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Video: Shipping in Style in Christchurch, New Zealand | Instant News

Daniel Cleland, a young man from Taranaki, New Zealand. In 2020, she has found herself south in Christchurch, for years of study. But to be honest, he bikes a lot more than at the table. And overall is a kid who is very interested in all the disciplines of mountain biking. By making The Vale his local leapfrog and all the players pushing each other every session, he’s found a lot of progress over the past year. Dan enjoys freedom just by riding his bike and creating what he likes without feeling compelled to train, even though he is constantly pushing himself to grow as a racer.

We present to you, “ Enter ”. Short video Dan stomps his toes into the water. The water he wants to explore deeper in the future and see where the currents take him.

Photography and Words: Josh Birkenhake
Video: Hold Tight Visuals


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Photo Story: An Unwinnable Race – Trying to Beat Winter in Davos, Switzerland | Instant News

There are several races you cannot win, one of which is beating the start of winter in the Swiss Alps in late fall. That’s why we’re headed to the iconic location of Davos for one last mountain adventure before the first snowfall.
Instead of following the crowd, we listened to the whispers we heard about the amazing mountain huts hidden in the mountains surrounding Davos: Kesch-Hütte.
From the morning frosts as we lower our bikes to the trail of snowfall at our highest point, before the sun warms up as we rest on some hidden mountain lakes, we experience every season on this natural trail.

Kesch-Hütte is located on a ridge beneath a large glacier. It’s as impressive as we’ve heard. After the arduous hike, the stoke level was high and we were rewarded with fresh bean cakes as the sun rolled closer to the horizon.

Accompanied by the sunset, we descended the final descent, racing to catch the train back down the valley to Davos under the light of our head torches.

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The perfect way to end the riding season in summer, we sit proudly that evening, remembering the ride when the snow hit, and winter winning once again.
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Driver: Francie Arthur and Florian Vogel.

Location: Davos, Switzerland – Thanks for Davos Tourism

Video: Marc Welschinger

Photography and Words: Phil Gale / Emmie Collinge


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Video: Tearing apart Rowdy’s tracks in Germany | Instant News

Covid-19 destroyed almost my entire racing season and there was almost no chance to represent my sponsor. Together with my friends, I decided to balance this by shooting a video project. Here’s a short photo story.

For all of us, it was the first time undertaking such a large project with a lot of outside support. Nonetheless, we had fun shooting the video together and were quite proud of the results.

We spent three days at Bischofsmais at Bikepark Geisskopf and we tried a mix of professional filmmaking and fun. In the morning we work on the video and after the work is done we go to the party round and live our best lives.

This video project is supported by Maciag Offroad and Propain Bikes. Propain gave us a new Tyee in a carbon version and for Maciag Offroad we did an Instagram takeover while filming.
It’s hard to find a location in Germany that has some of the rougher sections, clean flow paths, multiple enduro trails, and beautiful scenery because we wanted to show the Tyee’s full potential. The Tyee with 29 “wheels, 170mm front and 160mm rear suspension perfectly handles a variety of conditions and feels great.

Driver: Erik Emmrich
Filming / Editing: Luca Schischke
Photo: Jonas Maas
Text: Jonas Maas / Erik Emmrich
Assistant: Sebastian Miller

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Video: Ripping Wild DH Bikes in Germany | Instant News

Even if we all enjoy the dirty and dirty wet hills at this time, sometimes we all dream about prime springtime.

BÄM number two basically started after random encounters at a bike shop this spring. The crop is a video to be made with straight-forward action and is high quality. Perfect neighborhood around Freiburg with a day at Bikepark Todtnau. There is no plan except to ride a big bike, luckily being accommodated by friends all night and looking for opportunities and moments.

Nature diligently saturates at the top of Roßkopf but slowly and gently grows in the deeper and higher parts of the Black Forrest in Germany’s oldest Bikepark. What varied as such was the weather that ranged from misty rain clouds creeping between the trees to torrential clouds covering the bright sun in a mostly blue sky. After three days, lots of good effort and a few sore feet made the raw footage sufficient. The result fills the headline and feeds BÄM into the stoke area of ​​the performer’s brain which is discarded!

Thank you to all the supporters, especially Zweirad Eicker Karlsruhe, Kona Bikes, Mountainbike Freiburg eV and Bikepark Todtnau


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China’s COVID vaccine found only a handful of volunteers in trials in Pakistan | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan, one of China’s closest allies, has struggled to find volunteers for its part of the multinational Phase 3 clinical trial of China’s vaccine against the new coronavirus.

“Hospitals … have faced difficulties in recruiting volunteers for the trial because of a lot of misinformation, especially on social media,” a senior official at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a government-run research body, told Nikkei Asia in a statement. anonymous terms.

In September, Pakistan approved the final phase of clinical trials for the single-dose vaccine candidate Ad5-nCoV, developed by CanSino Biologics, a Chinese vaccine company based in Tianjin, and the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, a Chinese military-backed research body. . In return, China will supply a COVID-19 vaccine to Pakistan as a priority.

For the Ad5-nCoV Phase 3 trial, scheduled for completion in January 2022, nearly 40,000 volunteers are expected to participate from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Pakistan.

Islamabad, which is economically close to Beijing and has $ 50 billion in infrastructure projects under China’s Belt and Road Initiative, has selected five hospitals in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore for clinical trials, in which 8,000 to 10,000 people are expected to take part. Pakistan has also received massive Chinese medical and financial assistance since the coronavirus outbreak.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government has received massive medical and financial assistance from Beijing under President Xi Jinping. © Reuters

The NIH official said that the difficulty of gathering experimental volunteers was not a unique phenomenon in Pakistan. “Globally, a lot of people don’t trust certain vaccines, or new ones, which they might think were not tested adequately,” the official said.

According to the World Health Organization, 47 vaccine candidates are being clinically evaluated as of November 5, of which 11 – including Ad5-nCoV – are in Phase 3 trials.

Pakistan’s Phase 3 trial is a first for any vaccine. Asking ordinary people to volunteer even for a small phase of vaccine trials was previously rare in a country of 220 million people, leaving health authorities facing the challenge of vaccine doubt.

The government has not officially released the number of volunteers who have registered so far. However, the Indus Hospital (TIH) in Karachi was one of five hospitals selected for the trial – saying about 500 had volunteered there since October 13, although the target was 2,000.

Health & Fitness Association members demanded the government allow them to resume activities in Karachi on July 20 during the lockdown against the spread of the new coronavirus. © Getty Images

TIH official Fawad bin Rashid told the Nikkei that people have misconceptions about vaccine trials, but “the number of people willing to volunteer for the tests has gradually increased, and hopefully that target can be achieved.”

The campaign against foreign vaccines is nothing new in Pakistan.

The country has grappled with disinformation surrounding long-standing vaccines, particularly for polio. Many parents reject the polio vaccine for their children, believing it is poisonous or part of a US plot to sterilize children in Islamic countries, making Pakistan the world’s last polio virus refuge in the world, along with neighboring Afghanistan.

Propaganda and conspiracy theories about the corona virus have become widespread. A survey conducted in October by Gallup Pakistan showed that 55% of Pakistanis are unsure if the virus is real and 46% consider it part of a conspiracy.

Videos of Kaukab cleric Noorani Okarvi accusing doctors of killing coronavirus patients are widespread on social media. He also emphasized that the COVID-19 vaccine would include a microchip that would allow Jews to control people’s minds.

Other theories include: the government gets more foreign funding if more people test positive; Pakistanis have natural immunity, keeping mortality relatively low; and this disease is more dangerous for Westerners than for South Asians.

However, some people opposed the disinformation and took part in the trials in hopes of ending the pandemic that has so far killed more than 1.2 million worldwide. Rashid, a TIH officer, gave an example of a taxi driver who registered and said that Islam teaches us to serve humanity.

Unlike the US and Europe, where companies or clinical trial sponsors run awareness campaigns and advertisements to enroll volunteers, clinical trials for the coronavirus vaccine are a less well-known affair in Pakistan.

The government and doctors have started efforts to address the disinformation of COVID-19 by involving the media and scholars. On Tuesday, the government published a front-page advertisement in the newspaper urging people to volunteer for trials.

Daily new coronavirus cases in Pakistan peaked at more than 6,000 in June before falling sharply. However, a new wave has begun, with 1,376 new cases and 30 deaths confirmed as of Friday, bringing the cumulative number of cases to 340,251 and deaths to 6,932.


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