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Malaysia may open its first official Apple store in Kuala Lumpur next year | Instant News

It is said that the country’s first Apple store will open next year and will be located at The Exchange TRX, the financial district to be opened in Pudu Jalan Barat, Kuala Lumpur.

According to a report by SoyaCincauA local technology website, Apple Retail Store representatives recently visited Malaysia to negotiate with the management of The Exchange TRX.

SoyaCincau reported based on The Edge Malaysia report. He said that for Apple to open its first retail store in Malaysia, a lot of “coaxing and persuasiveness” is still needed.


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What fashion trends will Penn State see this spring? | Lifestyle | Instant News

Change up your wardrobe and get rid of those neutral colors: Spring fashion is here and a new trend emerges among Penn State students as the weather warms up.

Since green is such a popular color for winter, sage green or pastel green is popular this spring, according to student Corey Steinruck.

“I know that the colors definitely change from winter to spring,” said Steinruck (senior-accounting and entrepreneurship). “I think for this season, pink gum, tangerines, and almost green tennis balls will be popular.”

Lila DiPaolo also said green will be popular this season, along with several other colors.

“I think green sage types are still popular, and cream oranges,” said DiPaolo (an advertising freshman). “[I think] we’ll see a lot of things this spring and summer. “

Maddie Kuzmich says she has prepared her wardrobe for spring by adding more color.

“Since winter is so neutral, I have to order things that are more colorful,” says Kuzmich (sophomore-biobehavioral health).

Additionally, DiPaolo hopes to see a number of matching sets and monochromatic outfits this season.

“I’ve seen a lot of two sets with tank tops and shirts,” said DiPaolo. “I’ve seen it all over social media, and it’s usually monochromatic.”

Steinruck and Kuzmich say they think the matching set will be popular as a casual outfit this spring.

Baggy pants are hugely popular in winter, and looser trousers seem to still be around, according to Kuzmich.

“I think the baggy jeans trend will be around for a while, for a reason [all trends] a little back and forth, “said Kuzmich. “It’s the 2000s kind of stuff, and then it’s skinny jeans – I feel like the trend is just picking up and dropping a little.”

Steinruck says he has worn baggy jeans with a lower waistline than a high waist. He also said that trousers are also likely to be popular this spring.

“The switch from sweatpants to trousers and more to the classic business casual look seems to be popular this season,” said Steinruck. “Everyone is adjusting from really comfortable clothes to being more professional and cheerful.”

Ji Zhang said skirts and dresses are likely to appear this spring as well.

“Since the vaccine came out and the pandemic recovered, I think for some people, they might want to dress up more,” said Zhang (sophomore and English literature student). “I think when the weather is warmer, more skirts and dresses will be worn.”

Steinruck agrees – she says she’s seen more skirts too.

“I must have thought it was a miniskirt and shorts [will be worn] to show off your feet, “said Steinruck.

Overall, the big trend this spring seems to be brighter colors, matching sets, and more sustainable use of textiles and color blocking.

“Unique textiles and patterns are very popular this season,” said Streinruck.

Moving on to the summer, some students said the spring trend would be brighter in color.

“I think pastel colors, but with summer shades like orange and pink, will be popular this summer,” said DiPaolo. “I also think a lot of the runway fashion of the ’90s is being regenerated, along with platform shoes.”

Kuzmich said he thinks there will be more patterns this summer too.

“Another thing I saw on TikTok [that might be popular] Many of the patterns, “says Kuzmich,” are not very floral but a kind of ’70s vibe with stripes. “

Trending or not trending, DiPaolo says every fashion season is about finding and embracing your own personal style.

“Last spring, I was in middle school, so I didn’t really express my style as much as I do now, that’s stupid,” said DiPaolo. “I’m just getting more comfortable in clothes in general, and I feel like I’ve developed a lot of my sense of style since last spring.”


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Look fresh for spring with these fashion trends | Lifestyle | Instant News

Floral patterns, matching colors, and a wide-brimmed sun hat can make you look stylish and trendy this spring. (Allison Sweigard / Daily Titan)

Spring has arrived, which means warmer weather and cooler fashion trends. Time to pack big coats, scarves and beanies and feature dresses, brims, shorts and tank tops. This season brings bright, fresh, bright colors and very attractive and trendy patterns.

Spring not only brings warm and sunny weather, but also brings out bright blue skies and colorful flowers which are reflected in the vibrant fashion trends of spring. Some trends change throughout the seasons, but some reappear every spring.

Here are some new fashion trends to help match the beauty of this season.

Flower prints

Floral dresses, shirts, and pants are some of the most popular trends. Bright spring flowers such as tulips, daisies, and daisies really inspire brands and designers to incorporate floral prints into their spring lines and designs. These prints are a great way to dress according to the season and weather. With an infinite number of choices, this trend can be dressed up or relaxed depending on the occasion.

A floral top paired with jean shorts or ripped jeans can be casual and comfortable for a morning lunch. A person can be more stylish with a long floral dress that can be worn to a formal wedding or bridal shower.

Midi and maxi dresses are a preferred spring trend that allows people to keep cool in fine weather. However, the length of this dress can also keep people warmer during those chilly spring mornings and evenings. Dresses can be versatile and remain casual or stylish depending on the style, fabric and print.

The timing is right

Matching sets are a popular and fun way to use vibrant colors and patterns in a bold fashion statement. A matching set consisting of tops and bottoms in the same color, pattern, design and materials. Matching sets are also a good choice for people who have trouble matching clothes. Buying a set to match, such as a floral top and skirt ensures a stylish and easy-to-use outfit for almost any type of event.


Light and bright colors exist, and muted dark colors are coming out for this spring. Dark colors like burgundy, black, forest green and mustard greens are big trends in fall and winter. However, spring has a lively, airy and bright atmosphere, which is reflected in the fashion. Inspired by Easter, pastel yellows, purples, pinks and blues are very popular during spring and can also be carried over into summer.

Spring sets the aesthetic for sunny picnic days, inspiring the admired and famous spring print, gingham. Gingham is a plaid, plaid pattern that was originally used and is known as a picnic blanket and basket print. Designers and brands have now taken this print to create and design tops, dresses, hats and more.

Gingham is a great print to wear with the perfect combination of casual and stylish for outdoor picnics, barbecues, and family gatherings.

Mixing trends

Pairing bold and bright spring colors like pinks, yellows, greens, and purples is another impressive way to make a statement without resorting to prints and patterns. Spring is known for its outdoor life, so it makes sense to match sunny weather with a look of bright colors.

Add a hat

No need for a beanie and crochet hat to stay warm this spring. Full sun hats and fedora hats are here to replace them. Brim hats are not only a trendy way to decorate and dress up clothes, they are also great for shading your face and protecting your skin from the sun and harmful rays.

A brim hat can be very versatile and pairs well with several fashion options. Casual wear such as jeans and shirts can be complemented by a hat or fedora hat to keep people cool at casual events. Brim hats can also look great and stylish paired with floral dresses or matching suits.

There are tons of spring trends that keep coming back every year. There is no doubt that spring is the fashionable season that brings brightness, vibrancy and fun clothes and accessories to your wardrobe.


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Xbox users are dissatisfied with the use of golden games. April 2021 lineup: “PS Plus is better” | Instant News

key point

  • The April Xbox game gold lineup includes relatively obscure games
  • Some Xbox gamers are satisfied that Gold is not as good as PS Plus
  • From the perspective of getting free games, Xbox Game Pass is considered a better choice

In April 2021, the gold version of the Xbox game lineup has been announced. Just like the last time, some gamers are also full of bitterness of disappointment.

After the inferior game lineup in March, more obscure games appeared. The free game gold edition for April is “Vikings: The Wolf of Midgard,””Truck racing champion,””Dark Void” with”Legion of Difficulties: Uprising.

Some Xbox Live Gold subscribers are dissatisfied with the news, although many users have predicted that the next set of free games will not be impressive. Players are flooded with golden Twitter in Xbox games announcement With negative comments, some bluntly said:PS Plus is better. “

There are many comparisons with Sony’s subscription service, some of which are Annotation Hint Free games for PlayStation Won the AAA championship in March, and popularized AA games in the form of “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” and “Remnant: From the Ashes”.

Although Xbox Live Gold has received a lot of criticism, Xbox Game Pass is still very popular among many gamers, and some people think it is Quality service Beyond any content provided by PlayStation.

At the same time, other console owners just hope to try out these games in the April lineup.

The featured games of this month’s “Golden Game” have received modest popularity among players and critics. With the exception of “Hard Corps: Uprising”, the Steam scores for all four titles are on average 6/10 of the Steam score, while the Metacritic score is about 60%, the Metacritic recognition is 75%, and the Credit score is 8.5/10, the score Slightly higher. IGN When it was first released in 2011.

Some gamers believe that free games with Xbox Game Pass are not as good as PS Plus, because Xbox Game Pass offers amazing deals at very low prices. Game Pass has highly rated games, such as “Eternal Doomsday”, “Neil: Automata” and so on. However, if Xbox players want to play multiplayer games, they still need to subscribe to the Gold or Game Pass Ultimate option.

This redundancy has caused some gamers to call for the complete cancellation of “games with gold”, because doing so allows Microsoft to focus its energy and resources on improving the game pass.

At the time of writing, Sony has not announced PS Plus free games in April this year.

The Game Pass gives you immediate access to more than 100 games. Photo: (copied from Gamestop)


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Why are influencers turning to minimalist fashion | Instant News

Fashion blogger Usaamah Siddique says she always prefers classy to trendy.
(Courtesy of Usaamah Siddique)

Fashion blogger Usaamah Siddique insists he will not be one of them. She always prefers classy than trendy. Despite this, she found some barely worn clothes while cleaning the wardrobe during the lockdown. “I bought it because it was trendy at some point,” he admits. After donating it, he vows to invest only in high-quality essentials. “The classic navy suit will never go out of style. In fact, red or maroon will limit the wearability and repetitive value of these clothes, “he said.

Often times, minimalism has connotations of boring or safe. But Siddique believes that arranging a piece in a different way can inspire creativity. He considered it a “good challenge.” Fashion influencer Komal Pandey, who has more than a million followers, has turned this challenge into her USP. She can wear a t-shirt in more than five ways, style a blazer with a sari, and with the help of rubber bands or safety pins, even make a blouse out of a scarf.

Beyond the aesthetic veil, the goal of minimalist fashion is to limit consumption and get as much wear out of a fabric as possible. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. One cotton shirt takes 2,700 liters of water and more than 200 years to decompose.

“Look for clothes that turn into old friends, clothes that you want to wear again and again,” says Sujata Assomull, a writer and avid fashion proponent. He insists on being an informed shopper and advises against buying impulsively or buying anything because of a designer label. As Vivienne Westwood said, “Buy less, choose well, keep.”

So, how to choose properly? According to Assomull, it all started with cloth.

At Buna, designer Pallavi Shantam, loves natural fibers like Khadi, mulmul and Chanderi silks for their soft, airy, indulgent qualities. Her flowy dress features intricate block print and dye work. “Minimalism is not a lack of detail. It’s just that we have to look closer to find it, “he assured.

Talking about his collection, designer Suket Dhir said, 'I work a lot on the yarn stage.  So, I don't need to add extra piping, extra panels ... all that extra has been achieved at an artisanal level.  My clothes are not complicated, they are simple.  '

Talking about his collection, designer Suket Dhir said, ‘I work a lot on the yarn stage. So, I don’t need to add extra piping, extra panels … all that extra has been achieved at an artisanal level. My clothes are not complicated, they are simple. ‘
(Thanks to Suket Dhir)

Once upon a time designer mother Suket Dhir didn’t fit the threads while fixing buttons on her shirt. She loves it so much that mismatched thread buttons are now the norm in her studio. “You didn’t observe this at first. But when you start wearing it, every time you find something new, “he said. “I work a lot at the thread stage. So, I don’t need to add extra piping, extra panels … all that extra has been achieved at an artisanal level. My clothes are not complicated, they are simple. But once you get into the fabric, you’ll see how complicated it is to achieve simplicity. “


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