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Warrants for witnesses in the DHA double murder trial | Instant News

KARACHI: District courts and sessions on Saturday issued unsecured arrest warrants for witnesses who did not appear to record their statements at the DHA double murder trial.

South-IV’s district and auxiliary session judges, who are conducting trials inside the central prison, ordered investigative officers to arrest the escaped witnesses and present them in court on April 24. The judge also ordered him to show the property of the case at the next hearing. Meanwhile, he asked the main defendant, Atif Zaman, to be accompanied by the defense at trial. Courts have previously framed charges against Atif for killing news anchor Mureed Abbas and another man Khizar Hayat.

The judge has also declared the escaped defendant, Atif’s brother, Adil Zaman, who was declared a violator. According to the prosecution, Atif with the help of her brother killed two people minutes at the Defense Housing Authority on July 9, 2019. The two victims were partners in business with Atif and demanded their money back for not being paid their share in the profits – apparently inciting him to commit. murder, said the prosecutor.

Atif called Abbas and Hayat at two different places in the DHA on the pretext of returning part of the amount owed, the bills read. He first shot Hayat at a signal and then went on to kill Abbas in an office. After the indictments, Atif denied the charges and chose to challenge the case, after which the judge ordered the start of the trial on March 6 and directed the investigating officers to bring the witnesses to court. The court has also halved the case for Adil, who has fled since the Supreme Court withdrew his bail in September 2020.

He will be charged separately after being arrested again. Atif was detained soon after the incident when police raided his apartment but he shot himself in the body. He was then transferred to a private hospital for treatment. Adil was arrested in October 2019 from the northern part of the country.


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The opposition is demanding a pre-budget hearing of the Sindh Assembly | Instant News


Opposition members in the Sindh Assembly claimed on Thursday that the Pakistan People’s Party-led Sindh government avoided holding pre-budget sessions of the provincial assembly to hide its own shortcomings.

Pakistani Parliament Leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Bilal Ghaffar, assembly member Arsalan Taj, Shehzad Qureshi, Dr Sanjay Gangwani and other members held a joint press conference at the Sindh Assembly.

Bilal Ghaffar said, based on Regulation No. 143 of the assembly, it is clear that there must be a pre-budget hearing in the DPR. This session should be held between January and March during which all provincial members inform the incumbent government of their budget proposals, schemes and district issues.

At least five sessions were held for pre-budget discussions, however, March was over but the Sindh government did not call for the sessions. “We ask that the pre-budget hearing be called,” said Ghaffar.

Criticizing the ruling party in the province, he said there is a dictatorial government in Sindh. They did not even share the Pakistan Auditor General Revenue report with the MPA. Does the Sindh government want to hide its mistakes in the last two years, said Ghaffar.

He said according to a World Bank report released on March 31, Karachi is one of the 10 least developed cities in the world. The report states that the city needs $ 10 billion to make it habitable, he said referring to the ‘Fact Sheet: World Bank Involvement in Karachi’.

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Tell me the state

According to Ghaffar, among other things, a World Bank report states that 50 percent of metropolitan city residents do not have access to drinking water, half of the population lives in slum settlements, and 60 percent of solid waste is left on the streets and roads.

Karachi currently ranks among the bottom 10 cities in the world in terms of habitability, according to the 2019 Global Habitability Index. Metro Karachi performs poorly on all city service indicators and on all livability, health, environment, safety and education dimensions. .

He stated: “The water and sewage network only meets about half of the city’s needs. As a result, water is available for only a few hours per day. Most of the waste is discharged into the sea untreated.”

Public areas have been lost and the city cannot face any natural disaster, Ghaffar quoted the report as saying.

He said the report was an independent analysis of 13 years of PPP regulations in cities and provinces. The World Bank says it has provided more than Rs150 billion for various projects in Karachi since 2017, but there has been no progress on the ground.

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‘PDM is messy’

Meanwhile, Pakistani Vice President Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Opposition Leader in the Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh in a video statement on Thursday said the opposition in the Center made big claims to overthrow the government but had fallen on its own.

Today the PDM leaders are attacking each other, he said. He said that 2021 proved to be a year of development for the country. Today, Pakistan’s exports have increased, and the stock market is at its highest.

“Inflation is down compared to last year and the rupee has also strengthened against the dollar,” he said highlighting the achievements of the PTI government.

Consumer sentiment is improving as seen from the highest number of vehicles sold in March 2021. The Federal Board of Revenue has met tax targets due to government policies that show increased taxpayer confidence, he said, adding that the business world is paying taxes, whereas in the past, they didn’t pay taxes thinking the thief was going to eat up all the money.

Haleem further said that the PPP government in Sindh had taken away basic facilities from the community. “There is an urgent need to find a vaccine even for the corrupt Sindh rulers.”


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Podcasts: Swiss Perspectives on Marketing and Social Media | Instant News

@bayu_joo and I sit again with James Drew for other conversations about marketing, sponsorship, and social media. James ran Cycling in the World, a distribution company in Switzerland that represents mountain bike brands such as @Tokopedia, Industry Nine, and, recently, Title as well as Pembree. He supports a wide variety of riders here in Switzerland, from downhill riders who can pull off the craziest tricks, to freeriders and racers of all kinds across a number of disciplines. However, what riders have in common is their love and passion for bicycles and the ability to inspire others to get out and ride. Obviously, James has his own perspective on marketing, the promises and pitfalls of social media and what he is looking for when choosing a new rider for his roster.

This is part 2 of our conversation series and there are quite a few references to it Episode 1, where we talk about what it means to do business in the bicycle industry in 2021. Make sure you listen to it too, so you don’t miss out on our thought-taking and sampling experiments.

In this conversation with James, we covered:
* What are the current trends in mountain bike marketing and the difference between “image based marketing” and “detail based marketing”
* The power of e-commerce solutions in driving in-store and online business
* Social media promises and dangers; Should competitive athletes leave social media or stop racing and become social presenters?
* How to flip back to make money and why you should keep posting cool pictures
* More cow bells! An opportunity for Swiss riders to improve their Swiss game and also present a unique driving experience in Switzerland
* We closed the conversation with some do’s and don’ts for new riders looking for sponsorships and getting the support they need

Before we get into the main conversation, we’ve covered some of the listener’s questions. Namely, questions around “green brand credentials” and what we see in the market today (not quite, of course!) And brief exchanges around the topic of the biggest developments in the bicycle industry in the last 5-10 years and what lies ahead.

Listen below and let us know what you think in the comments! You can find this conversation as well as all episodes of the Skids & Giggles Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Youtube or one of the other platforms where you can find great podcasts!


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Epic and Apple: The Cupertino Giant still doubts Facebook despite submitting more than 1,600 documents | Instant News

A month before the trial between Epic Games and Apple, both parties have completed List of executives who will testify in legal battles May 3rd. However, at present, Facebook is greatly involved in the one-on-one disputes between these giant companies.

Since Vivek Sharma, an executive of the social media giant, was selected as one of Epic’s witnesses, even if the opposition has submitted documents, Cupertino Technology does not seem to be satisfied.

Apple questions Facebook’s limited file set

(Photo: Screenshot from YouTube/Apple)

according to MacRumors, At present, not only is the tension between Apple and Epic taking place, but Facebook has stepped into the consumer electronics company.

Apple asked for a cross-examination of Sharma, which will specifically distribute on behalf of restricted iOS applications. In addition, this will also resolve the interaction between Facebook and Tim Cook’s company, but the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg does not seem to meet Apple’s requirements for other documents.

According to reports, there are more than 17,000 documents related to Facebook executives. Apple believes that requesting another set of documents will help the trial.

However, the social media company said that Apple’s move was an unreasonable request, requiring thousands of enough papers for the case.

Facebook only submitted more than 1,600 documents ordered by Apple. Of the estimated number of documents, 200 are related to Sharma. For Apple, the documents are not enough to execute the case.

In addition, Apple said that Facebook simply rejected the document request and even called the move a procrastination strategy.

Since December last year, the tech giant has Subpoena to Facebook So that the latter complies with the required documents. However, Facebook has consistently refused orders to release more documents.

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Apple’s endless file requirements for Facebook

Epic and Apple: The Cupertino Giant still doubts Facebook despite submitting more than 1,600 documents

(Photo: Screenshot from YouTube/Apple)

There was a time when Apple’s patience ran out. It just agreed to no longer require any other documents to be submitted to Facebook, provided that only the company’s executives could become Epic’s witnesses.

However, the video game company assigned Sharma to testify in this case, which triggered another request for supporting documents from Apple.

Facebook knows that Apple has been pursuing files, but it is said that five days later, it is allocating continuous technical processing time to investigate the production of files.

On March 29, the social media platform admitted that it no longer wanted to provide any documents to Apple. In addition, Facebook stated that the timing of the tech giant’s discussion of the document was considered “inappropriate” because it managed to wait for the documents after the discovery period ended.

In addition, Facebook stated that the documents Apple sought have nothing to do with legal proceedings, because it only asked for documents. About iOS 14, And application tracking transparency, both are irrelevant documents.

According to the “Rules of Court”, if Apple knows that the product is insufficient, it has the opportunity to enforce it within the 7-day discovery period. However, what made this “untimely” was that Apple decided not to force itself.

It didn’t take the necessary action, just asked for distribution “fortress” The creator of, served as a witness in the trial. Since then, Apple’s endless demand for files has never stopped.

Apple’s urge only requires Facebook to comply with the document requirements required by its right to investigate witnesses in the first instance.

On the other hand, Facebook said that Apple did this only to find some answers after cross-examination. It added that the court should not accept Apple’s request.

To access the discovery letter for this trial, please visit Notch.

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A three-dose Chinese vaccine clinical trial begins | Instant News

KARACHI: Phase-III clinical trials of the Chinese three-dose vaccine against Covid-19 have started at the University of Health Sciences (UHS), Lahore, and four other hospitals in Lahore and Faisalabad, officials said on Saturday, adding these were trials as well. will begin at health facilities in Islamabad, Karachi and Jamshoro.

“A three-dose Chinese clinical trial of the vaccine, known as ZF-2001 has started at the University of Health Sciences (UHS) and four other health facilities in Lahore. So far about 1,000 volunteers have registered for the trial while the target is to involve 10,000 volunteers from across the country, “Deputy Chancellor of the University of Health Sciences (UHS), Lahore Prof Javed Akram told The News, Saturday.

UHS Lahore is conducting Phase III clinical trials of a second Chinese vaccine as they previously conducted clinical trials of the single-dose Chinese vaccine Convidicia, developed by Cansino Biologicals Inc., which is now commercially available after being found to be highly effective in preventing severe disease. illness among people infected with SARS-CoV-2 or Coronavirus.

“The three-dose vaccine developed by Chinse company Anhui Zhifei Longcom Biopharm Pharmaceutical Company Ltd is an excellent solution against Covid-19 that will prove effective against new strains and variants, including Variant of Interest (VoI) and Variant of Concern (VoC). ), ”Said Prof. Javed Akram, adding that the triple dose vaccine would provide long-term immunity against Covid-19.

“There is concern that the immunity generated by single-dose vaccines may diminish or disappear over time, but in the case of the three-dose vaccine, which is given after an interval of one month, long-term immunity can be achieved,” he added. .

Prof Javed Akram, who is the lead investigator of the trial, said that this is a Phase-III Clinical Trial of the Recombinant Coronavirus (CHO Cell) vaccine to determine its safety and efficacy among humans and added that around 29,000 volunteers will be recruited worldwide, including 10,000 in Pakistan. The trial is expected to be completed in the middle or end of next year, he said.

“The manufacturer, Anhui Zhifei Biopharmacies, however, can apply for an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) earlier based on preliminary results and data and it is up to the expert committee and the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) to permit vaccine use among the general public or not, he added.

Prof Shehnoor Azhar, Assistant Professor of Public Health at UHS Lahore, said it was a multi-center trial being carried out at Avicenna Medical College and Hospital, Central Park Medical College and Hospital, National Defense Hospital Lahore, Aziz Fatima Hospital Faisalabad, PIMS Islamabad, Indus Hospital, Karachi as well as Aga Khan Karachi University Hospital.

“Apart from the collaborative clinical trials in Pakistan, we have also shown our intention to set up a factory in Pakistan if the facilitation and support is required by the authorities in Pakistan,” said Maria Song, Senior Manager of Anhui Clinical Team. Zhifei Longcom Biopharmacies Co Ltd. while talking to The News.

Maria Song said their vaccines were already available in China and Uzbekistan, adding that they had also received orders from Tajikistan and Russia they would pre-deliver their vaccines to China and Uzbekistan.

For inquiries, he said their team is working in Pakistan as monitors and added that they will apply for Emergency Use Authorization when DRAP feels they meet its requirements. “We will be satisfied when we achieve our goals, but we really appreciate the hard work of our local investigators,” he added.


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