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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Wants To Place Underground Circle Under Isle of Man | Instant News

This, but underground.

This, but underground.
Photo: Leon Neal (Getty Images)

When we talk about Man Island in Jalopnik, we usually talk about TT Man Island, but today, the tiny island is involved in something even wilder: an underground roundabout.

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, has been talking about underground tunnels for years, but this one is perhaps the most daring. Because this is not just an underground roundabout, but also involves an underwater tunnel meant to connect Northern Ireland to Scotland and England.

This original reporting comes from The Sunday Times, but if you don’t happen to subscribe to a UK-based newspaper, here’s a tweet with a suggested image:

The proposal will involve not one but three different tunnels under the Irish sea, all of which converge under the Isle of Man. And while his aides call the plan “bullshit,” it seems that some smart people are actually working on it to see if it can actually be done. Even so, another aide said this plan exists “especially in PM’s mind. “But Johnson really likes the idea that he” can’t die. “Whoa.

It’s a bold plan to start with, but somehow it’s more acceptable than the previous tunnel options, which will connect Stranraer, Liverpool to Larne, Northern Ireland. The original idea would require a tunnel to dig through Beaufort’s Dyke … which was also the dumping ground for 1.5 million tonnes of ammunition during World War II. I can’t say that would be a very fun route to dig into.

So, here we are. With three tunnels that all meet under the Isle of Man. With the whole Brexit situation going on, Britain is completely cut off from the rest of Europe, and Northern Ireland is cut off from the UK. Relations between countries will be an act of symbolic unity, especially when the tiny island has adopted a us-against-world mentality. But this is definitely one extraordinary way to achieve that goal.


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Georgia, Germany’s “A Tunnel” opens to Cinéma Vérité | Instant News

TEHRAN – “A Tunnel”, a documentary film co-produced by Georgia and Germany, will be screened at the 14th edition of Cinéma Vérité, Iran’s major documentary film festival.

The film will be screened at World’s Best, the section that will feature a selection of documentaries that are recognized at 2020 international events around the world.

Co-directed by Nino Orjonikidze and Vano Arsenishvili, this documentary tells the story of a group of people working hard to expand a railroad in a remote mountain village in Georgia.

When finished, the new Silk Road Express would run through here. But before this high-speed connection between China and Europe could go anywhere, a tunnel had to be dug, a tunnel that ran through the mountains where the villagers had fields and meadows.

In his station office, an old station master prepares for his future role, when more trains will come through the station.

There are promises of prosperity and progress, but in the atmosphere of a dreamy fairy tale village, the arrival of the express train feels more like a nightmare.

With a roar on the mountain that was drawing nearer, the villagers watched helplessly as the ground cracked and crumbled. Uncertainty grows, as no one knows whether their house should be torn down or not.

Language and communication problems between Georgian and Chinese workers led to heated arguments, and ultimately tense strikes. The beautiful, loose shot perfectly reflects the surrealistic atmosphere of the changing world order.

“A Tunnel” won the award for best film by director first or second time at the 11th edition of MakeDox Creative Documentary Film Festival in North Macedonia in August.

This year’s Cinéma Vérité is scheduled to first be held from December 8-15. However, it was postponed for one week due to the spike in coronavirus cases.

“Tony Driver” by Italian filmmaker Ascanio Petrini, “Two Roads” by Czech director Radovan Sibrt and “Acasa, My Home” by Romanian filmmaker Radu Ciorniciuc have also been selected to be screened in the World’s Best section.

Due to the pandemic, Cinéma Vérité will be held completely online and the international part of the event is not competitive this year.

More than 20 films about COVID-19 by Iranian filmmakers will also compete at the festival as organizers intend to draw attention to this dangerous disease of this particular category.

Photo: “A Tunnel” co-directed by Nino Orjonikidze and Vano Arsenishvili.



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Denmark and Germany in political gridlock over the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel | Business | Economic and financial news from a German perspective | DW | Instant News


The planned 18 kilometer tunnel between Germany and Denmark will be the longest in the world, if completed. Construction had started on the Danish side, but on the German side, the project came to a standstill in court.


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CJ opens the disinfection walkthrough tunnel | Instant News


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The disinfectant tunnel system is installed on the PINS | Instant News


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