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The latest update reduces the PC file size by 60 GB | Instant News

key point

  • The file size of “Fortnite” on PC is reduced by 60 GB
  • Storage capacity is a limited resource that players should consider when purchasing games
  • Downsizing is good for players and game developers

The latest update of “Fortnite” on PC has greatly reduced the file size of the game.

The Royal Battle game developed by Epic Games has reduced the file size on the PC by more than 60 GB, and currently totals 25 to 30 GB.

The Fortnite service update Twitter page not only pointed out that the size of the patch will be much larger than normal (approximately 27 GB), but also stated that this is done to reduce the download size of future patches and increase loading time.

Generally speaking, since the size of games on each platform seems to be increasing, storage is a common problem for gamers. Whether it is on the PC or the console, the file size of the game is a question that potential buyers often consider when buying goods.

Since storage capacity is a limited resource, a smaller file size may be more attractive, especially when players want to install more games that require storage capacity on certain devices.

A large part of the appeal of “Fortnite” is its availability on multiple platforms.in spite of The latest issue of epic games With Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, “Fortnite” can still be played on other platforms (such as PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4), and the storage space of each platform is limited.

Moving to a smaller file size is helpful for the player, but it actually benefits the developer. The smaller the file, the easier it is to put the game on the solid-state drive. In turn, this will allow developers to reduce loading time, Polygon.

After the infinite ward Allow users to uninstall The “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” part they did not use, this may be a new trend that gamers expect to see more games in the coming months.

Those who play Fortnite PC version Photo: 11333328/Pixabay


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“Pokemon Go” Halloween 2020 event: know everything | Instant News

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  • Despite the pandemic, “Pokemon Go” will still hold its usual Halloween event this year
  • Several ghost-type Pokémon will be more prominent during the event
  • Players can dress up their avatars with new masks in Style Shop

Even no pandemic can stop “Pokemon Go” from continuing its Halloween tradition.

Starting on October 23rd is the annual Halloween celebration that “Pokemon Go” players are looking forward to. Pokemon Go Halloween 2020 will run from 9pm (Eastern Standard Time) on the same day to 9pm (Eastern Standard Time) on November 3rd. During this period, some Halloween-themed events will be held for players with 4-year-old champions.

As this year’s Halloween may be restricted and many people are not allowed to go out and do tricks from house to house, Niantic’s team will bring back the “Pokemon Go” Halloween to keep its players engaged when they are at home.

As in previous years, ghost-type Pokemon is in the wild, and the frequency of raids and eggs is higher. In addition, New Pokemon will debut Appears in the costume version of Gengar and Sableye and Galarian Yamask.

The difference between Galarian Yamask and regular Yamask is what it evolved into. Yamask has evolved into Co-foot, while Garian Yamask has evolved into Runerigus. The Halloween event marked the opportunity for players to capture these creatures in “Pokemon Go”.

If you complete certain field research tasks based on the completion of the Halloween 2020 special research story “Hidden Bizarre Message”, you may encounter Ghost/Dark Spiritomb in the game. Completing the same Halloween special research story will also help Professor Willow discover the mysteries surrounding Galarian Yamask.

For trainers who can complete the timed research of the Mega Buddy Challenge, they will participate in the exclusive timed research activities, which can earn Gengar Mega Energy. Darkrai will also appear in the five-star raid, and there will also be other Halloween-themed field research missions Game point.

In the Style Shop, players will be able to find new avatar items to wear in the form of a Pikachu mask, Gengar Onesie, Sableye goggles, Sableye mask or Banette mask. During the Halloween event, they will also be able to use Creepy Crate, Boo Bundle and pumpkin boxes in the store.

From 8 am to 10 pm local time on October 25th (Sunday), during “Catching Fairy: Ghost Day”, ghost-type Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild. Players will also have the opportunity to complete some exclusive timing research.

The next Saturday, October 31, from 11 am to 5 pm local time will be the Alolan Marowak raid day. This means that Ghost/Fire Pokemon evolved from Cubone will appear in the team more frequently.

Eventually, Poison, Bug, Ghost, Darkness and Fairy Pokemon (CP equal to or less than 1,500) will be allowed to participate in the GO Battle League: Halloween Cup that will start at 4 pm on October 26 (US Eastern Standard Time) until 11 April 3 (US Eastern Standard Time) at 4 pm.

At the same time, Niantic Previously announced Before the end of the year, Pokemon trapped in “Pokemon Go” will be able to be transferred to Nintendo Switch’s exclusive “Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield” so that players can take their cherished Pokemon from one platform to another. .

Niantic will add more features to Pokémon Go this fall. Photo: Reuters/Jin Qingxun


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“Super Smash Bros Ultimate” director’s secret tweet sparks speculation | Instant News

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  • Fans of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” are always looking for new DLC characters to join the list
  • Fans are now wildly speculating that the next character will follow the game director’s tweet
  • Some suggested roles in “Professor Layton and the Future” and “Crash Bandit 4”

After the game director Masahiro Sakurai (Masahiro Sakurai) made a mysterious post, fans of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” are now frantically guessing whether the next character will be added to the game list.

Nintendo’s “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” currently has one of the richest characters in any fighting game. It features classic characters from Nintendo series games such as Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser, and also welcomes the addition of some interesting characters to other game companies’ games .

Since the game has gained a reputation for welcoming non-Nintendo characters, fans can’t help but want to see another team join their favorite characters. “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” director Sakurai’s new tweet simply illustrates this point.

what happened?

Sakurai recently There are two pictures of watches on Twitter Against a blue background. The director did not add any title to the tweet, but uploaded two photos of the pocket watch, each showing a different time.

Although the tweet may involve anything, fans of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” believe that this is a trailer that provides hints about certain characters that may be added in future dazzling games and start sharing Their theory, comic book note.

Some Twitter users claimed to have entered a new phase, “Ticking clock,” may be added to “Bracker”. This special stage comes from “Super Mario 64” and “Super Mario 64 DS”.

new role?

Other speculations include characters from other games, including the following:

Some Twitter users speculated that the characters in “Crash Bandicoot 4” may be added to the game because the game has some features Time manipulation. A user noticed one of the characters in the game, N. Tropy, The helmet clock points in the same direction.

Twitter user Point out Sakurai’s Watch released “[look] For example, the gateway portal of Chrono Trigger. “

Another twitter user Posted another game photo, “Professor Layton and the Unsolved Mystery”. Twitter users did not provide any explanation for the speculation, but photos of the game title and cover image may provide enough clues.

Another twitter user People who thought it was “Kingdom Hearts”, but did not provide an explanation.

The ultimate lineup of Super Smash Bros is growing Photo: Courtesy/Nintendo


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Fashion (and history) repeats itself | Editorial | Instant News

You know that you are getting old when you realize that you are seeing a certain fashion trend again.

It feels like a deja vu moment until you realize, “Oh, I remember – we wore it in middle school!”

It’s funny how skipping the jeans rack at our local Bargain Hunt demanded a recent double take on pinstripes and acid washes, bringing me back to 9th grade.

Speaking of the denim trend, I love the return of high-waisted “mom jeans”.

This time, I really appreciate his support.

Also back from the 70s, we saw lots of wide feet and flares. Of course, if that’s too extreme for your liking, a good ole bootcut will always work. And tucking skinny jean into knee-high or above-knee boots keeps them on trend.

When pantsuits and rompers resurfaced on the style scene a few years ago, I just smiled and thought, “Been there, did that,” realizing that it’s one of those trends I won’t be repeating at this stage of my life.

No matter how cute, I don’t need anything to slow me down when nature calls!

But funny enough, my stylish mother-in-law showed up at dinner recently in a black jumpsuit. I didn’t think it was a overalls until she returned to our table after a long disappearance into the ladies’ room.

When she explained the delay, I laughed to myself, comparing it to childbirth and how we tend to forget the pain.

Fashion repetition and interesting history. I read on a style blog that fashion fashions will last only 3 to 12 months, trends will last 1 to 5 years, and classic fashions will last for 5 to 10 years. Then if you wait about 20 years, the trend will re-emerge.

The 20 year rule is a concept commonly referred to in the fashion industry. And inspiration often appears in the mother’s wardrobe.

I have seen this with my brother-in-law and mother-in-law. Because my mother-in-law has stayed the same size over the years and because she has a lot of storage space, she doesn’t waste much (unlike my mother).

So my sister-in-law and niece enjoyed choosing from the collection of fashion history in her wardrobe.

Fashion historian James Laver has another theory about the life cycle of fashion trends.

Stanley Marcus, of the American luxury chain Neiman Marcus, agreed and used Laver’s Law to store clothes in his shop in the late 60s.

According to this law, when a trend is in fashion, it is “smart”.

One year earlier, this was “brave”. 20 years later, it just got “ridiculous”. 50 years, says Laver, is how long it takes a trend to start getting back into style.

Furthermore, Laver said this law applies to all creative media such as art, architecture, design and music.

Despite cyclical fashion trends, Laver points out there is definitely a purpose for a comeback, if not just a costume. Think shoulder pads.

Inspired by men’s football padding, designer Elsa Schiaparelli created a trendy look in the 30s. Women embraced him during World War II when one in four married women were allowed to work outside the home. It became an important style of dress in the 80s when women smashed the glass ceiling.

And with the rise of women’s movements, like #MeToo, and the largest percentage of women in the US Congress, it’s back.

An article entitled “Fashion Trends and Theory: Repeating History,” explains that the fashion cycle generally goes through five stages.

“First, designers introduce a style, and that style is often worn by selected ‘fashion leaders’, such as famous celebrities. When a celebrity wears a new style, it gets attention from fans and the media. The hype translates into style mass production.

“The public’s interest in developing the style is becoming a popular trend, as more and more people are adjusting the look. Finally, the excitement subsides when the market becomes saturated and people become bored.

“From there, a style is replaced by something new and more exciting, usually introduced by the same famous people and designers.”

Another factor influencing the fashion cycle is the state of the global economy, according to observations found online in Elite Daily:

“During the economic downturn, fashion is a bit of fun – people pay less attention to trends and more to ‘investment pieces’ or classics, like trusty little black dresses or classic men’s white buttons.

“It’s not random influence with a theory, but an economist who is looking at the first correlation between fashion and the economy.

“George Taylor developed the Hemline Theory to explain his findings. In the 1920s, she noticed women wearing short skirts to show off their silk stockings.

“When the market crashed, the hemlines went down and the skirts only got longer. The correlation was evident – a longer skirt allowed women to hide that they weren’t wearing (and couldn’t afford) stockings.

“During the period of economic growth, striking styles such as fur, leather, sequins and shimmer became the center of attention of consumers who wanted to flaunt their wealth. The more dazzling and less practical the trend, the higher the chances of money flowing freely. “

History is interesting and can teach us many lessons. We are wise to record pain and learn from our experiences, as well as from those who have gone before us. One thing I learned is that no matter how cute the shoes are, if they aren’t comfortable, I won’t buy them!

We’ve all heard, “Everything old becomes new again.” Do we really think we were the first to do something?

Solomon, in all his wisdom, said, “What has happened again, what has been done will be done again; nothing new under the sun. “

So why does history repeat itself? Thank God God did not bring up the past to curse but to atone. Yes, thank goodness, God is the redeemer!

And, by the way, gratitude is always in fashion!

Gina Moore, a news editorial journalism major, has run Consignment Marketplace Sales for 26 years and has worked part-time at Treasures. She also enjoys rural cooking, reading and writing about motherhood, life on the farm and how God’s love and study surrounds the population.


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Apple may postpone the first Mac computer with its own silicon processor | Instant News

key point

  • Apple is developing a Mac powered by internal chips
  • A report says that the first Mac of this type will not be released this month
  • The device will be announced at another event in November

It’s no secret that Apple is developing a Mac that can run on the company’s own chips. However, there are reports that the first such device may not be released with the new iPhone that will be unveiled at the Apple event on Tuesday.

Apple has previously stated that it will transition Mac computers from Intel chips to internal chips. At the time, the company said it would be able to release the first Mac with an Apple chip before the end of this year.Report from BloombergHowever, those who wish to see the device at the upcoming Apple event will have to wait a little longer.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (Mark Gurman), Apple will not launch the first Mac with an Apple chip along with the new iPhone 12 series.

He wrote: “The first Mac laptop equipped with Apple’s own processor will be unveiled in another release in November.”

13-inch MacBook Pro Picture: Apple

Start later

Gurman’s accuracy rate in apple leakage and prediction is as high as 87.8% (per AppleTrack) Did not explain why the Cupertino tech giant will not launch a new Apple silicon-powered Mac this month.

However, he did say that the upcoming iPhone 12 series will be the company’s “most important product release” this year. This can explain why a new Mac with internal silicon chips will not be released with the new iPhone.

New device

Gulman said that Apple will launch “the most extensive new iPhone series that Apple has ever released” on Tuesday.The lineup includes four new iPhone models, all of which are powered by the new iPhone A14 processor, Has a new design similar to the iPad Pro, and uses an upgraded camera.

It is expected that the new phone will also provide support for 5G and allow users to enjoy the best features Apple must provide in the iPhone, including the new features of iOS 14.

A Bloomberg reporter added that the Cupertino tech giant is “preparing to announce” its first pair of Apple-branded earphones, currently known as AirPods Studio.He added that the company is also preparing to release a smaller version of HomePod, which is believed to be called Mini HomePod. He said that both devices could be “launched as early as this month.”


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