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‘Josie and the Pussycats’ Is One Of Y2K’s Greatest Fashion Movies | Instant News

Personal photo of Deborah Kaplan from the set Josie and Pussycats.

Thanks to Deborah Kaplan

Re-watching the film for the first time in 15 years this summer, I was surprised by how important clothing choices were to the plot. They came from Fiona’s lair: a dark underground facility where excited forecasters ran around saying things like, “Hairy tank top, matching pants, some sort of Buffy meet chicken run, ”and“ The new word for cool is jerked. “As soon as this command center declared a trend, you started seeing it in costume.

Just one year into the decade, Evans summed up the aesthetics of the early aughts very well. He knew he couldn’t make a film with the latest trends if it was old news by the time it hit the theaters. So she did a bit of the forecast, and realized that fashion was pointing toward a sumptuous 70s aesthetic and some really low-key pants.

Evans saw pictures of Halston and Yves Saint Laurent’s models and musings, then peppered them with the band’s signature leopard print and lots of sparkle. “Before shooting, I ran into several different jeans companies, and I said, ‘Hey, let’s make these low-rise jeans really low.’ I kept saying, “Smaller, shorter, shorter.” “We had to make a lot of clothes to order because at the time nothing was low enough,” said Evans. “To be honest, in that film, I probably specially designed and made about 95% of the clothes.”

Thanks to Deborah Kaplan
Thanks to Deborah Kaplan

Every time I rewatch it Josie and Pussycats, I see something different in the way clothes signify an internal shift in character, or portend upcoming developments. They almost function like subtitles, adding context to the exaggerated excitement of the plot. There are five main stylistic themes in the film, each centered around color. The pack moves from pink to orange to blue to purple to an animal print. At first, everyone except our heroine was dressed up in neon pink to varying degrees. There are obvious fashion casualties, like a bunch of girls who show up at the Pussycat show to mock them. Josie fired at them, “Hey, did you all coordinate before leaving the house, or did you wear the same clothes by accident?” (Later, these girls showed up in ‘Cats’ hotel rooms to be fangirls, and all of them were wearing blue.) By the time the Pussycats arrived at their makeover scene – no 2001 chick flick would be complete without a montage like that – the color was already on. cycling from orange to blue. The girls walked out of John Freida’s salon wearing purple, which, in a moment, will be the next color.


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Look fresh for spring with these fashion trends | Lifestyle | Instant News

Floral patterns, matching colors, and a wide-brimmed sun hat can make you look stylish and trendy this spring. (Allison Sweigard / Daily Titan)

Spring has arrived, which means warmer weather and cooler fashion trends. Time to pack big coats, scarves and beanies and feature dresses, brims, shorts and tank tops. This season brings bright, fresh, bright colors and very attractive and trendy patterns.

Spring not only brings warm and sunny weather, but also brings out bright blue skies and colorful flowers which are reflected in the vibrant fashion trends of spring. Some trends change throughout the seasons, but some reappear every spring.

Here are some new fashion trends to help match the beauty of this season.

Flower prints

Floral dresses, shirts, and pants are some of the most popular trends. Bright spring flowers such as tulips, daisies, and daisies really inspire brands and designers to incorporate floral prints into their spring lines and designs. These prints are a great way to dress according to the season and weather. With an infinite number of choices, this trend can be dressed up or relaxed depending on the occasion.

A floral top paired with jean shorts or ripped jeans can be casual and comfortable for a morning lunch. A person can be more stylish with a long floral dress that can be worn to a formal wedding or bridal shower.

Midi and maxi dresses are a preferred spring trend that allows people to keep cool in fine weather. However, the length of this dress can also keep people warmer during those chilly spring mornings and evenings. Dresses can be versatile and remain casual or stylish depending on the style, fabric and print.

The timing is right

Matching sets are a popular and fun way to use vibrant colors and patterns in a bold fashion statement. A matching set consisting of tops and bottoms in the same color, pattern, design and materials. Matching sets are also a good choice for people who have trouble matching clothes. Buying a set to match, such as a floral top and skirt ensures a stylish and easy-to-use outfit for almost any type of event.


Light and bright colors exist, and muted dark colors are coming out for this spring. Dark colors like burgundy, black, forest green and mustard greens are big trends in fall and winter. However, spring has a lively, airy and bright atmosphere, which is reflected in the fashion. Inspired by Easter, pastel yellows, purples, pinks and blues are very popular during spring and can also be carried over into summer.

Spring sets the aesthetic for sunny picnic days, inspiring the admired and famous spring print, gingham. Gingham is a plaid, plaid pattern that was originally used and is known as a picnic blanket and basket print. Designers and brands have now taken this print to create and design tops, dresses, hats and more.

Gingham is a great print to wear with the perfect combination of casual and stylish for outdoor picnics, barbecues, and family gatherings.

Mixing trends

Pairing bold and bright spring colors like pinks, yellows, greens, and purples is another impressive way to make a statement without resorting to prints and patterns. Spring is known for its outdoor life, so it makes sense to match sunny weather with a look of bright colors.

Add a hat

No need for a beanie and crochet hat to stay warm this spring. Full sun hats and fedora hats are here to replace them. Brim hats are not only a trendy way to decorate and dress up clothes, they are also great for shading your face and protecting your skin from the sun and harmful rays.

A brim hat can be very versatile and pairs well with several fashion options. Casual wear such as jeans and shirts can be complemented by a hat or fedora hat to keep people cool at casual events. Brim hats can also look great and stylish paired with floral dresses or matching suits.

There are tons of spring trends that keep coming back every year. There is no doubt that spring is the fashionable season that brings brightness, vibrancy and fun clothes and accessories to your wardrobe.


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Kriti Sanon looks stunning in her top outfit with sultry blazer, pants suit with bralette | Instant News

Advising fans to “recognize opportunities when it comes to knocking, and be ready to take risks”, Bollywood actor Kriti I said flooded the Internet with images from her latest magazine shoot that painted our Sunday with a strong boss lady vibe. Ahead of the work week, Kriti sets some strong fashion inspiration as she turns the heat with earth tones in a sartorial trenchcoat, sultry blazer dress, chic bodysuit, and sexy trouser suit with bralette that not only stunned the fashion police but also got us an instant note. to kill in formal events, our future planners.

Taking to her social media handle, Kriti shares captivating photos that have taken the Internet by storm. One frame features the diva wearing a black corded top paired with olive green trousers from KAYB that offer an image of classic comfort and add unshakable, bold and unrepentant elegance to a staple outfit.

Kriti completes her look with a pair of handmade earrings from Myrha By Rhea Bothra and a modern handmade finger ring from Misho. Leaving the soft curls in the middle untidy, Kriti amplifies her glam quotient with a hint of pink lip gloss and make-up as she poses casually in formal wear.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Kriti shared her idea of ​​fashion freedom, “If you’re still trying to dictate how women should dress, it really makes me question where we’re going. This patriarchal attitude is deeply embedded in the psyche of society, so that it is difficult to change their mindset. It is important to teach our children that men and women are equal, that women should be respected. “

In another image, Bhediya The star is wearing a shirt-style bodysuit from Swedish fast fashion brand H&M. The beige bodysuit is buttoned and fitted with a chest pocket while the sleeves are rolled up to match the work style.

Kriti pairs it with prussian blue tapered trousers. The straight trousers with double pleats are credited to the 1995 fashion label and Kriti sticks to her messy soft curls as she strikes sultry poses in front of the camera.

Adding to the tenacity factor of the power of the dress, Kriti goes shirtless as she wears the oversized one-button check blazer from Staple who prides itself on creating classic, important, and purposeful pieces that have the ability to be reused or styled as a statement reinvented for more. a sustainable future for fashion. Kriti captioned this image with one of her favorite quotes which reads, “She remembers who she is, and the game changes (sic)” and here’s all the motivation we need as we get ready for Monday.

In the final image from the shoot, Kriti is seen raising mercury in a brown and cream leather coat that features a flowing neckline that slits at the height of the thigh and is tied around the waist with a classic leather belt. Trenchcoat is credited to Gabriella Demetriades’ clothing brand, Deme, which is a premium end, women’s ready-to-wear clothing label focused on form and function with a devotion to clean lines and sensual cuts.

Pulling her hair parted into a low ponytail, the diva showed off a pair of round gold earrings from Misho and let the ensemble speak for its fullest. She opted for smokey eyes for this look.

With an impressive list of mega films lined up on her cat this year, Kriti shared, “I believe that life is unpredictable, and you should always open the door to possibilities. It’s okay if you haven’t found your passion. Destiny has its own way of getting you where you belong. You just need to recognize opportunities when they come knocking, and be ready to take risks. That’s what I did. “

Kriti Sanon was styled for all of these looks by fashion editor Zunaili Malik.

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Baggy jeans and knee-high boots dominate the streets at Seoul Fashion Week | Instant News

With few real-life shows, the street style at Seoul Fashion Week is simpler than usual. Black and white is the main color scheme, and denim is definitely king. Trendy locals wear their jeans tucked into boots; the twist is they choose not to go for skinny jeans dirty style instead. It was made for silhouettes of unexpected, even repulsive volume. Take a cue from these photos, and try how they look for yourself.

Photographed by Nam Huynh
Photographed by Nam Huynh
Photographed by Nam Huynh
Photographed by Nam Huynh


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3 Fashion Trends You’ll See Anywhere This Winter, According To Trend Astrologers | Instant News

Spring is here and with that, we’re taking off layers – sweatpants and hoodies this year – and welcoming a whole new line of clothing. However, as mode trend going, we’re already looking at the next few months – through to Fall / Winter 2021 to be precise.

Another virtual fashion month has passed, and you may be wondering which Fall / Winter 2021 fashion trends you can already wear this Spring / Summer. (Because besides being fashion-savvy, we’re all about efficiency and sustainability and that means liking the trends you can wear throughout the season.)

To find out what will be popular until daylight savings end and beyond, we consulted trend forecaster Agus Panzoni. If you’re in fashion ICT tock or “TrendTok”, as Panzoni likes to call it, you may find #content on your FYP. With 160K followers (and counting!) @tokopedia, Paznoni is focused on sharing with TikTok users all about trend research, trends you should avoid, and of course, trends you should be aware of.

Long before algorithm Managing our day-to-day, this Argentinian born fashion lover actually moved to the US to study Economics in Boston. However, it wasn’t until Panzoni studied abroad in Australia and was invited to Sydney Fashion Week that he was introduced to the world of trend research through a WGSN presentation.

“It seems that many don’t even know that an industry exists, but it is very much in line with the concept. It’s crazy to think that my TikTok created ‘aha!’ That! moments that I experienced during Sydney Fashion Week for more people! My account is @thealgorythm to explain the important role algorithms play in growing trends. With people spending more time indoors due to COVID 19, the fashion stimulus comes from the online world, which is governed by algorithms, “Panzoni shared with Teen Vogue.

“After graduating, I applied dozens of times to various positions in the company without success. Finally, I hooked up with a fellow economist on LinkedIn who works in the industry and he opened doors for me. Unfortunately, my time at the agency was cut short due to visa delays, “said Panzoni Teen Vogue.

Luckily, that didn’t stop Panzoni and his love of trends getting him to start his TikTok account. “My goal is to highlight small and sustainable businesses and ultimately change the narrative from trending to something that is durable.” The best tip Panzoni has for anyone trying to get into the world of trend forecasting? You should be able to see stylistic patterns while looking at the narrative that binds people to the design choices.

Below, take a look at the three main fashion trends that Panzoni has discovered for Fall / Winter, how to adapt them to different seasons, and where to buy them!

1. Clothes cloud

According to Panzoni, comfortable clothes are not going anywhere, just dreaming more and more.

“In 2020, we see the emergence of layered / layered accessories such as padded sandals and quilted bag. While these scraps are coming back in 2021 – with additions fluffy scarf from Holzweiler – this is the season when quilting and down filling are in take over the clothes. We saw them everywhere from the blankets skirt by Eckhaus Latta to Cowgirl layered coat. If you like maximalism, the brand to watch out for is Dingyun Zhang. “

If you’re not sure which cloud-inspired item you should invest in, Panzoni recommends a jacket or padded accessory, especially from a small business like Findrs Keepers.

Jacinda Puffy Jacket Studio stand

2. Royalcore


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