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Comfort over style is a new fashion trend among basketball coaches in America | Instant News

Let’s just say that Gabriele D’Annunzio doesn’t keep up with the new fashion trends for college basketball coaches.

Coaches across the country have shied away from traditional match day attire of overcoats, ties and dress trousers that prefer a plain, quarter-zippered, and warm-up pants. Notre Dame’s Mike Brey went one step further by practicing the game in shorts.

76-year-old D’Annunzio is a private tailor for the best dressed man in the game, Jay Wright of Villanova. It almost broke D’Annunzio’s heart when Wright informed him of the vote by Big East coaches to be casual this season.

“The coaches shouldn’t look exactly the same as the players and all the people affiliated with basketball – a pair of warm-up pants and all,” said D’Annunzio. “For a match, you have to look at that part and respect the position. It’s a little disappointing but I understand. It’s just a hard time. “

NBA coaches take it easy as the league restarts its season during the summer at Walt Disney World in Florida and college coaches follow in their footsteps. The idea is taking serious momentum for the general public during the pandemic’s closure as well.

Dressing up is not a new concept in college athletics. Bob Knight and his red sweater were inseparable. George Raveling wore tracksuits on game days in Iowa in the 1980s, long before Bob Huggins was cool.

“Bob Huggins is way ahead of us all,” said Brey. “Maybe we should keep looking like Huggins.”

Greg McDermott of Creighton says he doesn’t plan on dressing up to play games again.

“I think it makes a lot more sense,” he said. “We move a lot, we bend over when we are in huddle. Bankers no longer wear suits. Everything has changed. I think it should be. “

On the women’s side, Tara VanDerveer from Stanford and Geno Auriemma from UConn swapped their blazers for a quarter-zipper while Adia Barnes of Arizona, known for her trendy wardrobes and Gucci shoes, practiced the game in long-sleeved T-shirts.

Tennessee’s Rick Barnes says he’s emerging in an era when a coach is deemed disrespectful of the game if he doesn’t do what his predecessors have done, and that includes the way he dresses. That’s not the case anymore.

“The way we are now is basically the way we train every day,” said Barnes, “so I like it. I really like it.”

Likewise with Greg Gard from Wisconsin, who said that Raveling had the right idea with the tracksuits.

“I’m not going to go as far as Mike Brey did at Notre Dame and start wearing shorts on the sidelines,” said Gard, “but I like casual ones.”

Brey said he took the idea of ​​acceptable coaching clothing to a “very new level” last Saturday. He felt his team was tight for a match in North Carolina on January 2, and he wanted to let them go, so he wore gray shorts along with a blue polo.

“I understand. Hey, the suit looks classy,” said Brey. “I’m majoring in physical education. I like to dress like a sports major for match day. I do it for training every day.”

“Brey is like most coaches,” said D’Annunzio.

“Look, most of the coaches have no sense of style,” he said. “For them, they are athletes, and they really don’t like wearing a suit because they don’t have the sense of style like Jay …. I can appreciate that they wanted to not wear a suit because they weren’t comfortable with it.”

D’Annunzio, who owns D&B Tailors in suburban Philadelphia since 1966, has made tuxedos for Frank Sinatra and suits for the late comedian George Burns and also has the great Mike Schmidt of the Phillies and other pro athletes as clients.

D’Annunzio estimates he made 40-50 suits for Wright, who goes by the nickname “GQ Jay”. That’s between three and five suits a year, and the tailor admits the coaches’ agreement to dress casually is to get money out of his pocket.

D’Annunzio said Wright told him he would wear the suit again next season, which contradicts what Wright made at a press conference at Zoom last month.

“Yes, I hope this continues into the future,” he told reporters. “I’ve been adamant for a long time that this is how we dress for the game.”

All is not lost for D’Annunzio. Wright had her make some changes to the polyester blend heating pants she wears for games.

“We created a side gap and I created a pair with a curved gap, which was very difficult,” said D’Annunzio. “It takes a lot of time to do that. She wants to have a little bit of style to it, and that’s the only way we can make something a little different for her, so she doesn’t look like anyone else. “

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An index measuring the stability of a country finds a decline in the US | Instant News

The uprising in the Capitol on January 6 blinded many in the United States and abroad. But that might not surprise the close readers of the Fragile States Index. Produced annually by the non-profit organization Fund for Peace, the index assesses the pressure on individual countries that could potentially destabilize them.

Over the last decade, many countries have become less fragile. The US, on the other hand, is becoming less volatile. Indeed, the country is among the 20 states that have seen the highest percentage increase in relative vulnerability over the past 10 years – a list that includes Syria, Venezuela and Great Britain.

Although the US is stable by several measures of economic, political, and social indexes, it has seen a sharp decline in what the index calls cohesion, an indicator reflecting internal division. Given the pandemic, recession, protests and political turmoil, the 2020 score, which has yet to be calculated, is likely to drop even further.

“I anticipate a significant deterioration in the US score, both at the individual and overall indicator level,” said Nate Haken, program director at the Fund for Peace. “In terms of fragility, it is the confluence of interdependent factors that really signals the flashing red light.”

However, the index does not capture characteristics that help a country withstand the pressures that threaten it. “You may have a state,” said Natalie Fiertz, program manager for the Fund for Peace, “which has a very high level of stress but also has sufficiently high resilience capacity to deal with it.”

It may be too early to say how resilient the United States will be.

The Fragile States Index is based on national-level assessments generated using data sets from international statistical agencies such as the United Nations, analysis of news articles and reports, and independent reviews by social science research teams. While the index ranks the vulnerability of a country to other countries, its main function is to measure trends in each state. The score is based on 12 main political, social and economic indicators which are grouped into the four categories below; Data for 2020 is not yet available.

Social and political cohesion

These indicators illustrate the social and political polarization that makes collective action difficult. Over the past decade, the US has seen increasing political and social divisions, as well as governance bottlenecks. The US cohesion score is projected to decline for 2020 due to election rhetoric, the Black Lives Matter protests, and the police response to the protests. Attacks on the Capitol by supporters of President Trump will have a devastating effect on the 2021 score.

Economic livelihood

This indicator describes the pressure on livelihoods and the opportunities for individuals and communities to develop economically. There are significant income inequalities in the US, but wage growth for the lowest-paid workers and greater availability of affordable health care have contributed to long-term improvements in this category. The US score is expected to fall in 2020 due to the pandemic-triggered recession.

Political stability and government effectiveness

This indicator describes the openness and effectiveness of the government, as well as its relationship with citizens. In recent years, US state legitimacy scores have declined due to major protests such as the Women’s March and poor response to several natural disasters. The public service score is expected to fall in 2020 due to national lockdowns, school closings and an overwhelmed health system.

Social and environmental pressures

This indicator describes the factors that can put pressure on the most vulnerable segments of society, including refugees and the very poor. Health, mortality, natural disasters, and population growth can undermine the ability of individuals and communities to cope with crises. The US has been successful on these indicators but has recently experienced increased demographic pressure arising from COVID-19 and natural disasters.


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Xbox series XS trademark sparks rumors of small console version | Instant News

key point

  • Players speculate that after Microsoft recently submitted a trademark application, there may be another Xbox series game console
  • Microsoft’s trademark may refer to Xbox Series X and S, not the new console
  • The company is unlikely to abandon new game consoles and is expected to focus on meeting consumer demand

Microsoft may not be able to complete the game console product. Before the end of 2020, the company applied for a trademark named “Xbox Series XS”. Now, some gamers speculate that a new (possibly smaller) game console may be under development.

Microsoft Apply for a trademark On December 29, nearly a month after the company launched the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The latest game consoles have attracted a lot of attention, and many game consoles are competing for units.

Due to retailers’ efforts to meet demand, some users who pre-ordered Xbox Series X were unable to receive the console on time. The fact that the pandemic has made it more difficult to ship orders complicates things, which has plagued all businesses since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Despite these problems, it does not seem to prevent gamers from forming a theory about the content of Microsoft’s plan.

But considering the short time since the latest Xbox console was released, Stupid expectation A smaller version of the console is coming soon. No other console company has launched two next-generation consoles at the same time.

in contrast, Xbox series XS The trademark may only refer to the new game consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, not the new game consoles.

There is also a time factor to consider when releasing a new game console. After the launch of Xbox One S, it took Microsoft about three years to come up with their latest product. A year later, Xbox One X appeared.

From everyone’s perspective, seeing new variants of the Xbox series in the next few months seems a bit far-fetched. If the guess covers at least two years (three years to be precise), then there may be reason to believe that a new (and smaller) Xbox Series console is being developed.

Finally, Microsoft has been unable to meet the needs of consumers, and may focus on the supply of Xbox series products instead of providing another game console.

In addition, those who have been exposed to the latest Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X seem to be happy. Once the order backlog is resolved, you can expect more gamers to be satisfied with this and are happy to try out their new consoles in 2021.

Microsoft recently released the next generation of Xbox Xbox X, which brings extraordinary features and flexibility. The latest game consoles allow users to play thousands of games, including classic games with outstanding performance. Xbox Series X’s engineering technology brings the game to life through beautiful graphics and dynamic processing capabilities. Photo: JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images


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4 major application disputes since 2020 | Instant News

key point

  • There are many problems in 2020, the most important of which is the coronavirus
  • It also saw many app controversies
  • These include several popular apps from India, such as WeChat and TikTok, which are banned in India

2020 has brought major changes to life around the world. In the spread of COVID-19, large technology companies face a lot of scrutiny on certain operations. Apple released the first batch of 5G iPhones and the first pair of headphones. There are rumors that Samsung plans to discontinue products such as the Galaxy Note series.

The same is true for apps and games. Some popular games this year were banned, removed or involved some interesting issues.

The following are some of the application disputes caused in 2020:

Chinese apps are banned by India

Some popular apps from China are Banned in India Due to major issues between the two countries earlier this year. These applications – Over one hundred -According to reports from Android Authority, these include messaging app WeChat, video sharing platform TikTok, file organizer app ES File Explorer, etc.

Popular apps reviewed to use consumer data

Just this month Federal Trade Commission An order was issued requiring nine social media and video streaming companies to provide data on “how they collect, use and present personal information, their advertising and user engagement behavior, and how their behavior affects children and young people.”

These companies include retail giant Amazon, Chinese company ByteDance (operating TikTok), Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Snapchat owner Snap, Twitter, Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Google-owned YouTube.

Alphabet/Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey will testify on content censorship policies at Senate hearings Photo: AFP/Fabric COFFRINI

COVID-19 exposure notice

Apple and Google are committed to creating a API Public health authorities and other developers can use this tool to notify people whether they have been in contact with or at least approaching people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The API is designed to help people understand whether they are at risk of being infected by a virus. Although Apple and Google do not collect user-identifiable data, Worry about your privacy Violated by this tool.

Epic games and big technology

Earlier this year, “Fortnite” was removed from the iOS App Store after Epic Games tried to insert a new payment method (in violation of App Store policy).Eventually blown up Get into a bigger problem, With Epic filing litigation Every time the company sells on the platform, the company will get a huge amount of 30% from the developer, thus competing with Apple and Google.

Epic caused a sensation, attracted other companies Join the competition against these two technology giants. The legal dispute is far from over.


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Simple clothing from East to West | Instant News

Tired of dressing like everyone else, Shay Jaffar started sketching simple designs while in high school.

“Even though I’m an Egyptian who grew up in the UAE, I still can’t find clothes that describe me as a conservative teenager who likes to dress modestly,” Jaffar said.

“I remember getting a lot of compliments in college for my chic modesty to the extent that I worked with custom tailors in my neighborhood and started making designs for friends and family,” she recalls.


After studying computer science and then pursuing a master’s degree in entrepreneurship at Babson College in the United States, Jaffar decided to start an eponymous clothing brand for modest evening gowns that were made in New York and sold worldwide.

“Shay Jaffar, a brand, serves a very niche market. At that time, the brand was created in New York on a small scale; the price point was only suitable for certain high paying segments, so we weren’t very well known at that time. After I graduated from Babson, I joined Institute of Fashion Technology (FIT) in New York to study fashion. I wanted to combine entrepreneurship, fashion and technology in one career, empowering me to start Nomad Story. “

Having the necessary technical knowledge and a multicultural background helped launch Jaffar Nomad’s story in December 2019. The e-store is bringing dazzling designs and bold looks to modest fashion lovers around the world.

“We call it Nomad Story because we want to make it a platform that sells simple style but also tells the story of women breaking boundaries and embracing the world,” adds Jaffar.


Based on Edited, the demand for modest fashions “is growing outside the UAE and seeing growth in the western world with a 15% increase since 2017.” The data analysis company noted in a report that “modest clothing” receives about 8,000 Google searches each month in the US. According to the researchers, “Religion is not the only reason women choose to cover up. For some, this is a personal preference; they find modesty empowering. With the #MeToo movement, women dress for themselves and not for men’s looks. “

Nomad Story also has that vision.

“Our goal is to be the online venue for girls who enjoy a versatile, contemporary and exquisite appearance, regardless of their religion, background or beliefs. Now it’s time for these girls to find a place that represents their personality and understand their needs. We also want to take our customers on a journey of discovery by exploring emerging new designers brought to them from around the world. “

While luxury and well-known brands are shifting to a simpler appearance and creating serious competition in this niche market, Jaffar sees it as “educating the world about diversity and inclusion.”

“These brands are helping to remove the stigma that modest clothing must be old-fashioned and dirty. In fact, they show that modesty is just as stylish and fashion-forward as any other style. Because of this, these brands really help us get our message across, ”according to the independent designer and entrepreneur


Although he has only been in business for six months, Jaffar has learned more than he expected. He commented:

“Even though it seems like time is short (especially with the coronavirus and the like), we learned a number of things about our business and our customers. Most girls need help in their simple style. It’s not just about selling them an item or two, but also creating a completely simple look that fits their budget, aesthetic, and event shopping. “

“This is primarily what we think of as the next step for Nomad Story. We want to help our customers put together a completely simple look and find their own true style. Plus, because we are bringing in a new brand, we think of ways customers can try before they commit. “

Options for modest clothing have always existed, but never been structured in a way that is easily accessible to women and girls, especially in the West. Luckily, brands like Nomad Story aim to provide simple fashion for women all over the world.


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