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Fashion tribute to the gods – work from home | Instant News

Using a fashion aesthetic, design students have the unique opportunity to dress Lord Krishna in colorful traditional designer clothes at an event organized by ISKCON, Dwarka, New Delhi.

Pradyumna Priya Das, Senior Leader, International Society for Krishna Consciousness ISKCON, said, “The aim of this competition is to get children more involved and educate them about the differences between Krishna Leelas.”

About 22 design students from various parts of India participated in the event. He added, “This is a beautiful way to draw students closer to God. Every costume is a work of love and is appreciated by every devotee. ”

Dressing Lord Krishna and Rukmini in elaborate clothes and jewelery including beaded crowns and sashes, necklaces and small bracelets, these students considered it a form of worship.

Kashish Sethi of Jalandhar said, “I have always felt a special connection with Sri Krishna and this is a dream come true for me. I chose white and gold and bright yellow for Lord Krsna and Rukmini. The jewelery from mukut to the band’s room is hand-painted and hand-colored. ”

He added, “For my second design, I used Shiuli flowers for the evening arrangement, as these are medicinal flowers and encourage better sleep and breathing. These flowers will comfort Krishna. “

For Jignasha Prajapati from Mumbai, one of the main factors is purity. He said, “The pink lotus and peacock feathers are a mainstay of all my designs. Each layer consists of 40-50 petals. Jignasha included an intricate color of peacock feathers and made a skirt with tassels.

For many of us, adorning Lord Krishna in luxurious costumes reminds us of our Dadis and Nanis who used to sew clothes for their Ladoo Gopal. Memories come back for Kajal Lalwani when he enrolled himself in the competition. He said, “My grandmother used to make clothes for all of our gods and it is a precious memory. Like him, I use colors like midnight blues, grays, and greens in my creations. “

He adds, “An abundance of hypnotic colors and patterns has been transferred to the creation, as if by magic.”

Overflowing thoughts were positivity for all of these participants. And as Pradyumna Priya Das, ISKCON said, “These students get a lot of blessings from the Almighty.”


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PM Imran Khan paid tribute to Allama Iqbal | Instant News

PM Imran Khan paid tribute to Allama Iqbal on Twitter

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, while paying tribute to the national poet on his 143rd birthday, has stressed the need to seek guidance from Allama Iqbal’s thinking to find solutions to problems facing the nation.

The prime minister, in a statement, said it was now their individual and collective responsibility to play their part in building the nation while exploring Allama Iqbal’s thoughts.

Allama Iqbal has decided to guide Muslims in the sub-continent with his thoughts and poetry as they grope in the darkness of slavery in search of their identity, he highlighted.

With his poetry, Allama Iqbal pleads for the strength with which Muslims overcome their despair, guide them to achieve the impossible, he added.

PM Imran further said that Allama Iqbal did not only dream of Pakistan but also reflected on the problems that would be faced after its formation.

It is because myopia is nearsighted from his personality which years earlier predicted the contemporary problems we are facing, he stressed.

Iqbal’s vision is still a guiding force to tackle issues such as sectarianism and extremism, he said, advising young people to find their innate qualities synonymous with Iqbal’s eagle symbol, with which they can carve a niche in the world.

He urged the nation to focus their energies on transforming Pakistan under the vision of his ancestors and stressed the need to reorganize political, social and economic bodies.


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Tribute was paid to the late Bizenjo | Instant News

Leaders of various political parties and labor groups at the condolence meeting paid high tribute to veteran politician Mir Hasil Bizenjo for his principles-based politics.

The Sindh branch of the National Party hosted the event at the Karachi Press Club on Saturday evening. It is headed by the party’s central president and former Balochistan chief minister, Abdul Malik Baloch.

Baloch and other speakers, including Sindh Pakistan Muslim League president-Nawaz Shah Muhammad Shah, leader of the Awami Workers Party center Yousaf Masti Khan, senior journalist Anwar Sajidi, leader of the Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam-F center Aslam Ghauri and labor leader Liaquat Sahi, praised the late Bizenjo for his unwavering commitment to democracy and its political principles. The speaker said that the leader always works on his ideology and values.


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Flags planted in Spanish gardens to represent victims of the pandemic | Instant News

MADRID (AP) – An association of families of coronavirus victims has installed 53,000 small Spanish flags in Madrid parks in honor of the pandemic dead.

Volunteers lay flags on a grassy slope overlooking the highway in the capital on Sunday morning.

COVID-19 has claimed 31,232 confirmed lives in Spain. But difficulties in testing at the start of the crisis meant many more victims were likely to go unrecorded.

“I think this is a beautiful tribute to the victims, much better than the tribute given by the prime minister,” said 62-year-old retiree Honorio Hernandez. “I was at Arlington National Cemetery and it reminds me of that. These people deserved at least this, if not more. “

Elsewhere in Madrid, more than 1,000 protesters rallied to demand a firmer response to the escalating second wave of the coronavirus.

Madrid has been the epicenter of the virus rebound in Spain, once again the worst-hit country in Europe. Spain had 319 cases per 100,000 population over 14 days. France has 229 cases per 100,000, UK 96.

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Tribute to martyrs | Instant News

Dig operations Lahore Ashfaq Khan said, sacrificing lives in the line of duty has always been a great tradition of Lahore police.

He stated that paying homage to the victims of the victims of the attack tower Arfa Karim suicide, which occurred three years ago in which eight policemen, including two brothers who gave their lives.

In his message on the occasion of the third anniversary of the tragedy of Arfa Karim tower, Ashfaq Khan said that officers and officials who gave their lives in the line of duty was a proud police of Punjab. Every police staff tries and works hard to ensure the safety of life and property of the people, he said.

He said that the victims of sub-inspector Riaz Ahmad, assistant sub-inspector Fayaz Ahmad, constables Mozam Ali Abid Ali, Hussain , umair Ghani and the two real brothers of the constable Ghulam Murtaza, Ali Raza was lifting up the morale of the police force.


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