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Reader’s Response: Support for North Mankato’s food truck policy. | Local News | Instant News

The majority of regional respondents said they supported North Mankato’s compromised food truck regulations, according to Free Press online questions.

Of a total of 153 respondents, 109 voters – more than 71% – said they agreed with the North Mankato City Council’s compromise rules. Only 44 voters opposed the proposal.

Procedures, which is expected to be passed at a North Mankato City Council meeting on December 21, will prevent outside food trucks from setting up brick and mortar food businesses within 500 feet. The original draft called for a 1,000-foot drop, which was then reduced to 750 feet before being reduced again.

The regulations will also allow existing businesses with food service permits to have food trucks on their property to complement their business, but not parked on the street, no more than 21 days a year. They must comply with all state and local laws relating to food trucks.

Both Mayor Mark Dehen and Board Member Billy Steiner previously said they had serious objections to regulations that would prevent Circle Inn or other brick and mortar businesses from carrying food trucks, but said on Monday they supported a draft revised regulation that would allow businesses, including the Circle Inn, to carry food trucks up to 21 days per year.

The 21 day limit for food trucks to be on the same property follows guidelines used by Nicollet County and the state.

The city does not currently have food truck regulations but has typically approved food truck permits for special occasions, such as the Blues in Belgrade, for use at events on private property and for cases such as the Circle Inn.

The council said it wanted to enact regulations that would protect outside food vendors from parking in front of or very close to existing brick and mortar food businesses to help protect those businesses’ investments in the community.

The Free Press online question, posted on Saturday, asks, “Do you agree with North Mankato’s compromise rules on food trucks?”

There are two options for answering, “yes” or “no”.

Only one commentator responded with a rite of passage, arguing that the proposal was untimely and disproportionately benefited the trucking business.

“Brick-and-mortar businesses struggling to stay in business as-is and letting outside businesses come in and take their livelihoods is wrong,” wrote Jerry Groebner. “This food truck business may pay the costs of doing business but those costs are nothing compared to the taxes an established business has to pay, pandemic or not. This item could be considered again in a few years after the brick and mortar business occurred. recovered. “


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Germany: Migrants smuggled between tree trunks by truck | News | DW | Instant News

Five Afghan migrants were detained in southeastern Germany after they smuggled across the border in large trucks carrying tree trunks from Romania, police said in a statement on Friday.

According to a police statement, the incident occurred on Thursday afternoon when the truck driver saw his truck vibrate, prompting it to pull over at a rest stop at the Samerberg Nord freeway station near the Bavarian city of Rosenheim.

After checking to see if the 24-tonne cargo might have skidded, several people jumped out of the truck and scattered.

Authorities were then able to locate the group – which included four men aged between 19 and 38, as well as a 16-year-old boy. Neither of them carried identification.

They were interrogated by federal police in Rosenheim with the help of an interpreter and then taken to a refugee aid group.

Read more: Germany: Migrant ‘strangling’ found in truck

Two days hidden in the truck

The truck driver was also interrogated by police, but he was released after authorities decided he didn’t know about the people in the truck until they jumped out.

According to police, the driver began a journey of more than 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) from Romania to Germany on Tuesday.

Migrants told police they paid smugglers between € 5,500 and € 6,600 (between $ 6,580 and $ 7,900) each for the entire route from Afghanistan to Germany.

They traveled partly by foot and partly by car, independent of each other, and finally arrived in Romania. They spent two days hiding among tree trunks in trucks before reaching Germany.

There have been similar incidents in southeast Germany in recent weeks. Regarding the latest incident, police said they would carry out more checks on trucks in the area to check for other potential smuggling cases.


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Online Transportation – Topaz Tangaroa is attracting a lot of attention in the port of Harlingen [+foto] | Instant News

HARLINGEN – The Topaz Tangaroa offshore supply vessel has attracted a lot of attention in recent days. Last week, the ship sailed into port under the supervision of several dozen spectators. The ship, an offshore supply vessel with underwater robots, is currently at the Damen Shipyard for maintenance.

The ship, built in 2019, is nearly 100 meters long and 20 meters wide with a large helicopter deck on top. At the rear of the ship there are two cranes, a large crane and a skeleton crane to lower the underwater robot. The ship sails under the flag of the Marshall Islands.

Tangaroa topaz is typically used in large offshore wind farms where boats can do bottom work with underwater robots.


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Saturday food distribution in Winchester | Corona virus news | Instant News

Winchester First Baptist Church, located at 108 South High St., Winchester, will host the Second Harvest food truck Saturday. Registration starts at 8 am and the handout box starts at 9 am

Those wishing to receive food had to line up in the large paved side parking lot. Up to three separate households can be loaded into one vehicle.

The pre-packed boxes will be brought to the vehicle as they are directed to pass through the rear parking lot.


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Food Truck Frenzy captivates crowds at Shamokin | Local News | Instant News

SHAMOKIN – The Northumberland County Council for Arts and Humanities held 2020’s first fundraising event on Saturday – the third annual Food Truck Frenzy along downtown Independence Street.

The spread of COVID-19 disrupts planned events and fundraisers for the Arts Council as it has for non-profit organizations around the world. It was tough, said Executive Director Jeanne Shaffer, but she was delighted to see such a friendly crowd at the event.

There are 21 traders standing in the area of ​​Jalan Kemerdekaan and Eighth, most of them food trucks. Live bands appear from the stage prepared in the middle of the event. Most of the people strolled down Independence Street and stood in line to eat fried food and big sandwiches. Others flock outside the Covered Bridge Brewhaus on Eighth Street for cold fall beers.

While the festival ends in the afternoon and Jalan Kemerdekaan reopens, block 500 on Eighth Street remains closed for the Nightmare on Eighth Street party in the tap room followed by music and three food trucks.

One thing Shaffer noticed was that many diners came and went, taking their food to go.

“We saw a lot of people getting containers and leaving with bags. We can tell because the trash is not really full, “said Shaffer.

Jeffrey Tweed, owner of Tranquility Tattoo and Art Studio, manages a scavenger hunt with his wife, Tammy. They also sponsor live bands.

Tweed is planning even bigger celebrations for Frenzy’s third year since 2020 marking his 20th year in the tattoo business.

“Unfortunately, this was meant to be my big year,” said Tweed. “I plan on this to be a much bigger event.”

Still, hundreds of people attended the Food Truck Frenzy including Ashley Carl and her family. She and her mother, Val Zimmerman, gave clear answers to what had captivated them on Saturday – food.

“Smoked brisket and mac-and-cheese are great,” says Carl.

“The brisket is delicious,” said Zimmerman.

“And we always go for kettle corn,” adds Carl.

Mary Bowman sold alcohol-filled cupcakes at her booth and almost ran out midway through the event.

“We started with 700 and this is what’s left,” Bowman said of the remaining four dozen cupcakes. He wasn’t surprised by the strong sales. “We were here last year and we are doing the same.”


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