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German travel startups ask Google to wait for advertising payments | Instant News

Johannes Reck, CEO of GetYourGuide.Jens trip Kalaene | image alliance | Getty Images German travel startups have asked Google to share the burden they are currently experiencing, according to a letter seen by CNBC. Beginners pay Google millions every year in advertising costs so they display high in Google search results, in banner ads, and on the Google Finder Hotel platform itself. But like others in the travel sector, coronavirus has hit them hard; they have to issue refunds for travelers and new bookings have slowed significantly. In a letter to Google’s chief business officer, Philipp Schindler, leaders of novice companies asked Google to wait for the advertising money owed. Specifically, the company wants Google to stop enforcing payments on companies that have received taxpayer-funded government financial assistance. They also want Google to offer a consistent and flexible way for them to restructure and defer payment terms for other advertising service costs that occur in the first quarter. “Unless Google has greater flexibility, many of its advertising partners will be forced to use government loans to pay off their debts,” the letter said. “Much needed funding will flow into Google’s cash behind taxpayers in Germany and around the world.” The letter was written by the German Start-up Association (The Deutsche Start-up Bundesverband) and signed by eight travel start-ups including a booking platform for GetYourGuide activities and Trivago hotel search. Among them, the company ordered more than $ 80 million worth of Google advertising for the first quarter. “With revenues of more than $ 41 billion in Q1 2020, Google is a leading player in the global digital economy,” the letter reads. “As a business consortium that contributes to the health and diversity of the economy, we call on Google to show the leadership and solidarity needed to navigate us all through this challenging time.” The letter was sent to Schindler on Wednesday and he has yet to respond. It is not clear at this stage whether similar letters have been sent by other sectors at this stage. Google did not immediately respond to requests for CNBC comments. .

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Travel experts discuss summer holidays during a pandemic News | Instant News

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB / WSHM) – The Pandemic COVID-19 makes people wonder what their summer will look like and whether they can still plan a vacation because the future of the virus is unknown. now – cancellation, “said Denise Nowak, president of Doyle Travel. The pandemic of this virus is causing many people to rethink plans for an upcoming vacation for the summer.” People are afraid to travel, “Nowak said.” Not only are they afraid to travel, but there are many places that are not open. “He said virus uncertainty affected summer rentals and vacation bookings throughout the country. As far as hot vacation spots are in the western Mass, he said , there is still hope for those who plan to visit the coast in New England later in the summer. “As far as Cape, Hampton Beach in New Hampshire and places in Maine, you have to wait until the governor decides yes, you can go there, “he said. He said today people are canceling their trips until the end of June. Now say those who have summer rentals for July or August, it’s better to wait than cancel now.” “Every time they cancel through another date, they have another policy,” he said. Those who plan to cancel their trip and buy plane tickets, most airlines will allow buyers to use their tickets to purchase other tickets until December 15, 2021 without hidden fees. For the peas He is still looking for local travel reservations or local rentals for some point this summer, Nowak has a suggestion. “I think you should start looking for them because there will be many that have been canceled, so you can say, ‘Oh well, I “Try somewhere in Orleans on Cape Cod, and nothing is available, ‘come back and see it again because it might be available now,” he said.

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Australian Coronavirus Update: Nation only recorded ten new cases of the virus | Instant News

Australia is on the brink of a monona coronavirus milestone – recording one digit of new cases a day.

Nationally, only ten new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Wednesday, bringing the national total to 6,753.

Head of Nursing and Midwifery Alison McMillan delivered positive news during a daily briefing in Canberra on Thursday.

Some states and territories now consistently record zero new cases every day.

South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory have all been running for at least five days since recording a new case.

File image of a person sitting on the steps at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. Credit: ROSS JAMES/AAPIMAGE

ACT on Thursday announced there were no active cases of coronavirus.

“ACT is COVID-19 free,” McMillan said.

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“Becoming ACT residents is the numbers we want to see sustainable.

“We want to maintain that and we want to see the perfect leveling of the curve which is why we remain focused on all aspects that we need to have.”

Head of Nursing and Midwifery Alison McMillan at a press conference to launch the new government application
Head of Nursing and Midwifery Alison McMillan at a press conference to launch the new government application “CovidSafe” at the Parliament Building in Canberra, Sunday, April 26, 2019. (Picture of AAP / Mick Tsikas) WITHOUT ARCHIVING Credit: MIKI TSIKAS/AAPIMAGE

The aspect he meant was the three conditions outlined by the National Cabinet in considering whether the restrictions would be lifted.

They are extensive testing capacity, ability to prevent additional deployment and hospital capacity and prepared health care.

The COVIDSafe mobile application, which has been downloaded by 3.31 million people, is considered an important part of stopping the spread.

Some countries ease coronavirus restrictions while others maintain social distance. Credit: AAP

More than 20,000 nurses have registered to complete additional training that will enable the government to expand its critical care capacity if needed.

The government has also secured additional medical supplies including personal protective equipment, ventilators and coronavirus tests.

“These are all very positive numbers quickly and we must be convinced of the world-class hospitals and health systems that we have in Australia,” he said.

More than 556,000 tests for the corona virus have been carried out throughout Australia.


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Virtual Reality Journey Seeing the Popularity Surge | Lifestyle | Instant News

Because people are trapped indoors due to locking COVID-19, many experience ‘Virtual Reality Tourism’. Prospective travelers use virtual reality technology to bring them to Machu Picchu or even Antarctica. The VR travel company Ascape has seen app downloads doubled since the start of the year. For years VR has been used by travel companies to market locations, but now the technology is starting to shake its reputation as a gimmick. Meanwhile, experts say that virtual reality technology can be an environmentally friendly solution to the problem of tourism overload. However, whether VR tourism will continue to see growth after lockouts remain visible. VR videos are usually viewed through headsets that can be heavy, uncomfortable, and cause nausea if used for a long time. Virtual Reality experiences tend to only last a few minutes and only focus on sound and scenery, without involving other senses. There is still a big difference between experiencing something through virtual reality and actually visiting a place directly. .

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The Texas Zoo reopens to the public with a drive-through experience | Instant News

(CNN) – There are already drive-thru theaters, fast food restaurants and even, in some places, pharmacies.

Now, in Texas, there is a drive-thru zoo – at least temporarily.

That San Antonio Zoo announced it gave families the opportunity to pack their car and drive-through the park for a limited time.

Visitors will be able to see lions, tigers, and bears all from security in their vehicles as they listen to the guided audio tour. They will also be able to buy roadside food and drinks throughout the park.

Map of the zoo.

San Antonio Zoo

“This is a very unique and safe way for families to see the zoo while we are closed from the comfort of their own cars,” Tim Morrow, president and CEO of San Antonio Zoo, said in a news release. “A new and creative way to see this zoo will be a gradual step towards our plan to reopen traffic when we are given the ‘green light’ and the time is right.”

The zoo has been closed to the public since March 14 because of a coronavirus pandemic, and as a result has taken a financial blow after the lack of ticket sales.

Receipt from new drive-thru experience will help the zoo continue to care for their animals, according to news releases. Morrow also allowed the zoo to re-employ several leave employees, Morrow said in a statement.

“We are now in the process of contacting some of our team members who are on leave to return even before our zoo is truly ‘reopened’ in the traditional sense, and that makes us very happy,” he said.

Tickets range from $ 60 for non-pass card holders to $ 32 for annual cardholders and members.

The experience was originally scheduled for only this weekend, but tickets were sold out in two hours. Now, the zoo has extended the tour every day until May 17.

“The extraordinary response to Drive Thru Zoo, which sold out in less than two hours for the three original dates, is very promising for us during this difficult time,” Morrow said.

Guests have not been able to get around the zoo on four wheels because there are trains led by donkeys, and then trams, according to the zoo.

The zoo is operated by a non-profit organization, San Antonio Zoological Society, which was founded in 1929.

Earnings for this park are 100% dependent on ticket sales, guest visits, donations, and grants, according to news releases. The zoo has prepared a emergency fund for people to donate so they can continue operations.


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