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Record level requirement for the Food Bank of South Jersey | Instant News

PENNSAUKEN, New Jersey (WPVI) – There is a record level of demand for Food Bank of South Jersey’s service in Pennsauken this Thanksgiving.

They are handing out a record 20,000 turkeys this Thanksgiving season, in addition to the usual monthly grocery and food distribution.

Turkeys and lunchboxes are being packed and loaded, then taken to soup kitchens in the Camden, Burlington, Salem and Gloucester counties for distribution.

This year, Greg DeLozier of the Food Bank of South Jersey explains why demand is so high.

They now serve about 95,000 people a month in four districts, compared to 45-50,000 normally.

“Everything about this year is a record. Each month is a record number of pounds, for the numbers presented. The tribulation index is high,” according to DeLozier.

The need is great, but the good news is that the donations are high.

That’s what Larry Lipinski saw.

Lipinski is a Cherry Hill Food Pantry volunteer, who is picking up turkey and supplies to bring back to Cherry Hill.

“This is crazy. There’s a line,” Lipinksi told us. “Donations have increased, and that’s fine, but the need may be twofold.”

DeLozier said there was deep concern over the long-term economic impact, which he said would persist long after any vaccine could potentially be released.

“There are hundreds of thousands of people coming out of unemployment but not being hired. They need a place to go, and they don’t have a job to do that. That’s our biggest problem. It will last until 2021,” DeLozier predicted.

Food banks encourage monetary donations rather than hold drives, to minimize contact.

For more on how to help, visit:


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Daniel: Preparing for the holiday season at LCHS | Food | Instant News

Raw meat and bones can cause food poisoning in pets as well as in humans. Soups and sauces often contain spices such as garlic and onions that are harmful to pets, so it is best to offer only regular meat.

Side dishes and food ingredients

Apart from turkey, there are many Thanksgiving classics that pets can enjoy, at least in small portions. While the ASPCA suggests that a little pumpkin pie or mashed potatoes is okay, it’s best to avoid giving pets large portions of these high-fat, high-sugar foods.

However, if you want to share more than just a Thanksgiving snack with a pet, it’s best to separate a few ingredients before adding ingredients like sugar, butter, and spices.

Self-cooked squash, sweet potato, and green beans are relatively healthy for pets, but holiday dishes made with these ingredients are often unhealthy and even potentially toxic. Foods that are too rich can cause stomach upset, and excessive consumption of high-fat foods can even lead to pancreatitis, a digestive condition that is potentially fatal and expensive to treat.

Most casseroles are banned because of their high fat content and because many recipes use seasonings, soup bases, and broths containing garlic and onions. A little cranberry sauce is fine, but any home food made with grapes should be kept away from pets, as it can be very toxic.


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Turkey protests against Germany’s search for a Turkish ship bound for Libya | Instant News

ANTARA News a senior Turkish official was dismissed as an “illegal” search.

Turkey says personnel from the German frigate Hamburg were flown by helicopter aboard the freighter Rosaline-A bound for Libya on Sunday to carry out a search for hours without a captain or Turkish government permission to board. The captain and crew were forcibly searched and detained in one part of the ship when the German team searched the ship “by force,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

Germany’s Defense Ministry said Turkey ordered a stop of the search, forcing German personnel to leave before completing their work. During their search, the German team found no cargo that violated the arms embargo, German Defense Ministry spokesman Christian Thiels told reporters in Berlin.

It is the second incident between Turkey and a naval force from a NATO ally that has imposed an arms blockade on Libya. In June, NATO launched an investigation into an incident between a Turkish warship and a French naval vessel in the Mediterranean, after France said one of its frigates was “turned on” three times by Turkish naval targeting radar while trying to approach a Turkish civilian vessel. suspected of being involved in the arms trade.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said German warship personnel were conducting a search despite the captain’s statement about what his ship was carrying. The search ended after “persistent rejection” from Turkey, he said.

“We are protesting against this unlawful and enforced act,” Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said in a statement. He added that Turkey can ask for compensation for damages or losses.

Aksoy renewed Turkey’s criticism of a Rome-based EU naval mission aimed at halting arms deliveries to Libya and which Ankara accuses of supporting Libyan forces based in the east against the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord.

Turkey’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onel then summoned the Italian ambassador, the German Ambassador, as well as the EU envoy to Turkey to formally protest the incident, the ministry said.

A senior official said the German team stopped its search aboard the Rosaline-A around dawn after “understanding that there was nothing but humanitarian aid, biscuits and other materials such as paint on planes”.

The freighter continued its journey to Misrata after the search, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity in accordance with Turkish government rules.

Thiels, a spokesman for the German Ministry of Defense, said the German crew requested permission to board.

“After receiving no response, the German search team was taken by helicopter to a cargo ship and began a search, and the crew was ‘cooperative’,” Thiels said.

While the team continued its search, German authorities were told by Turkey they would not allow it. The search was then ended and the team was sent back to the frigate, Thiels said.

The German official said that the order to board the ship came from the mission’s operational headquarters in Rome.


Associated Press writer David Rising in Berlin contributed.


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Turkey calls EU envoys, Germany, Italy on offer to search for ships | German | Instant News

Turkey protested against the “illegal act, carried out using force,” because Germany said everything was going according to protocol.

Turkey has summoned envoys to Ankara from the European Union, Germany and Italy to protest Germany’s attempts to locate a Turkish-flagged commercial vessel bound for Libya, according to the foreign ministry.

Monday’s action comes hours after Ankara accused the German navy of carrying out an “unauthorized” search on the freighter Roseline A.

It said the actions on Sunday southwest of Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula violated international law because no permission was granted to search ships in international waters.

The EU’s Operation Irini, tasked with enforcing a United Nations arms embargo on war-torn Libya, did not immediately issue comment but Germany’s defense ministry said it had requested permission, adding that, after four hours had passed without a response, it was standard practice. to believe that there is an implicit permission.

Soldiers from the Hamburg frigate had boarded the ship but had to leave checks and withdraw after Turkey protested against the EU mission, which had ordered a search, the German defense ministry said.

Turkey says the ship was carrying humanitarian aid and the army did not find anything suspicious. German authorities also said they found nothing suspicious when they were ordered to get off the ship.

“Everything is going according to protocol,” said a spokesman for the German foreign ministry.

Footage recorded by the crew of the ship – and repeatedly shown in Turkish media – shows a fight between crew members and German armed soldiers landing on the ship by helicopter.

The soldiers remained on the ship until the early hours of Monday, finding only biscuits and other humanitarian aid bound for the Libyan port of Misrata, Turkish media reports said.

Turkey’s foreign ministry said it was protesting “this illegitimate act, which was carried out using force”.

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said: “The captain demonstrated cooperation and shared information on shipments and routes. Even so, at 5:45 p.m., TNI from Operation Irini boarded the ship and carried out a lengthy ‘monitoring’.

“We are protesting against this act, which was carried out forcibly and without permission (and) defending the right to seek compensation,” he said.

The incident comes amid rising tensions between Turkey and the EU. The bloc’s foreign policy chief has warned that relations are reaching a “pivotal moment” over the prospect of Turkish oil in waters claimed by Greece and Cyprus, saying sanctions could be imposed next month.

Turkey, which supports Libya’s internationally recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli, views Operation Irini as biased.

Ankara believes the bloc is ignoring dispatches sent to troops loyal to Libyan rebel military commander Khalifa Haftar, who has been supported in the conflict by the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Russia.

Libya has endured nearly a decade of fighting since a 2011 NATO-backed uprising that toppled and killed longtime leader Moammar Gaddafi.

But there are signs of progress, with a ceasefire last month officially ending fighting between Haftar’s forces and the Tripoli-based GNA.

EU powers involved in efforts to end the conflict in Libya issued a joint statement on Monday threatening sanctions against “all Libyan and international parties” that jeopardize the peace process of the strife-torn country.

Their statement said they were “ready to take action against those who obstruct” proceedings, rob state funds or commit rights violations.

Operation Irini’s official website said it had the right to board the ship without permission for the so-called “friendly approach”.

In June, a French frigate under NATO command attempted to inspect a Tanzanian-flagged cargo ship suspected of smuggling weapons into Libya in violation of a UN embargo.

Paris later complained that one of its ships was subjected to a radar target that was targeted by a Turkish frigate while trying to inspect the cargo.


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Turkey calls EU envoys, Italy, Germany over efforts to find weapons on board | News | Instant News

Turkey summoned envoys to Ankara from the European Union, Italy and Germany on Monday to protest Germany’s attempts to locate a Turkish cargo ship for alleged arms deliveries to Libya, the Foreign Ministry said.

Earlier, Germany accused Turkey of preventing German troops belonging to the European Union’s military mission from fully ransacking the ship, a move Ankara says is a violation of international law.



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