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Urgent attention as ‘destructive’ storm will hit NZ; West Coast in the firing line | Instant News

Most of the rain that starts at 7am Monday will be the biggest on the West Coast of the South Island. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

A storm that is likely to bring destructive winds and swells is centered on New Zealand’s West Coast, prompting warnings for those camping, on foot or on the water.

Weatherwatch.co.nz estimates strong winds “damaging” more than 150 km / h, waves of up to 13 meters, and one meter of snow in the Southern Alps.

There may also be over 200 mm of rain for parts of the West Coast.

Police say they have not issued a specific warning for the storm, but they always urge motorists to drive according to the conditions.

“In wet and windy weather that means slowing down and increasing the distance to follow,” said a spokesman.

Philip Duncan at weatherwatch.co.nz said the storm would be significant.

Weather and wind action today.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Weather and wind action today. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

“The stormy Southern Ocean weather pattern is temporarily putting the La Nina pattern to one side with two significant lows – one today and the other around Tuesday, Wednesday.

“Sunday’s low, which still hasn’t suppressed some thunderstorms, rain and winds for parts of New Zealand, will actually be tracing out of the country today. So we don’t expect anything too serious today, although it remains up-to-date with possible MetService severe warning no matter where you are. “

Estimated wind speed on Monday evening at 7pm.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Estimated wind speed on Monday evening at 7pm. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

But the ensuing storm worries Duncan, especially for those venturing outdoors.

“The Tuesday / Wednesday event appears to be the most intense with the epicenter of this hurricane potentially crossing Southland and Otago.”

As a hurricane hits the country with its strong northwest strong winds, it will then be followed by a cool southern turn with heavy rains that will hit the West Coast.

Weather and wind types are expected on Tuesday at 13.00.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Weather and wind types are expected on Tuesday at 13.00. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

Auckland is expected to cool down but will not experience as violent a storm as the South Island one.

MetService meteorologist Peter Little said southwestern changes that begin on Wednesday through Thursday will bring temperatures down to 10C on the South Island.

Dunedin will drop from 25C today to 15C.

Few say that temperature changes won’t be as dramatic as on the North Island, but people will definitely feel the impact from the southwest.

Auckland will drop from 27C today to 21C on Wednesday, and 20C on Thursday.

Most of the rain that starts at 7am Monday will be the biggest on the West Coast of the South Island.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Most of the rain that starts at 7am Monday will be the biggest on the West Coast of the South Island. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

Until then, the hot weather will continue. Whangārei and Gisborne can expect temperatures of 30C, Auckland and Tauranga 27C and Hamilton 26C.

In today’s South Island, Kaikoura is a hot spot of 28C. Christchurch and Ashburton are set at 27C.

The front exerts its energies on the South Island, and central New Zealand – Wellington, Wairarapa – is bearing the brunt of strong winds. Bad weather warning has been issued.

Meanwhile, warnings were in place tonight for the Canterbury Plains and North Otago, where it is expected to see more than 25 mm of rain, along with hail.

MetService has warned people to be prepared for flash floods around low-lying areas such as rivers, streams or narrow valleys, which can cause slipping.

Driving conditions will also be dangerous, with surface flooding and poor visibility during heavy rain.

Heavy hail can cause significant damage to crops, orchards, vines, greenhouses and vehicles.

-RNZ additional reporting

Wind gusts speed early Monday.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Wind gusts speed early Monday. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz


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The Dunedin woman lost $ 15,000 on a phone scam | Instant News

The 69-year-old woman was told that her Spark account had been hacked by a fake employee. Photo / Getty Images

One woman was scammed $ 15,000 by a telephone fraudster, triggering a stern warning to alert the public.

Sgt. Gemma McKenzie, from Dunedin, said the 69-year-old Dunedin woman was called on Friday night by someone claiming to be a Spark employee and told that her account was being hacked.

Personal information is obtained by callers.

When the woman checked her bank account afterward, she saw that $ 15,000 had been withdrawn without her consent.

Netsafe chief executive Martin Cocker said thousands of fraudulent calls were made and emails were sent across New Zealand every week.

“Unfortunately, this is very common.”

Educating people is important, as are the technological solutions used by banks to prevent con artists from accessing money.

It will be difficult for police to catch con artists, as many are based outside the country.

There is lots of advice on the Netsafe website to help people stop themselves falling prey to scammers, he said.

A police spokesman said multiple phone scams can occur nationwide at any one time and while some details vary, the general premise is the same.

Often times, callers will suggest the person’s account has been hacked or that their internet will be cut, and ask for personal information to fix the problem.

People shouldn’t automatically trust someone over the phone or online they have never met. They should ask for credentials if someone says they’re from the business, and if the call looks suspicious, they should hang up immediately.

“Safeguard your personal details the same way you would your wallet and other possessions.

“And remember, if something looks or sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”


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Construction areas to watch during the holidays | New | Instant News

WEST KY – The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting vacation travel this year. AAA predicts that Christmas travel will be down 29%. However, many people will continue to take the road and there are a few construction areas they will need to be aware of.The work zone on Interstate 24 in parts of Lyon, Caldwell and Trigg counties will always be a factor for the next few days. Both eastbound lanes are back open, but a concrete separator on the westbound lanes is still partially in place. The goal is for the concrete separator to be fully lowered by December 23, but Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesman Keith Todd said there was a possibility that drivers would still need to sidestep. take care of it during the holidays. “Anyone traveling west on I-24 through this work area to the 51 mile terminal should just be aware that there can be delays, especially during times of lightning travel,” Todd said. Drivers will notice a work zone on Highway 641 entering and exiting Murray. Todd says this area should have minimal impact on drivers. “About the only work activity there will be edging and gutter work, some concrete work that will continue for three to four weeks,” says Todd. One of the work areas that drivers won’t have to worry about is the Cairo Bridge that connects Illinois and Missouri. That bridge reopened on Thursday and Kentucky State Police said they would heavily patrol the roads over the next few weeks. They remind drivers, as always, to buckle up before hitting the road. .

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“Food for Hope” seeks donations for Thanksgiving meals | Instant News

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – As the Thanksgiving celebrations approach, the need for food is greater than ever with many families trying to stretch their dollars during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s why one local group needs your help to raise money to help others.

The turkey ride is called “Food for Hope,” and $ 6,000 worth of turkey and ham is coming from grocery Trig.

The idea was developed five years ago in 2016 by Wausau East High School Special Education teacher, Rob Hughes, who wanted to help the community.

“Whoever we can help we can help is what we do,” Hughes said.

It started out as a small way of putting smiles on people’s faces to feed the family during thanksgiving and has progressed far beyond their original target.

“The target was only $ 1,000 this year and we have met it and now we are just trying to raise as much as we can,” said Hughes.

Hughes’ idea for “Food for Hope” came from growing up in a poor household where money was limited and food was hard to come by.

He said when he came up with the idea for the annual turkey drive, it was his plan to give back to people who were in the same position as before, with a fitting theme this year, “we are you.”

“Sometimes life turns around and it is in my heart to try to repay people who showed compassion to me when we were a needy family,” Hughes said.

Money is collected on Wausau School Foundation website to provide assistance to families in the school district, Neighbors, and Salvation Army among other community members.

“Approaching the holiday, of course it is increasingly important because it is getting closer to the celebration [and] that we have the means to be able to provide food for needy families, ”said Wausau Army Safety Major Paul Logan.

Hughes doesn’t believe the push will happen this year because of the pandemic, general elections and social unrest. However, his friends thought otherwise.

“I said, I don’t know if I’m going to do it this year with everything going on, and they just say, ‘no, you don’t have a choice, you do it,'” Hughes said.

In 2019, “Food for Hope” helped more than 700 families and volunteers feel like no other when they helped.

“It is a great gratitude to be able to provide that food to a family in need,” said Locker Zoro leader, Tom McCormick. “The turkey drive is the persona of community and action and the idea of ​​giving and caring and sharing with people and families in need.”

Volunteers plan to pick up food from Trig’s on Sunday, November 22 and will deliver it throughout the community for the family.

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