The New Zealand – Hobart schedule is as follows:

Flight number Depart Arrive Day of the week
NZ197 Auckland 9.00 am Hobart 11.00 am Thu + Sun
NZ198 Hobart 12.30pm Auckland 18.00 Thu + Sun

Tickets are on sale now at Air New Zealand website.

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New US Airline Avelo Enters Competitive Travel Market | Instant News

A new airline is launched, bringing more competition to a domestic travel market that has been ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic but has shown signs of recovery in recent months. Avelo Airlines aims to serve smaller airports and routes that big carriers have ignored or left behind. The new airline is expected to operate its first flight at the end of the month, connecting Burbank to Santa Rosa, Calif., And will initially serve 12 airports in the western states. Avelo was designed before the pandemic disrupted the airline industry. After raising $ 125 million from investors in January 2020 – months before air travel came to a virtual halt in the spring – the airline delayed its launch until demand for travel returned. Andrew Levy, managing director of Avelo, said the time is right. The vaccinations sparked a renewed appetite for the holidays. Passenger volumes at U.S. airports are still down 30-40% from pre-pandemic levels, but airports are busier than they have been for more than a year. While public health officials discourage people from taking travel, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said last week that the risks are low for those who have been fully immunized. The pandemic has forced thousands of businesses across the country to close their doors, but has also created opportunities to open new ones. Entrepreneurs are looking to pounce, as states lift restrictions on business activity, betting that consumers with cash to spend are willing to start spending again. .

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