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BSA held a Scouting for Food event at Fulton | Locallookout | Instant News

FULTON – Some American Scout troopers hold a Scouting for Food event on Saturdays.

Squad 50, Squad 250, Pack 52, and Pack Cub Scout collect cash and food donations which will be distributed to SERVE, the local food bank in Fulton.

Scouts are set for events at the Scout Cabin in Fulton. They go to the local grocery store where they receive and monitor donations. Cub Scouts shares a list of products customers can purchase to help donate SERVE.

“Today’s events are something that has always been part of the pack and the squad, over the last few years,” said Misty Mauphin, Cub Master for Pack 52. “This is very important for the community, as we help provide food for our local food bank, SERVE. . “

According to the Facebook page “Scouts BSA Troop 50 & Troop 250 Fulton, MO”, “Fulton Monetary Donations allow SERVE to stretch $ 1 to TEN meals and $ 1,000 to 10,000 meals” for the Callaway County community. Donations will be accepted until March 20, 2021.

There have been fewer donation barrels present at Fulton this year due to the pandemic. Through SERVE, there is a new SMS program for sending donations in the form of money: SMS SCOUT to 202-858-1233 for donations.

These events are usually held at the grocery store, as well as at your local Walmart. However, due to the pandemic, Scouts were not allowed to stand outside Walmart this year.

Therefore, the number of donors and Scouts is lower than in previous years.

“We have some who feel uncomfortable doing it in person at the moment,” said Amy Schnoebelen, Master Scout for Troop 3250 and Assistant Master Scout for Troop 50. “So, we might lose a quarter to a third of our Scouts because of the pandemic.”

Troop 50 has been at Fulton for 75 years, and this event has been held annually for nearly 40 years, estimates Schnoebelen.

The Scout Cabin, built in the 1960’s, was originally built for Scouts, but now that Fulton City owns the building, anyone can rent the space.

The Scout Cabin is home to Cub Scout Packs, Pack, Pack 52, BSA Troop 50 (male) and BSA 250 (female). Pack of 52 covers boys and girls who range from kindergarten to fifth grade.

16 year old Q Gibson has been with The Boy Scouts since the age of 10. Saturday is the tenth time he has participated in the Scouting for Food event. He noted the number of visitors was lower today, however, he acknowledged the importance of the annual event.

“There are times when there are 55 cars lining up to get food and goods. So, we do this to help maintain the food pantry stock,” said Gibson.

Despite changes due to the pandemic, Scouts continue to meet and host events like Scouting for Food to help communities in central Missouri.

“There are so many people in our community, and all communities really, who have food insecurity,” said Schnoebelen. “This is a great way for the community to come together as one big event and raise hundreds of pounds of food together for SERVE.”


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US nuclear deterrent safe, secure, reliable and effective after ICBM test: Global Strike Command | Barksdale AFB | Instant News

BARKSDALE Air Force Base, La. – A Global Assault Command Air Force team launched an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with a re-entry test vehicle at 11:49 p.m. Pacific Time February 23 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.

The tests show that the United States’ nuclear deterrent is safe, secure, reliable, and effective at preventing twenty-first century threats and reassuring our allies.

“Our country’s ICBM fleet is available 24/7,” said Lt. Gen. Anthony Cotton, deputy commander of Air Force Global Offensive Command. “The operational test validates the readiness and reliability of our Minuteman III. This further demonstrates to our citizens, our allies and our partners that the men and women on the three wings of the missile provide credible surveillance with a strategic deterrent that is safe, secure and effective. “

During this test, the ICBM re-entry vehicle traveled some 4,200 miles to Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. This test launch verified the accuracy and reliability of the ICBM weapon system, providing valuable data to ensure a continued safe, protected and effective nuclear deterrent.

“Over the past year, our team of highly professional and dedicated Aviators, civilians and contractors have showcased phenomenal initiative and adaptability while continuing to run a successful ICBM test launch program despite pandemic challenges around the world,” said Colonel Omar Colbert, Commander of the 576th Flight Test Squadron. “Today’s launch sends a visible deterrent message to the world, and I am extremely proud of our team, which includes task force members from the three wings of the ICBM along with core expertise and support from Air Force Global Strike Command HQ, Twentieth Air Force HQ, and Central Air Force Nuclear Weapons. “

The pilot launch is the culmination of months of preparations involving many government partners and demonstrates that even during the pandemic, the AFGSC maintains excessive levels of capability to ensure national deterrence. The missiles originated from Missile Wing 341, with men and women supporting the launch of all three AFGSC missile wings as well as the 576th Flight Test Squadron.

“The task force traveled from all three operational missile wings and carried out a successful test launch. The maintenance members demonstrated the ingenuity and technical expertise that made them the backbone of the ICBM mission, ”said Major Jesse Haskett, commander of the Task Force. “The operator dispatched the sortie on time and provided another reminder of the readiness and reliability of the Minuteman III weapon system. We are all truly honored to undertake this mission together with the 576th Flight Test Squadron and proud to represent the many men and women who support nuclear deterrence missions. “

The ICBM community, including the US Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and Strategic Command, uses data gathered from test launches to continue with force development evaluations. The ICBM test launch program demonstrates Minuteman III’s operational capability and ensures the United States’ ability to maintain a strong and credible nuclear deterrent as a key element of US national security and the security of US allies and partners.

The launch calendar is created three to five years in advance, and planning for each launch starts six months to one year before launch. Pilot launches are not a response or reaction to world events or regional tensions.

Air Force Global Strike Command consists of more than 33,700 Airmen and civilians assigned to two air forces numbered, 11 wings, two geographically separated squadrons and one detachment on the continental United States, and deployed to locations around the world. The order oversees all bomber and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile operations for the US Department of Defense.


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The Biden administration is reviewing Trump’s order to withdraw US troops from Germany-ANI | Instant News

Washington [US], February 3 (ANI / Sputnik): The administration led by US President Joe Biden is currently reviewing former President Donald Trump’s order to withdraw US troops from Germany, the head of European Command (USEUCOM) General Tod Walters told reporters on Wednesday.
“There is a lot of consultation going on. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is currently doing a very thorough review,” Walters told a news conference.
The EUCOM commander indicated that Austin would take advice from civilian and military leaders in considering issues such as the withdrawal of US troops from Germany.
In July, the US government confirmed plans to reduce its troops from Germany by 12,000 troops. Some analysts see the Trump administration’s move as punishment for Berlin’s alleged failure to allocate 2 percent of its budget for defense under NATO regulations. (ANI / Sputnik)

Denial: The views expressed in the above articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publisher. Unless otherwise noted, the author writes in his personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be considered to represent the ideas, attitudes or official policies of any agency or agency.


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Local Scouts collect donations for a food bank | Instant News

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) – Part of the Scouting oath is to “assist” and several local troops are working to fulfill the mission this weekend.

Starting Saturday, February 6, scouts throughout Eastern North Carolina will scour the neighborhood to distribute door hangers promoting their annual meal. Every household that receives a door hanger is encouraged to place a bag of perishable food on their front porch a week later on Saturday, February 13 at 9am. The Scouts will then return to the neighborhood to collect food and take it to the local food bank.

If you don’t receive a door hanger, you can go to your local Aldi and put non-perishable food in a box there.

Each year, scouts from the Council of East Carolina collect about 70,000 pounds of food for distribution to nearly 30 local food kitchens. District Director Grady Mullis said the need was greater this year during the pandemic.

“This year, we are very interested in improving so that we can help people in communities across East Carolina who are suffering from COVID-19,” said Mullis.

The goal is to collect 100,000 pounds of food this year.

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A strange case of the Hafeez exception | Instant News


Fawad Alam is back in the Trials Dispute for Pakistan and he continues to pile up to prove that banning him was a grave mistake made by many over the past decade. His comeback could mean that the Pakistan Cricket Board must have learned from their lessons that bringing in and out players on the basis of likes and dislikes is the wrong way to go.

Within months, however, PCBs have once again demonstrated that they are less about achievement and more about teaching players lessons to question the status quo.

Pakistan’s squad against South Africa for the upcoming three T20I series matches was announced on Sunday. While many domestic artists would love to see their name on the list, everyone wonders why the list doesn’t include the versatile Mohammad Hafeez.

Now, the new chief selector Muhammad Wasim, unlike many before him doesn’t use excuses of age or bad form or someone better off being in the squad or not the right time and place, but he does use an excuse not to. name Hafeez.

According to Wasim, Hafeez is playing in the T10 league and will not be able to return to Pakistan and join the bio-secure bubble in time. That leaves us with one question, does Hafeez really prefer T10 cash to the state?

Let’s take a look at Hafeez’s statement he gave on January 20. “I am fully prepared for the T20I series [against South Africa] because my priority is always playing for Pakistan. I was also given the NOC for the T10 League because it would not clash with Pakistan’s international commitments. I will also comply with all biosafety bubble requirements. “

Does the statement imply that he prefers T10 over Pakistan? Not.

Then what does that mean? For that we have to see a meeting between PCB officials and several players with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, and the latter should also be the supreme head of PCB.

Rumor has it that Hafeez and other senior players filed a case in front of PM Imran for a struggling domestic player, which PCB dislikes. There are also reports that the players did not discuss the proposal with PCB before presenting it to the PM.

For more context on money versus playing for the country, cricketpakistan.com.pk has reported that Hafeez gave up lucrative stints in the Premier League of Lanka and the Caribbean Premier League to represent Pakistan, even after not being offered a central contract. While Hafeez could make millions from the T20 league, he would rather play for Pakistan for the peanuts.

To clarify, the question of why Hafeez should be in the T20I squad. Let’s take a look at his performance in 2020.

Hafeez had four names fifty years ago. The first he scored against Bangladesh in Lahore (67 not out), the second he scored against England in England (69 not out), the third came against England again in the next T20 (89 unbeaten), and the last was a score 99 didn’t come out against New Zealand recently.

Aside from the fifties he has scored a goal average of at least 35 plus in the T20I in recent years and there is no prize for guessing that he has been the best with willow for Pakistan after Babar.

If Hafeez’s remarks are taken as his words that he prefers Pakistan over others and if Wasim is really considering voting for him for the T20I against South Africa, then the head selector should have informed all-rounders to return and quarantine on time. So, either Wasim didn’t want him there or anyone else didn’t.

After all, the truth has a tendency to come out one day, sooner the better, but later it will still damage PCB’s reputation as well.


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