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bne IntelliNews – The closure of the German-Czech border hit German companies | Instant News

Trucks and cars at the Czech border crossing with Germany have faced hours of delays since Germany tightened restrictions with the Czech Republic after establishing it as a very high risk country for coronavirus infection. German manufacturers, including carmakers, are now worried about late deliveries and a shortage of workers, which could cause their factories to crash.

The new restrictions put Germany’s vital supply chain at risk as many German companies rely on Czech input or Czech commuter workers. All but critical workers are now barred from commuting across the border, and all those crossing the border must give a negative PCR test for no more than 48 hours, causing massive queues at testing stations at the border and at the crossings themselves.

“If there is a long traffic jam at the border due to testing and registration requirements, the supply chain will most likely break down and production will stall at many passenger car plants in Germany shortly after,” said the president of the German Association. from the Hildegard Muller Automotive Industry, quoted by CNN.

“If the border traffic situation becomes worse and results in longer queues, it will no longer be possible to override production restrictions at Volkswagen. … We generally see it as the duty of politicians to ensure the free exchange of goods across national borders and create clear regulations in extraordinary circumstances like this, “a Volkswagen spokesman told CNN.

According to Deutsche Welle (DW), there are currently more than 20,000 Czech workers working in Germany, so if they cross the border with delays or can’t cross it at all, many small German companies could close.

The German region along the Czech border has posted the country’s highest coronavirus incidence rate in a week, more than 300 cases per 100,000 citizens, while the Czechs are seeing more than 1,000 cases per 100,000 population.

“We have [coronavirus infection] hotspots directly along the border, “said Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soder, quoted by DW.” We have to respond. “

Currently, only selected cross-border medical workers, critical sector workers and truck drivers transiting in Germany are allowed to cross into Bavaria for short-term entry and must give a negative PCR test for no more than 48 hours.

Soder criticized the Czech government for failing to contain the outbreak. “The people are not to blame. At the same time, we cannot leave the borders open when the incidence rate is over 1,000 on the other side,” he stressed.

Rozvadov was flooded with trucks. On February 17, the queue of mostly foreign-plate truck drivers at the Rozvadov crossing stretched 10 to 12 kilometers.

“Yesterday [February 16] we successfully tested 573 people at the sampling point at the highway junction and 172 at the old Rozvadov junction. And today we hit 500 tests by 8 a.m., “said sampling team coordinator Stanislav Castecka of the Samaria Association.

About 98% of truck drivers are foreigners, many of them from Southeastern Europe. They said that the queue for testing could take up to 20 hours. In addition, Slovak citizens have bowed to German restrictions transiting through the Czech Republic, the country has also been hit by the coronavirus variant.

“We are calling for a waiver of the requirement for freight drivers to give a negative test of no more than 48 hours, upon entering Germany. This action will cause major problems, because for our drivers it is difficult to meet this requirement in practice, and will very likely trigger a chain reaction from the state another too, “said Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok in a diplomatic note to Germany.

On February 16, the Czech Republic reported 12,486 new positive cases, the highest daily increase since January 8. The total number of positive people with Covid reached 106,211. The districts worst affected by the COVID-19 variant are Cheb and Sokolov, bordering Germany, and Trutnov in the east of the country.

Citizens living in these districts have been barred from leaving these districts and those who do not live there have been barred from entering, with a few exceptions. Police have been supervising compliance with steps at the driveway.


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Hyzon Motors and Hiringa Energy enhance partnership to decarbonize heavy road transport in New Zealand | Country | Instant News

ROCHESTER, NY, 17 February 2021 / PRNewswire / – Hyzon Motors Inc. (“Hyzon”) and New Zealand Hiringa Energy (“Hiringa”) is pleased to announce that the two companies have entered into a vehicle supply agreement, with Hyzon tasked with building and supplying Hiringa with a Zero Emission Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV).

The hydrogen fuel cell powered truck, to be assembled at the Hyzon facility in Winschoten, Netherlands, will produced in full compliance with local New Zealand requirements and the first batch of vehicles is expected to enter service New Zealand by the end of 2021. Hyzon plans to have up to 1,500 fuel cell trucks at the driveway New Zealand in 2026 as part of the agreement with Hiringa.

This follows Hyzon’s announcement on 9 February 2021 that has signed a merger agreement with the Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation (Nasdaq: DCRB, DCRBU, DCRBW).

The vehicle supply agreement was built based on the signing of the Heads of Agreement between the two companies in August 2020, and put Hyzon and Hiringa on an ambitious path to decarbonization New Zealand heavy transportation sector through cooperation in hydrogen infrastructure and deployment of heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV).

Hyzon will leverage his team’s deep experience in developing and deploying world-class fuel cell equipment on trucks internationally, to bring zero emission transportation technology to New Zealand. Meanwhile, as part of the deal, Hiringa will do it build green hydrogen refueling network for vehicle fuel supply, to be built New Zealand as the global benchmark in fuel cell powered logistics.

Hyzon’s FCEV will be powered by green hydrogen supplied through Hiringa’s national refueling infrastructure. The network is on track to begin refueling operations by 2021, extending to eight hydrogen stations New Zealand North Island and South Islands in 2022, serving 100% of the North Island and 82% of heavy transport routes on the South Island. The Hyzon FCEV truck is designed to meet the requirements of New Zealand’s roadways and demanding heavy haul applications.

The truck will be built in a 6×4 configuration, will include a sleeper cabin option and will have a Combined Gross Mass (GCM) of 58 metric tons (64 US tons) and a range of 680 km (423 miles). In addition to the huge clean energy output benefits, one of the main highlights of the Hyzon hydrogen fuel cell powered truck is the comparable diesel refueling time, providing a “drop in” solution for freight operators to replace their diesel fleets.

Chief Executive of Hyzon Motors Craig Knight commented, “We saw New Zealand as an attractive market for our adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The hydrogen supply network designed by Hiringa is a key driver for the realization of our decarbonization strategy. This partnership aims to position New Zealand as a global leader in the adoption of zero-emission heavy vehicle technology, and we are pleased to play a major role in this transition. Deploying 1,500 fuel cell trucks by 2026 will make a major contribution to local decarbonization efforts. “

Chairman Hiringa Cathy Clennett said, “This order is a significant milestone and culmination of Hyzon and the Hiringa team. We are delighted to have heavy trucks that meet New Zealand road standards that are able to meet these needs New Zealand transportation needs arrived in the country this year. This is a key step towards reducing the carbonization of our road transportation, a growing industry that Kiwis rely on every day to supply us with essential food, products and goods. We are delighted that New Zealand’s leading brands are stepping up to participate in this exciting initiative. Consumers and companies are becoming more aware of emissions and together with Hyzon we provide viable solutions for the kiwi business. “

Executive Director of Hiringa Andrew Clennett said, “This is the next step in our strategy to launch more than 1,500 heavy FCEVs by 2026; with our partners, we lower technology costs and open up wide applications of zero emissions heavy transport for New Zealanders. “

About Hyzon Motors Inc.

Headquartered in Rochester, NY and with operations on Europe, Singapore, Australia and China, Hyzon is a leader in hydrogen mobility. Hyzon is led by a co-founder George Gu, Craig Knight and Gary Robb and is a differentiated, pure, self-contained mobility company with an exclusive focus on hydrogen in the commercial vehicle market. Utilizing proven and exclusive hydrogen fuel cell technology, Hyzon will manufacture heavy duty zero emissions trucks and buses for customers throughout. North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The company is contributing to increased adoption of hydrogen vehicles through demonstrated technological advantages, leading fuel cell performance and a history of rapid innovation.

For US media inquiries, please contact:

Brian Brooks

H + K strategy.

+1 713 752 1901

For international media inquiries, please contact:

Fraser Beattie

Purple Cannings

+61 421505557

[email protected]

For company inquiries, please contact:

Craig Knight

HYZON Motors

[email protected]


About Hiringa

Founded in 2016, Hiringa Energy is the first company in Indonesia New Zealand dedicated to green hydrogen supply, and providing zero-emission solutions for industry, the public sector, and transportation operators. Together with its partners, Hiringa is developing one of the first nationwide hydrogen refueling networks in the world New Zealand. Hiringa is also partnering with industry and the region to develop industrial-scale and export-scale green hydrogen projects.

For company inquiries, please contact:

Andrew Clennett

Main Executive Director

+64 27 704 7007

[email protected]

For investment inquiries, please contact:

Catherine Clennett

+64 22 471 9407

[email protected]

For inquiries about hydrogen supply and vehicles, please contact:

Ryan McDonald

+64 27 919 7961

[email protected]

See original content:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hyzon-motors-and-hiringa-energy-advance-partnership-to-decarbonize-heavy-road-transport-in-new-zealand-301229742.html

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A landscaping committee will start at Beaver Dam, food truck regulations continue | Regional news | Instant News

Beaver Dam will soon have a garden committee and layout maker to make recommendations on public spaces.

CHRIS HIGGINS, Daily Citizen

A new committee dealing with parks and public spaces at Beaver Dam is on the way.

On Monday, the Beaver Dam General Council administrative committee received a request to establish an official park and city layout committee that will act as advisors to staff working in parks, recreation, and public spaces. Placement is the planning, design and management of public spaces.

Its aim is to create public spaces that promote health, happiness and well-being. Committee members will meet, support research and analysis, and make recommendations as directed by the board.

City Attorney Maryann Schacht said the committee would be made up of volunteers and would be accessible to the public.

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Mayor Becky Glewen will appoint five citizens and two board members to the committee, including a chairman. The terms will last for two years ending on April 30. Citizen member requirements will be varied, and the initial appointment will include a one-year position for making the changes. Community Activities and Services Administrator Jana Stephens and Park Superintendent John Neumann will be the liaison to the committee.

The administrative committee also continued revised regulations for handling food trucks at Beaver Dam. The city has seen a variety of food trucks and trailers pop up in recent months, including pretzel trailers and taco trucks. The changes to the ordinances are expected to come before the full board for voting on March 15.


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Daimler Trucks’ head of workforce wants clean technology investment in Germany | Instant News

FILE PHOTOS: Daimler logo seen before the carmakers annual shareholders meeting in Berlin, Germany, April 5, 2018. REUTERS / Hannibal Hanschke / File Photo

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Daimler Trucks, which was separated by its parent group later this year, will invest 1.5 billion euros ($ 1.8 billion) in cleaner technology in Germany, said workers council chairman Michael Brecht on Saturday. .

Daimler announced the fund on February 3 along with plans to release the world’s largest truck and bus maker, as it seeks to increase its appeal to investors as a focused luxury and electric car business.

Daimler Trucks operates worldwide and last April announced a fuel partnership with Sweden’s Volvo Trucks.

In an interview with the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper, Brecht was asked how the German staff he represents would benefit from the funds.

“We will develop proposals for new projects for each of the sites, with which we can support additional work and changes to new propulsion technologies,” he replied.

Asked if the money could be used for investments such as US autonomous propulsion software start-ups, Brecht said: “The money is not for old acquisitions.”

Regarding the potential spending in Sweden for a Volvo venture, he said: “The fuel cell propulsion system has to be manufactured at one of our locations (Germany). There is no doubt about that. “

Daimler Trucks chief executive Martin Daum told Reuters on Tuesday that a full line of zero-emission commercial vehicles could be ready by 2027, but implementing them would require new investment. He also highlighted growth opportunities in China, India and other markets such as Indonesia.

($ 1 = 0.8252 euros)

Reporting by Vera Eckert. Edited by Mark Potter


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Family history fills two new Tulsa food trucks Entertainment | Instant News

In June, our cruelty investigators took a skinny dog ​​without any hair. We can’t imagine the pain poor Lily must have endured for so long; just touching her skin made her bleed. She is covered with scabs, is bright pink and has many areas of infected skin. Despite her very little energy, Lily is a survivor and has been working hard for her health for the past 7 months. She is finally ready to find her family forever and move on from the first difficult years of her life.

Currently at an orphanage that reports that Lily is “a great source of joy and entertainment”, this shy but cute girl is thriving. She is on her way to toilet and cage training. He hasn’t had an accident in the foster home for weeks and fits easily into his cage but barks for a few minutes before settling down. Lily loves to curl up, chew on hard bones, and now has the energy to take a walk.

Lily has played with other dogs and loves wrestling and rumbling so much that she finds it hard to stop playing when there are other dogs around! She will do well in the only dog ​​house or in homes with other dogs who enjoy good hard play and humans who can be proactive in reinforcing calm behavior when everyone is together.

Lily is about 3 years old, weighs 65 pounds, is positive for heartworms and has not yet been sterilized. As a big girl who can sometimes become restless when excited, she is looking for a house without children under the age of 12. Having a whole animal in your household is an additional responsibility that potential adopters should consider. She has been vaccinated, microchipped and is currently in parasite prevention.

Due to the long journey to recover from which Lily is still undergoing, she was offered as an adoptive candidate to be appointed as a candidate. This comes with many benefits, such as access to our dog trainer and clinic, for Lily’s needs! SPCA Tulsa will continue to treat Lily medically until she is well enough to be spayed, after which the adoption will be completed. We will also start treatment for his liverworms immediately, at no cost to adopters.

Let us know if you are a happy Lily forever!


SPCA Tulsa is currently operating under an agreement only.

• Visit tulsaspca.org/adoptable-dogs. Click on the profile and use the orange color “Interested in this animal? Click here!” button to apply to adopt.

• If you are approved, we will contact you to finalize paperwork, collect payment, and arrange an appointment for your drive-thru adoption.

• Please stay home if you are not feeling well, especially if you have symptoms of fever, cough or sore throat.

All available Tulsa SPCA pets can be viewed at tulsaspca.org.

Photo provided by Tulsa SPCA


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