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Germany warns against trips to three regions of Spain hit by the virus | Instant News

FILE PHOTOS: People enjoy fine weather on the coast of Barceloneta, after regional authorities of Catalonia and the city council announced restrictions to restrain the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Barcelona, ​​Spain July 19, 2020. REUTERS / Nacho Doce / Photo File

BERLIN (Reuters) – The German foreign ministry on Friday advised people not to travel to the northern Spanish region of Catalonia, Navarre and Aragon, because of fears that travel could bring a second wave of COVID-19 infections.

The Robert Koch Institute, a German public health agency, places all three regions of Spain on a list of high-risk locations, which means people returning to Germany are required to quarantine for 14 days or give a negative corona virus test.

With the increasing number of viruses in Germany, concerns are growing that tourists returning from destinations experiencing a surge in new cases can spread the infection quickly. Germany reported 870 cases of the corona virus on Friday, the highest daily total since mid-May.

Starting next week, Germany plans to make a mandatory corona virus test at the airport for all tourists returning from high-risk areas to slow the spread of infection.

The travel warning is the latest blow to the Spanish economy, which is already in a steep recession and is dependent on tourism for 12.3% of its economic output. Germany makes about 5% of tourists to Catalonia’s main city, Barcelona in 2019, according to the city’s tourism activity report.

Germany’s travel warnings are following in the steps by other European countries to limit travel from Spain, especially Britain, which is the largest share of foreign visitors. It has introduced a 14-day quarantine on all arrivals from Spain and recommends it to all but important trips to mainland Spain. Norway also enforces a 10-day quarantine.

France has advised against traveling to Catalonia.

Reporting by Caroline Copley; Additional reporting by Emma Pinedo Gonzalez in Madrid; Editing by Michelle Martin and Peter Graff


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The tallest giraffe in the world is the 12-year-old Australian Forest | Instant News

Forest twelve years, living in Australian Zoo in Queensland, so thin that the team from Guinness World Records had to make a specially made measuring pole and put it next to the straw dispenser in the giraffe’s house to record his height.

It takes several months to capture measurements, through images and video footage, because it takes time for Forest to feel comfortable with a new feeder.

Forest was born at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand in 2007 and moved to the Australia Zoo – run by the Irwin family – at the age of two. As part of the zoo breeding program, he fathered 12 calves, and the others were on their way.

The highest species living in the world today, giraffes usually grow between 15 and 18 feet.

Bindi Irwin shared the first photo of his secret zoo wedding
They have been registered as “susceptible” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, with several subspecies considered “endangered” or “critically endangered.”
Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late conservationist and television personality Steve Irwin, to Guinness World Records:

“Our dear forest has officially made it into the Guinness World Records for being the highest living giraffe! We are proud of our towering man, he has an extraordinary heart.”

He added: “Giraffes do difficult things in the wild, and we are very proud that we can do our part in ensuring this species exists for generations to come.”


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Madtongsan restaurant in Sunnybank infected patient Brisbane coronavirus after trip to Melbourne | Instant News

At least five people can be exposed to coronavirus after dinner at the table next to the infectious woman to a restaurant in Brisbane.

The group, which dined in the restaurant Madtongsan IV in Sunnybank on July 23, also includes a sixth person – a person who has tested positive for the disease at night.

The rest of the group of patrons waiting for test results.

Earlier Friday, it was announced on the 27-year-old man from Bellbird Park in Ipswich was in close contact pairs that were present in the restaurant, and will probably later get a positive test results.

It was said that the man was not to visit the restaurant itself.

But officials have now updated their information to say the man was part of a group of six guests at the next table from an infectious woman.

Madtongsan restaurant IV In Brisbane, Brisbane has emerged as center of a potential outbreak of coronavirus. Image file. Credit: Google Map

“There is new information about today confirmed COVID-19 from Brisbane Southside,” a spokesman of the Department of health of Queensland said.

“Health of Queensland can confirm that the 27-year-old man from Bellbird Park were in the restaurant Madtongsan IV in Sunnybank on July 23.

“Along with five others who were COVID-19 checked, they were having dinner on the table next to one of the newly detected cases that are returned from Victoria.”

Further COVID-19 cases are expected in South-East Queensland, associated with the cases of two young women, brought the disease back from Melbourne.

Women, LASU Diana and Olivia Winnie Muranga, were charged after allegedly to avoid quarantine, lying on its border Declaration is.

Health QLD was the contact tracing for the last patient.

The Department plans to release later on Friday the list of places the person participated after July 23.


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On Swiss National Remembrance Day | Instant News

On behalf of the Government of the United States of America and the people of America, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the people of the Swiss Confederation on the occasion of your National Day.

As you celebrate the founding of a strong, democratic, and prosperous nation that has been built by Swiss people for more than seven hundred years, we remember the countless economic, cultural, and person-to-person relations that bind both diligently and diligently we. innovative country. We share your deep commitment to upholding the rule of law and economic freedom throughout the world, and we appreciate the support of the Swiss Confederation for Americans who are in trouble. From arranging flights for US citizens whose travel plans were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitating the release of Americans who were wrongly imprisoned in Iran, we are grateful that we can always count on our Swiss partners.

I congratulate the National Day to Swiss people and hope to see our friendship and partnership grow stronger in the coming years.

/ Public release. See fully here.


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Canada introduces more stringent rules for Americans of Alaska | state and regional | Instant News

Toronto (AP) — the border Agency of Canada announces strict rules for Americans traveling through Canada to Alaska on the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

The canadian border services Agency said Thursday in the rear view mirror of cars will be marked with a leave-by date while in Canada on the way to the U.S. government.

“Before the tag to make it clear that tourists are in transit and include a date when they must leave Canada. The back of the tag will remind travelers to abide by all conditions imposed at the entrance,” on the border-said in a statement the Agency.

The border between the United States and Canada remains closed to all non-essential travel, but the Americans and foreigners will be able to drive from Alaska, provided that they adhere to certain rules, including using one of the five designated borders: four in British Columbia and Alberta.

The Agency said they must use the most direct route from the entry point to the intended point of exit and report to the nearest Canada border post services when they leave.

Anyone showing signs COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter Canada.

In June, posts in social media saying some Americans were visiting a popular tourist destinations in Canada, for example, Banff national Park, telling the border control personnel, they drove to Alaska.

More 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.


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The Guardian’s appearance on staycations: adventure at home | Editorial | Opinion | Instant News

“MEif you don’t know where you are, you don’t know who you are, “wrote Wendell Berry in a collection of essays entitled The Gift of Good Land. Berry, now 85, is first and foremost a noble chronicler from the rural American experience. But the value he attaches to the sense of place seems appropriate for this summer staycation like no other.

Even before chaotic coercion new quarantine restrictions on tourists returning from Spain, more and more Britons decide to stick to domestic breaks in August. Spain is in shambles, led on location by the transportation secretary, Grant Shapps, who will make more decisions. Campsites, cottages and B & B’s are booked at record levels, with up to 14 million people expected to vacation in the UK between now and September.

For the tourism and hospitality sector of the country, which was hit by social restrictions and restrictions, the boundaries of this horizon, of course, are a gift. In Yorkshire alone, the industry employs nearly 225,000 people and contributes £ 9 billion annually to the regional economy; the end of the summer round will be a savior for many businesses. For families whose finances have been badly hit by a pandemic, and employees who fear their work might not survive the leave scheme, the mood at home is not good news. Increased demand already forcing prices to go up as much as 50%.

Those who are fortunate enough to be able to rest have tons of choices. Various possibilities go far beyond the familiar paths that lead to the Lake District, Scottish lochs or the pleasure of Devon and Cornwall. In the unexplained hills of Yorkshire Wolds, visitors can follow the route Pilgrimage of Grace, a Catholic uprising against Henry VIII that is displayed on the page of The Mirror & the Light by Hilary Mantel.

Midlands are too often ignored by tourists heading north or south. But this spring, a Wild guide to England is being published, highlighting the region’s beautiful forests, lakes and wildlife. Local manufacturing heritage means gem like Wedgwood Museum in Barleston, near Stoke-on-Trent, easy to reach. This new focus on the age of the British empire and its role in the slave trade offers good reasons for those who have never visited Bristol or Liverpool to fix that.

There were many summer losses in the shadow of Covid-19, and a new outbreak in Europe underlined the need for vigilance and caution. But obstacles can also form new opportunities. In the most famous tourist destinations in the UK, the bumper holiday season is expected to provide compensation, at least in part, for the bleak previous months. And if some staycationers take advantage of this moment to look for strangers, who are ignored or ignored, we may collectively get a little closer to knowing who we are, by better understanding where we are.


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This is why the Park Hotel Vitznau is the most exclusive hotel in Switzerland this year | Instant News

Josef Anton Bon who identified the village of Vitznau right on the shores of Lake Lucerne as a unique and special place. With its warm climate, clean air, and proximity to Rigi (the legendary Swiss mountain), he can feel that there is another place that other people want to visit. Today, you see his vision come true in the building commissioned by architect Karl Koller – sang Park Hotel Vitznau which was first opened for business in 1903.

The hotel is in absolute harmony with the lake and mountain backdrop. This is seen completely at home by the shimmering waters of Lake Lucerne in an atmosphere where views and changes in light patterns create an ever-changing and unforgettable canvas. The vibrant design of the hotel with towers and natural stones gives it magical qualities and sympathetic extensions fit comfortably with the original building.

To keep things exclusive and safe during this year’s pandemic, only guests were allowed in to reinforce the idea of ​​a real Swiss escape and a feeling of peace in general. The hotel lives on the philosophy of “keeping the past alive but shaping the future” and focuses on the key themes of Wine & Dine, Art & Culture and Health & Wealth.

With each of the 47 suites individually designed to create lasting memories and interests, the whole feel of the hotel is something quite different. The careful placement of artworks and objects selected from history visually stimulate and attract guests’ attention to discover more. They are all part of the experience of staying here and distinguish the hotel from some of the more bland propositions today. However, for many visitors, it may be difficult to see the lake outside from the wrought iron patio or balcony. This is very typical of Switzerland with important elements of the lake, mountains and the natural world around it.

The hotel management and staff want guests to feel better and calmer at the end of their stay. The mood swings occur practically from the point of arrival when all the characters and atmosphere of this magnificent old hotel begin to emerge. The attention and attention given to guests never disturbs adding to the idea of ​​retreating from the steps of modern life.

Food quality is provided at Park Hotel Vitznau has been the domain of Executive Chef Christian Nickel since 2012. The “focus” restaurant in the hotel has two Michelin Stars while the fusion cuisine at “PRISMA” (a place of natural light flooding) celebrates the culinary combination of the finest ingredients with full attention to color. , taste and balance. The wine collection is around 32,000 bottles internationally famous and contains many choices from the largest wine producers in the world.

Given the hotel’s commitment to guests’ health, SPA and recreational facilities are of the highest standard with a variety of treatments available. Unlimited swimming pools provide a feeling of full absorption in the lake and mountain settings. On the one hand, this sums up what is meant by staying at the Park Hotel Vitznau.


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Trip.com Group partners with Britain, Italy to spearhead the recovery of the Nasdaq: TCOM trip | Instant News

The British Ambassador met with Trip.com Group CEO

Trip.com Group CEO Jane Sun (left) meets with British Ambassador to China Dame Barbara Woodward (right) at the Trip.com Group headquarters.

The Italian Ambassador met with the CEO of the Trip.com Group

Trip.com Group CEO Jane Sun (right) meets with Italian Ambassador Luca Ferrari (right) at the Trip.com Group headquarters.

Trip.com Group CEO Jane Sun (right) meets with Italian Ambassador Luca Ferrari (left) at the Trip.com Group headquarters.

SINGAPORE, July 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Leading international travel service provider Trip.com The Group has observed indications that the travel industry is on its way to recovery.

With a pandemic gradually being controlled in the Asia-Pacific region, international travel service providers have observed encouraging signs of recovery for domestic and regional travel. In a number of countries in the region, booking accommodation has almost recovered to pre-pandemic, temporary volumes flight booking continue to take steadily.

Innovation, guarantees and responsibilities have been at the core of the company’s COVID-19 response and recovery plan, said Trip.com Group CEO Jane Sun. “Changes in the international landscape demand innovation, industrial unity and a customer-centered approach,” Sun said.

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/01dc4a2b-366e-4be2-90eb-44ba5e26677f

Following the launch of the “Travel In” initiative in June, the company introduced various steps and innovations to revitalize the trip, including the all-new “Trip.com LIVE” series of live streaming at the destination. Involving audiences in various locales every week, this campaign offers users significant discounts for flexible advance booking vouchers for premium accommodation that has enjoyed extensive success.

To date, this series has been broadcast to a local audience of tens of thousands in Japan, Korea, Thailand and Singapore, reaching total sales of around USD 3 million. Each one-hour session generates more than USD 100,000 in sales, while one session in Japan alone generates more than USD 600,000 orders are made.

“Conceived at the height of the pandemic, when travelers are locked up in their own homes, as a way to experience their preferred destination and start thinking about their next trip, Trip.com LIVE has evolved from a regional experiment into an international success, and although international travel cannot be carried out again in the near future, we believe that because it is safe and practical to travel again, innovations like this create exciting opportunities for the future of travel, “said Sun.

With short-haul trips in the Asia-Pacific showing indications of recovery, destinations and governments around the world are moving towards a gradual opening of the journey, starting with domestic tourism. Recently, the British and Italian governments have expressed interest in working more closely with Trip.com Group to revitalize travel.

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/809e64a6-839e-45cf-8bbb-cb8cba6fd930

In a recent meeting, Italian Ambassador to China Luca Ferrari highlighted the importance of the country’s partnership with Trip.com Group in opening international travel. “We have been working to revive the flow of international tourism to Italy,” Ferrari said. “Although the Italian-Chinese Year of Culture and Tourism has been postponed until 2022 due to a pandemic, we intend to maintain our position as the top European destination for Chinese tourists through our collaboration with Trip.com Group.”

Earlier this week, the British Ambassador to China Dame Barbara Woodward met with Trip.com Group CEO Jane Sun for further discussion about collaboration to revitalize international tourism. “Despite the setbacks of this pandemic, we have seen increased business exchanges between our countries. With the help of the Trip.com Group, we anticipate a strong recovery for travel, and welcome visitors from all over the world. “

When the pandemic is controlled and cross-border travel becomes safe and practical again, Trip.com Group anticipates that this trend will continue, and hopes for a strong recovery for the international travel industry.

About the Trip.com Group:
Trip.com Group is a leading one-stop travel service provider consisting of Trip.com, Ctrip, Skyscanner and Qunar. Across its platform, Trip.com Group enables local partners and travelers around the world to make informed and cost-effective bookings for travel products and services, through a comprehensive aggregation of travel-related information and resources, and sophisticated transaction platforms consisting of mobile applications, Internet website, and 24/7 customer service center. Founded in 1999 and registered on NASDAQ in 2003, Trip.com Group has become one of the most famous travel brands in the world, with the mission of ‘making every trip a perfect trip’.

International PR, Trip.com Group
Email: [email protected]


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Hotel Australia bans emus rowdy because of bad behavior | Instant News

(CNN) – Two brave emus brothers named Kevin and Carol have been banned from a hotel in Outback Australia due to bad manners.

Located in a small, isolated town of the same name in the central west of Queensland, that small town Yaraka Hotel only has four rooms, as well as a campsite and a pub.

Fellow owner Chris Gimblett told CNN Travel that the emus was once welcomed by visitors and would drop by every few biscuits. Then they learn to climb the stairs.

“Tourists must be very careful with emu, because they will stick their heads at the caravan door and drink all the coffee without spilling your cup and stealing your toast, and if you have a barbecue watch out because they will take everything,” he said.

“When they finished breakfast in the caravan park, they went down to the hotel, and last week they found a way to walk up the hotel steps.”

Last year, emu's brothers, Kevin and Carol, managed to get access to the Yaraka Hotel bar.

Last year, emu’s brothers, Kevin and Carol, managed to get access to the Yaraka Hotel bar.

The Yaraka Hotel / Facebook

As a result, they have to attach a chain at the top of the stairs, along with a sign that reads: “Emus has been banned from this place due to bad behavior. Please allow yourself to pass through the emu barrier and then reconnect.”

Why is it prohibited? Gimblett said: “You don’t want to be between emu and food.”

“They have very sharp beaks and they are rather like vacuum cleaners that concern food, so we are worried that they will enter the dining room and cause chaos,” he explained.

And then there are consequences.

“Because they eat so much, their bathing habits are very frequent … imagine a bowl of careless porridge that you turn from a meter high – a very effective spark.”

Standing 1.9 meters (6.2 feet) high, the emus is the tallest native bird in Australia and one of the largest bird species in the world, according to the conservation group Birdlife Australia. Emus is related to ostrich and another Australian native bird, cassowary.

“They are not very user friendly, they don’t enjoy being patted but they are fine with their neck stroked for a while.” said Gimblett of emus.

The tiny Yaraka Hotel has only four rooms and a campsite and a pub.

The Yaraka Hotel / Facebook

This is not the first time a sibling has caused damage. Last year, before they learned to climb the front steps, someone left the gate open, giving them access to the hotel through the back.

“One goes in and goes behind the bar and the other comes and stands in front of him,” said Gimblett.

Regarding the origin of the emus, he said it all began about two years ago, when eight eggs – apparently abandoned – were found in the city and given to wildlife lovers.

“He wrapped it in a blanket and some time later he heard a scream coming from the egg, so he knocked it with a spoon and hatched,” said Gimblett, who moved to Yaraka in the 1990s with his wife Gerry after selling their business in Brisbane

“Some emus go around, and we are left with two people who are permanent residents in this city. Kevin and Carol are their names, but Carol ends up being a boy.”


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Germany begins mass COVID-19 testing at the airport | Instant News

BERLIN: Berlin’s Tegel Airport began large-scale coronavirus testing on Wednesday (July 29), as airports across Germany prepare for the arrival of mandatory free testing for many passengers starting next week.

Two rooms were set aside for tests, but an airport spokeswoman said a larger room was being prepared, indicating that authorities were preparing tests to remain in equipment for a long time to come.

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“These rooms are certainly rather small, as you can see,” said spokeswoman Sabine Deckwerth. “That is why the large Terminal D in Tegel is being prepared to become a bigger host.”

An increasing number of infections across Europe has destroyed hopes of airlines and tourist destinations such as Spain to return relatively quickly to mass tourism after months of being locked up.

Airports like Frankfurt, the busiest in Germany, have offered tests during the previous weeks, but now preparations are getting ready throughout the country for testing passengers arriving from countries deemed to be at high risk to begin next week.

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On Tuesday, Germany’s top public health official scolded the public for lack of discipline in complying with social distance practices and wearing masks that could slow the spread of highly communicable diseases in the absence of vaccines.

The number of new cases every day nearly doubled on Tuesday to 633, with 684 added on Wednesday, giving a total of around 207,000 with more than 9,100 deaths.

READ: Several countries have tightened COVID-19 to curb fears of a second wave

Earlier on Wednesday, research minister Anja Karliczek warned the public not to expect a vaccine that could be used on a large scale before the middle of next year.

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